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Emmanuel Macron discusses his aggressive reform agenda

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President Macron explains his efforts to jump-start the French economy, in part 2 of his exclusive interview with 'Fox News Sunday' anchor Chris Wallace. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news. The number one network in cable, FNC has been the most watched television news channel for more than 15 years and according to a Suffolk University/USA Today poll, is the most trusted television news source in the country. Owned by 21st Century Fox, FNC is available in more than 90 million homes and dominates the cable news landscape, routinely notching the top ten programs in the genre. Subscribe to Fox News! https://www.youtube.com/user/FoxNewsChannel Watch more Fox News Video: http://video.foxnews.com Watch Fox News Channel Live: http://www.foxnewsgo.com/ Watch full episodes of your favorite shows The Five: http://video.foxnews.com/playlist/longform-the-five/ Special Report with Bret Baier: http://video.foxnews.com/playlist/longform-special-report/ The Story with Martha Maccallum: http://video.foxnews.com/playlist/longform-the-story-with-martha-maccallum/ Tucker Carlson Tonight http://video.foxnews.com/playlist/longform-tucker-carlson-tonight/ Hannity http://video.foxnews.com/playlist/longform-hannity/ The Ingraham Angle: http://video.foxnews.com/playlist/longform-the-ingraham-angle/ Fox News @ Night: http://video.foxnews.com/playlist/longform-fox-news-night/ Follow Fox News on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FoxNews/ Follow Fox News on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FoxNews/ Follow Fox News on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/foxnews/
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Text Comments (368)
chloe Masonn (23 days ago)
Funny how he says he knows what's best for his country, yet he tells Trump what he needs to do. He needs to worry about his own country and don't worry about the U.S.
Afarro (2 months ago)
Lol! “I told my retired people , first ... thank you ...”
Sasuke Uchiha (2 months ago)
Nicolas Vanhove (2 months ago)
Proud of the first English speaking President. En marche !
Brian Nguyen (2 months ago)
The interviewer asked some really retarded questions to be honest.
petulant (3 months ago)
He's really enjoying the power.
Marcillio Ficino (4 months ago)
The Rothschild's say jump... Macron asks how high.
No: Six (4 months ago)
Swarnim Jha (5 months ago)
India france good friends love from india
maria fernandez (5 months ago)
Que bonito hombre hombre...Que es macron.!!!
Daniel Mayo (5 months ago)
I believe that Macron is the Antichrist, and he should not be praised by man. He has the main spirit of Antichrist, do not even touch his statements. All you need to do is to believe in Jesus, that is all.
kim alonzo (5 months ago)
He still looks like a kid.
Storm2Crow (5 months ago)
I thought that his English accent was better.
jane25449 (5 months ago)
To "modernize France", he means embrace the NWO Global agenda, which is to put France under a one Central govt, which is an old Communist idea. It is a "One size fits All" approach that never works.
Tony Silva (5 months ago)
People really want economic freedom not a dead-end job
smokeythehobo (5 months ago)
How does President trump know when the President of France has visited the White House? His favorite expensive wine and cheese are gone and his wife is pregnant!!!!
megustaelritmo (5 months ago)
No ai pezzi di merda!
P P (5 months ago)
Now I know why he and Trump have become friends. I trust Trump's judgment and intuition
Mick Nordström (5 months ago)
Macron is the raw model for the antichrist! If a new movie was being made about the antichrist, Macron is the guy for the leading role.
True Love (5 months ago)
God knows the venom in our tiniest veins and also in the veins of those against His plan.
Dan Nowman (5 months ago)
LOL! There is a lot more than just a handful of statistics to determine unemployment. It is worse than most people think it is even in the U.S. When the rich are getting richer, the wealth distribution is creating wider and wider inequality of that wealth, that isn't a strong economy. Trickle down economics is a complete JOKE! Macron is another neoliberal/conservative living in his own world. The world of the richest people not the vast majority of people..even the French. LOL!
