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Testing truck safety: Are you safe on the road? (Marketplace)

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Trucks are are involved in about 20 per cent of deadly crashes in Canada but there are still no national standards for truck driver training. We hire someone who gets his driving licence in Saskatchewan, but watch what happens when he takes a similar test in Ontario where truck driver training is mandatory and tougher. »»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more videos: http://bit.ly/1RreYWS Connect with CBC News Online: For breaking news, video, audio and in-depth coverage: http://bit.ly/1Z0m6iX Find CBC News on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1WjG36m Follow CBC News on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1sA5P9H For breaking news on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1WjDyks Follow CBC News on Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Z0iE7O Download the CBC News app for iOS: http://apple.co/25mpsUz Download the CBC News app for Android: http://bit.ly/1XxuozZ »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» For more than 75 years, CBC News has been the source Canadians turn to, to keep them informed about their communities, their country and their world. Through regional and national programming on multiple platforms, including CBC Television, CBC News Network, CBC Radio, CBCNews.ca, mobile and on-demand, CBC News and its internationally recognized team of award-winning journalists deliver the breaking stories, the issues, the analyses and the personalities that matter to Canadians.
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Bushmane Ent. (22 hours ago)
i never drove standard before driving a big rig, that was my biggest challenge, i just didnt understand the concept of letting the clutch out slowly, like i thought they meant like let it all the way out slowly... so i would stall on like every hill.. but i would say 1 of the most dangerous things i noticed about truck driving was a lot of drivers skipping most of the pretrip but thats because most bosses just dont give you enough time , to do a full proper pre trip u need like 30+ minutes at least and most trucks are maintained to the bare minimum.
Hunter Mooneyham (5 days ago)
I almost got hit when a semi truck came into my line
brettzke (5 days ago)
I don't think this video is blaming the truckers. There's an increased responsibility when driving a truck because it is much more difficult to drive and accidents involving trucks can lead to much worse consequences.
hbarudi (6 days ago)
You have those companies trying to cut shipping costs and now so many accidents happening with trucks just like with crazy car drivers. This is also due to our dependence on fossil fuels, for the short haul, the tesla truck has so many safety features and is pure electric and has all the tesla "autodrive" technology that allows it to prevent accidents, then why do we still have to rely on trucks for the long haul, there is the nikola truck with hydrogen fuel cells, but that technology is still in its infancy stages and is in need of so much research to get it up and running for everyday use. Why not use trains for long distance ground shipping? trains can carry several hundred trailers on their back and are more fuel efficient per trailer compared to a truck and keeping some trucks off the road will reduce traffic congestion in heavy traffic areas and of course reduce those traffic fatalities that continue to happen regardless of the kind of vehicle car or full sized truck.
Spikke (7 days ago)
in sweden truck training requires atleast 140 hours if you're over 21 and 280 if you're under 21.
Highball 734 (8 days ago)
Training not mandatory for an 80,000 lb truck?!?!? We figured that out a long time ago in the U.S.
Joshua79C C (8 days ago)
He should try his hand in MA, USA, here you need at least two months training in a lot learning to do lane change, left and right hand backing up methods in every scenario and even left and right (aka sight and blind respectively) parallel parking, and every point of pretrip and doing the pointing out of and saying what each part is and does and then there is the road course. Meanwhile in NH it is like Saskatchewan with less requirements than MA, or even in CT where there is a popular school called NETTTS (New England Tractor Trailer Training School) of at least 6 weeks in classroom and road courses, Too many companies with their own school are also so lacking in full proper training. All that despite the Federal mandate on training as you Canadians on each territory are showing much the same.
Deon Denis (11 days ago)
14:48 the dinged up street sign says "DING" what a unfortunate coincidence.
John Justjohn (11 days ago)
Come on guys...he wasnt that bad at all..
Braveheart (12 days ago)
I am in office & also done professional driving. Driving medium vehicle (6 tyre). But i was mostly driving in the city & also on highways. I wish to be a driver (HGV). I want to be a perfect driver with training. I am commenting here for a reason, i have seen small cars driver just not allowing big trucks t enter in the city. Some disrespect for the drivers. We can't always blame the big trucks drivers also the medium car drivers should be carefully. As there are blind spots for the big trucks, just want to say drive carefully. Understand the driver his problems . The best is we respect and understand each other behind the wheels. Happy Driving. Safe Driving. Thank You
Gana Ramesh (12 days ago)
Do the same test for “Are you safe in the Pacific Mall parking lot”
john doe (12 days ago)
it is not only Canada, same problem in the US as well.
