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Chick got caught shoplifting n left her baby

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Walmart in hudson Fl overnight. Bout 3am
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Carla Rebecca (9 hours ago)
Just left her baby what a useless pig bitch...i hope she gets raped with a broken broom Handel...
Gigi (13 hours ago)
So sad :(
John Levasseur (14 hours ago)
This dumb half wit should have not went theiving with her sweet little baby in tow !! They won't think I am stealing because I am a mother hahahahaha
Rahul Hingve (18 hours ago)
Okay but really.... what about the baby....
Talion V3 (22 hours ago)
Worst part of all is when a thief tries to justify the situation.
Carly (1 day ago)
Well she didn't just leave her baby. The cops arrested her. They don't take babies to jail. What'd you expect?
David Pacheco (1 day ago)
She's on something.
hoseman10 (1 day ago)
Just leaving her baby was the worst part.
Amanda Waddington (1 day ago)
If you wanna shoplift probably not the outfit to wear and poor baby,( and excuses and arguing never helps!
Haylie Mead (2 days ago)
Cant relate my dads a brain surgeon and my moms a dentist
Theuniverse Isaniceplace (2 days ago)
Instagram hoes
Êlîã Å (2 days ago)
.. Baby is Probably STOLEN TOO .. XDD #DaHell
Miner Man (3 days ago)
why handcuffs?! what did she commit!? Did she resisted police!? USA is a country of violence
candice german (3 days ago)
That poor baby !!!!! She should be ashamed of herself
Blaze Bridges (3 days ago)
This is just sad! The baby was like hell no to the naw naw naw!!!
lori curran (3 days ago)
Her husband ? Dont you mean baby daddy ?
lori curran (3 days ago)
Nice hooker outfit
Lu Isthis (3 days ago)
All of the guys are worried about the baby in the end. Precious.
Elle (3 days ago)
i feel bad for that kid :(
Mary Brantley (3 days ago)
What about child's care here?
Violetta Ambrozy (3 days ago)
Poor baby😭😭😭
Mary OHalloran (4 days ago)
Not once did she mention her baby.
Vanessa Varela (4 days ago)
Dont people know that walmart actually has cops outside because the loss prevention is constantly bringing them thieves. Dumbest place to steal
Vanessa Varela (4 days ago)
Poor baby. So horrible what some kids have to grow up in.
Sincerely Sincerely (4 days ago)
Those boots with that outfit honey ? 🙄
Brad Thompson (4 days ago)
Did you get a signed release from the baby to put his face on YouTube?
Broken Arms (5 days ago)
so you dress like going to the club to steal pillows? interesting...
Kristin Slevens (5 days ago)
Can someone please tell me WHY in the beginning she was all the way outside almost in the parking lot and had left her baby in the store? Did I miss something?
Colonel Angus (6 days ago)
Heroin or Meth? LIKE this comment for HEROIN and DISLIKE for Meth.
Jasmine White (6 days ago)
Nasty faggot.whormonger freddie james grayson also known as seyvn in hayward recored this.
morris west (6 days ago)
Whats up with tha boots
J. A. (6 days ago)
When she walked AWAY From her Baby towards the door, that was a sign she was leaving!
J. A. (6 days ago)
AND it's true that They have to have Left The store or They can say they were going to pay for it, Even if the merchandise is in they're purse OR pockets. YEP and They can even Sue The store! 👊
J. A. (6 days ago)
I hope they take her Baby AWAY!! And SHE Just wouldn't shut up!! 👶🙊
Annette Phillips (7 days ago)
Who the fuck leaves their kid? Are you serious? Wowww.........
Bleue Violette (7 days ago)
Saw the same thing happen on Halloween at K-MART yrs. ago. I could not believe my eyes! She (the shoplifter) literally just about made it out the door with a cart piled to overflowing with merchandise. The real shocker came when she told the security she had to get her baby. She had an infant buried under all that - could have smothered it. She ran for it holding the baby, but she left her purse in the cart too. You know the outcome!
teresa moon (7 days ago)
they just RIIIIPPPPED that baby from his mothers arms. oh how inhumane, how cruel, this is not who we are as americans! this is sarcasam, by the way.
Potionlvr (8 days ago)
When the cop was taking her out I could swear the Wal mart guy said she had marks on her arms
Black Samurai 7 (8 days ago)
How could she have cash to pay for everything yet she is being caught stealing?
Lennie Capuano (8 days ago)
serves her reet
Chandra Smith (8 days ago)
Poor baby that has the unfortunate luck to have that for a mother...
Ken Clark (8 days ago)
Cops are such dicks.
Nothing Free (8 days ago)
wow! two employees and three police for one women? three cops? one couldn't handle it? need backup? swat on standby? barricade all streets? need riot control with watertank trucks? put city on curfew? maintain controlled airspace? alert national guard? wow! ☺
Carama Gambino (9 days ago)
What the hell do you have on? Why was your baby left alone?!
Eduardo Oink (9 days ago)
She was gonna run...and leave the kid to take the blame. 😜
david daniels (9 days ago)
Shes hot i would have offered to release her after a good, hard fuck
Cynthia Cerpa (9 days ago)
Fuckin goof security
hodaka1000 (10 days ago)
I had the misfortune of getting a ride to a store with a junky a few years ago and although he had a wallet full of money he was ripping off shit left right and centre when I noticed I got away from him and out of there as quickly as possible.