AIR LEBRON (5 months ago)
This is what you call a fake president
James Young (5 months ago)
"Guard against being arrogant"? But "Make our planet great again" is the most arrogant thing I've ever heard; it's such a stupid, ignorant and ridiculous arrogance facing the Great Nature!
Mike Fagan (5 months ago)
Wait wait wait, didn't Macron help Trump bomb Syria over nothing? Shame on France, shame on the UK and shame on us for allowing Trump to be persuaded by rich people to bomb the Middle East for their natural resources. By the way, where is the proof of these "chemical attacks"?
vichit xaiyavong (5 months ago)
How France people have sex ?
Chris Fitzgerald (5 months ago)
France has a hefty welfare system, the kind of welfare system that America can only dream of and it has survived left wing presidents and right wing presidents. No matter what this guy does for the rich at the expense of the working class and the poor, the people of France will be fine compared to the damage trickle down economics does to the people of America. France has nothing to bitch about.
rgpgroup777 (5 months ago)
chris wallace is a goof
Blackfalk (5 months ago)
so that frenchy's basically another Trump? an elitist *capitalist* heck he's a *Thatcher* fan for fuck's sake (and that old witch was a hardcore capitalist) and to think uneducated american conservatives were stupid enough to call him a "leftist" lol ps. and before anyone mentions immigration : immigration's foreign policy so that's a detail. no one cares about immigration citizens first care about domestic policy (democracy, economy etc.)
Octavia Sithole (5 months ago)
what is this interviewer saying? what is "cut the head of the king?" shouldn't have said that to somebody. even if it drove his point, you just don't say or frame sentences like that. shaking my head
Billy Graham (5 months ago)
Macron, the shill of Israel and Trillionaire Zionist J*ws. That Trump goes along with this guy on ANYTHING makes me sick. Times change, and THE FRENCH GOVERNMENT is no longer a U.S. ally. I don't think this guy, Macron, was legitimately elected. The French elections are rigged.
David Zamudio (5 months ago)
I told my retarted people
Chris Hobson (5 months ago)
a vile deregulator
Matt Mattaway (5 months ago)
The French have always back and we will have their back. I trust Macron more than any European leader. We got your back Macron!
Jeff Kay (5 months ago)
PUPPET, PUPPET, PUPPET , macron, run to dady Trump.
Jeff Kay (5 months ago)
He is not Napoleon, He is just a small bought out puppet and icing on the cake, AN IDIOT. He only serves the Elite
Jeff Kay (5 months ago)
Bomb the crap out of the neighboring countries, then moan and complain about the refugees coming in.. STUPIDITY HAS TAKEN A NEW LOW
mathieu lol (5 months ago)
Macron is so brilliant !! He make us proud to be french !! Hope we will keep him 10 years !! 💘🔵⚪🔴 And for the first time a President who speak very well english😂😂
Kevin Quinn (5 months ago)
Hes a globalist puppet and an e.u shill he's the enemy him not France
morgana dundee (5 months ago)
Complete A Hole!!!
unicockboy (5 months ago)
Senegal's president wears sunglasses? 😂😂
Rick Besser (5 months ago)
My Name might be an American as I"AM!! but I have lived in France for over 10+ years now owned two business and to ALL of you people out there..CHANGE IS NEEDED in this country!!!!!!!!! When you can't even afford to hire employees(48% tax) something is wrong! and the list is LONG.
Washington Strong arm (5 months ago)
Stay away !! From the French globalist snake.
alx k (5 months ago)
To be fair, only 18% voted for him as a lot of people did not come to vote; there was no question between him and a racist woman... This means 80% approx of the population DO NOT approve his policy.
