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Dairy Queen

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Asian couple has different dreams
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Andrew Cruz (1 month ago)
ItsRobbieRob (1 month ago)
I loved this commercial when I was a kid. It was super funny seeing a man give birth.
Fars فارس كلب (8 months ago)
Олег Ким (9 months ago)
Catherine Callahan (11 months ago)
HAHAHA I remember laughing so hard at this when I was growing up.
Angela Franklin (1 year ago)
Tisha McDonald (2 years ago)
First time I saw this ad I was pregnant with my first child. Laughed at this commercial so hard THEN my water broke. True story.
ابراهيم ابو جمانه (8 months ago)
شهية ذذ
İnka İmparatoru Atahualpa (2 years ago)
Samir Linge (1 year ago)
Samir Linge (1 year ago)
Gay bipe full
Hgd Yt? Hhb Ffhhkk (2 years ago)
ايهاب الطناحى (7 months ago)
Al Wood (2 years ago)
Cantika hazel (2 years ago)
Unicorn Lady (formerly archiecook55) (4 years ago)
lol great commercial! :D
bearfedway (4 years ago)
"You Did This To Me!" from the 37 down voters.
Jesica Oliveira da Silva (5 years ago)
Alaskar Suleymanov (5 years ago)
disneygirlkf (5 years ago)
How did I get here from smosh
Jessica Boyer (6 years ago)
I am not supposed to be watching this
Gabriela Bastidas (6 years ago)
doublepinochle300 (6 years ago)
I remember this commercial from years ago! It has stuck with me all this time!
Caitlyn Robinson (6 years ago)
That was interesting
Jeder de Jesus Batista Mercado (6 years ago)
Emily Castilo (6 years ago)
Bianca Longoria (7 years ago)
Hahaha...I never saw this crazy commercial! Lmmfao
Noah Bigsby (7 years ago)
Was This Commercial Banned?
Rosenilda Sousa (7 months ago)
Ashley Kennedy (7 years ago)
Ashley Sigman (7 years ago)
Although I don't understand how I found this video :/
Ashley Sigman (7 years ago)
Funniest thing EVER!!!
heatherjrock (7 years ago)
And major props to this commercial for featuring the rarely seen Asian-American male! :D
heatherjrock (7 years ago)
This commercial isn't sexist...the wife simply wanted her husband to understand and feel her pain... ...besides, when you're in that amount of searing pain, you tend to say things like that. It hurts! So this truly isn't creating sexism...sexists with a bias can point to this and use it to back up their misconceptions about sex and gender, but in reality, this commercial is intended to make light of the biological inequalities that humans just so happen to have. No big deal!
Priscilla Noelle Sharp (7 years ago)
her dream is every woman's dream come true
mohsin arif (7 years ago)
wat the fuck that girl dream means..:/
NeoDiego0402 (7 years ago)
darkwater2691 (7 years ago)
@Clairebearloveskatt I shudder to think of what would happen haha. Men would have to have a Caesarean there's no way you'd get a baby out of a man's reproductive organ.
Claire Jones (7 years ago)
@darkwater2691 Well, there's always the option for men to have a caesarean section... and.. a watermelon through a raisin? that sounds... horrifying! LOL
darkwater2691 (7 years ago)
@Clairebearloveskatt If a guy had a baby, he'd only be able to have one, because his dick would explode giving birthday. I heard in a movie "You try pushing something the size of a watermelon out of a lemon." Try pushing that watermelon through a hole the size of a raisin.
Ayla R Selhesur (7 years ago)
It's commercials like this that make me proud of my job at DQ LOL
Pug burrito (7 years ago)
If only.
Elite HateNachos (7 years ago)
I wood dream of a cloud saying YEAHHHH!!
Horsebackjackie (7 years ago)
Best Commercial EVER!!
Kaitou Takahashi (7 years ago)
What ever happened to this commercial anyway? :D Yeahhh~!
missyme1995 (7 years ago)
Haha this is great
Claud Johns (8 years ago)
Funny funny
MAsterKakashi6 (8 years ago)
@gambit7775 You could essentially turn your shit into a diamond. It has a lot of carbon. Just get reeeeal constipated and wait a year or so. Viola, diamond.
Bartonar (8 years ago)
@MAsterKakashi6 careful, that comment may make people laugh so hard they shit a 7 pound diamond! Would billions and billions of dollars be worth the pain of a giant sharp shit? Find out after this commercial break. *hits replay button*
Kiara Bennett (8 years ago)
Bahaha Best commercial ever!
MAsterKakashi6 (8 years ago)
You've given birth to a 7 pound shit! Stop eating Taco Bell!
YellowLemonPatch (8 years ago)
every woman's dream come true !!! hell yeah ! u do it !!
jonesboy84 (8 years ago)
The funniest Dairy Queen commercial ever.
TheGoldlove23 (8 years ago)
Lmao. Haha love it
Sonic Mobian (8 years ago)
@Tamariana hmf i bet we can just a few key issues has to be adjusted though, since the baby is a bit bigger it has to some how fit threw us, (the butt, only exit there is). Plus for us males to get pregnant it has to be rather a female or another male to impregnate us but it can get confusing since that's in reverse and not the other way around.
Sonic Mobian (8 years ago)
@Clairebearloveskatt i always had a fetish of male pregnant. But anyway's i guess so it but it could be a issue that the baby would have to come out the butt though.
