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Open happiness Coca Cola, the girl and boy at library

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more on http://mastercom.over-blog.com Library brings to life the silent flirtation of 2 teens connecting over a Coca Cola while study in a quiet library. The spot reinforces how sharing a Coca Cola connects people and brings a moment of happiness to otherwise ordinary situation.
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Text Comments (9)
purgas (5 years ago)
name of the girl please
Mk K4013 (7 years ago)
@paofrancescoli thank you for her name i wont kill you i love you now lol
Luis Manuel (7 years ago)
@paofrancescoli Oh thank you!
MrDenzcy (7 years ago)
wow i love this add!
Luis Manuel (8 years ago)
Oh man, who's that awesome beauty in the video? Anybody knows her name? BTW, WMG sucks major ass.
purgas (8 years ago)
whos the name of the film in the vid? a true beauty
Esmeray Karataş (8 years ago)
süper yaratıcı bir reklam:)
stevema2 (9 years ago)
i'd give her better juice lmao :p
jiro lagac (9 years ago)
stupid copyright