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Chick-fil-A's "Betrayal" BACKLASH, Taylor Swift's Messy Win, Disney+ Hacks, & Iran's Unusual Protest

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Category: News & Politics
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Text Comments (5239)
Philip DeFranco (25 days ago)
Happy Tuesday! Skip around with these: Chick-fil-A (00:11), Taylor Swift (4:23), TIA (8:46), Disney+ (10:32), Iran Protests (13:28)
Romina Sarmadi (8 days ago)
thank you for reporting on the iran protests! we need all the coverage we can get
yochillfelix (19 days ago)
SlackerMark (23 days ago)
The Republicans are so toxic that even Chick-fil-A has jumped ship. Also, Iran does have a history of blocking the internet during protests and limiting internet speeds.
anjhindul (23 days ago)
Taylor, can you stop the slander? I hate big Machine, and I used to LOVE you (teen crush on ya even!) but this shit is insane! You are slandering and bullying them! You are going to get sued by them and you are going to end up paying BIG if you don't knock this shit off!
my back HURTS (24 days ago)
Epstein update?
Jack Dunning (6 hours ago)
Can everyone jus Shut Up for five mins and jus eat ya damn sandwich....🐓
404notfound (9 hours ago)
why bring religion to a chicken sandwich? since when have fast food joints been part of a religion?
Octobers1086Own (1 day ago)
Wendy's and Arby's have always had the best chicken sandwiches. Zaxby's is also better, but I realize that is more regional. To each their own, of course.
Timothy Larsen (4 days ago)
thumbs down for a shitty spicy chicken sandwich at wendys
Joseph Mastromarino (5 days ago)
These companies should have the right to believe what they want to believe and you have the right to not spend your dollars with them. Alphabet people just need to shut up and let it be. They're criticizing someone for their beliefs yet they don't want to be criticized for their beliefs..
Alexis Hewitt (5 days ago)
if you sign w a label, you sign away all rights to all of your work. it’s so rare for an artist to own their own music. ever wonder why the chronic by dre is only on apple music and not any other streaming platform? yeah those two could’ve been nicer about the situation, but dude. owning the rights to your own music is SO RARE
GCT10/31/1990 (6 days ago)
Lol Chick... Chick what's going on, no everyone settle down for a minute, Chick... Who touched you as a child? Why such hatred toward those within the gay community?
Chr0nos (7 days ago)
Good ol' 2019, where you are free to do and think what you want...as long as what you do and think lines up with the masses...otherwise you are a bigot.
Audrey Shannon (7 days ago)
Best Spicy Chicken Sandwich... Wendy's 👍🏼👍🏼
D4tC0m (7 days ago)
Why doesn’t Taylor Swift just shake it off, shake it off
hunter (7 days ago)
Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Philip DeFranco: pOPaYEs
Bro Orb (7 days ago)
your big stance for a cause, the one to be remembered by... is a bloody chicken sandwich shop? do these fools not have any actual fights to fight?
August (7 days ago)
Why is Reina Scully in the thumbnail?
AK40CHICKEN (8 days ago)
14:58 that's a story about Iraq not Iran...
Kaitlin O'Malley (8 days ago)
I don't give a damn about the company's views. I just enjoy the damn chicken.
jlpittmaniii (8 days ago)
I agree Wendy's has the best Spicy Chicken
cfletch8able (9 days ago)
I am a practicing Catholic and find it confusing/disappointing when mine and fellow christian's views are labeled 'homophobic' simply because we believe that sex is reserved for married persons between one man and one woman. I have no problems, hatred, dislike, and do not practice any prejudice against persons who choose to live their lives contrary to these beliefs. I agree that some Christians practice very non-Christian beliefs in actually being homophobic and hateful towards persons who identify with the LGBTQ community and it is wrong. However, participating in having these beliefs does not mean that we are all 'homophobic', in using the definition of the word; "having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people".
ron baer (9 days ago)
still mad that they didnt come to buffalo but now the food joints are becoming a joke, other than wendys, they stick to their game and trolling the others
Michael Darling (9 days ago)
i dont care what a company believes in, if they have something i want a good or service, i will pay for it. who cares what a ceo thinks. who cares other things. perhaps i just believe in capitalism more.
