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Chick got caught shoplifting n left her baby

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Walmart in hudson Fl overnight. Bout 3am
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Allen Brown (8 hours ago)
Can't decide which is worse. Her Alaskan stripper outfit, or leaving her baby. Certainly, the baby would have been better off had she left for good.
Teddy Pena (1 day ago)
Thats kind of fk up They could had let her make it assholes
Alex Henry (1 day ago)
As soon as I hear “Worldstar”, I’m out.
jerry caughron (2 days ago)
She is wearing her clonies!
Ben Dover (2 days ago)
That guy is proud making minimum wage having her arrested for stealing cheap made in China crap from billionaires
Mary Beth (3 days ago)
hey i’m that baby. my mom doing a lot better now she still tweak but she don’t steal no more
Cinders (3 days ago)
This is too heartbreaking to watch.
Mary Lee (4 days ago)
She isn’t in her right state of mind and really shouldn’t be handling the baby! Look at her! She looks like she about to go work at the corner with her baby beside here! The baby needs to be taken away for her safety.
Stacey Kelly (6 days ago)
Since when do you have to shut up because a cop says so?! Clearly she's just talking nonsense and should have stopped talking but why did he say did I tell you to stop talking? So if he said bend over she'd have to? She's a mess but cop was a dick.
Anicodeaufo 59 (6 days ago)
God damn. That poor kid’s doomed.
Brian Sonnenwald (6 days ago)
Morther of the year not
Teaa Eddington (7 days ago)
She look a dirty mess 🤦🏽‍♀️ the boots 👢
Catherine Ghattas Vlogs (7 days ago)
She has a baby and she’s a single mom it’s hard for her she trying to buy stuff for her baby
Catherine Ghattas Vlogs (7 days ago)
She has receipts she bought stuff she didn’t steal
Ron Feezell (7 days ago)
theyahoo you (8 days ago)
Why would you dress up well,bring your baby AND SHOPLIFT??......
Alice Valencia (8 days ago)
Didn't catch the beginning of video ...makes no sense to me.
Rob Fowler (8 days ago)
Man I’d do that :/ Down to zero standards
John Patillo (8 days ago)
Have some respect for yourself idiot saying nigga in front of them crackers
carrie white (9 days ago)
Wonder what happened to her baby
carrie white (9 days ago)
She can't be quiet when the cop told her to
lupita montelongo (9 days ago)
Worried about her son after bring him with her to shoplift. Mother of the year. Smh
Connie Fields (9 days ago)
Put your stupid phone down
ThatOneGirl Xo (9 days ago)
Should've stole a better outfit
Traci Vela (9 days ago)
I feel sooo sorry for the poor baby. 😢😢 Baby has a stupid, slutty, irresponsible mom.😣😣😣😢😢😢
Dale Rogers (9 days ago)
i can smell her from here, nasty. slime is running down her leg. this was 3 years ago, hopefuly shes on the road to recovery
Dale Rogers (9 days ago)
i thought it was cleveland, thank god, it wasnt, we dont do that here
Mrs. OlLady (9 days ago)
Garbage person
Mrs. OlLady (9 days ago)
Meth head
hearty cajes (10 days ago)
poor baby
Matt Burns (11 days ago)
Cut her fucking hands off first offense brutal yes but super effective. Some people might say I'm crazy and violent and psycho, I'm not I'm just sick and tired of seeing stupid shit like this and then when things go south and the person (or persons) get caught it's everybody else's fault except theirs!!!!
Jennifer Hall (11 days ago)
Oh no they are handling her purse roughly. Maybe they will be more careful with her after thought baby.