Vlasta Molak (5 months ago)
Senegal is run by the Muslims and slavery is legal in Senegal just as slavery is legal in Mauritania and under sharia of Islam... Islam is an ideology not compatible with good life of humans,
S. Kertanguy (5 months ago)
He has 58 % of French against him, he said that retired people with a 1000euros /month rent are rich and must pay more taxes. But none of his billionaires friends pay any taxe of what they call" oeuvres d'Art or on their diamonds ! I worked since I was 17 and I must be "solidaire" with millions of people from foreign countries who never worked in France. You can say what you want, but we know you spent 25000 Euros in 3 months for your make up , and you have no shame to put on your face every 3 months what I must live on in 2 years? He is just a Rothschild' s servant. After Jupiter, Napoleon now he wants to make France "great again" , really ? I don't think he should use the same expression as D.Trump, because E.Macron is far to respect his people and I really doubt of his success, if I don't doubt of M. Trump success.
Hatsumomotravel (5 months ago)
“Look, I’m not running the US” 😂
Shawn (5 months ago)
Aggressive reform is usually code for pushing something through before people can figure out how they are being screwed.
dubwisespirit (5 months ago)
mais quel connard ce mec, il va détruire la france puis la vendre aux banquiers et aux grandes compagnies..... puis se barrer avec sa retraite de président pendant que les pauvres devront bouffer des patates tous les jours.... REVOLUTION SOCIALE!!!! this guys is such an asshole, douchbag etc.... he is destroying france and our social society to sell it out to bankers and big compagnies (his friends), then go away with a fucking big retirement check while the french will have to eat potatoes all days... we need a social revolution!!!
Bruce Edwards (5 months ago)
macron will make france `````great again````` weather some people like it or not !!!!!!!!!! good for macron !!!!!
angelique giusino (5 months ago)
All his reform will be wasted on mass immigration cost and society falling into degeneracy even more
NetTubeUser (5 months ago)
9:22 - Macron is like _"Tssssyeah... alright, OK. Let's do this really BORING handshake for the press. Ugh... damn you, leftist President Holland."_ I mean, look at his face, ROFLMAO! 11:23 - What a great handshake and statement at the end by the French President right there! This man is impressive and so sincere, really... WOW... DUDE!
Julien Nlm (5 months ago)
karine and co (5 months ago)
He taxes heavily the working class and the lower middle class. He is the president of the bankers and pushes free trade with no barriers. Cheap labour from Poland competing for jobs in france. Massive import of cheap meat from Canada cheap fruits from Spain etc... thus destroying french agriculture. Well known the level of suicide in farmers is catastrophical. He is the son of sorosakasatan. Rotten to the core globalist who is destroying France and selling it to highest bidders.
dubwisespirit (5 months ago)
so fucking true!
3.14159265358 (5 months ago)
I must say, I'm impressed. Hopefully Macron will succeed in cleaning up the mess socialists left behind.
The Left Side of Liberty (5 months ago)
Macron is a corporate shill posing as a progressive, similar to Obama. You can’t trust a word that comes out of his mouth.
desseaux maël (5 months ago)
I was thinking Americans are most intelligent that French people but I’m afraid that are many troll in all countries... I mean, russian revolutionary baby ...
TheBloblom (5 months ago)
Si tu pensais que les américains étaient plus intelligents que nous c'est que tu dois pas sortir de chez toi souvent, tu préfères les appeler des "trolls russes" parce que tu t'es fait de fausses idées ? Tu vis un peu dans un rêve là....
desseaux maël (5 months ago)
I was thinking Americans are most intelligent that French people but I’m afraid that are many troll in all countries... I mean, russian revolutionary baby ...
desseaux maël (5 months ago)
First franchement president that speak english 😂 Enfin un président qui parle français !
asdamas 789 (5 months ago)
asdamas 789 (5 months ago)
United we Stand (5 months ago)
So Macron blames the poor for the failure of France's socialist economic policies. Hmm,,,,
United we Stand (5 months ago)
Chris Wallace sucks!
phillips mickx (5 months ago)
He is a dog mind in a humain body
Michael Green (5 months ago)
I can't understand a fucking word he's saying
Parramatta (5 months ago)
Prick up yours ears and you get it.