Bigz568 (9 days ago)
Chik-fil-A....still not open on Sundays. And som of y'all forget they donated to Trump's election campaign.....let that sink in for the LGBTQ community that keep saying they can "finally eat there" or "about time".....they will take your money regardless...but not on Sunday.
Bugs Bunny (9 days ago)
yawning snow leopards (9 days ago)
i don't know about yall but them Chikfila fries are too good to boycott LMAO. yall go ahead, I need my fix
Paul Long (9 days ago)
TS is doing the same thing to a record company that she does to every guy she has ever banged = playing victim.
DMG Report (10 days ago)
dam phil with the deep dig at some of the source fed crew lmfao. you only you xD
The Over/UnderThinker (10 days ago)
if everyone would just top listening to Taylor Swift music, her old masters would have no further value and the whole thing goes away. see? easy fix!
Oscar Torres (10 days ago)
Shit yea phillip, Catholics rule! Most importantly CATHOLIC SCHOOL GIRLS RULE!!!
Okurin Gaming (10 days ago)
Who cares if the people behind your fastfood support your tribe or not?
Matthew Toloczko (10 days ago)
The stuff you talk about just makes me sad to be alive.
DolphinTreasureArt (11 days ago)
I’ve never eaten at Chick-fil-A and never will.
Tamara Karlas (11 days ago)
Phil in 1.5x speed makes my brain hurt
None Existent (12 days ago)
Extremely controversial opinion and I'm sorry if I offend BUT to the people who hate LGBTQ, you can hate the practice and call it a sin, but WHY hate the people themselves? You teach God doesn't hate ANYONE, yet YOU hate people, why? I don't get it
A.M. Hamilton (12 days ago)
The whole Chick-fil-a thing just shows you that no matter what you do, you're never going to win. It doesn't matter what you pick or don't pick, who you support or don't support, you're always doing something wrong according to someone else's opinion because nothing is universal these days. Salvation Army isn't butthurt because Chick-fil-a chose not to partner with them due to anti LGBT+ stuff, they are butthurt that they aren't getting money from them. No matter what they say, they've lost a benefactor. Everyone needs to chill the fuck out and spend their breathe on other things rather than a fast food chain that sells chicken. You don't want to support? Don't. Don't want them to be in business anymore? Fine, they boycott them, but stop running your mouths on the internet like you're actually taking action on this, when really you're just flapping your gums behind a computer screen because you can. Me? I don't even go to chick-fil-a. Why? Because their chicken sucks. How bout them apples?
Z fixation (13 days ago)
"The best spicy chicken sandwich is actually, FROM WENDY'S!" Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well. 😁
Big Jo (13 days ago)
Chick fila story is dumb, it's not a story worth mentioning cant even make it next story.Trump 2020!
Mark Morgan (13 days ago)
Regardless of the donation company is faith-based or not... withholding any donations really hurts everyone. People need to get their head out of their ass, this means fewer people are going to receive help because people just can't realize both sides help. What salvation army doesn't cover, other organizations will cover it. Trying to destroy the salvation army just means you are destroying an organization that helped millions upon millions of people yearly. You are basically destroying this organization that helped millions because they don't believe in your side of POLITICS which to me, is fucking pathetic. This purity test crap and cancel culture needs to go. These people are not helping people, they are hurting people and making the situation much much worse.
Bee is awesome (15 days ago)
When are you gonna talk about onision?
Juan Castillo (15 days ago)
Taylor: To stop the he say she say just take it to court.
Juan Castillo (15 days ago)
Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s is bomb though.
