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Chick got caught shoplifting n left her baby

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Walmart in hudson Fl overnight. Bout 3am
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adeke emily gloria (1 day ago)
"I have all the money" yes u do ,y not pay for your behaviour
Lila Mariee (1 day ago)
Like bitch he said be quiet im sure he was going let u leave with ur kid its not abt ur ass no more u got a baby
Four Chickens Ma (1 day ago)
Why hasn’t anyone noticed that the poor baby’s car seat is about to fall off the table?? Mom of the year award.
Google User (2 days ago)
I would've let her pay for it and go....But its disturbing that her and the kid are out at 3 am at Walmart, its just not safe to be doing that shit
Namaste Indian (3 days ago)
Some women shud never be allowed to reproduce!!
GREEN XD GAMING (3 days ago)
The most stupid robbery i witnessed in 7-Eleven was a homeless man runs in store and runs out with cup noodles, like wat da fak?
Logan (3 days ago)
I used to live in Hudson at the time this video was shot and I used to go to this Walmart all the time. I live in Port Richey now which isn't far away at all from Hudson. Cops can be dicks down here yes but I mean what else do you expect from Florida?
Lorraine Davies (3 days ago)
Sure you were going to buy everything! She was shoplifting period!
c s (4 days ago)
cute baby
Ktab7 Life chip (5 days ago)
Leave the women and get the baby
Linda Ward (6 days ago)
WTF whose got the baby? She never looked back. Great mothering skills.!
Blondie Mirelle (7 days ago)
Poor baby
bpm shortfilms (7 days ago)
what did she steal? would an opinion on this vid change if a: she stole baby formula, diapers, food. compared to b: electronics, makeup, alcohol. either way, shit got real.
lisabruce81 (9 days ago)
Apprehend that poor child !! Omfg what a disgrace of a mother
busdr2 (10 days ago)
Dress up to her ass and winter boots?
Anna Cruz (10 days ago)
What did she stole?!
Anna Cruz (10 days ago)
She look like she’s on crack
mark salas (10 days ago)
Always some stupid dude making stupid comments behind the camera. And the cop power tripping on a girl..coward
GroverKent (11 days ago)
Nice legs!
Marianna Kovalev (11 days ago)
Oh, baby...
Hamilton Rodgers (12 days ago)
Why would anyone shoplift worthless Chinese crap from Walmart?
Ruth Herchenhanh (12 days ago)
Poor baby
Tawana Scott (12 days ago)
You left your baby WOW cocaine is a hell of a drug!
Tawana Scott (12 days ago)
This is insane
Lucilene Hitomi (12 days ago)
Tadinho do bebê!! MULHER LOUCA!!!
415hispfemale (13 days ago)
Smartest thing to do when you’re hot and a shoplifter? Make sure you’re wearing an outfit that every man in the world will notice!😂😂
Mr Scary (13 days ago)
What a wonderful mother, she just oozes responsibility and love for her child....Isn't America Great! Best little ole' Shithole on the Planet Chocked Full of the Very Best in the way of Scumbags and Morons!
ben s (13 days ago)
why's cop always trying to get a feel on females ass notice he's just rubbing the n her ass when behind her fagggey perv why I hate how piggies are perverted & then when they can't feel on the females cause in a device such as cuffs or restraint then they no longer get a hard & yet tend to act hard oink
Naughty Hotdog (14 days ago)
Her and Whitney have the receipts
Baldwin Hillz Brattt 213 (14 days ago)
“I’ve never been arrested ... “ Well... your ass is getting handcuffed today! Stuppiiidddd!
Babu Jam (14 days ago)
Now they are left with looking after the baby. They could be charged for kidnapping the baby.
steve radford (15 days ago)
Is there some, as yet, undisclosed reason that the mother is dressed as a  $20 HO?.
James Loma (15 days ago)
dam man poor baby.
Everyday CHISME (15 days ago)
She’s literally more worried about the purse than the baby..!
Sara La (15 days ago)
I don’t think that is fair because she is right she had not left the store. The card and baby were inside the store plus those police officers should learn some manners. And why are the filming it?
