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Ace Ventura — Package Delivery

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Scene from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994) movie.
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William Beal (2 days ago)
I love this man
Gudboi (8 days ago)
Hey atleast that guy got hes package!
P Johnson (11 days ago)
How Wal-Mart's warehouse handles your fragile merchandise.
MetalmaT (12 days ago)
I love the Dan Marino Bold credit at 0:49
HARRY NADDS (13 days ago)
Hahaha We're going DOWNTOWN
Masterchiefjude (18 days ago)
When Fed Ex deliver
Steven (19 days ago)
Excellent video..
Le M (24 days ago)
The way I ended my career at Sprint sales. "And sir, your coverage is excellent" - then I hung up.
Marcano Davinci (27 days ago)
When he's in the car says Waring assholes look closer then they appear can you give me a push while your back there alrighty then and course the toilet seen do not go in there whooo
Marcano Davinci (27 days ago)
Love couple of ace catch phrases alrighty then. Ass hole numia scene is your number still 911 alrighty then
Jakob Cardenas (29 days ago)
Any American shipping company be like:
Ledio Shqiopa (1 month ago)
Best comedian ever..he is a legend
Pat Gogan (1 month ago)
Too bad he kind of lost his mind today
Fabio Jean84 (1 month ago)
Title this Song??
CZ (1 month ago)
Hey, it's UPS.. lol. My packages always come the fastest and look the best when they're thru FedEx. Local post is the worst, though.
Wilbert Parel (1 month ago)
Ronaldo Skills=Carrey Skills
Peter Gray (1 month ago)
asdf asdf (1 month ago)
here from reddit nigga
Shih Tzu Posting (1 month ago)
Gus Johnson did it first
Steven Tuthill (1 month ago)
Why'd this guy rip off Gus Johnson?
MrLeonLuffy (1 month ago)
Can we contact YouTube or something?
III (1 month ago)
What the hell, they straight up ripped off Gus Johnson's video
Connor Thome (1 month ago)
I actually came from his video lol
TheRiceGuy (1 month ago)
Richard Albert (1 month ago)
The dog behind the path of the closed door gets me every time....
Oh! (1 month ago)
Gus Johnson right here
MulteX HD (1 month ago)
Taryho figurka xddd
Brian G (1 month ago)
0:48 1:38
painfulboar 316 (1 month ago)
"Fragile please handle with care" send a nuke on it and sent it to the sun
R.G.A. Club (1 month ago)
UPS training
OnlyAwesomely (1 month ago)
One of the few hilarious movie openings ever to leave me breathless from laughing so much!
TheVideo Commenter (2 months ago)
Did you know that Jim Carrey worked as a real life delivery guy for 6 months just to get ready for this scene? That's dedication!
Buck P (2 months ago)
28 dislikes are his 28 delivery customers
arkatos (2 months ago)
ParcelForce in a nutshell
Carlos Santillan (2 months ago)
Hey Jim Carrey: MAGA !!
Jan Kapera (2 months ago)
so true...
MTG4LIFE (2 months ago)
Bit Goblin (2 months ago)
Reddit brought me here ! https://www.reddit.com/r/techsupportgore/comments/ao6uki/got_a_printer_shipped_back_to_us_i_dont_know_how/
maulCS (2 months ago)
Now this is a quality upload. Correct aspect ratio, high bitrate.
I am potato ._. (2 months ago)
0:48 you’re welcome.
Allirix (2 months ago)
Pewdiepie brought me here
SkiffDishy (2 months ago)
Sub to PewDiePie
jockeelly (2 months ago)
Correios in a nutshell
Corey Carpenter (2 months ago)
0:47 When you finally understand a bad, obscure joke but feel obligated to react
Corey Carpenter (2 months ago)
0:47 When you realize that thing you lost has been in your pocket for the past five minutes of searching.
brad kcukbaj (2 months ago)
B.F. Skinner (2 months ago)
Shoutout to Randall Tex Cobb, man went 15 rounds with Larry Holmes
Subject Delta Δ (3 months ago)
*UPS in one video*
Iryna Ovanesian (3 months ago)
This is the official UPS training video huh 😂 😆
Joseph Beattie (1 month ago)
Conbro098 (3 months ago)
1:37 FedEx your package has now arrived😂
izak1992 (3 months ago)
alrighty then
VOIP Portland (4 months ago)
Not many would know that is Cobb, who was a professional boxer. https://youtu.be/BEgdnvLvs_Y?t=821
KennyG881 (4 months ago)
Kinda disturbing that the elevator would still close despite there being an obstruction.