Tended Olive (12 days ago)
A bit unfair. This is the fault of law makers...not driving schools
warf 1955 (12 days ago)
The most important thing is truck drivers DO need more training EVEN in the US. But the average car driver neen a whole lot mor training on how to drive around a big truck and what could happen if they do not pay attention to the basic rules. The drivers I see out there scares the hell out of me. They drive these big trucks like they are cars. I am truly glad that I am retired and live in a small city. Where the is not a whole lot of truck traffic.
warf 1955 (12 days ago)
you said that there wrer 10 of thousands of wrecks involving trucks. But No info on how many 4 wheeler wrecks involving just 4 wheelers that involved dealths.
warf 1955 (12 days ago)
One thing I truly believe in is that even here in the US. there needs to be better training and a whole lot more experience before an person is turned loss in a bid truck for the first time. I had a lot of experience driving one commercially. I had 4 years of driving one in the military, then 6 weeks of schooling, I was also raised on a farm and drone one over the fields to the silo's and back hauling grain.
warf 1955 (12 days ago)
Sorry for the lose of life ,it is always a sad factor. I am a retired truck driver in the US what did the bus driver do that might have been a factor in the wreck. I had many a close call at intersections. cars, buses pulling out in front of me like they had the right of way when I was the one with the right of way. People just don't know how hard it is to stop a 80,000 pound vehicle. At 55 mph it takes over a 100 yard US football field to stop one. I believe that it should be mandatory for a person to at lest watch a film on how to drive around a semi. There was a study by AAA on wrecks involving a semi and a 4 wheeler's and they found that over 90% of the wrecks were the 4 wheelers fault. THEY TRIED TO HIDE THE STUDY. But the government found out and made them release it. Again, I am very sorry for the lose of the life of the ones on that buss.
Owen Cameron (12 days ago)
1:39 You need to go under cover *changes shirt* Alright you are good to go
undercoverboss2020 (12 days ago)
How about it Dave from Smart Trucking, any comments? C,mon.
Only in 'America' (12 days ago)
It is a systemic problem. From politics to economics to special interest groups, the problem is far reaching. Now throw into the mix the system wide shortage of drivers and the volume of "New Canadians" being brought in to back fill this shortage; many of which have never even driven on snow or ice in their life. A system wide, government mandated change is absolutely required. The first step is to establish pre-requisites of skill and literacy levels, a country wide standard of training and the recognition of the profession as a Skilled Trade. Just like all trades, an ongoing level of practical, instructor led classroom education, and re-testing of abilities and comprehension for the first two years MINIMUM. And just like other trades, once properly demonstrated skills and comprehension are established the driver will become "Certified" to accept and operate more demanding and lucrative positions ie. Transporting Dangerous Goods, Winter driving, Mountain Driving, Heavier Loads, Pulling "B-trains etc. These skills and competencies should parallel those of a Aviation Industry ie. Private Pilot Liscence, Night and Weather Endorsement, Mountain Endorsements, Multi-engine ratings to Commercial Ratings, Weather Understanding. As with any Trade training and Testing, it must be done by Government Certified Examiners, and not just by a trainer at the local driving school ( which in most cases is owned by the relative of the student ). Mandatory " check rides" once a driver becomes Certified (I hate the term Licensed) should also be mandated of each companies Safety Department andvrecords submitted to appropriate Regulatory body. In the event of an Owner-Operator check rides, it could be completed and done at ANY Motor Vechicle branch and not just the Operators home Province as the criteria would be consistent system wide. These ideas only scratch the surface of Safety and Development, but the Provincial Trucking Associations would be one of the lobbyists AGAINST such a radical change................follow the money. Until then, as more and more Temporary Foreign Workers are brought in to fill these roles, receiving Federal Funding (up to 13,500.00) to attend a corner Driving School (almost always owned by a relative), are FAST tracked thru the training with just the very basics being taught ( at best ), and turned loose to be employed and sent down our Hiways working for the brother of the driving school owner (coincidence? ), never having even seen snow/ice or Mountains, never having to demonstrate a working knowledge of our official language (how do they read road signs and warnings) because some provinces permit the written and road test in the applicants "comfort language", continue to allow Canadian drivers to use paper log books (colouring books due to the overwhelming amount of fraudulent entries), then ever person that drives our streets and roads will continue to be a risk........Only in Canada..,, what a Country.
uKnow (13 days ago)
Charles Symicek (14 days ago)
Did they say what the driver did to cause the accident?
Charles Symicek (14 days ago)
Dash cam for everybody. Rear cam too
robin hood (14 days ago)
Of course are pols will fudge whatever they can to mitigate tougher truck driving rules
john Blade (15 days ago)
Anyone else notice that the farmer at 4.58 has his rear tyres/ wheels on his tractor the wrong way round?
