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Eddy Cue on why NRA is allowed on Apple TV

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At the South by Southwest conference, CNNMoney's Dylan Byers talks to Apple Senior Vice President Eddy Cue about what is and is not allowed on the company's app stores.
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Text Comments (6)
adonaiinfidel (9 months ago)
Tide pod eaters and the like minded have no idea what it took to build and maintain civilization. They're going to find out the hard way.
Skip 8610 (9 months ago)
Because it's a TV network...
Bilbo Beutlin (9 months ago)
These people are so misinformed it hurts. - There hasn’t been a single mass shooting by an NRA member. - It’s illegal to buy guns on the internet. You have to go to a licensed dealer - „white supremacy and hate speech“, so basically everyone right of Marx? Stay out of politics, Apple
A dude's thoughts (9 months ago)
If they are so angry about mass shooting and gun control them go holler at the politicians and stop using the NRA as a fall guy. If the politicians wanted more extensive gun control they would have done so years ago. Heck the democrats have complete control of the government in Obama's first term and for some strange reason they did not do any thing at all because they would have to deal with any fall out rather than being able to blame any one.
Dan Wald (9 months ago)
2:24 it is illegal to buy or sell guns on the Internet you need to go to a federal licensed dealer FFL.
Dan Wald (9 months ago)
Thank you Apple.