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FS2004 - Fight For Your Life (Federal Express Flight 705)

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On April 7, 1994, Federal Express Flight 705, a McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 cargo jet carrying electronics across the United States from Memphis, Tennessee to San Jose, California, experienced an attempted hijacking for the purpose of a suicide attempt. Credits go to Mayday (Air Crash Investigation, Air Emergency, Air Disasters in other places) for the video clips of the crash and aftermath! Watch the actual episode here! http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x32adjh Music: Only The Light Is Gone Artist: Dalo Vian Listen to the entire music here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvwiGXWIx9o Like, comment, and subscribe if you enjoyed. Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/allec.ibay https://twitter.com/joshandroma
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Flight Channel (3 months ago)
Hats off to the crew, but also that old iron lady did an amazing job that day going above and beyond not letting them down on VARIOUS occasions, what if it had just collapsed at 800kts...sure a one in a million thing this doesn't go wrong.
WI-FI The Husky (1 year ago)
What happened to the cargo? Did it get destroyed?
Tablet Atah (1 year ago)
is old fedex !
♆ Satan ♆ (1 year ago)
I often see people complaining about how terrible technology is but hey, without it so many people would have never learned and remembered this amazing story.
DJWingoSnotrodboost I think it is 619 231 341 (1 year ago)
Smashed Lufthansa Cargo Flight 95
mrt57rn (1 year ago)
Why would anyone dislike this video?? Has all the makings of a thriller story....a bad guy, impossible flying maneuvers & ex-navy pilots saving the day.
kkh369 (1 year ago)
mrt57rn Totally amazing story indeed, and all true. Nailbiter
heidi Holiday (1 year ago)
Never trust a KneeGrow.
Robert Gift (1 year ago)
What a POS Auburn Calloway is.   Hope the POS never gets out of prison. Thank you, AJI, for your well done videos.  Accurate portrayals?
Aviation Unlimited (1 year ago)
"I have the best weapon. I have the plane." -Mr. Tucker In my head for the end of my life.
Михаил Федотов (1 year ago)
It seems that russian air post do this shit in flight every time.
Rácz Béla (1 year ago)
This is rubbish, when people put stupid video games on, like real video.
kkh369 (1 year ago)
Rácz Béla It clearly says FS on here..."flight simulator"? Most airline incidents don't come with an accompaning video, jerkoff. This guy does a great job with these. But some people (like you) just have to BITCH, don't they? GO AWAY
Captain JSM (1 year ago)
i would go down and turn off all engines do t know why XD
McDonnell Douglas MD-11 (1 year ago)
13:03 there's a typo.
Kristian Gundersen (1 year ago)
Twelve moral soldier firmly here radiation concerning.
GeneralGaming7274 Roblox (1 year ago)
it supposed to be a dc10 not md10
Bayleef Brendan (1 year ago)
Miggy T. Some DC10s were upgraded to MD11 standards and they changed them to MD10s
Mr.Youtube (1 year ago)
What happened one day later was the real tragedy.
jeffgordonfan2462 (1 year ago)
jared shaw fuck that shit
jared shaw (1 year ago)
April 8, 1994: Kurt Cobain found dead
Allec Joshua Ibay (1 year ago)
What happened?
Richie Cee (1 year ago)
wow... unbelievable
David Wright (1 year ago)
I worked on this airplane a few days ago, DC10;s are built like tanks !!
The Mason dude (1 year ago)
The plane should be a stunt Plane because of Tucker and Sanders.
Ian H (1 year ago)
Where's their movie? #Sully
Steven Chasin (1 year ago)
Gosh it was so inverted
James the red engine 5 # (1 year ago)
nooo the plane will retire in 2018
John Wayne (1 year ago)
Don't you mean mph? Indicated airspeed or true airspeed? Because a DC-10 can easily fly at 800kph TAS at cruising altitude.
Darth Vader (1 year ago)
Imagine seeing that from the ground, you would wonder what the fuck is going on.
Great Supa Keane (1 year ago)
They are heroes, except for Auburn Calloway.