Juan Castillo (15 days ago)
Yes large show please, we cannot get enough!
Don Bruno Richard Martínez Olazábal Viavicencios (15 days ago)
Philly D., if you use a VPN, I can tell Apps the IP you are using the world to see. This as ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY an issue for Google products. Still NOT GOOD‼️‼️‼️🥃🥃🥃
Stacy s (17 days ago)
Re: Iran - Taxing necessities like food and fuel is a form of regressive tax - meaning a tax that has a larger negative effect on people of low income since it takes up a larger portion of their total income. Makes absolutely no sense to say the tax is meant to help low income families, completely shady.
Lisa Lundgren (17 days ago)
I hope Taylor Swift writes a song about this and totally disses her old record label...
Kylie Wardell (18 days ago)
Wendy’s spicy chicken for the win, tbh
Ride With Danger (18 days ago)
Phil, do a story about Putnam County Sherrifs Department. They act like they are covering up something they claim to be a simple arrest over a domestic issue. The victim thought it was for a red flag law. The Police kicked the media out and cancel a press conference about the issue, and are keeping everyone in the dark and there have been hardly any facts come out. #supportwhiskywarrior556
Ride With Danger (18 days ago)
So you are "evil to the core" if you believe the Bible and use it a basis for your morals? You are evil if you have your own opinion? Wow, thats pretty absurd.
Weeaboo Nessa (18 days ago)
I don't wanna watch the full video why's Reina Scully in the thumbnail
arjunyg (18 days ago)
Socialism is wild, yo...
ndbigeyedfish (19 days ago)
Don’t blame the US for Iran. Blame their backshit ass leaders
Rock Gaint (19 days ago)
Alex’s Jones is more informed the. You
Maryann G. (19 days ago)
Best spicy chicken sandwich is from Wendy's! No Phil no!!!
The Fire King (19 days ago)
Yeah, people sleep on Wendy's spicy chicken sandwiches
Mr. K (19 days ago)
Honestly I’m kind of uncomfortable with the mob like power the LGBTQ community seems to have. For a community that celebrates love there’s a lot of hate and anger towards those who don’t agree with them.
Bri B (19 days ago)
Everyone says that Chick-fil-As choice to close on Sunday is only a religious thing, but if you actually learn about why Cathy made that decision it was because the original Chick-fil-A was open 24 hours a day. And Cathy thought that everyone deserves a day to rest. Thus he decided to have his store close on Sunday so that he could rest, be with his family, and attended church.
bucca2 (19 days ago)
Tonight we eat at Chik Fil A
Michael Champion (20 days ago)
KD9LSG 🛴🧭🥢🏕️📷📼🎥📢🎭
Tima Al (20 days ago)
I've literally been so excited for the Iran news. I live in Iran and my internet has been shut off until today, all contact with the rest of the world closed off and it felt like maybe no one even knew that this happened to us, also the gas wasn't "insanely cheap" to the people living in Iran, 25 cents is literally half of my hourly wages.
CrimsonedArmor (18 days ago)
I’m so fucking scared for Iran because what if they turn off the internet and commit mass slaughters? Idk, it seems immoral and terrifying. Please stay safe ❤️
Zolmation (20 days ago)
Still not going to ever eat A chik-fil-a. They're gross and will always be gross. Any and all types of rebranding here are an effort to save the business not because they accept gays now
J Burk (20 days ago)
100% that Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich
Zubiila (20 days ago)
This back and fourth is getting ridiculous. Big Machine would really do best selling the rights to Taylor's music to her, so that they both can move forward seperatly.
