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The story of the event that sent shockwaves around the world On the morning of the 14th December 2012, a lone gunman with a semi-automatic rifle shot his mother at home, then entered Sandy Hook Primary school massacring six adults and 20 children before taking his own life. With the gun debate raging across America, both sides set to use this atrocity for political gain, with multiple conspiracy theories being born from the chaos. Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: http://bit.ly/1GOzpIu Follow us on Twitter for more - https://twitter.com/realstoriesdocs Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RealStoriesChannel Instagram - @realstoriesdocs Documentary produced by True Vision. Content licensed from Digital Rights Group (DRG). Any queries, please contact us at: owned-enquiries@littledotstudios.com
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Elaina Feltz (2 hours ago)
I soo agree that we need to start with people's hearts. Helping people chose love instead of violence. Let's do more with anger management. Then we can rely on mentally stable people who will respect weapons. But face it, if we made it illegal, ONLY the bad guys will have get their hands on guns. And there will ALWAYS be those people. Let's just decrease their numbers.
Theo Fulk (16 hours ago)
"GENE ROSEN", pretending now to be the "ACTING JANITOR" says , "THERE's still shooting going on" with no sounds in background at all---- until they do another 'take', where a few paltry noises sporadically emerge. BUT NEITHER EVER CONFORM TO THE QUOTA OF 154 shots ! 9/11 calls are not done over, but there are not only 2 versions of "RICK THORNE"/ Gene ROSEN, but also the BARB-person/2 9/11 calls ALSO.
Legal (20 hours ago)
This all a hoax. I worked for FEMA for about 4 years and graduated from the FEMA college! Was also in charge of 3 different FEMA drills. I have first hand experience with crisis actors being hired by the state. Plus another 18 year working as a detective / investigator. This Sandy Hook school shooting I believe started out as a FEMA drill and then turned into a national hoax. Never seen so many liars in on one subject. Surprised Hillary was not there. Second thought I bet Hillary is in this some where!
Robert Bryant Lock (4 days ago)
The comments... they're all so..... gullible.......... 😂 🤣 😂 🤣 😂 🤣 😂 🤣
Lianne (4 days ago)
Daniel seems abit off.... I'd keep an eye on him.
lee P (4 days ago)
this pains me to see even after so long and I could not imagine how the little ones were feeling that day
Charlie Ball (4 days ago)
The only way u can get guns in Australia and use them is u have to get a gun license which is really hard to get and if u get caught with it in public u get put in jail. But In America u can just go to the gun store and if u have enough money u can buy a gun and use it without a gun license and u can hold it around in public without getting put in jail that’s why there’s so much violence in America
Charlie Ball (4 days ago)
I live in Australia and we haven’t had a school shooting since 1996 because after that school shooting the government banned guns
Milan Smidt (5 days ago)
Another privileged white brat had a tantrum using an AR. So let's send money to Rwanda and talk to black and Latin inmates about the choices they have. This documentary is whiter than an albino polar bear in the snow.
Karlos Khaos (5 days ago)
Arhh the little sandy hookers lol
Lewis Ellis (6 days ago)
amazing,incredible, parents of victims, I CANT BELIEVE THAT PEOPLE PUT SAD,STUPID,AWFUL NEGATIVE COMMENTS! Im humbled by way, she taks to others ina positive way n LUV! the honest mum who swears! Take great care of u all x x
Shikha Sharma (6 days ago)
RIP those who lost their lives and god bless the kids and teachers who have to go through all that. Here in India private schools have security in entrance gate and they check them along with their entry.
MONICA NORGAN (3 days ago)
That's common here at private schools as well. But not all public* schools are equipped the same..
Dan S (8 days ago)
Wow! JT & Scarlet are inspirational in the way they've taken Jessie's death & moved forward to make the world a better place. I don't understand why the gun group are trying so hard to stop the changing of gun laws. Surely doing a second check on people should be standard good practice !? I can't imagine sending my kids to a school with security checkpoint daily. Really feel for these families.
Gozer The Gatekeeper (13 days ago)
All bullshittery
Bigenash (6 days ago)
Gozer The Gatekeeper So..... are you trying to make a point here? Any idea?
Gozer The Gatekeeper (6 days ago)
@Bigenash you do realize this isnt real. It's a commercial and its called Shock Advertising
Bigenash (10 days ago)
Gozer The Gatekeeper Does it make you feel better to pretend everything that frightens you isn’t real? I hope so.