Dayan Hayes (15 days ago)
Wow!! So sad bitch oh now u worried about the baby?? LOCK HER UP AND THROW THE KEY AWAY!! Poor lil baby😞
Sadonia D (16 days ago)
"Here's all my money to buy everything. I have receipts." How do you have receipts (plural, no less) AND the money to buy everything? Don't you pretty much trade one for the other? I also love that she said she was going to "rebuy" everything because she was pissed. Yeah, I commonly like to purchase things twice because I'm angry. Paying double just calms my soul.
jim S (16 days ago)
I was thinking they should have white fuzzy handcuffs. Would match her boots.
Linda Thrall (16 days ago)
That’s one desperate slut puppy in the wrong
Dad (17 days ago)
How surprising a pink person committing crime....(This is unheard of!!!!) she-didhen-do-nuffin.....
Shannon O'Rielly (17 days ago)
She leaves her fucking kidding, and how long does take to put cuff's on ?!?!?
Millicent Ouma (17 days ago)
WHAT a Mother???she does Not Care about that Baby lol
royal (18 days ago)
Not once did she pull out a receipt. Lol if I'm ever in this position and I didn't steal I will play it off a little and then bust out my receipt and sue the shit out of Walmart....
Jorge Martinez (18 days ago)
west coast LA (18 days ago)
Arrested with her son all bad fucc that cop hes a bitch
Benjamin Paisley (18 days ago)
That sheriff needs to be fired, what an asshole
Bruce Brock (20 days ago)
Wow this cop is a dumbass sonuva bitch.. just shut ur trap foul and let her pay for her merchendise.. u do have to leave the store for it to be stealing that's the law...
Johnny Blaze (21 days ago)
So sad.
gradnitzersl (22 days ago)
Mother of the year
Austin Carlson (22 days ago)
Them poor little children that have to have parents like this good thing the babies too young to remember I hope the baby was okay
Frank Black (23 days ago)
From the waist down, SHE IS HOT! . . . P.S. LOVE THE BOOTS! 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
Destiny Milan (23 days ago)
Now your baby might get taking away bc you couldn’t afford Walmart clothes 🙄🙄🤦🏽‍♀️
greg micheal (24 days ago)
Its a fn misdemeanor! They could've wrote her a ticket to appear in court. Fuckn arrest happy cops and country! We have more people in jail and on probation than any country on the planet.
Jimi H (24 days ago)
Boy that sherif guy what an idiot !!!!!!!
Criss Robin (24 days ago)
Poor baby!!! That girl could give a sh-t where her baby is!!! She never worried if they would take the baby she could care less!!! I know cops get so aggravated with those crazy people!!!! But the Sheriff in the green was a smart ass!!! Putting his finger in her face telling her to shut up over and over!!! He should of just arrested her let her keep talking!! But he was a smart ass smug as-hole!!!
YOUNG RICE the SoundCloud rapper (26 days ago)
Flat ass slut
Hshhddbm Hdhdhfjfj (26 days ago)
They could just banded her
Hshhddbm Hdhdhfjfj (26 days ago)
By bye vaby
Ленусь Ка (27 days ago)
I read and wonder, no one is surprised that the mother of a young child was arrested because of the chicken? And they blame Russia. In Russia and Ukraine would have been warned and released. How can you leave a little child without a mother? Is that Africa? It was necessary to immediately kill for this chicken, citizens of this country would be happy. Few you there the state fucks. It is necessary zhoshche that you were more cheerful. Читаю и удивляюсь, никого не удивляет что мать маленького ребенка арестовали из за курицы? А ещё ругают Россию. В России и Украине бы предупредили и отпустили. Как так чтобы маленького ребенка оставить без матери? Это что Африка? Надо было на месте из за этой курицы сразу убить, гражданам этой страны было бы весело. Мало вас там государство трахает. Нужно жоще, чтобы вам было веселее.
Dora Marquez (27 days ago)
Her little tiny foots 😁😁🤣
fingalslastpint (27 days ago)
She is drunk or high
Chris Treanor (28 days ago)
She probably stole the baby too....she sure didn't have any maternal instinct about her!
SLAY 503 (28 days ago)
BABY needs a new home!
Frank Bigshlong (28 days ago)
I want to plug her ass with my last name and let my nut cream explode all over her, she's hot just like my nut creamer is, she's marriage material
Christina Marie (28 days ago)
Wow... And her baby gets left behind!
Nasha Luv (28 days ago)
These AP people kill me !! They always catch people stealing dumb shit !! When I worked at Walmart mfers stole whole buggy’s full of groceries, T.Vs , etc! They would catch people taking condoms, deodorant, clothing !! Now what she did I disgusting don’t get me wrong but AP at Walmart SUCKS!!
