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Chick got caught shoplifting n left her baby

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Walmart in hudson Fl overnight. Bout 3am
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Eric luriergo (2 hours ago)
Poor Baby!!!!
Blood flow Music (3 hours ago)
The man is looking at her ass
Scott Sweeney (4 hours ago)
that is my mom when she was arrested for shoplifting at Walmart
YASH JOSHI (8 hours ago)
i m from india and i say one thing to all of u humanity
Isaac Robles (13 hours ago)
What a dumb THOT
lex bb (16 hours ago)
Cancer Mom (18 hours ago)
Why do people like this have children, I feel so bad for that little baby
Castrol Oil's (19 hours ago)
if she didnt leave the store with the objects she was intending to steal its still not stolen until its not out of the store
William Smith (19 hours ago)
very very stupid
John Fuckyour mom (21 hours ago)
I worked at wall mart and can tell you would be theives, the floor walkers always targets single moms and teenagers and anyone who looks like THEY WONT BE A PROBLEM..6 ft 4 230lbs dudes can pretty much steal what they want.
Amber Binderup (1 day ago)
Poor little baby
Vanessa Finlay (1 day ago)
Take the baby off her she is not a fit mother poor bairn man
Nina Lou (1 day ago)
4:34 its time for lunch but i will watch and eat watch and learn
Daisy N bob (1 day ago)
She a hoe.. lol
SpiritBear12 (1 day ago)
If you're going to steal shit, don't wear conspicuous stupid looking clothes that make you look like a prostitute and stand out like a sore thumb. It's exactly the kind of get up that will get you followed by the security team. That's Thieving Shit 101 Stupid bitch. That poor kid is doomed already!
It’s Hayley (1 day ago)
What happened?
karl9x (1 day ago)
Look at her clothes. What a prostitute.
mallowhawk294 (2 days ago)
That table doesn't look sturdy for a baby to be on it, whoever put it there is a complete moron. Also obviously she's in the wrong and not in the right state of mind so surrounding her with a bunch of cops for not paying for her stuff is only going to elevate the situation which they should know if they were professionals. Also the cop getting his rocks off by telling her to be silent, like good job you failed at getting someone likely under the influence to not listen to you so know your ego has been deflated much similar to your little dick. Tell her to call a guardian of the child to pick them up first and then arrest her, if she cannot get someone fit to pick up the child then you need to call child services immediately.
lola brini (2 days ago)
poor baby!!!! heartbreaking
Laakona (2 days ago)
Yo Ho! Didn't they have her on video selling pussy on aisle 14?
Jhopes Smile (3 days ago)
“I did not take anything” Well she have made an attempt to shoplift and nearly leaving the store. I’m guessing that she didn’t take any of them bc she realized that they’re onto her. And also she didn’t take her child with her.
Amanda Baker (3 days ago)
I didn't leave the store U walked out of it worse yet u left your child in the store which I see as abandoned as well
Maria gerges (3 days ago)
When a cop tells u to be quiet u have to shut up as fast as possible. And not talk back.Boiii this girl is drunk or something.
Davidson Harly (4 days ago)
how about letting her with her baby go home with a warning... damn
Corrin B (5 days ago)
1:28 the dude behind her!!! watch his eyes
Gargf (5 days ago)
It's coo nigga
Cam Davis (5 days ago)
Stop saying the n word nig
geoffdundee (5 days ago)
take her baby off her then throw her in a giant human sized food blender and feed her to the pigs.....total waste of oxygen
William Tamanini (6 days ago)
Trashy bitch right there.
Mya reyna (6 days ago)
But if the mom gets arrested whos the baby’s mom????
Cyndee Ro (6 days ago)
She was literally out the door... there's no merchansise by the doors.. she don't care about her baby if she did she would not be stealing...