Noob-Zero (10 days ago)
No it isn't.
Daniela Schmidt (19 days ago)
Seeing jessies mom's grief vs lauren's brother's highlights how differently men and women move through grief. A mother's grief is incomprehensible, but we are better at talking and dealing with emotions. Men are taught not to talk about them.
Adam Weaver (21 days ago)
The resilience of Americans in diversity is something special. Hope in the future more can be done to stop these events happening
Annette Melnychuk (21 days ago)
Sadly a year after the Sandy Hook massacre the Aurora movie theater shooting happened. I hate to admit it guns scare the crap out of me
Noob-Zero (13 days ago)
Correction: The Aurora shooting happened BEFORE the Sandy Hook shooting.
Laure Crp (21 days ago)
I cant understand how NRA can has this power, how America can still legalize the weapons !
Maria Peleikis (21 days ago)
I live in Denmark, and we Really dont have any guns here. And No school shootings, I feel so lucky to live here, i cant belive how scary it must be for you to live in the USA.
JoanneLG1960 (22 days ago)
I would be very worried about Daniel if I were his parents. Hopefully he is better in the years that have passed since this documentary was made
John Wilk (23 days ago)
🔥🔥🔥 Are you happy "Ten Commandments" no longer reside in schools ? 🔥🔥🔥 Why ?
April Chamberlain (24 days ago)
I really thought at the time there would be something done to stop this from happening again. These were babies that was taken away from this world and I was so against guns at the time. Fast forward 2019 & it finally clicked in my stubborn brain that it's not the guns killing ppl. I wanted every gun on this Earth to be melted down especially after this horrific day! The sad thing is even if you put more restrictions on guns anybody that wants one bad enough will find a way to get one either legally or illegally. Unfortunately it's the world we live in now and it's so sad kids don't have the freedom & innocence as I did as a kid. Sorry rambling!! My eyes are still leaking 😭😢
I Am Groot (25 days ago)
Either the full extent of what happened that day hasn't fully hit Daniel yet or its affected him that much that he's numb to it and if its the 2nd one then that should be treated professionally immediately for his sake and for his family's sake
Rommy MadCat (26 days ago)
Im so sorry any body especially any child has to experience this violence.Childhood was never meant to be a war of survival.
Noob-Zero (26 days ago)
7 years later, R.I.P. children and teachers that didn't make it. And no conspiracy theorists allowed to reply to this comment!
Wolf Haley (27 days ago)
"even in a country used to school shootings" is so incredibly sad.
Vargus Heemeyer (1 month ago)
Daniela Lopez (13 days ago)
Say that to Daniel Barden a 7 year old Sandy hook victim
HG Exotics (26 days ago)
@Vargus Heemeyer Were you a victim of the sandy hook massacre? NO, so you cant say that it didnt happen. Let me ask you this: do you believe in New zealand (or a country you have not been to)? And your answer would be yes, because you just know that it exists, even though you have never been, or have no evidence for it being real, you just know that it exists.
HG Exotics (26 days ago)
@Vargus Heemeyer the government has me brainwashed? 1. im from the uk, and 2. i am definitly NOT brainwashed, i am very far from it, i do not trust anything the goverment say. I dont understand YOU people, you are the one who is brainwashed, brainwashed by utterly ridiculous conspriracy theorists. q
Joseph Judd (1 month ago)
Oh wow, this video isn't in German.
lalee 75 (1 month ago)
This is why you should make sure there are armed good guys at schools. You will never get rid of guns in America . I will not give my guns up cause if a bad guy comes in my home I will be able to protect my kids.
Bigenash (11 days ago)
And when law enforcement arrives at the active shooting how do they know the "good guys" with the guns from the "bad guys" with the guns?
HG Exotics (27 days ago)
but if guns are banned then you wont have to defend yourself because the bad guys wont have guns? smh americans logic is stupid
Miri Smear (1 month ago)
My biggest fear. I’m terrified every time my son gets on the bus.
Fast forward to 2019 7 yrs. after this tragic event took place this well spoken 9 yr. old child is probably a ROCKET SCIENTIST👨🏼‍🏫 he's extremely intelligent, his interview was better than any of the adults interviews.
Bcole (1 month ago)
I was these kids age and had celebrated my birthday 2 days earlier.