Kristena Patron (11 days ago)
Don’t do drugs kids. You end up like this girl
Sheema Sayad (11 days ago)
Poor baby this type of people don’t deserve babies
Anniefanny Charles (11 days ago)
Amelia M (11 days ago)
the sheriff's didn't do anything wrong according to the law. they were rude but they can get away with this. if you pass the cash registers with unpurchased item's your shoplifting. different stores have different rules. but that loss prevention guy had the power to decide weather or not to call the police considering she had her baby he could've just gave her a petty theft ticket and sited her out from the store. they probably would've done just that if she complied but since she ran out, left her baby, the cops saw her try to leave, everything she said was just so wrong then she wouldn't shut the fuck up. i wish she would've had her priorities straight before speaking or just used some common sense they didn't wanna hear excuses or lies she would've been better off saying something like " I apologize, I'll pay for everything and recieve the "shoplifting" or "petty theft" ticket please I just don't want my son to have to suffer the consequences of my mistakes. i really just went too and made this situation worse for myself. is there any way even just 1 of you could work with me to make it better, for my son at least. like say goodbye." something like that you know. 😁 but I'm a smooth ass bullshitter!😂😂🤣 this lady didn't have it in her and in that outfit she wasn't getting away with shit
Aysha Begum (11 days ago)
Sadly she’s actually right, you can’t make an arrest if a shoplifter hasn’t left the store, although it’s clear she intended to leave without paying
Skylar Hebert (11 days ago)
Anybody worried about how the baby is literally on the edge of the little stand
Alicia doyle (11 days ago)
I can't even hear what's being said 🤷
Real scary stuff channel (12 days ago)
Poor baby
ariannasv22 (12 days ago)
Wtf is that outfit
OSCAR BADILLO (13 days ago)
Crazy bitch! But I'd still hit
Amy Thioune (13 days ago)
He told her to shut up. Fuck that it's not against the law to talk. To the cop:) freedom of speech) u shut the Fuck up. I don't give a Fuck if she did shoplift , stop being a tyrant bully.
Marina Del Rey (13 days ago)
I think the real crime here are her ugly boots! but really tho she should be ashamed of her self. taking ur baby with u on a shoplifting spree is the worst thing in the world a mother can do. she's fucking pathetic
ちうん (13 days ago)
she was boy?
VCres1000 (13 days ago)
Real question is why she wearing them boots with a dress lol
Marie Ishioye (14 days ago)
She claimed to have receipts yet says she was going to pay and hadn't let the shop. What a thief.
Gary J (14 days ago)
that poor baby.. people like this don't need to have kids
Angie M (15 days ago)
She is not even concerned about her baby. Left him there like nothing. Piece of shit parent.
Amanda prostitute (15 days ago)
what a JUNKY pice of shit. arrest her and put that babby in a better home away from THIS JUNKY..
Ron We (16 days ago)
Thumbs up from illegals wanting more free stuff.
_coma_ (16 days ago)
Is this bitch for serious? Fucking sad, sad, sad....
LEIGH MASSEY (17 days ago)
Wtf is she wearing? She thought she would be able to sex her way out of it looking like that. Lmfao!
Gordon Thomas BAILEY (17 days ago)
Penalize by sterilization to end the bad seed
Regrettable-Username (17 days ago)
The entire time I was like "Please don't fall off, please don't fall, _please_ *don't fall!* "
mulikow (18 days ago)
UPDATE: I like turtles
golden girls stay (19 days ago)
Well 1st of who ever put that comment 3 am in the morning out with a baby go to hell my sisters husband was just getting outta work n she works day she needed diapers n stuff so shut the fuck up
golden girls stay (19 days ago)
This is my sister what they did to her was wrong she never stolen nothing we have money we pay for all we get she's been free we did a law suit
Stuff With Nava (19 days ago)
*Plays Shoplyfter intro...*
Alicianna Miner (19 days ago)
Poor baby:( that mother does not deserve to have a child
A Willis (19 days ago)
She acts as if she’s drumk
Pe Pe (20 days ago)
Plot twist: she get banged while in the police car
Paul McGovern (20 days ago)
Nice ars though
Sassy Bitch (20 days ago)
hillbilly hudson lol
EGYPTQUILTS1 (20 days ago)
He could just let her pay. The baby best interest not considered. Big deal police caught broke mom.
Courtney Walden (21 days ago)
They should of let her hold her baby one more time
Shandra9000mail (21 days ago)
Leave her alone...she diddin du nuffin.
Tauheedah Soliai (21 days ago)
The sheriff is is a fucking asshole!🤬
Logan Rumpf (21 days ago)
I hope they called DCS!
