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What Buffett learned from Munger

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Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett talks about how his business partner Charlie Munger analyzes business more thoroughly than most investors.
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Text Comments (96)
Grundle Munch (2 months ago)
I bet they jack each other off
Durandisse84 Durandisse (5 months ago)
Mortimer and Randolph!!!
Ryan Turner (5 months ago)
Forget about looking cute,two of the sharpest minds in the world here
Verne Fits (6 months ago)
Two leyends
Florian (10 months ago)
yeah this title isn't misleading at all
Julian Johnson (10 months ago)
they look like those two muppets
Norm Kid (1 year ago)
These guys are overrated. If you combined their IQs, it still wouldn't be half of what mine is. I'll give some stock tips, free of charge: we're heading into summer here soon so you need to go BIG on ice cream. Don't be afraid of piling up 25% of your portfolio on Baskin Robbins. But be out by early September, because that is when you want to get into companies that sell rakes and pumpkin pie filling. You're welcome.
Ryaken (3 months ago)
Almost anyone could see he's blatantly trolling. You fell for that hook line and sinker. @sid goku
Shashank Holmes (6 months ago)
Hey I give u 100$ to fuck off
4 KNIGHTS Productions (6 months ago)
Norm Kid and your net worth ?
GODESTINY (9 months ago)
solid call. 30% profit. That is really good for an investor but piss for daytrader
sid goku (9 months ago)
Norm Kid Fuck off bitch. Shove your Shitty advice back in your ass.
Craig Neeve (1 year ago)
the two guys from the muppets in the top balcony
jonathan johnson (9 months ago)
Craig Neeve U fool. 🤦‍♂️😂😂
Aniceto Garcia (1 year ago)
woww they have big wisedom, I respect them
Raditya Oe (1 year ago)
Two lucky fat happy bright mice. So fluffy and fat, yet positive and bright, as sunshine, in the surface.
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Jean-Charles Evrard (1 year ago)
Where can we find the complete interview?
Christopher Tooley (1 year ago)
What rational common sense approach is this? What nonsense - MAKE SILK PURSES OUT OF CHLORINE!!!
Vlasnik Čevapdžinice iz Klagenfurt (1 year ago)
evo brace evo rodjenije
Snooker Coaching At The Snooker Gym (2 years ago)
Why does this woman look so vicious and miserable?
Jeffrey Gillespie (10 months ago)
Maybe because she's the only person in the room who isn't a billionaire?
Paul Stubbs (1 year ago)
british women don't have gigantic jaws. massive jaw = american every time
Nikhil (1 year ago)
rofl. I see British typed over her face! is she american or english ?
BRUCE Wang (2 years ago)
Being able to change people is much greater than being able to make a lot of money. You cannot change people's nature but you can ,at least, change their mindset.
Md kabir (2 years ago)
we purchase silk to get silk.
Md kabir (2 years ago)
observing what works and what does not work. and why? so simple. you gonna ruin your life if u try to change ur spouse. rather than change a manager higher someone who you did not need to change.
49fiori (3 years ago)
Charlie doesn't answer the first question: 1.) Where did this habit come from? To invest in very good companies rather than cheap businesses? So where did it come from? From idiots? From his father? From working as a lawyer? Sorry, but I don't know why he started to think like this? Kind of important, without this philosophy we wouldn't know today who is Warren Buffett or Berkshire!
Hon Sang Man (2 months ago)
@knpstrrthis is the answer.
knpstrr (2 years ago)
Yes he did. He observed people getting rich in "easy business" and wanted in too.
Aaron Chern (3 years ago)
+49fiori Ever heard of Benjamin Graham?
just random (3 years ago)
+49fiori maybe just from trial and error...
TheMarketsLive (3 years ago)
Grumpy old Charles is not an investor, he piggybacked on Warren. Fooled by randomness into thinking he is a wise value investor. Pure dumb luck of course.
Leggo My Ego (3 years ago)
Buffett was doing much better in his early years, where he was mainly investing in net nets, but net nets don't scale well and Buffett didn't want to be a liquidator because his bad experience buying Berkshire and his desire to be liked. Munger was doing very well on his own, but together they became great. Munger got Buffett to stop basing everything on liquidation value and focus more on exceptional businesses that are currently trading at a discount (e.g. AXP during the oil scandal)
Bryan Wheelock (3 years ago)
@paCit0 It was in an interview with some blonde woman. Can't remember her name.
paCit0 (3 years ago)
I think he said that Warren would have been a huge success if he had never existed, don't recall ever hearing or reading that Warren would have been richer, I could be wrong though.
Michal Petras (3 years ago)
Bryan Wheelock (3 years ago)
@Michal Petras I believe Charlie said that Warren would've been richer if he had never existed, but I get the feeling he was joking.
Jeff Zimmerman (5 years ago)
we make silk purses out of silk. we don't make silk purses out of sow's ears
p000000Lverr (10 months ago)
What is sow’s ears 👂
Nikhil (1 year ago)
thank you! I didn't understand this in the video.
Janak Merchant (5 years ago)
OMG. Charlie's comment: I have seen so many idiots get rich in easy businesses!   Amazing.
jp929rr1 (4 years ago)
Greatest line ever told !!
Napoleon B (5 years ago)
THey look so cute
Jeffrey Gillespie (10 months ago)
yeah, 90 billion dollars worth of cute.
Phil O Shea (5 years ago)
I continue to listen and learn from senior members of society. God bless them.
SVAFnemesis (5 years ago)
He got lucky and now he can say whatever he wants. Whatever he said will be regarded as "secret to success".
A one legged man (1 year ago)
remember obi-wan's quote
Ethan P. (1 year ago)
losers like you always think others got lucky. they make their own luck.
supernoobice (2 years ago)
you're right. he got lucky 60 years in a row.
CHACE (2 years ago)
"In my experience, there's no such thing as luck"
Daniel D'Angelo (3 years ago)
@David Waters Don't let them fool you....they love money just like the rest of the world does; but, when you have more than you'll ever be able to spend, it gets old....I guess that's why he lives in the same home he's always lived in & drives an older model Cadillac STS.