Financial Matter (15 days ago)
I got into a car accident with a truck last year after it merged unto my lane :/ My car was wrecked and was totaled. Luckily, 2 of my passengers and I were not hurt. Whenever I pass a truck when I drive I tense up. It’s hard to forget! Driver admitted at the end that he didn’t get a lot of sleep.
powe300 (15 days ago)
FMCSA found 85% of accidents that involved cmv and car, the car was at fault.
Five Dee (15 days ago)
So I'm wondering if ppl think Tesla's self-driving trucks would be safer after watching this? Hmmm.
Andreas Frind (15 days ago)
The scariest part of driving a big rig is people in cars that don't give you any room and cut in front of you and hit the brakes. Its nolt always the person in the Rig that is a cause of a accident
Gas man Gas man (15 days ago)
I made my living driving trucks for over 18yrs. No way is a person ready to deal with a truck <Class 8> with even 100 hrs of training. So now he did this in perfect weather no load on with someone in the cab with him. Cannot believe he passed in Saskatchwan without even uncoupling a truck it baffles me. A plumber gets more training then this to be fully qualified. The transportation industry is a big puppy mill to get freight moving plainly.
John Doe (15 days ago)
I got my CDL in the USA with about 1 hour at most experience on how to back up in a parking lot and about maybe 1 hour at most of driving on the road so I have my CDL with maybe 2 hours experience. Don’t worry I decided not to go trucking, you’re safe.
usdpaulp (15 days ago)
Cars cause most of the accidents involving big rigs.
Chase Harnack (16 days ago)
I'm not saying that some commercial truck diving accidents arent caused by the truck driver but you see in the video that people dont give big rigs the respect they need. When the guy was doing that right turn that smaller grey truck doesn't wait. I always let the big rig go first and give them more than enough room to make the turn. My dad is a dump truck driver in Madison and people always cut him off and tailgate him.
Fukai Kokoro (17 days ago)
A HUGE problem in my area is trucks in the fast lane. (Left lane). Trucks will even cut you off. They’ll even jump in when there’s a small gap during rush hour. Which is a problem when you only have two lanes on the freeway, Which is extremely dangerous. Because as a car you’re going 70 ish mph. And you hav a semi truck going 55. That’s asking for an accident. When you only have two lanes on a freeway and both lanes are filled with semi trucks, it DESTROYS the flow of traffic. They are out of control in my area.
mrmsteck (17 days ago)
Also training for auto drivers should include how to drive in the vicinity of oversized vehicles
Ramman (17 days ago)
How about car driving schools teach their students how to behave around trucks. I have two daughters , my oldest got her license last year and the other one is going through the schooling now and neither one of them was shown what not to do around trucks. i'll bet this goes on in most driving schools around the country. There are way more cars on the roadways as there are trucks and i am really scared of what i see when i drive my truck. So much so that i recently bought a dash cam to be able to film what happens in front of my truck.
Peter Fredrickson (17 days ago)
the federal government likes to have poor drivers from foreign countries on the the companies do as well they work real cheap Big trucking companies want cheap drivers from overseas at one time we used to get our low paid truckers from Sask or new foundland that was not good enough now we get them overseas
illuminati (18 days ago)
Annual inspection for ALL cars and trucks like in the EU. And a special separate drivers licence for cars AND trucks. In the EU we have a drivers licence for almost everything. Motorcycle - car - truck - bus - farmvehicle - moped. And a separate licence for a trailer. For large vehicles, (trucks and busses) you also need to visit a doctor every 5 years to renew your license. . I have a truck license and that took 10 4-hour lessons. (excluding theory training)
George Travers (18 days ago)
And these 16 hour Canadian drivers come into the US? Something is going to hit the fan.
Howard Kerr (18 days ago)
I had a license to drive a commercial vehicle, I took a course at a community college and we did 80 hours of classroom before ever getting behind the wheel. The driving school on the other side of town GRADUATED drivers in less than 80 hours. I drove 700-850 miles before I took my driving test. The other school? It was rumored that you were lucky to get 25-50 miles behind the wheel. In my state, you can take the test for a heavy truck driving license WITHOUT any instruction if you study the driving manual. BTW, we had several people in my class who did not pass the test for a license the first time. One could not park the truck satisfactorily and another could not SHIFT from gear to gear satisfactorily. The first trucking company I went to work for wanted graduates from the "minimalistic" school. Go figure.
timcat100 (18 days ago)
It should be mandatory for all trucks to be equipped with GPS speed monitoring. Limit all trucks to 10% under the posted speed. Pull the GPS logs and fire them for the first strike. I absolutely despise the truckers around here.