LoveUSA 4ever (5 months ago)
I am pleasantly surprised that President Macron seems to be center-right, not liberal left as I originally thought. President Trump + President Macron = make America and France great again!
karine and co (5 months ago)
He is ultra liberals and selling france to highest bidders. 1 airport to the chinese. Alstom to italiens, motorway to equity firms, etc... he makes me vomit this son of the devil.
Edi Pires (5 months ago)
LoveUSA 4ever in Europe he is center-right, but comparing to American politicians he’s to the left of many of them
Jerriel O Miller (5 months ago)
Glad to learn that he is actually right of center. And it follows that the French press already turned on him, and thats why his approval is down. But stick with him France, you will find that you are better off after the dust has settled and the leftist tears have dried up. Good choice France, God bless Macron!
Ahabar Hossain (5 months ago)
He is basically a leftist in America.
rasta ba (5 months ago)
Macron is right of the centre for french standards but francd is more left than europe in general. Europe again is waay more left in than america. So yea macron is right for france standards but for american standards bordeline socialistic
rasta ba (5 months ago)
Macron is
Quinn Bailey (5 months ago)
His party is center left. Even by French standards he is a centrist (slightly left leaning). He is pursuing policies that most of his predeseccors have- the difference being he's been quiet successful (most likely a result of not having imbedded special interest in his party, simply due to how young it is). However, if he was president of the US I seriously doubt Fox News would approve.
Solmanov Igor (5 months ago)
micron of Trump?
jadawin10 (5 months ago)
The Putin trolls and the Nazis of the French National Front are everywhere in the comments section ... Les trolls de Poutine et les Nazi du Front National sont partout dans les commentaires...
sibeliandrift (5 months ago)
Hm. You made that up.
premirra lucie (5 months ago)
The Clinton trolls and the Macron trolls are here too ! Et on n'a pas besoin d'être du FN pour s'apercevoir que Macrotte est un dictateur.
Paul Smith (5 months ago)
Sorros' son
The Messenger (5 months ago)
This is what a real leader looks like. He is thinking of 'We the People". Some tend to think of "Me the People".
PolarMaths (5 months ago)
There is an alarming amount of English names here that talk like they live in France..
premirra lucie (3 months ago)
There are a lot of democrate trolls in America. I wonder why they are democrates because they don't care a dam for the poor. They seem to be wealthy people with a good job. Logically they should be on the liberal side.Trump was elected by the poor that you dispise. You thought they had no political conscienceness but they exist and deserve to live a decent life and have a job. That's what Trump promised and he is acomplishing his promises. Obama did nothing but making shows, dancing and singing on television with Michele. The poverty rate increased a lot and he spent billions dollars on wars all over the planet. The poor are very disappointed with his presidency. They had so much hope !
Mike Petersen (3 months ago)
English is becoming the language of the World get used to it.
Mehul Jain (4 months ago)
PolarMaths someone people seems especially empowered after Trump won. These kind are not particularly educated about issues they talk about.
TheBloblom (5 months ago)
I never said they were all from France. I said "most people here talk about France based on the opinion they have on the country" which includes people from all over the world, whether they live in France or not.
PolarMaths (5 months ago)
TheBloblom Yes all of these english named comments are from foreigners from France, sounds about right.
Lucille (5 months ago)
Is there french people here ????? Helloooooooo ? Only Russians trolls ? Get out ! Bastards ! Our démocratie doesn't need your stupids comments ! Si vous aimez tant Marine LE Pen, faites la élire maire de Moscou et débarrassez-nous d'elle et de ses sbires.
Ivan Rozin (4 months ago)
C'est n'est pas possible: elle ne bois assez vodka. Troll russe.