Shelli Bingle (6 days ago)
reorete holland (6 days ago)
She never left the store with goods so she wasnt stealing. Id sue them
akatsukidevilslover (6 days ago)
Biggest lawsuit coming to the police and Walmart big shocker so many violations, she was not given her miranda, didn't take her wallet and purse, officer did not taken child to CPS, call spouse, or family. Walmart employee brought her outside to talk leaving her baby in the store so congratulations once again Walmart screws up, and an over zealous officer screws up as well.
Mark Foot1100 (6 days ago)
Xanax is a helluva drug this remind me of my sister in benzos after her tenth retail theft charge
picklenose pickle (6 days ago)
Amina Gibson (7 days ago)
Anniefanny Charles (7 days ago)
Is this come from where if they don't leave the store they're not in trouble? Yes you are and they can stop you and they can arrest you if you have hidden their merchandise and you go beyond a certain point in the store.
Austyn Mckay (7 days ago)
Poor baby 👶🏻
Pseudo Nym (7 days ago)
She's got lovely legs
Tony Scarface Montana (7 days ago)
Pigs didn’t read her Miranda rights and placed her under arrest! They never told her that they are detaining her nor did they tell her she’s under arrest! Fire these dumb ass cops cuz the department can get sued easily! Once those cuffs get put on, these idiots need to tell you whether you’re just being detained temporarily or being put under arrest since she needs to know to stfu so she doesn’t hurt herself in court!
SpacecowboiKilu (8 days ago)
Nice outfit lol
harley quinn (8 days ago)
She is terrible mom
Rendroc (6 days ago)
are you on the east coast of the US? if so, let's fuck babygirl mm. I like your skin color.
John Smith (8 days ago)
id wear her ass out!!!
Mirna Bonilla (9 days ago)
has anyone ever thought the lady could be a mess?! and sick
mousescorp (9 days ago)
And she bought the drugs from you?
TV AMERICA (9 days ago)
Jennifer G (9 days ago)
"Oh I forgot some things. Oh I forgot? Oh I'll get the receipt. I just forgot some things"... You forgot your baby you fucking bitch. I rarely swear, but seriously that was some serious shit. She needs to go and get some help. This whole situation is lose-lose for that poor baby! Stay with her or possibly bounce around the system.
#wajidtyagi (9 days ago)
Nicole Lajoi (9 days ago)
Smdh. She's now worried about her baby! bitch u wasn't worried about him when your ass was shoplifting, and left him in the damn shopping cart alone trying to get away. she must of discovered she left him in the cart. Probably was high or something! So sad.
Shaina White (9 days ago)
I love the camara man too nosy lmfao
Tiffany Lewis (9 days ago)
she should've shoplifted some ass tho
Tiffany Lewis (9 days ago)
smdh mother's these days
bobby jrk (9 days ago)
The guy in the blue shirt checking her out lol
Brandon Gchachu (9 days ago)
pulls out a roll of cash
Charles Allen (10 days ago)
does anyone else see something weird with the fur lined boots, and the skirt up to her ass?
manuel men (10 days ago)
Love the video !!!
eogg25 (11 days ago)
If the stuff never left the store, she probably got off without any jail time.
Mag Kyt (11 days ago)
One small woman got caught & 3 or 4 cops were called. smdh.
Mark Pressinger (11 days ago)
Id give her a thorough body search
Geed UpDog (11 days ago)
Lady, hire a lawyer. Unless you walk out of the store with the goods it is not considered stealing. Weird.
picklenose pickle (11 days ago)
Oh I have receipts oh I have receipts what a phony and a manipulator good lier
raul 777111 (11 days ago)
How u going to be doing some shit like that with a baby smh
Freckled xan (11 days ago)
*Be quiet*
Nevtypical (11 days ago)
She's right she hasn't left the store which means she hasn't stole yet 😂
RamIak (12 days ago)
She's right . She's still inside the store. They can't do that.
