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Fuzhou China Family Dinner

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Here is a video of a great family dinner in Fuzhou China. The carousel table with dish after dish placed around it.
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Text Comments (15)
dany (3 months ago)
nice video warm and happy family meal! good memories
Steven Zheng (4 months ago)
Xinhui Chen (1 year ago)
Omg brings back a lot memories with my family back than I was 7
Clawbytes (1 year ago)
And after dinner they will play a game of baccarat like a traditional fujian family. Sa nu ne!
Michelle Zheng (5 years ago)
Looks so yummy! My parents r Chinese, but I'm ABC
juan juan (6 years ago)
哈哈 全福州家里吃饭都一样样的。。。讲的话都qia mo dou 嘿嘿嘿
Atlas X (6 years ago)
speak like sibu sarawak malaysia fuzhou
BattlefrontZero (6 years ago)
wow...im chinese, my family is from fuzhou but i (17 years old) live in america. i decided to search up more of my fuzhou roots and i found this video where they spoke fuzhounese or fujianese and its cool understanding wut they r saying lol
AsiansFashion (7 years ago)
I miss China alot!!
AsiansFashion (7 years ago)
Cool!! I know what their saying
Xinhui Chen (1 year ago)
AsiansFashion same
Brando GM (7 years ago)
This video made me hungry, I wish I was at that table savoring those wonderful dishes. Thank you.
IGCentertainmentca (7 years ago)
they cook right on their table in front of them.. kind of like the japanese sushi gardens does here in niagara falls.. neat idea.
BrighT L0rd (4 months ago)
They did it 1st
Wilbeerthoven (7 years ago)
Simply beautiful!!