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Why people believe they can’t draw - and how to prove they can | Graham Shaw | TEDxHull

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Why is it that so many people think they can’t draw? Where did we learn to believe that? Graham Shaw will shatter this illusion – quite literally - in a very practical way. He’ll demonstrate how the simple act of drawing has the power to make a positive difference in the world. Graham specialises in the art of communication and has helped thousands of people to make important presentations. He is perhaps best known for his use of fast cartoon drawings to communicate ideas and is the author of ‘The Art of Business Communication’. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Text Comments (18912)
Classix (46 minutes ago)
After this TED Talk: *The most unoriginal art style of the century*
Adnan Siddiki (5 hours ago)
Was he drawing himself?
John Navarro (18 hours ago)
Everyone can draw Just not well
Tazymandius (19 hours ago)
This is teaching anyone to draw, this is just "follow my instructions" to draw simple faces.
Jim Priestley (1 day ago)
Great talk, although I could not draw the sketches he promised at the start of the talk by the end..... Something to work on at least :-)
Andrei Rachieru (1 day ago)
I can’t even do that
SheepUy 12 (1 day ago)
Next bob ross people! Next bob ross. “The joy of drawing with graham Shaw”
Pro Gamer (1 day ago)
More Joy Less Pain (2 days ago)
I wish I could draw and use it to Create my content...
Roxanne Dixon (3 days ago)
This is wasting paper! SAVE THE TURTLES!!!!!!!!!! 🐢
Ryan Air (3 days ago)
I live in hull
Alex 42 (2 days ago)
The amount of people who care: 0
Zephricus (3 days ago)
i didnt want inspiration that i could draw a few shapes i was looking for inspiration that i could ACTUALLY draw XD idk where to start. Everyone i meet that is good at drawing started when they were a kid in school. im 18 y/o and i feel like ive missed my chance to train my brain properly....
Zephricus (3 days ago)
8:24 "coincidence? I THINK NOT!"
fireinhole (3 days ago)
He only proved that he can draw
Glenn H (3 days ago)
When is the Left Handers version? Mine were rubbish!
Keelersthetics (3 days ago)
Jeff Bezos🤫
MEIO AMBIENTE (4 days ago)
Nem todos sabem desenhar.
Shandianz (4 days ago)
I can draw.. but i dont know how to make money with that.. 😂
Justin Applehead (5 days ago)
I've had two art teachers in a row show me this video
Hogcutt Bytes (5 days ago)
8:23 • "Ele é culpado, culpado!" Poucos (extremamente poucos) entenderão.
Ren (6 days ago)
I did some work in a Montessori for a while and there was this little girl who was painting one of the days. Nothing in particular just paint blotches on some paper. I went over to her and said "wow thats really great! Would you like to be an artist one day" and she told me "I am an artist" I think we all need that mindset when it comes to art. God i miss working there
superstar 3409 (6 days ago)
The third one was how Larry the Cucumber was made
Efjay 3 (6 days ago)
I like how they're all looking starstruck by Graham
Skitof (6 days ago)
Of course I can draw. My drawings are awful, but I can draw a stickman or something.
YourPalTye (7 days ago)
how to draw hands? practice. practice makes perfect
Abigail Parrott (7 days ago)
Kewl I can kinda draw anime but real real CHALLENGE draw full anime bruh
Alexander Algar (7 days ago)
8:30 like how he drawed ghandi lmao
错鞘 (8 days ago)
i can draw in opengl, does that count?
错鞘 (8 days ago)
if you think you can not draw, try some dmt and your visions will become crystal clear
Sannah Sadiq (8 days ago)
This is amazing
Георги Стоянов (8 days ago)
He's got some Bob Ross type of positivity.
Zevac • (9 days ago)
*audience talks even more*
TJ Acree (9 days ago)
Why does he draw them all looking up at him?
Lorenzo Marchisio (10 days ago)
Giorno Giovanna spotted at 5:15
Siddharth K S (10 days ago)
Don't waste paper
Isac Arieira (10 days ago)
Não consegui.
HawkEye Mihawk (10 days ago)
What Jeff Bezos is doing here ??
Haniel (10 days ago)
Que coisa mas pronta nimguem nunca vai aprender a desenhar se atrelando a essa tabelacao eterna
sandra manalili (11 days ago)
why did I see vsauce in the middle 3:19
XxGJKtale AnimationsxX (11 days ago)
I meant I can’t draw g o o d
pettrycck (12 days ago)
yeah cool but how do i draw a bicycle bro there's no way, there's something about them, it's impossible to draw them bro please teach me
artuara ario (12 days ago)
draw hentai faces
Jerry Bootneck (12 days ago)
My Albert Einstein turned out to look like more my mother-in-law. :)
Zack Blackwood (12 days ago)
I still can't draw the things I want to draw. I just know how to do a thousand variations of one cartoon face
Gabriel Dirla (13 days ago)
Instructions unclear just killed my cat and stuffed it in a furnace
David (10 days ago)
Oops, you had to kill it first!!?
Ichy (13 days ago)
Who is Ted and why does he Talk?
TheWhiteWolf (13 days ago)
His last question is very strong... He's so right.
