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James Franco addresses misconduct allegations

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After James Franco won a Golden Globe award, multiple women on Twitter accused him of sexual misconduct, claims that the actor disputes.
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Text Comments (10)
Stephano Jiminez (1 day ago)
James Franco fucking creep
Belgiz (7 days ago)
I like James but what he said sounded like bullshit. If the accusations are false it makes no sense to say you support those women coming out.
Ella Blun (8 days ago)
So far, two of the actors I like have been accused, and in both cases I believe that incidents mentioned have happened (I just have hard time believing one incident, because refutation of it was done in such a way that I couldn't find a single thing about the claimant that made me believe her, however there were follow up incidents, which seemed consistent with guy's personality). However in both cases I feel like incidents were at the time taken as a jest, which encouraged them both to behave they did, and now are taken as a full blown assault and both can't figure out how to react.
Серж Шуляченко (8 days ago)
Sex party of the flint valley https://tabloid.informator.news/seks-vecherynka-chto-proyshodylo-na-zakryityih-meropryyatyyah-v-kremnyevoj-dolyne/
Two Words (8 days ago)
#metoo is nothing more then a modern day witch hunt.
Jim BobbleHead (8 days ago)
Glad I live in a state where a 17 year old girl can blow me.
i love Kyrie Irving (8 days ago)
Franco is so sexy
Jerry W (8 days ago)
Hollywood is dead just like CNN why do we care wtf this dude has to say? 😒
Hideika (8 days ago)
*LeAvE tHaT sHiT iN 2017 PLZ*
abeismain (8 days ago)
Fake hah