DJ Brady (1 year ago)
The plane is a MD-10 I looked closey
Allec Joshua Ibay (1 year ago)
Back in 1994, it was a DC-10-30.
Bill Nye The Russian Spy (1 year ago)
I watched this video while listening to this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQvSKve10vQ I have no fingernails left. I chewed them off.
Dara45 Sm (1 year ago)
I'm glad they didn't crash in San Jose Cause I live there
Charles Gibson (1 year ago)
This is an incredible edge-of-your-seat story of bravery and survival. Thank you for posting it.
Jim B (1 year ago)
And I was hoping that it was full of illegals as in most freight carriers are doing for the obozo government.
kkh369 (1 year ago)
64savoy Yes, it was full of illegal Southerners, sneaking from Memphis into San Jose. Take your meds, you sound insane.
Rob Niemeyer (1 year ago)
Wow, very sad. That guy will have a special place in hell waiting for him. And the pilots are true heroes.
Tyler's Animations and Gaming (1 year ago)
When he put the plane in the dive I nearly cried
ufoattacks (1 year ago)
Ok . there is too many things here that are just plane stupid and some evil moron stuff to. First off. If they do not know why someone is on the plane . ASK why they are on the plane then tell him or her to get the phuck off the plane! No one should be on there except they people that are scheduled! And you do NOT take off until hey get the hell off !! I do not give a crap who it is! That is a fact. And the other thing. I so that evil moron who wants to kill people for money is a fine piece of dumb cow crap! Like when they investigate the accident they would not figure out hammer pounds in the skulls and find out about that retard mental case and NO insurance money would be given anyway! In the mean time , his family doing just fine while that guy rots in jail and hell ! And without any of his murder insurance money! Murder other people to help himself out... What a stupid greedy piece of evil fuktard!
Ralph Braseth (1 year ago)
lesselp (1 year ago)
Heavy music starts at 11:58 - reach for hammer.
Иосиф Сталин (1 year ago)
glad to hear that i thought the plane is going to crash😧😧
jack lock (1 year ago)
Wow, that was exciting! poor Peterson must have really been waked hard, since he was the first guy to get hit and was taken completely off guard. It's amazing to think he survived such an attack.
Jacob Mason (1 year ago)
sanders decides that killing calloway would be the best option but tucker tells sanders that they have him under contro; they find the cockpit is covered in blood the plane is too high and too fast to land on runway 9 sanders informs ATC that he'll be coming around and land on runway 36l runway 36L is longer, but to land there, sanders has to perform two sharp turns resonable for a small plane but nearly impossible for an overloaded DC-10 with an injured pilot sanders brutally smacks tucker in the head with a sledgehammer meanwhile the spanish flea starts playing sanders has to ignore the warnings and push the plane beyond operating limits a hammer is lying in the galley. The men struggle to reach it. This could be calloway's last chance. sanders prepares to take the plane for landing sanders is still coming in too high and too fast the runway is oly 2,800 merers long. a normal dc-10 needs 1900 meters to stop but its too heavy. the runway might be too long for it to stop popcorn kernel sanders sanders begins the 180 degree turn to line up with the runway for the first time, peterson grabs hold of a hammer. But he is extremely weak to use it. tucker pleads peterson to hit calloway peterson musters all his strength to hit calloway president obama chews a french fry it is only meters above the runway sanders hopes that the tires wont explode on landing luckily no tires explode emergency services quickly surround the aircraft was it an elaborate suicide? they handcuff calloway to ronald mcdonald you are bant sanders is the last to leave investigators find out calloway was divorced in 1990 but was still trying to support his ex wife and kids calloway is fighting osteoperosis calloway was also supposed to be scheduled for a hearing for falsified information given to the company he had overestimated his flight time on his flight log and beleived he would be fired for it but his life insurance is worth 2.5 million dollars if he dies in a work related accident believing that his family would get all the money, he acts like he carshed the plane on aksident
David Bailey (1 year ago)
Absolutely horrific
jimmy h (1 year ago)
my dad was working at fed ex when this happened there pilot had turn and moved so much that the wings on the dc 10 where almost to the point of falling off. he also said that the cockpit and the back area was covered in blood all over the instruments seats and floor. he said its a wonder that the aircraft didn't crash because of the stress that the aircraft was put under. those navy pilots are by far the best in the military and that's coming from an army guy.
kkh369 (1 year ago)
jimmy h Completely amazing flying, especially under the circumstances. Rolling a DC 10? BALLS.