Rémy Bigot (5 months ago)
we are here ;)
TheBloblom (5 months ago)
Oui oui les fameux trolls Russes qui soutiennent Trump et Le Pen. L'excuse de base quand on aime pas que les autres aient un avis différent. A l'inverse il y a 50 ans si on était de gauche on était considéré comme un espion Russe, ils ont la cote ces buveurs de vodka finalement.
premirra lucie (5 months ago)
Le mot "réforme" n'est pas synonyme de progrès. Tout le monde veut des réformes, encore faut-il qu'elles soient bénéfiques, sinon ce sont des réformes qui empirent la situation existante.Moi, je n'ai pas voté pour lui donc je peux me plaindre. Je fais partie des 30% d'abstentionnistes au 2ème tour (qui n'ont évidemment pas été comptabilisés). Et Thatcher a fortement entaillé le système social elle aussi. On ne parle pas assez des pauvres en Grande Bretagne.
karine and co (5 months ago)
Bitch you are a sell out. Va rejoindre les encules de En Marche.
For what its worth? (5 months ago)
Chris Wallace will have no compassion on Emmanuel Macron or MR Trump he only sees dollar signs. Glad he noticed all Chiris Wallaes criticisms because there is nothing positive about him.
MusicAndMe (5 months ago)
sibeliandrift (5 months ago)
Well gosh THAT would be a relief. If they were real people you might have to interact with them and we can't have that, now, can we?
premirra lucie (5 months ago)
Dustin Stich, I guess you are talking to Macron...
premirra lucie (5 months ago)
MusicAndMe, Do people have to be Russian trolls to think by themseves ?
TheBloblom (5 months ago)
1950 : you support the left ? Fucking soviet spy. 2018 : you support the right ? Fucking russian spy. How could you tell all these people are russian trolls ? Because they don't have the same opinion as you ? I guess the 200 000 french people and all the students that demonstrated against Macron in April are russian trolls too.
Dustin Stich (5 months ago)
You are a conspiracy theorist
Hippocleides (5 months ago)
Rothschild banker
Random Person (5 months ago)
President Macron likes Trump more than elitist Chris Wallace!
Nun Ya (5 months ago)
This is the worst interview Chris Wallace has ever done. He's slipping in his old age.
Jason Magnuson (5 months ago)
That Frenchy croissant eating faget is nothing but a puppet of the satanic cabel which Trump is kicking the shit out of and he knows it
Beachdudeca (5 months ago)
Um , Except France is now dealing with Massive Strikes and Walkout , Shutting Down their Railroads that are the main way people move around France , and the Universities ! He may opt not to back down , BUT , France is heavily Socialist !
great outdoors (5 months ago)
Don't listen to that idiot some Americans call their president
Daphne Williams (5 months ago)
Don't touch retirement EVER.
Christian Martyr (5 months ago)
Macron was on my " AntiChrist Watch" since he was groomed by the bankers, won with 66.6% of the votes, gave his speech in front of the satanic louve pyramid and claimed he was going to rule like the god Jupiter, but after listening to him today he's far too stupid presently, the world wouldn't follow this tool, maybe Satan indwells him directly at some point
loustic vda (4 months ago)
Excuse but the last joke, I didn't understand. what do you hint ?
Christian Martyr (4 months ago)
loustic vda Question how many Frenchmen does it take to defend Paris? Answer: No one knows it's never been done
loustic vda (4 months ago)
What joke ! only you, you laugh it.
loustic vda (4 months ago)
Yes, I have already put a foot in USA, twice in Seattle and once in New York. And I am proud of having American friends, but they are not like you. They dislike Trump and his tweets of school playground, how is it possible to elect a such man with a IQ of an oyster , it is pathetic for USA. About American soldiers, come to liberate our shithole country who are dead on the French soil, well, if Japanese Airforce didn't bombard Pearl Harbour and if in the wave, Germany and Italy didn't declare you the war, USA would have left us in the shit, Us and our favorite ally United Kingdom which them, was lucky to be an island and more difficult to be attacked. About, the famous arrogant coward French people, what idea ! What cliché ! Do you know French people and France ? No I am sure !