Frank Bigshlong (1 month ago)
I'll give her another baby to make up for the one that Walmart sold when she got arrested, all she has to do is bend over so i can plow her from behind while spitting on her beautiful ass
WhyDontWeJustSmile (1 month ago)
wait what happened with the baby lol
Frank Bigshlong (1 month ago)
WhyDontWeJustSmile He was put on a shelf with a price tag , so Walmart sold him to another meth freak
Frank Bigshlong (1 month ago)
Did you folks see how big that diamond was on her wedding ring, and she's stealing a Hello Kitty kid's purse, what a moron
Julia Small (1 month ago)
She has a calm awesome baby he not even crying for her!
Bill Doe (1 month ago)
It is disgusting how African Americans call themselves Niggers all the time. 0:24 It's an awful word. But used by Black youths constantly in public places. Dr. Martin Luther King would cry if he was alive today. R.I.P MLK, for they don't mean to disrespect you sir. But they are.
Todd Serediak (1 month ago)
That baby doesn't deserve a mother like this She should grow up if she can't dummy up some woman dont deserve children if they can't take care of a child the right way keep her stinking legs closed all they want is that family allowance check
gina318318 (1 month ago)
Check the baby's diaper, I think the mom put another purse there.
Wendy Nicole (1 month ago)
What a skank U can see her bum almost
Melissa Gifford (1 month ago)
She shouldn't dress like that. It just doesn't look good on her.
Sydney Noe (1 month ago)
Did he read her the Miranda rights?
Sydney Noe (1 month ago)
Lol. I was just saying. Clearly her baby is more important and the dumb bitch was just going to leave him/her
Frank Bigshlong (1 month ago)
Sydney Noe .... That's all you're worried about you dingy chick
Victor O'Rourke (1 month ago)
She's obviously stoned on a substance. She's sporting a meth bod. Hope the child is given up for adoption. Any mother would be better than that dumb c##t
B Well (1 month ago)
trashy lil whore
troll exemplar (1 month ago)
wynona ryders daughter
Alice Stephen (1 month ago)
I thing cop should let her go
Ben Nosrati (1 month ago)
Such a Stupid SHERIFF.
Frank Bigshlong (1 month ago)
Ben Nosrati ... You're such a stupid ignorant hard head Iranian pig, stfu
She Hate Me (1 month ago)
Typical White behavior
El Grande (1 month ago)
She needs to be spayed.
Twila Johnson (1 month ago)
I'm crying for the baby
Billy Kinkade (1 month ago)
Shes dumb! Shes asking for CPS to take her child. MORON!!!!
Bm S (1 month ago)
Shameless criminal woman. Poor baby!
Jeanette Smith (1 month ago)
The first thing i thought of is where did she steal her Ugg boots from?
Pen jamin (1 month ago)
I hope the AP guy isn’t filming this. It’s in Bad taste.
Frank Bigshlong (1 month ago)
For all the losers out there that think you have to leave the store before they can accuse you of shoplifting can kiss my ass, the sheriff pointed it out, once you pass the register and haven't paid for it then they can stop you, ok you idiots..
Frank Bigshlong (1 month ago)
Was it worth it to steal a hello kitty baby purse you dumb bitch
Frank Bigshlong (1 month ago)
Did anyone notice the size of that damn ring she's wearing, i don't think she's short on money, it's probably a habit of hers before she met her rich husband, i will divorce her on the spot as soon as i get a call to come get the baby because the thief mom got hauled into jail
Katherine Jacques (1 month ago)
c vraiment inhumain. ils auraient du attendre qqn famille vient chercher lenfant avant d'amener la mère. franchement! des imbéciles de première
Leslie Rodríguez (1 month ago)
That baby Is so cute!!! Poor thing :(
Hay Now (1 month ago)
Nice way to teach your kid you thief! Lock her up!
Vince Farias (1 month ago)
Stripper mom.
Michelle Fazio (1 month ago)
Michael Lindsay (1 month ago)
Oh no bye bye she going to be some bitch in jail cute she is
Michael Lindsay (1 month ago)
Like that outfit
Buzz ard (1 month ago)
The manager is checking out her ass at 1:09
Shanna M (1 month ago)
The baby watching:(