Martin Ungermand (1 year ago)
jimmy h
GO PACK JACK (1 year ago)
Allec how do I get a different aircraft skin
EdgemanLL2 (1 year ago)
Air LIne Pilots Association is the pilot union. Its not a civilian authority
Bob Fritts (1 year ago)
SwiftArtz (1 year ago)
What's the name of the sad song?
Ilann playz (1 year ago)
that was crazy
MrAndrewHQ (1 year ago)
The pilots are the best
The History Hangar (1 year ago)
Amazing job. A BIG 'Atta Boy'.
Werewolf (1 year ago)
you do great work on these vids
Arthur Prather (1 year ago)
That's the Strongest DC-10 ever build!
Sunny Bibra (1 year ago)
and THIS doesn't get a movie?!
Morgan Pollard (1 year ago)
0:33 *record scratch* One minute? Really? An employee exceeds his maximum flight time by *one minute - yes, ONE FREAKING MINUTE* and you replace him?! Chill the hell out people
DavidTheNerd (1 year ago)
Morgan Pollard He shouldn't have worked knowing he exceeded his hours
Morgan Pollard (1 year ago)
Yes, but one minute isn't much when you think about it
DavidTheNerd (1 year ago)
You only can fly for so long. Pushing the limit is bad enough.
SwiftArtz (1 year ago)
Ikr lol.
Bruce Gordon (1 year ago)
Allec, that was a terrific recreation and to those brave pilot's , you men deserve that highest award.
michaelbacontube (1 year ago)
CRAZY! I read an article/interview with you just the other night. Subscribed to your channel and now I am checking it all out. Very cool man. Well done. Good for you.
My Lifesucks (1 year ago)
LondonSpade (1 year ago)
My sphincter was tense during this.
kkh369 (1 year ago)
Anthony Smith Really? You are critiquing someone's use of a word? Get over yourself.
Robert James (1 year ago)
Same here, like a snare drum.
moved account (1 year ago)
LondonSpade dude, same
DogeByte (1 year ago)
I thought the plane was a FedEx
AndroidFanboy (1 year ago)
DogeByte It is. Just their old livery.
Samuel Hain (1 year ago)
Around blacks, NEVER relax.
kkh369 (1 year ago)
Samuel HainA racist troll on Youtube. YAWN
rariix (1 year ago)
Just reading the story through captions but heck, that was one hell of a story. Heroes.
DJWingoSnotrodboost I think it is 619 231 341 (1 year ago)
Boost 24 is Landon Laniel 25 is Kurt Polizzi 26 is Aric Noble
DJWingoSnotrodboost I think it is 619 231 341 (1 year ago)
Wingo 21 Is JJ Martin 22 Is Reed Dory 23 is Mike Mears
DJWingoSnotrodboost I think it is 619 231 341 (1 year ago)
DJ 18 is Terry Coolridge 19 Ty Rosen 20 David Yager
DJWingoSnotrodboost I think it is 619 231 341 (1 year ago)
Kyle 16 is Parker Graff 17 is Ryan Shabozz
DJWingoSnotrodboost I think it is 619 231 341 (1 year ago)
Kyle BUSCH 13 is Cory Bynum 14 is Cole Arnold 15 Is Paul Brewer
DJWingoSnotrodboost I think it is 619 231 341 (1 year ago)
Kyle Kaufman 10 is Joey Bogle 11 Is Alex Shukwit 12 is Jeff Wang
DJWingoSnotrodboost I think it is 619 231 341 (1 year ago)
Kyle Grechka 7 is Carl Gates 8 is Matt Bull 9 is Ryan Morvasky
DJWingoSnotrodboost I think it is 619 231 341 (1 year ago)
Kyle Melick 4 is Greg Crouch 5 is Ricky Meija 6 is Kyle Graffiti
DJWingoSnotrodboost I think it is 619 231 341 (1 year ago)
Kyle V There are 32 Crew Members 1 is Casey Burkhalter 2 is Tony Pletcher 3 is Clint Rayl
DJWingoSnotrodboost I think it is 619 231 341 (1 year ago)