Donkey TM (12 days ago)
I'd smash
Freddy Pedraza (12 days ago)
Chris Rock: is he about to kick my ass? We'll wonder no more
Juan Carlos Mora (12 days ago)
Someone get that nigg out of their.
Paty G. (12 days ago)
The real crime is that outfit 😳😳
Dominic Vella (12 days ago)
She is not responsible enough AT ALL to have a child! If she puts stealing in front of having a kid 🧒 NO WAY that’s disgusting.
Ros H (13 days ago)
Why need so many cops ffs the can’t have anything else to do.
Iman Hawa (13 days ago)
she tooks drug😡
Naughtystimpy (13 days ago)
This isn't shoplifting as she didn't leave the premises. Fucking idiots. Woman should sue. Also the cops only handcuffed her cos she was speaking to him lmao and he was trying to abuse his power.
ash goody (13 days ago)
Wow she shouldn't be making babies.. poor baby..
Hansen Vs Predator (13 days ago)
Ya she is messed up but so is the officer. Slapping the cuffs on her just because she did not "be quiet" when he told her to is ridiculous. Was it really necessary to do all that and then drag her away in front of her little baby.
Nandhu Das (13 days ago)
She taken to back store and got fucked by them.
BTS V & GOT7 BamBam Trash (14 days ago)
I feel bad for her baby that it has such a messed up mom
Lozza P (14 days ago)
Poor baby omg
Last name first, First name last (14 days ago)
I've seen a woman carrying a big screen TV out the door and no one did shit. Also, I was walking in once and the automatic doors busted out open and two women had a knife to the neck of one of those yellow vest employees. Again, nothing happened.
CaliGaL (15 days ago)
i remember i was followed by the store emplyees 2 of them male & female and asked me for the receipt of my item so i showed them then they left after that i heard the female using walkie talkie “she has a receipt”. So i tried remembering what did i do i bought new wallet after i paid i transferred all my money from my old wallet to the new one.
EL Fugitivo (15 days ago)
when british people killed all indians , and stole all gold from 30% of the world surface was no police .... now you put people in prision for some grocery
vishwanatha gowda (15 days ago)
Eric Koo (15 days ago)
Babies going to have a sad future. Wish the baby the best of luck.
The Games Are Life (15 days ago)
Lady: I did not take everything Cop: you didn't take your baby. *_TRIGGERED_*
Victoria Alarm (15 days ago)
didn't hear him read her her rights
Sleepless Rug (15 days ago)
Can anyone say CPS?
Rosie Cheeks (15 days ago)
F*=k what are the higher powers thinking, making this woman a mother?
GnarlyTaco asf (15 days ago)
Great parenting
ven cent (16 days ago)
that bitches not to able have to raise that baby #Slut
Stanley Nolly (16 days ago)
Thieving ass po white trash
TheXx1nfinityxX (16 days ago)
Lmao.. Poor baby so confused😂😂
Carla Arias (16 days ago)
At 3:53 she said “I can’t leave my son” so she didn’t wanted to leave her son but the police said they would be with her son.
chris60810 (17 days ago)
she didnt leave her baby she was taking away by the cops
Perla Perez (11 days ago)
chris60810 she left her baby to run
Maniak Manners (17 days ago)
That door greeter kinda looks like Mark Zuckerberg
Erwin Kunze (17 days ago)
Hail to the sheriff and Walmart security, this is how you stop this criminals.
Birgitta Catarina (17 days ago)
all these 20 year olds be mentally/criminally insane. why?
April West (17 days ago)
A woman in my home town got caught at a Walmart and left her kid in the cart , ran and got in her car and took off. Kid went into protective custody.
Perla Perez (11 days ago)
April West damm that’s so sad I have one daughter and I can’t even drop her off at school with out being so worried and terrified that something is gonna happen I walk to her school supper anxious and hope for the best know a days you don’t know if your kids are safe a school
April West (17 days ago)
People say the stupidest things when caught in the act.
DEVINECLUB (17 days ago)
Making America Great Again!!