Jeffery Thomas (22 days ago)
Husband's like "I'm gonna stay home and finish doing my meth, take the baby and hurry back with my stash."
Radha Das333 (22 days ago)
That poor baby! She just sat it on that unstable looking table. That woman makes me sick!
Mario Antonioni (23 days ago)
I pay for everything wtf! Whats the big deal. Ill do it for the baby. I pay for everything. Mother fuckers!.
dawi syarifah (23 days ago)
Yg pakai kemeja biru cool banget sih
Alberta Abner (23 days ago)
I am so shocked, this woman does not deserve to have any KIDS, while she's shoplifting, AND then run and leave a child in such away, how would she feel, while she was running away with the stolen goods, IF A child pedophile was around,AND then ran with her baby.
Rudy petr0syan (23 days ago)
Tweeker !!
Chris M (24 days ago)
White trash if you have the cash why didn’t you for it. Trashy!!!!!
bill nugent (24 days ago)
I understand Walmart probably gets a lot of shoplifters but the situation being what it is I think they should have just taken a picture and told her don't come back in the store.
Imjustsaying32 (25 days ago)
I hate seeing this I worked at target last year Christmas time and a young girl did the same thing , had nothing but baby things it's sad cause they need the stuff for the baby's and yes they can go get a job but life is really hard especially when u young with a baby 💔Hope she get it together for the baby sake
Christy Brandt (25 days ago)
At least she got busted, at the Walmart where I live the employees and managers stand there and laugh as they're watching thieves walk right out the door!!!
Angel Fowler (25 days ago)
He siund drunk and sound like she is on damn drugs and her voice is annoying asf
Georgia Cate (26 days ago)
She cared more about her purse than her baby
Lady PopOff (26 days ago)
Seems like the cop was gone work with her. All he told her to do was stfu.
Aniya Marshall (26 days ago)
she wasnt supposed to get arrested tho , she didnt leave wit the merchandise & its a certain amount of stuff that she suppose to take like a certain price & if she go over that price she get arrested ik because i use to work at walmart & she only had that little bit of stuff i doubt she stayed locked up for long because she left the stuff
Being Honest (26 days ago)
She doesn't even care about her kid, how sad
Gabriel Barboza (27 days ago)
Chick left her baby trying to get away .she put her cart there because she wasnt done shopping..
Jade Munoz (27 days ago)
Is she pregnant or just fat
I am individual (27 days ago)
The second she spots the police walking towards the entrance she starts running back inside exclaiming "oh I have receipts!!!"
Evelyn Rockwell (27 days ago)
Wow that's so dumb of her to steal items with her baby I guess she thought if the child was with her they wouldn't arrest her Well Surprise 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Lakeshia King (28 days ago)
Baby looking round like he confused smh she got money but you stealing Ur only hurting urself and that baby you better be glad they calling ur husband to pick the baby up and not D.C.F. that policeman ain't tryna hear it he said you gone learn today😂😂You ur hooker dress and Snow boots going to the slammer😂😂😂✌
Jolie 1234 (28 days ago)
They should’ve just called child services not the husband
Raini Parker (28 days ago)
Absolutely disgusting how she didn't give 2 f***ks about her baby! Never said 1 word about her kid.
Karla Melchor (28 days ago)
Poor baby he or she don't now whats going on
Lori Elkins (28 days ago)
I thinking this poor child is going to be raised by idiots and idiots raise idiots.
dave miller (29 days ago)
Why do assholes clap their hands
Bobbyjo Papworth (29 days ago)
Only in America, the merchandise is more important than the baby, disgraceful behaviour from the store and the cops.
Diana Arellano (29 days ago)
Ooooo where did she steal those boots from?? They’re cute!
Calee Hensley (1 month ago)
That’s fucked up boy 12 some hoes && she need that money to get out of jail 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️ they gone leave like that what about making sure ah baby straight 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️👿they calling cps on her lawwwwwd lu bitch
LINO Alvear (1 month ago)
Fuck The Police💯😂😂😂😂
rudy vasquez (1 month ago)
"Are you barred out??"
Edgardo padua (1 month ago)
that sucks, poor baby.