Deta Manage (5 months ago)
Canadians are truly embarrassed to see such a young brilliant guy like Macron, and having a brain dead dope moron like Trudeau as their leader, who worries about legalizing dope just for himself and his fucked up wife, or pay ransome to terrorists. Such a shame.
gary noble (5 months ago)
chris the bitch is a lib.
Raymond Hermann (5 months ago)
Chris Wallace does not care for potusa' . Should never ask another country's president to put our president down.
Bryan Covert (5 months ago)
Wes RR (5 months ago)
Macron is no friend to the people of France. Idiot and sellout.
Regis (4 months ago)
Fixing the economy means investing in business. When business starts running and paying more and more taxes, the government can spend more and more on social welfare. Macron is a centrist and before the leftist side pops out, he has to get France's economy running
really ? (5 months ago)
green economy, so when they say green they mean global, like the word transgender and its long list of peanut butter description ready to be taught into our elementary schools. I don't entirely agree with Macron, but then I remember that he is not as independent as Trump, he might have one or two self declaring arrogant self declaring "gods" like Soros puling the strings behind. Modernizing a nation and making it green shouldn't have anything to do with the government forcing schools to subdue the next generation to unscientific absurdities such as peanut butter personalities and global warming/climate change.
Galileo Shift (5 months ago)
wallace is no match for macron
tazoz100 (5 months ago)
lots of bullshit regarding negative macron comments . it is not easy for him to reform France and even transform France . France was very backwards once upon a time . it is finally getting up to date but it's a challenge . not easy to make the french work longer hours , not easy to make them retire later in life . we have some french people who hate big companies and ceos who are making big bucks , macron is friends with ceos , big bosses from big companies , friends in the banking world ...they don't understand that the big buisiness companies take risks , that it is not just money for money's sake . they see that that there is this club of the " well off ones " and the other group " the ones who are struggling " . many french people hate european union yet europe bled to death during two world wars . The goal of the european union is to create a sort of united states of europe ( not easy !! ) as it considered better to be together than be apart with each european nation cultivating nationalism to an extreme degree , extreme nationalism can lead to war . i wish macron the best of luck , he deserves it . i hope the french understand that having big businesses , ceos , big brands , companies etc ....create wealth and job and that we get good jobs as well that are not that badly paid . that these bosses are not evil monsters out to make life miserable for their employees . money and indeed making money and a good profit benefits many people not just the wealthy or the big bosses . some french people have issues with those who have made a lot of money and big careers and created big businesses , they think they don't give a damn about the poor or less well off . the challenge will be for many french people to understand that it is not by taxing in enormous amounts big businesses , bosses , those that create jobs that life will be heaven for lower classes . another challenge will be to make them understand that a united europe is better than broken up europe in little pieces . imagine if the states in america decided to go independant ! macron will try to reform the eu , will be a bloody nightmare ! wish the guy luck because some french will be kicking and screaming , some europeans too ! he can't go further and implement a full republican policy like you have with mr trump otherwise there would be civil unrest in France . the mentality of some french people need to evolve but these people are good people : they hate injustice , think the wealthy and job creators should be taxed heavily in order to make the poor and lower middle class rise up and fewer hours of work per week it is more time for friends , family , leisure . unfortunately things aren't that simple but many french people think they are that simple !
Marco Sartori (4 months ago)
If no EU we’ll end up in war... again this bullshit
Tdm Profit (5 months ago)
tazoz100 Yeah and globalism, in the last 30 years...... has bought fortune to the 1%. This is nothing more than predatory capotalism..... disguised as change . Make rich and poor, get cheap labour..... and free votes. AGENDA 21 and the KALERGI REPORT is the end game for the globalist , corporate world. They use cultural marxism..... too make the west commit cultural suicide. Macron the rothschild pupil..... is a chameleon. He works for the elite..... and france is on it's way to being conquered.
dave goldfarp (5 months ago)
Good luck as the freebee socialist are strong...