Sonic Mobian (8 years ago)
@teamvampire4ever boys having baby's may not happen but there's always fetish about it on the net.
XINxPEACEX629 (8 years ago)
kaykayputu (8 years ago)
her dream was sposed to be her having a girl and she's like "damn its a girl" u know, cuz their asian.
Singsonggirl (8 years ago)
ahahaha funny!
Emma Watts (8 years ago)
@TheLovelesslove HOW do you know?
Piano Otoko (8 years ago)
Emma Watts (8 years ago)
Is birth really that painful?
Emma Watts (8 years ago)
@Simbaah777 Eww. Is that in Canada or the States?
steven h (8 years ago)
Dairy queens blizzard machine has maggets in it and the foul infested rottin liquid flows into the ice cream mix, the burgers are under cooked, cheese is stale, the candy is has flys landing on it all they, the water is full of sour ice cream mix and the blizzard collers stay dirty I know cuz I worked there for three years.
UltimateCharm (8 years ago)
Nappa: Well, I've got good news and bad news. The bad news is reports say our entire planet has been destroyed by a gigantic meteorite along with all its inhabitants. Vegeta: Uh, but what about... Nappa: And your father. Vegeta: My whole family... MY RACE! Nappa: But the good news is WE'RE GOING TO DAIRY QUEEN! Vegeta: My entire race is... Nappa: DAIRY QUEEN! Vegeta: ...Just take me to the damn Queen, Nappa. Nappa: Yay! This seems like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Sanny D. (8 years ago)
ROFL!!! if only BOTH their dreams could come true :P
Transient Art (8 years ago)
@Airking11 actually they're about 7 lbs on average, 6-8 lbs is average. 5lbs is a little small. If under 5lb 10oz they are rushed to the NICU.
rgre1 (8 years ago)
Is that Stephen Colbert looking at the mans pegana?
Terry N (8 years ago)
dairy queen commercials are the best!
Andrew Cline (8 years ago)
@Airking11 i was 9
blackstarcat09 (8 years ago)
@wauquelin dis was SO funny....if only. I have to agree with you on dis one. it is practically every woman's dream if man could go through the pain so they would know how it felt like. LOL!!!
aubree hill (8 years ago)
@movieman369 well i think its funny
aubree hill (8 years ago)
haha thats funny
Ian MacLeod (8 years ago)
WTF double win?
Belle Ryeo (9 years ago)
MrHoppers002 (9 years ago)
couldn't the male spend more time on the child care such as feeding, playing, and clean up? kind of makes up for it.
Dar kalim (9 years ago)
oh god
John Barton (9 years ago)
its an awesome ice cream company
nepnep (9 years ago)
ugh... You have a very different opinion. No offense.........
Claire Jones (9 years ago)
LOL, that would be nice if guys could get pregnant. It would certainly give us girls a break and if your boyfriend says he wants kids Tell him he can have them himself! ... I want DQ =]
Multitap Media (9 years ago)
i remade this video for one of my classes, tell me what you think! watch?v=PKuhmgC-H-g
Lisa13245 (9 years ago)
No he wants a boy and she wants him to feel the pain.
Camerature (9 years ago)
ROFLMAO! Funny as hell XD
hollyannaeree (9 years ago)
one of my FAVORITE commericals!
906087 (9 years ago)
I like the way that woman thinks
joanne (10 years ago)
HAHAHAHAHHAAHA! Chyeah, see what girls go through.
ruth yang (10 years ago)
Bhura Khan (2 years ago)
mine's been
Multitap Media (10 years ago)
check out my version of this commercial. Its on my youtube page or the 3rd video in the search engine. Tell me what you think lol
Clayton Booth (10 years ago)
i WOULDN'T. that would HURT!
Rawk4Life (10 years ago)
An old episode of the Cosby show actually featured Cliff Huxtable having a dream where himself, Theo, and his son-in-law were all pregnant. However, they didn't birth babies, they birthed what they remembered most of their childhood lol.
Rawk4Life (10 years ago)
I am a guy, but I liked Bill Envall's statement "If Scientists figured out a way for men to experience childbirth, that'd be awesome!"
Bridget Bender (10 years ago)
DDDDAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! 1! 2! 3! Push! Come on! Push! Uh no no no no no no! Everything you got, Mr. Lee. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! YOU DID THIS TO ME!
Bridget Bender (10 years ago)
Stacktovic845 (10 years ago)
polinapel (10 years ago)
Lol, so american ^^
Jamaal Forrest-King (10 years ago)
she bogus
Ezra Murdock (10 years ago)
lol i that was a funny commercial like last year
alcewa (10 years ago)
Hilarious!! And to all those malcontents (male or female) who are taking this waaaay too seriously, if you don't think a lot of women wish this could happen (just one time :), you're delusional.
Audrey Horne (11 years ago)
u my friend need to chill out....
Chandler Kane (11 years ago)
Is that Stephen Colbert playing the doctor?
Dr Brooklyn (11 years ago)
by making him give birth? fuck off an buy a wire hanger
Chef Jack Geeks Out (11 years ago)
Sexist crap. The guy hasn't done anything wrong at all, yet the woman dreams of "punishing" him simply for being male. Remind me never to go to Dairy Queen again.
darkopacity (11 years ago)
This is way too funny! lol
RS Vegeta (11 years ago)
everything youve got mr. lee. aaaaaaa!you did this to me!lol