Alice li (10 days ago)
BE QUIET!!! 😂😂😂
Alivia Stienen (11 days ago)
This bitch busted 😂
jerm dogg (12 days ago)
The cop or whoever security is wrong" she's right " she did not leave the store yet . he supposed to wait till merchandise is completely out the store.... But she was going to shoplift lol.......
Bordago Mary Ann (12 days ago)
She crazy wow
family fun (12 days ago)
what we'll do with the baby
Araceli Estrella (12 days ago)
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jeronimo sanchez (13 days ago)
I was always told that you have to walk out of the store for it to be considered shoplifting... I don't know if it's true just what I heard
Leambra Settles (13 days ago)
sad sad
stephani motta (14 days ago)
To all those sympathetic to this lady ( it's just shop lifting blah blah blah ) remember your sympathy when you're paying higher prices because every now and then people "just shop lift"...
Debra Timms (14 days ago)
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zat rat (14 days ago)
Her fashion a crime
Hilleryyard lewsader (14 days ago)
its funny people say she wasnt out of the store? 1st scene is her out of the store..duh..lmao
She Ball Too (15 days ago)
@ 0:14 That baby Was Just Chillin I Swear 😂😂😂💀💀
Austin Thomas (16 days ago)
Not funny now that babe is in foster care
avalon 269 (16 days ago)
what a piece of shit I hope the poor kid gets placed in a good home and the mom stays in jail
Kirsten Benes (16 days ago)
3:52 "I can't leave my son" bruh you just did like 5 minutes ago smh
Gina Ramos (17 days ago)
Omg take that baby off that little unstable table. Why would you set your baby on that. I just kept thinking that's gonna fall anytime. Wth she ran and threw what she had.
A nusais What? (18 days ago)
Fucking crackheads i hope she loses her kid permanently
Train Horn Pranks and More (18 days ago)
Cant charge her with shoplifting if she did not go outside the store
lauren etheridge (19 days ago)
Did anyone hear him read her the rights that she had before he arrested her? Because honestly I didn't, and that is something legally he had to do. Not only that but he seemed kinda rough putting cuffs on her.
Carolyn Peercy (19 days ago)
Busted . She is a thief period. She walked out without her baby and only came back in when she saw cops. Bad mom.
Miss Sim (19 days ago)
Yea I don't like how smug the walmart employee is acting not cool for it being a serious matter! He looks like a fool back there smiling and grinning about it...
Charmante. Intéressante. Ardente. (19 days ago)
Psychotic edomite whore. But she dindu nuffin.
Marlie (19 days ago)
Probably a dope head
John Walsh (19 days ago)
Yet more white trash. Is it still legal to breed these oxygen thieves?
VETERE 05 (19 days ago)
What a piece of shit. Poor baby!
Nikki Marie (19 days ago)
He didn't read her the rights. Therefore this arrest isnt legit.
Elizabeth Pollock (19 days ago)
This woman cannot be a mother... 😔😔
Shirley Mack (20 days ago)
No one is comforting the baby what's up with that?👀
Catfish Hunter (20 days ago)
I hope this young lady sues the sheriff's department. It ain't theft until you leave the store. This looks like a case of false arrest.
Lei Cede (20 days ago)
First. She technically didn't shoplit. Second. If that was me I would have never let them separate me from my kid like no fuck off that's my son I'm not leaving without him like.
Pipo Delgado (20 days ago)
Don't separate her from her child...simply deport her to Mexico
Jeff Ebner (20 days ago)
There goes that White Privilege.
Angel Valentine (20 days ago)
I wish the cops wuda beat her to the ground
dylan klebold (20 days ago)
poor baby
Iam Ty (20 days ago)
this is disgusting u don’t talk to a lady to be quiet then talk to her like she’s a dog and then tighten her handcuffs to be rude and it’s a against he police rules or whatever it’s called to arrest someone for not being quiet and the manager is just laughing man ppl are rude and i couldn’t blame her for not wanting to leave her child u can’t just make her leave the child there with strangers unattended
Tim Carelock (20 days ago)
Dude in the blue looking at her like he want to save a hoe lmao
east bee (21 days ago)
She dindoo nuffin!!
Dr. K (21 days ago)
Baby watching that pig cuff her mum, tell her to shut up, and take her, you didn't Need to arrest and cuff her right in front of her baby! !!
joli minou (21 days ago)
Atleast ler her stay with the baby untill the husband comes
Kelly Kruger (21 days ago)
And Dems want to let these people into our country.
Eduardo Oink (21 days ago)
That's a genius plan.....have the $ necessary to cover the cost of what you're stealing....then say I was going to pay for it....as you're almost to your car
hami khan (21 days ago)
Mujy to Kuch samj nahi aya koi btay ga
Natalia Culio (21 days ago)
poor baby, hope it finds a better parent!!
Matias Sanchez (21 days ago)
I feel sorry for the baby...shes a bad mom Take her to jail
Danielle Scott (22 days ago)
Why do ppl take their babies with them to steal? WTF!
Eric Dee (22 days ago)
I don't think the sheriff should have hauled off that tweaker until CPS showed up, but what do I know???.
juantasy (22 days ago)
rhea ann (22 days ago)
The lady keep talking and talking I feel sorry for the baby 😥😣😣
Ismael Miramontes (23 days ago)
She is dressed like a hore. Poor baby.
Norma Van Lieberman (23 days ago)
If she gets a good lawyer, he will get this thrown out. She walked out, but she left everything inside the store. Think she has done this before.
George Hogart (23 days ago)
I'd have to check her panties.