Fortnite Plus (5 months ago)
Macron = Trump :v nooooooo !
David James (5 months ago)
Globalism has lost its meaning, what you call globalism is just what has always existed: open market. Thats what it originally meant and it has existed for decades, is not new, but like always you people moved the goal post so now globalism means embracing cultural suicide, accepting migrants without any question or requisites, hating christians and loving islam, and of course embracing the anti science LGBT agenda andfeminism, thats why we say we don´t want globalism, because you added things we never agreed on, what you call globalism is creating ONE race under ONE language and going back to authoritarianism, which at best is pretty nahive and its going to take centuries (assuming humanity doesn´t get some genetic disease because you are mixing way too different genes), at worst is just stupid and is going to get you killed in 20 years because you are being nice and playing by the rule when some body else (Muslims most likely) is going to take advantage of your goodie shoes and stab you in the back. So, thats why the only solution for your stupid utopic future is authoritarianism: because you are gonna have to keep everyone in check before you start yet another ideological war because you want to make whites a minority and expecting them to just accept it. The US for americans, France for French, Mexico for Mexicans, Japan for Japanese, and Senegal for the Senegalese, there is no reason why we can´t improve things without destroying something, thats stupid and incredibly nahive, getting fucked over (while Mohamed gets a free house for each gife and doesn´t need to work) just in hope everything is better in an utopic silly future in 500 years doesn´t sound pretty alluring to most of us who not feed of virtue signaling and pretending to be offended, we want to do good not just feel better.
JohnnyC Major (5 months ago)
I am Q...
David James (5 months ago)
Sounds nice, but nothing of that is going to help much your economy when you have a million of freeloaders that don´t even speak your language and pretty much hate your guts and your culture. All these reforms sound nice and all, really, alot of jobs for sure but we all know is just going to be educated French people working to pay for your globalist suicide agenda, France is over burden already, but now is not just socialism, its charity, and that is going to come bait you in the ass, you are just a couple of terrorist attacks away from daily revolts and riots. Just a couple of weeks ago they had to use water canons to break down a massive protest on France.
Misty Buttercup (5 months ago)
Wowwwwwwww🤩 My 1st Couple will be very very busy this week with FRANCE’s 🇫🇷 visit to the 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 My First Lady 👸🏻speaks French!!!💜💞 ♥️TRUMP!!!MAGA!!!!!!💜
Stephen Briggs (5 months ago)
He is a disaster for the French people - a complete untrustworthy individual who will run with anyone that wants to speak with him. As dangerous and sociopathic as trump.
David James (5 months ago)
Not really, Trump is not tacking money from the boomers just because reasons, Trump doesn't want to keep the proxy wars, Trump is not throwing his people under the bus to serve the "refugees" with 3 wives and who don´t even speak the native language. Trump is lowering taxes to give people more money and employment, Macron is lowering taxes to put french people to work harder so they can maintain all the migrants that came in name of 'its the current year'.
lights cameradrinks (5 months ago)
best interview of 2018
Zero Tical (5 months ago)
Im French people and this guy continue to kill our country,our worker code defender,public service, our country with massive african immigration,And our religion christianisme(im atheist),there're many no right zone with islamist and drog dealer, socialism make peace in this country(ironic,acid joke), he pas give a big gift at 1%of rich people for taxe was represent 1.5million € /each rich guy and he was up some tax for little,médium class...🤤🤔🤔🤔🤔☠☠☠☠ Neo libéral political the president macron was elected with 16% on people in second time with 81%of abstention of french people. IS NOT LEGAL LE DEMOCRASHIT
Ron James (5 months ago)
He is only doing what the EU and NWO have told him to do. He thinks nothing of the people.