Dephraction (4 months ago)
This is what happened after Truman left the show.
Wicked Mouse (4 months ago)
"Sounds broken" "Most likely, sir. I bet it was something nice, though."
Julie H (5 months ago)
Jim is such a nut. I roared throughout this movie when it came out. Randal Tex Cobb cracks me up too.
his dudeness83 (5 months ago)
I once had a fed ex guy deliver a package to the office at my last job, when he put it on the counter it made the exact noise at 2:00, he commented "It sounds broken." To which I promptly said, "Most likely, buy I'm sure it was something nice." The only thing that ruined it was that he was too young to have any idea what the hell I was referencing.
Garrett Briles (2 months ago)
Dude, reading this made my day XD
Captain Alpril (3 months ago)
I know the feel man
911.Pravda.cz (5 months ago)
I worked at delivery service, Hermes's warehouse, where I was loading vans and managers obviously didn't care at all if I broke something.
Mel S (5 months ago)
ETERNAL FPS (6 months ago)
As someone who sees return packages with fragile stickers on a regular basis these are the bulk of the packages that come in hahaha
Nkosentle P (6 months ago)
at 2:08 "we going down to town" am dead
Brawlerman X (7 months ago)
eBay in a nutshell
splabbity (7 months ago)
How to establish a character.
Mr. Sir. Psychopath (7 months ago)
When you ship through FedEx.
David McKown (7 months ago)
I once watched this at a holiday season hiring orientation at UPS a few years ago.
Beelz (8 months ago)
As someone who loads trucks at UPS I can assure you we handle all packages just like this
W. James (1 month ago)
FedEx as well, you can actually find videos of it.
Rektonator (2 months ago)
I work at delivery company in Finland and atleast I handle packages with care
Daniel G (2 months ago)
Alex Lion (7 months ago)
At our ups we wrastle with em,woohoo.
Tibb91 (8 months ago)
Steve Stevens - Power of suggestion
Lord Skeptic (8 months ago)
He is delivering a 548595786455925 piece tea set
Dragon Spirit (8 months ago)
Ace Ventura delivering ShartimusPrime’s BBTS package!
robert szvetics (8 months ago)
Matt Wingert (7 months ago)
you must work for amazon...
Ric M (9 months ago)
Correios Brazil
Nashier Sirajan (9 months ago)
Toni (9 months ago)
We are going downtown! *kicks the package* lmao.. So fucking brilliant. Jim Carrey the ultimate troll and not giving a shit!
gerv55 (10 months ago)
Every Delivery man ever when they see "fragile" on a parcel.
basshead (15 days ago)
It's funny because it's true.
Zach Wachs (7 months ago)
Typical customer assumption.
leon Sales (10 months ago)
piwer (10 months ago)
China Post in a nutshell
Fuck It’s Rabbit (11 months ago)
I laughed my ass off
Otakamerd (11 months ago)
When you take in a package for someone you hate
Ashes (11 months ago)
Nemo Express Delivery
Vince Niederman (11 months ago)
The Face at 0:48 Gets Me Every Time!
Amiel Atabaki (7 months ago)
Fuckin a it does. It can make any shitty work day ok lol seriously
Vince Niederman (8 months ago)
Yup Now He's Not Funny As He Used To Be!
Amiel Atabaki (8 months ago)
Vince Niederman ditto my friend Jim Carrey in his finest work...