Kyle Pekus Nose Failure American Eagle Flight 134 The Pilots name Is Grant Ratcliff And First Oficcer Erik Yori Also on board Is Flight Engineer Reid Lancaster and Second Oficcer Nate Doom
Katy Gilday (1 year ago)
Daaaaaaaaaaang, I'm amazed Tucker was able to hold on to his mental capacities long enough to pull off such a maneuver AND be able to go back and help his crewmates
louis costello (1 year ago)
that is amazing in itself
ronj07 (1 year ago)
Thanks for doing this one. I live in Memphis. There was speculation that Calloway was going to try to crash the plane into the FedEx hub, which would have been disastrous. Also locally expressed concern that this gave Osama bin Laden the inspriation for 9/11!
Shinesis (1 year ago)
Finally, an accident in the DC10 that wasnt the dc10s fault
Allec Joshua Ibay (1 year ago)
Well, that would depend on the person being told that. I don't intend to sound mean.
Shinesis (1 year ago)
Allec Joshua Ibay well, telling someone to 'go look in a dictionary' does seem quite.... Mean?
Allec Joshua Ibay (1 year ago)
I'm not being aggressive.
Shinesis (1 year ago)
Allec Joshua Ibay alright. No need to be aggressive though.
Allec Joshua Ibay (1 year ago)
No! The word crime and accident don't even have the same definition. I suggest you look up a dictionary or google the difference.
Internet Quality Police (1 year ago)
You need to get out more. What a ridiculous waste of time.
kkh369 (1 year ago)
Allec Joshua Ibay I thoroughly enjoy your videos. Jenalgo obviously has some issues that he feels would best be worked out with strangers on Youtube. Jenalgo is very pathetic indeed.
kkh369 (1 year ago)
Jenalgo Wow, did your mommy not give you enough attention or something? Cuz you sound like a real cumstain. Just a walking advertisement for birth control. Starting arguments with strangers on the internet...talk about a "waste", not to mention ridiculous.
AustinParanormalResearch (1 year ago)
Jeff Villagrana But you didn't make the mistake. The dumbass troll doesn't know how to spell reenact.
AustinParanormalResearch (1 year ago)
Jenalgo No, there isn't dumb-ass. Here's the link to Merriam Webster's dictionary listing of reenact to help you - http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/reenact
Sonny Latchstring (1 year ago)
+Jenalgo You are a genuine piece of shit
Robertico abreu (1 year ago)
Robertico abreu (1 year ago)
ThePaulv12 (1 year ago)
I think the allowable MTOW being greater than the MLW is about performance in the event of a missed approach rather than runway length. With the aircraft in the landing configuration and the aircraft loaded to near its MTOW, the extra fuel weight leaves little excess thrust available considering the gear is down and the flaps in the approach configuration. Since executing a missed approach requires thrust to be greater than weight and drag to climb, the excess fuel on board combined with the high drag configuration, means the combined thrust of the engines may be < than the combined weight and drag of the airframe in the landing (high drag) configuration. *ALSO* some designs require reduced (or empty) fuselage tanks because in the event of a hard landing the wing spars may be distorted or bent if there is too much unsupported payload. Peculiarly, the wing tanks can often be full since the wings fly and carry their own weight.
Anthony Nelson (1 year ago)
Wow thats crazy!!