BethAnn Mayberry (20 days ago)
TBH, I am Christian, and, while I rarely even eat meat, I occasionally get some grilled nuggets at Chick-fil-A with the fam. I respect those who choose to "vote with their wallet" and opt not to support a business who goes against their values (I did the same with Carl's Jr a few years ago for a local issue.... though, I admit I might not have stood as firm had I actually loved their food.), but for me, Chick-fil-A just wasn't that big of an issue. I went before the controversy, during it, and certainly don't plan to avoid them just because they have chosen to support more socially acceptable charities now! First and foremost, IT'S A BUSINESS. THEY MAKE SANDWICHES, NOT LAWS. I think it's nice that they encourage their employees to be friendlier that other fast food places around here, and that they have a few slightly healthier options. It's cool that they donate to ANY charity, even if it is for PR and a tax break, and are free to donate to whomever they want (other than, like, ISIS or the KKK) without really affecting my life. But those to whom it meant a lot... You do you.
IAm Fry (20 days ago)
Yes for the catholic joke. I grew up in a catholic house hold I’m gay and my sister is a dank chick-fil-a employee. People are good corporations are evil
Hobro Hawks (20 days ago)
The reason chik fil a is closed on sunday is to honor the sabbath not because of communion.
Aly D (20 days ago)
Lmao it’s just business
Nancie Nordwick (20 days ago)
No Iranian should need pay anything for gas. It's their gas and their profit when sold it to the world.
Mary Denny (20 days ago)
I feel the Iran protesters and the Hong Kong protesters and French protesters along with others around the world have a hell of a lot more moxie than the US. We are the Free Country, right? Many of those people protest even though they know they could die doing so. We have sadly worded tweets, the ‘tit for tat’ that has somehow be viewed as being patriotic. This sickens me. Back in 2000 when Fox News announced that Bush had won. By the time the celebrations started, it was announced that in fact because it was by a very slim margin, votes needed to be recounted. Then the shit hit fan when the voting debacle started in Florida!!! At that time, Spike Lee made a statement that ‘Americans SHOULD have taken to the streets and demanded the recount’ that was already a Precident but was blatantly being ignored. I remember feeling shame that I didn’t go fight or march and demand our rights to a fair election. I am older now and not physically able to march but I look at this country and think about how ‘did it come to this point’ when I am writing letters of hope to the inhumanly treated refugees on on our soil! Yes Amnesty International has reached out to those of us who have written to political, race based and religious based Prisoners in some of the most horrific countries in the world. its time for us to get pissed! Hell, look at those other countries even in Russia, the protesters dare to let their voices be heard no matter where their dangerous civil disobedience may lead! It’s time we take the words from Twitter and shove them down the throats of our Elected Officials!
The3pinheads (21 days ago)
This show just shows how easily butthurt cancel culture is like God damn you can’t satisfy everyone it’s not all about you.
Brandon Schleifer (21 days ago)
My thoughts on the Chick-fil-A situation: it's a fast food restaurant. I don't care what they do with their profits. I care what they do to my arteries.
Gemstone Rose (21 days ago)
Thanks for the coverage. The issue with yhe internet blackout is we didn't know if anyone even knew what was going on. All news was word of mouth.
Michael George (21 days ago)
This Chick-fil-A nonsense is hilarious 😂. It's a chicken restaurant... It's not that deep!
aye126 (21 days ago)
Phil. I’m glad to hear you’re a fellow wendys guy.
hamed manoochehri (21 days ago)
HOORAY! Our internet has come back and all is forgiven. who cares if fuel prices are tripled? we have cat videos. AGAIN!
Matthew Knight (21 days ago)
@1457: You use an article talking about the protests in Baghdad, not Iran.
Viper CRB (21 days ago)
It's so disappointing when people relegate push back to Chick-fil-A as "just leftist bullying and propaganda", for God's sake the LGBTQ community just don't want to be persecuted for being born a certain way and don't unanimously identify with leftist ideology. They didn't choose to be LGBTQ, but you can choose to remain a religious bigot. Stop dismissing people for being genuinely offended. People aren't easily offended nowadays, they're finally speaking up! People have always been offended but suffered in silence up until recent years.