Crystal Sherman (1 month ago)
Omg! Those poor babies and courageous teachers! R.I.P.😭😭😭😭
Ryan Egan (28 days ago)
This is a comedy right? The dude who plays that nutty teachers brother is hysterical. When he says "Around 630 that night someone said it's not a good look" LOL. Eddie Bravo is right I think. They make it sloppy on purpose so it keeps somewhat awake people focused on nonsense (like Gene Rosens ridiculous story, keeps people from noticing the 911 operator who said this is a drill was murdered etc).
Greg Aurora (1 month ago)
My favorite fake massacre 😍
HG Exotics (11 days ago)
@Bigenash yep
Bigenash (11 days ago)
@HG Exotics 2 weeks later and he's still unable to answer your simple question. Hmmm...
Noob-Zero (26 days ago)
It's not fake, you fool. This is real.
HG Exotics (27 days ago)
and why do you believe that? please i just want to know the mindset of a person like you
Sharon Taylor (1 month ago)
All people who think Sandy Hook was a "faked" event, a so called "false flag," or just a "drill" are wrong, and they exhibit so much delusional thinking that they should be (1) Banned from owning guns, (2) Prevented from voting, and (3) Forced to get psychiatric help.
Bigenash (11 days ago)
Amen, Sharon Taylor!
Rebecca Gibbs (1 month ago)
the teacher's brother was amazing. What a genuine human being- my heart broke for him when he was talking about his sister's hug.
Theo Fulk (1 month ago)
Not "TRUE STORIES", but Propagandistic "real STORIES". That's what grandma called it when she knew we were LYING about something. "EVERYONE MUST SIGN IN HERE", or you won't get to collect for your PARTICIPATION IN THE LIE ! ! ERIC "brainwasher" HOLDER was the architect of the diabolical SANDY HOAX !
Noob-Zero (1 month ago)
Shut up, this ain't fake.
bottle2lip (1 month ago)
it was real after research, and seeing leaked coroner photos of bodies in a class room..the circumstances were strange leading up, but it happened. yes there have been staged events in past that have been confirmed...but this wasnt one of those
HG Exotics (27 days ago)
@Мэри Робертс psycho?
Мэри Робертс (29 days ago)
bottle2lip where do you find the leaked photos
TheWhatthefuck12 (1 month ago)
Something is fishy is what my senses tell me! i dont think i know what happened there but something seems fishy!
Afrikaanse Boer (1 month ago)
I don't what to take away from these people but banning guns is like banning knives.We need to stop violence at the source.We need to focus on mental health issues!!!God bless America,land of the free!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
00 aa (1 month ago)
Very true
Bea Leighton (1 month ago)
I can only imagine the trauma and terror the survivors will have to endure for the rest of their lives. This is horrific. Anybody who attacks a child is a monster. I’m a forgiving person, but I have no forgiveness for that man.
elchiponr1 (1 month ago)
I don't know whats goin on please
Richard M (1 month ago)
America you're a disgrace.
Tarn1981 Tarn (1 month ago)
Sandy hook makes me sooo mad. The facts out weigh the bs that is the official story. Full of actors and full of holes.
Noob-Zero (1 month ago)
Sandy Hook actually happened, deal with it.
Hannah Lif (1 month ago)
he is so smart and articulate for his age! i hope hes coping <3
Lexi Kaiser (1 month ago)
Daniel speaks so well. Oh my gosh!
Jason Green (1 month ago)
Enjoy your lives as best you can. We toppled Alex Emric Jones for saying Sandy Hook didn't happen and mocking the difficult emotional reactions of a grieving father, and everything else he did. We did our best to make him lose everything. --The Sandy Hook Avengers --The Sleeping Giants
Darren Potter (2 months ago)
April Porter (2 months ago)
Sorry this has happened to these children and the 6 teachers...you all didnt deserve this and wow can that child talk well wow
American Patriot (2 months ago)
The truth will come out...
Patrick Lange (1 month ago)
Yawn! You hoaxtards have been promising that for almost 7 years already and you guys got no where close to your fake truth. You conspiracy idiots achieved nothing after almost 7 years. Just the same old tired debunked nonsense that can't hold up in court. That's why Jim Fetzer lost in court. Your fake truth will never come out because it's bullshit and you know it.
Jesse A (2 months ago)
"I started to scroll through the comments" ... That was a mistake. The internet is a vile place with no intelligence exam to get on.