ColdShotz (13 days ago)
I love his trim
1-908-1295E (13 days ago)
mintyoongi (13 days ago)
I went and got paper :/
Lazer XT (13 days ago)
YouTube Recommendations 2015:Yes 2016:No 2017:No 2018:No 2019:Yes
Dope KhinosHy (13 days ago)
Good, now i can draw Ahegao
Adam Larkin (13 days ago)
Who is ted and why does he talk so much
Cy (13 days ago)
Stop that dont give me hope
space man (13 days ago)
these are not good drawings
Seby 0906 (14 days ago)
I can't draw
My Brothers Keeper (14 days ago)
Loved this. Thank you!
thatjokerperson (14 days ago)
instructions unclear, recreated the mona lisa.
YourFriendlyNeighborhoodTrashcan (14 days ago)
He sounds a bit like Grian.
Kimberly Mejia (14 days ago)
Aloze (14 days ago)
I watched this video a few years ago. And I still can't even draw straight lines correctly.
foxboy64 (15 days ago)
My problem is that my "cant draw" is league's beyond this "can draw". Its in an uncanny valley where it's too complex to look good as a simple cartoon but too crude to be right with what it's trying to be. i mean if you lower your standards of what "can draw" means far enough sure, everyone can draw. even the people who cant do whats in this video can probably write their own names. thats a form of drawing.
Manju VM (15 days ago)
Love you sir and thank you for making me even think drawing is can do an average person also.,
MC Babinos (15 days ago)
I am the only one who thinks the episode from SpongeBob when he draws a perfect circle by drawing a face?
Melon Kings2 (15 days ago)
you are one of those people
Wasim Aktar (15 days ago)
Damian (15 days ago)
My name Jeff
HumaneShark (15 days ago)
Wow I learned how to draw lol🤣 Great video for beginner artists 😁
Ayush Nautiyal (16 days ago)
One of the most practical
Irrelevant (16 days ago)
I can kinda draw, its just that i dint know where to put stuff, like it'll be to far away or to close, to much to the right, to much to the left, stuff like that
Osama Alsayid (17 days ago)
and that's how you develop same face syndrome
turtlepants (17 days ago)
I am convinced...! I am not sure about what actually..!
The Ultra Warrior (18 days ago)
Let us upgrade to anime, the ultimate art of animation. Blessings
Subliminal Storm (18 days ago)
Isn't weird that hands have trouble drawing hands????
Shashank Gupta (18 days ago)
8:00 looks like Gandhi.
Triangle_Pants (18 days ago)
Creativity though...
TheBookNook (18 days ago)
Unless you have no fingers...
TheBookNook (17 days ago)
@Subliminal Storm what if you have no toes?
Subliminal Storm (18 days ago)
Use your toes
Ruhi Dilon (18 days ago)
Yes I can draw when I am practicing more time
Ruhi Dilon (18 days ago)
From my drawing skill is 0. But when I draw 1st face of man is completely similar as he draw ..
Ruhi Dilon (18 days ago)
When I listen his voice and doing same thing as he doing .oh my god I am socked because 1st mans face wich he draw my own drawing face is completely similar ..It's awesome techinc from now I think I can draw
Ghost Miner (18 days ago)
No really, i just cant draw
Phill de payne (19 days ago)
Why tf i started drawing
COASEL YT (19 days ago)
I practice alot I mean alot I draw 50 pages a day and now the fact that I practiced i'm doing a comic as a school project
yurixhi orozco (19 days ago)
ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ
MisterTwister (19 days ago)
Imagine if Oney had taught this course.
DeceasedHeart💔 (17 days ago)
comm0n (19 days ago)
(For real, not joking) Is this an April fools joke? Or is it a real video to help people?
paddotk (20 days ago)
so he teaches us to draw one particular type of simple cartoon and that's supposed to prove his statement? Yeah right buddy.
Juha Ulkoniemi (20 days ago)
This was exactly what I needed to get back into drawing. Cheers.
Vanellope Von Schweetz (20 days ago)
Mindset matters
Captain Jack Sparrow (20 days ago)
*Jeff bezos can draw*
Mem Confirmed (20 days ago)
*show to everyone how to draw fast and simple images* Every artist in the world: AM I JOKE FOR YOU?
Sofea Jace (21 days ago)
3:16 That gurl with red hair with a camera is so cute im getting distracted
Andrew Entertainment (21 days ago)
Bruh ive been drawing ever since i was three and now i can draw like junji ito and hergé mixed together!
Boy Duty (21 days ago)
thats v sauce watching
This Izit (21 days ago)
i started with graffiti after that i just tried to draw and i can. . even today if i want to draw i can draw it practice and the click in your mind when you realize yes i can draw. . okey i still can't draw noce portre but i am happy with it and i can draw people in masks which i love tho. xD
Grandhi Sri Harsha (21 days ago)
This is known as "wasting paper to create imaginary lifeless human specimens"
Its Ur Boi (21 days ago)
“Have an open mind, are you up for that?” No, Graham. I’m not.
Garaio 000 (21 days ago)
my name jeff 5:23
Hey Umm (21 days ago)
Now I can draw a banana because of learning how to draw curves
Christina Wentzell (22 days ago)
1:10 Is that Steven Universe?