Kevin Wright (21 days ago)
This world is a clusterfuck of idiotic ideas. Will it ever get any better ??
Reid Miller (21 days ago)
"At their heart, they are evil to the core" because CFA doesnt share the same views as yourself. Srsly laughed out loud at that one
P D (21 days ago)
What does Baghdad at 14:58 have to do with Iran exactly?
Wrath Upon Eden (22 days ago)
great show
Wayne Rembert (22 days ago)
The Salvation Army apologized during 2006 for their support of discriminatory groups.
heartgirl40 (22 days ago)
yikes! I've been finding Thai subtitles being randomly turned on for Netflix, but I'd just figured it was the dad I work for's side chick 😬 not my account so not my problem, but crazy to think it might be a hacker instead.
Viikkster (22 days ago)
SquadW taylor swift
Artangieart (22 days ago)
Oh my godddd yes wendys is the best
Dominic Matlock (22 days ago)
Jack in the box spicy chix vs Wendy's
Danny (22 days ago)
Imagine, just imagine having an issue with chick-fil-a donating to other organizations trying to achieve the same goal you are. Come on.
Blake B. (22 days ago)
It’s really not that deep. Mike Huckabee is such a cry baby.
KFish Loto (22 days ago)
Lol lol Trump just ended the trade with Iran for no reason it's cause Trump hates Iran it's not cause there still to this firing rockets in Israel no no Trump just hates them
KFish Loto (22 days ago)
Wow chick fila doesn't want to feed homeless lgbt and only wants to feed homeless people the basterds what will all those homeless lgbts do!!! Oh probably go to those places that feeds everyone
Nathan Prindler (22 days ago)
Soooo, why is the US obligated to do business with Iran?
madmaxxmad2 (22 days ago)
Taylor Swift - First world problems for sure. Interesting arguments though
Zim Your Invader (19 days ago)
Jessica DeAlba (22 days ago)
Thank you! Wendy's spicy chicken is life!
brannon broadnax (22 days ago)
Not everyone has to like homosexuality. Its not fair that if we dont agree we are evil and are aligned with the devil. It's not my fault that I can't control my gag reflex or throw up a little when I see 2 men kiss.
Dick Johnson (22 days ago)
taylor swift raelly needs to calm down, she is being too loud. like can she just not?
Anthony Peters (22 days ago)
Chick-fil-A sucks that's why I go to PDQ!
Cymric (22 days ago)
scooter braun is hot af i don’t really care about millionaire award plights
Bobby Brown (22 days ago)
THUMBNAIL! who is the chick on the left?
A Fatal Memory (22 days ago)
1. Chick-fil-a bent the knee Phil, that’s what you’re not understanding. They even stated they wanted to expand to “liberal areas”. And the LGBTQ+made up unicorn genders community will never be happy, they want the company to donate only to the delusional alphabet community. 2. While I think Taylor Swift is an overall ugly and vile human being on the inside as well as her personality just flat out sucks, as an artist, it is good and I support the fact that she got her master copies rights to her music. 3. Disney as a Corp. supports and contributes to the cover up of Epstein’s murder, so nothing they do surprises. 4. Iran. It’s hard for me to feel bad for them with their “death to America” rallies. We are not the worlds police. They have hated us for years. So honestly, fuck them, America first
daniel hartness (22 days ago)
I wish it wasnt the cool thing to hate Christians. It becomes incredibly hypocritical. Chick-fil-A and FCA are allowed to have Christian values and thise should be respected, just like the people hating them want theirs respected.
Theironmakedguy : (22 days ago)
Well it time to unleash order 66 to Za warudo
HayleyGeek (22 days ago)
Big machine sounds like its run my children on a school yard. I dont believe a word of what they are saying. It's almost like narcisstic gaslighting behaviour to try to confuse people or make them out to be crazy.
Wikickid (22 days ago)
We don't even have chick-fill-a in my country, so what ever.