Izzy Wharton (2 days ago)
Jesse A what are you on about
Seven (2 months ago)
Fake Stories*
RosyOutlook2 (2 months ago)
Sandy Hoax
Janice Raby (2 months ago)
When will Americans face the facts? There’s more children killed by guns than there is people defending their property. So sad 😞 it’s just unbelievable that educated people refuse to see this. No child should have to live in a country where anyone has access to lethal weapons 😡
Seven (2 months ago)
That is an absolute lie.
christian dominic (2 months ago)
there all acting ffs
Noob-Zero (2 months ago)
No they ain't.
john gallipani (2 months ago)
They did such a horrible job faking this F.F. they had to scrub the videos off of YouTube
Noob-Zero (2 months ago)
It ain't fake, get over it.
john gallipani (2 months ago)
k K (2 months ago)
I will never understand !When the USA will stop selling the guns to everyone!!!!???????????????
Seven (2 months ago)
When will you grow a brain
Olivia 1179 (2 months ago)
The car/gun comparison is complete bullshit
Michael Thomas Thomas (2 months ago)
Star Gamer (2 months ago)
they should have had security cameras there. So that they could prove that lanza was real and that it wasn't fake.
Seven (2 months ago)
It was fake. That's why they didn't. https://vimeo.com/227988627
Baby Godina (2 months ago)
*12:16** hearing his voice about to crack got to me 😭💔* ------ 14:06 i just wanna hug her she raised a hero. He told his classmates to run 💛😭💔💔💔
willie G (2 months ago)
Funny how the shooting was in the news paper a day before the so called shooting happened..was that not real or did that really happen kuz alot of people say it did..there is alot if things worng with that
Rich Junior (2 months ago)
Sandy hook hoax nobody died nobody got hurt , another government prank
TheProblembaer2 (2 months ago)
america is so dumb. Just ban guns, but no, your inbred orange politicians want that the murders goes on.
Katrina Chau (2 months ago)
Poor Daniel, man. So eloquent but obviously scarred for life.
AC Milan Blog 1899 Channel (2 months ago)
And the tragedy continues...
Reagan Butcher (2 months ago)
The kid who took the fact that he wanted to save his classmates more then him 😭😭
Gerald Berliner (2 months ago)
Utterly gut wrenching
Hilary Brown (2 months ago)
why do americans insist that guns kill people..... PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE for fucks sakes.............. gun control is not going to stop PEOPLE killing.... make the laws tougher on people who are idiots and should not be sold guns
Lulu (2 months ago)
This comment section is really toxic
Lulu (2 months ago)
Why people say this is fake? It's just horrible. What proof do you want? Is as she said. It's easy to say those things because we are not in their situation. We cannot even imagine how a person that has gone through this must feel. People are getting so cold hearted as years passes is horrifying.
euri C (2 months ago)
But... why kids
Theo Fulk (2 months ago)
FEMA L366 lays it all out----- THAT's WHAT THEY "experienced"---- AN EXERCISE, including the secrecy of keeping all information about it to themselves. Obama's 662 BILLION Dollars allotted for Propaganda went any-where it needed to get the cooperation in Newtown---- they rebuilt a good deal of infrastructure in areas that were scabby before. I like the other "Sounded like they were kicking a door"! kid/witness
K Sommer (2 months ago)
What a bunch of hogwash!! LIARS is what you all are. You will NEVER be able to fool anyone into believing this shameful display of FRAUD and pathetic crisis acting. Extremely amateur and unconvincing in every way. Deny all you want. And sue all you want. The TRUTH IS OUT and you traitors are exposed. It's been a year and your acting still sucks. However your eyes are now a true bullshit brown. Get a real job! I can see you all in the candle or broom making business. lmfao
Janette Coleman (2 months ago)
At beginning, great shame that woman chose to wear those Dead Animal Pelts, called a coat!!
Tommy Sullivan (3 months ago)
Dads a volunteer firefighter also. Perfect
Tommy Sullivan (3 months ago)
Oh this was that Sandy Hook Story?
jason walters (2 months ago)
Yeah the HOAX
Stixz Shongwe (3 months ago)
Something is wrong with this Daniel kid! Y’all think he is smart but, I feel he was mentally affected by this whole thing
niamh (3 months ago)
poor children. no one deserves this
Terrie Cotham (3 months ago)
How do you stop a bad person with a Hammer Knife Club or bat A Gang Sandy Hook was a dark day for this nation some say fake Not one staff member pick up the noise of adam shooting out the window
David C (2 months ago)
Other countries have a lower murder rate than the US's by a long way because they have effective gun control. When did you last hear off a mass hammer attack at a school. More guns equal more killing.