Justin Hopkins (1 year ago)
With those maneuvers, they're lucky the cargo didn't shift and cause an imbalance leading to a crash.
crystal o (1 year ago)
Tyler Taz 201 Most (1 year ago)
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iiSpaceAviator (1 year ago)
No and you will never grow your channel this way
Schlicky (1 year ago)
Coming from the advertiser..
fisto (1 year ago)
+Tyler Taz 201 Most nope
Tyler Taz 201 Most (1 year ago)
+janice from accounting oh just fuck off bitch
fisto (1 year ago)
+Tyler Taz 201 Most nope
Tyler Taz 201 Most (1 year ago)
wow allec you do research on all these crashes your air crash are the best of all
kkh369 (1 year ago)
john j Oh well, gee... way to bring the room down. If this is so sub-standard to you, then WHY are you here, exactly?
john j (1 year ago)
What research? There's a show called Air Disasters that has documented all of these, except they used interviews with the survivors and have actual audio, and used real video instead of animation.
Winglet520 (1 year ago)
Thank you for the video. Appears that aircraft still flies daily.
GN (1 year ago)
Music from 11:56 to the end of the video? PLEASE TELL ME!
Mark Dufrene (1 year ago)
GabrielNunes I believe the composer is Simon Cloquet.
herp3 (1 year ago)
great upload! A rare happy ending
Dead I hate this (1 year ago)
Not super sonic speed it is speed of light or stop youtube
[GD] HowToExpert (1 year ago)
Qunsheng Kuang speed of light is like 300,000 kilometres so u stop utube
iiSpaceAviator (1 year ago)
Super sonic speed is the speed of sound. Plus if a plane goes to the speed of light it will crash immediately. Planes right now won't go to the speed of light. The only one today and the past is subsonic (normal) and supersonic (speed of sound). Today are fighter jets,while the past are Concorde and the Tupolev Tu-144
Flights Worldwide 〈 Videos (1 year ago)
great video!!
kikous522 (1 year ago)
Thank you and very good + 1 like.
Syawaluddin Seliman (1 year ago)
good job captain..well done.
Christopher (1 year ago)
I have to say....these videos keep me on the edge of my seat because I do not know how they will end........ I was so into the Captain and crew trying to save their plane from the homicidal maniac that attacked them...... That I would have been just crushed and devastated if they had not been able to make it out alive......good video Alec
topper2142 (1 year ago)
Wow,amazing story, I had never heard of this particular attempted hijacking. Crazy! Well done :)
Basil Stephens (1 year ago)
Good video and summation of everything that happened. But please remember how to spell the word RECEIVE! lol
marieatthelake (1 year ago)
Chanel HP (1 year ago)
this is so crazy.... it plays out like a scene in a 90s action flick!
T laner (1 year ago)
Auburn Calloway is a piece of shit and should die in prison. These pilots careers where over when the hummer hit. they should get full pay for the rest of their lives for this.
Andrew (1 year ago)
Bless these men Except Calloway
PyroManiac857 (1 year ago)
excuse me, allec, but how in god's earth do you know all this stuff about air crashes?
Allec Joshua Ibay (1 year ago)
+john j Yes, I know. And those clips were taken from Mayday.
john j (1 year ago)
There's a series called 'Air Disasters' on Smithsonian channel that has documented every one of these, but with real planes, actual audio and real actors instead of animation.
Ensell Douglas (1 year ago)
Morgan Pollard r
Ryan X Martin (1 year ago)
PyroManiac857 he probably watched a whole documentary of this crash on Smithsonian, Discovery, or National Geographic Channel
Morgan Pollard (1 year ago)
Yeah, dude. Research.
Lonnie Cavenee (1 year ago)
That was one HELL of a story!
Bo G'Balo (1 year ago)
Some people you can't take the criminality out of them, even if well educated.  Why should my tax dollars be supporting this pos who ruined 3 lives?
matthew munold (1 year ago)
I wasnt paying attention to this video until 0:47 then I read those words and laughed out of disbelief. As I rewound to watch from the beginning I thought omg that was real and this crew was murdered, this plane is goin down.. What fucking tanks. And they chose not to kill Calloway further risking their own life's. Still pulled through. Im glad everyone got their packages ok
iiSpaceAviator (1 year ago)
They tried. But maybe they were weak because of their injuries