Mr. Nibble Nips (11 months ago)
Big Paddy (1 month ago)
HDS sir, and how are you this afternoon? Alrighty then. I have a package for you!
SuperSky (11 months ago)
Song name??
6stringsmonk (11 months ago)
Steve Stevens - Power Of Suggestion
HomieSlice Pentagon (1 year ago)
every courier service at its finest
mustange550 (1 year ago)
When I first saw this I cracked up...Still do...Funny as heck
Big Paddy (1 year ago)
LincolnSixEcho (1 year ago)
LMAO..this always cracked me up
Michael Lyons (1 year ago)
When its your first week at fedex and you are being extremely careful by fedex standards.
ALVARUELO :v (1 year ago)
Xd jajaja
Randy W. (1 year ago)
We're goin' downtown LOL
Big Paddy (7 months ago)
jimjamz (1 year ago)
It's like a training video for couriers at myHermes.
911.Pravda.cz (5 months ago)
That's where I worked as loader.
LUMBER JACK JR. Gaming (1 year ago)
HDS sir how are you this afternoon alrighty then
Big Paddy (1 year ago)
This my favorite part of the film
The Survivor (1 year ago)
FEDEX brought me here! Just kidding
Darmodien (1 month ago)
Phew! You had me there.
Zaven Karafelyan (1 year ago)
therion 88 (1 year ago)
james hetfield spot
Subidubidubi Du (1 year ago)
He dribbles better than Cristiano Ronaldo :P
James Thacker (1 year ago)
Damn my memory must have slipped as I recall Ace saying it probably is instead of most likely after the guy says it sounds broken.
Sarah Sepanski (1 year ago)
HDS sir and how are you this afternoon ALLrighty then. I have a package for you!
Big Paddy (7 months ago)
Sounds broken. Most likely sir. I'll bet it was something nice though.
Big Paddy (7 months ago)
Bender Bending Rodriguez (1 year ago)
" It sounds broken" Ace:Most likely sir. I bet is was something nice thought.
Kzero (1 month ago)
+Rellefg9 HAHA did you see the part you saw?!
Rellefg9 (1 month ago)
I too, watched the video...
Caio Miguel (2 months ago)
Write, right.
inrd 01001 (4 months ago)
One way for a mail man to be like "oh well"
LUMBER JACK JR. Gaming (1 year ago)
DHS sir how are you this afternoon alrighty then got a package for you sounds broken most likely sir but it was something nice though LOL
Big Paddy (7 months ago)
Rountree1985 (8 months ago)
LJJ LUMBER JACK JR. it’s HDS, dumbass
Christoper Ramos (1 year ago)
When it's your final week at your job and you just don't give a damn.
Jakob Cardenas (29 days ago)
I am what I eat son
Darmodien (1 month ago)
Enjoy not getting fired at your next job.
areyoueatingthough (6 months ago)
way to be a cunty cunt
Ermacia •Ermacs older sister• (10 months ago)
Christoper Ramos XDD
BiG JuiCe (1 year ago)
Amazon prime at it's finest!😂
andyouf (1 month ago)
@Crow2099 why did you leave? are packages for the most part handled like that normally or was it every once in awhile?
Herbert Coxe (2 months ago)
Yeah I mean just wtf I think that's the guy that fucked up my stuff 😂
HeySmartGuy 98 (4 months ago)
+pendarr lol
pendarr (4 months ago)
The only inaccurate part is that he didn’t run away at full speed after not knocking on the door.
HeySmartGuy 98 (5 months ago)
That's why usps needs to make a come back. USPS needs to be over Amazon and FedEx. They'll hire anybody there SMH.
MrWarningBros (1 year ago)
Allrighty then!
SimpleSoda (1 year ago)
That one dislike was from the recipient of the package
MalMal 21 (7 months ago)
16 now😂
Amiel Atabaki (7 months ago)
15 now lol
Amiel Atabaki (8 months ago)
SimpleSoda now 15 lol
Raina Rose (9 months ago)
10 now.
Ermacia •Ermacs older sister• (10 months ago)
These comments are killing me! XD