Claire Underwood (3 months ago)
Everyone who still believes that this wss a real event and not a government planned FEMA drill to pass gun grab legislation desperately needs to sit down, and invest tge time watching an investigative journalist documentary, analyzing the facts and evidence of this case, no conspiracies alluded to, entitled "we need to talk about Sandy Hook". Anf see exactly how and why our own government orchestrated this event. Also research the repeal of the smith mundt propaganda act and learn how our government is now authorized and permitted to stage domestic terrorist attacks and present them as legitimate events... Once you understand all the laws in place and agencies that exist who can and did stage such an.event, you can finally objectively analyze this event with unbiased eyes and see the truth. Nobody died. The school wasn't even in operation.
RGM RGM (2 months ago)
And you’re crazy. Thanks for letting us know to avoid you.
Keisha Natania Tanoe (3 months ago)
I feel so bad for Jesse becayse I think he is really kind and sweet and he saved half of the class by warning them to run!! If he didnt do that, the whole class would die
William Munny (3 months ago)
Mental illness and the availability of guns in America is a bad mix.
Theo Fulk (3 months ago)
FEMA L 366 is the # of the drill---- better look b4 they pull it
Eva T (3 months ago)
Thinking now, I wouldn't care what people on the internet has to say about this or me. I would be too busy dealing with the pain and trying to get my life (somewhat) back on track. So my advice would be- don't pay attention to people who you don't even know,it doesn't matter! What matters is your feelings,your life and how are you gonna help your kids/close people who did survive a traumatic event.
Joshua A. Robles (3 months ago)
*i can do better*
Max Ernst (3 months ago)
Congress? Hello Congress? Oh guess there not there
Victoria Connelly (3 months ago)
i have friends who died in this shooting, its not fake.
Theo Fulk (3 months ago)
OBAMA launched 23 executive orders regarding guns in 2013------ DON'T EVEN PRETEND THAT TIS WAS NOT Premeditated, along with the REAL ESTATE PAYOFFS IN 2009, which was corroborating the STAGING OF SANDY HOOK, ERIC HOLDER'S AGENDA, to "brainwash people about guns"----before the Capstone FEMA L336 even occurred---- WE GET IT ! And it is still A BIG HOAX, though Hallmark filmed.
Theo Fulk (3 months ago)
FEMA L 366 is the correct #
Theo Fulk (3 months ago)
There's GENE ROSEN the "acting" custodian again ! There is allegedly a "VOICEPRINT APP" that you can do with just an I-Phone, and it would possibly make a difference to someone. But the way they have destroyed evidence with impunity and stonewalled against answering the most BASIC questions, it looks like no one would wake up even if it were ERIC HOLDER himself "PLAYING HIS PART, TOO !"
J O’Brien (3 months ago)
Sandy hook was such an obvious hoax, how can so many people believe this bullshit actually happened?
Noob-Zero (3 months ago)
No it wasn't, shut up.
Sander Nielsen (3 months ago)
Doesn't the congress of yankeeland ever learn ?
Mowac (3 months ago)
'Real Stories'??,......now there is a contradiction in terms. This is nothing more than propaganda about an event that was staged by the U.S. government.
Noob-Zero (3 months ago)
Shut up and stop being stupid. This IS a real story, deal with it.
Elizabeth Davis (3 months ago)
The victim's families and survivors of gun violence have tried for years to get Congress to do something. Sadly every time there is shootings, and yet they don't do a thing, and it is so sad to see how these people who are adults not care about what happens to us when all we want is safety. How many more shooting do we have to see before something is finally done?
Noob-Zero (3 months ago)
Those who are still saying this is fake even after 6 years, are worthless pathetic losers on the face of the earth.
Life Matter (3 months ago)
I can’t even watch it sorry
Tammy Webb (3 months ago)
I can't as a parent can believe that a fother would go to work not knowing where or if there child was alive! That makes me not believe what really happened that day ! 😭
Mom Channel (3 months ago)
Ok that mom. Leaving her son in the school for her kids at home. Well I have two kids and if it was a choice to take a chance and saving one of my children or leaving him. I would take my chance to save him.