R. G. (19 days ago)
What about bus drivers? They're carrying people, not boxes or pallets! In Europe, the bus license is even a "higher class" than the truck license...
solarson53 (19 days ago)
It's the most dangerous thing we do and no body seems to take it seriously - that is a shame
NC Styles (19 days ago)
They should’ve talk to Robert and cams to Prime Inc. A real certified school.
Drewski intergalactic (20 days ago)
Truck drivers are becoming a lot more aggressive because trucking companies are hiring x cons since they can't find enough truckers due to low pay
ecylla88 (20 days ago)
@cbcnews please close the comments on this video. The racism shown here is disgusting!
Lakshay Punj (20 days ago)
Counting days till Volvo and Tesla mass produce big-rigs so most accidents are reduced thanks to modern tech. Also, no emissions
Josh McCarthy (20 days ago)
16 hours? If you play by the rules in the US it takes longer than that to get a car dl.
Alisia Lopez (21 days ago)
I wonder if this is similar in the US??
mmiller21157 (21 days ago)
Govt regulation isn't necessary. Insurance providers could easily solve this issue through strict requirements trucking companies must meet in order to be eligible and remain covered. Properly trained drivers will be less likely to have an accident, which would of course save money for the insurance providers.
Colin Sevier (21 days ago)
16 hours training!! wtf
Edward Martinez (21 days ago)
Have fun home John.
Aarow Thomas (21 days ago)
Where is the Cessna 206 footage I was promised in the intro? I really wanted to see that.
Trinity Fusick (21 days ago)
💚💛R.I.P. Broncos💛💚
Alex L (22 days ago)
One of the most misleading videos paid by the truck school lobby. No school or “academy “ as they like to call themselves can prepare a professional driver in 100 hours, not for 18 wheeler, nor for a car, none of them are even trying to, their only strategy is to give a bare minimum to get students through the test and fill up the class with a fresh meat. 5000 cad a head, often paid by Ontario Works, that’s what they are after. You want to make roads safer? Get cops to enforce the rules, no magic here. Go after people texting while driving, aggressive drivers cutting in front, passing on acceleration lines, flying on a shoulder. Trucking industry is already regulated over the top: speed limiters, ELD’s, scales on every corner, what else?
pageaurora (22 days ago)
In Australia you have to get a separate driving license to drive a truck; it’s a complicated process and I think helps prevent less prepared drivers from getting behind the wheel of a big rig - they have to pass a hard skill test first and do hours on it
Richard McConnell (22 days ago)
Canada has to deal with Justin Trudeau and truck accidents? I'm surprised they're not seeking asylum in America
al3x3y (22 days ago)
I’m 28 and been a class 1 driver since I was 21.I did only 10 hours of training but I grew up in a family of truckers.Been around trucks my entire life.My dad and my uncle both I.owned trucks and had the chance to practice and know how they work. Like in any other job is either you have it or you don’t.People get into trucking these days because they heard there’s money to be made but they never been anywhere close to a big rig.I know guys that used to be pastors or hair dressers and then decided to become truck drivers. It might be easy to get your license but it’s not easy to actually drive a truck by yourself. Driving a truck is not only in a straight line anyone can do that....shifting,turning,backing up those are the real tasks for a truck driver.The bus tragedy could of been avoided if the driver would of been used to his truck and knew how to shift mostly when you are in a intersection.
Pakistani Trucker (23 days ago)
Much needed in Pakistan
Sathandra D (23 days ago)
I've been kicked of the road twice by semi trucks in Northern US; I was driving on the interstate in the right lane, empty road at 11am. A semi truck from behind me in the middle lane decided he wanted to pass me,  I noticed his blinkers go on and his front tires getting into my lane when he was half way past - I hit my brakes and swerved to the side strip as he switched into the lane where I was driving. Another time I was in the middle lane and another interstate connected to the one I was driving on merged - that semi truck came onto the interstate, turned on his left blinker and crossed TWO lanes to get to where I was driving, I had to switch to the left lane quickly to avoid being crushed. Both happened on nice, sunny days. Blind spot or not, both could of, would of seen me prior to their lane switch
Pernection (23 days ago)
Teach 4 wheelers how to drive with oversized vehicles as well
earl 333 (23 days ago)
gee why are people being killed
KOLMEKAKKONE (23 days ago)
well if you can go 60-75 mph its pretty dangerous. Usually trucks in Europe have 80-90 kph speed limit, which is 50 mph.
Swamp Rat (18 days ago)
In Ontario the speed limit for trucks is 65 mph/105 kmh.
Steven Kenzou (23 days ago)
I had a truck almost merge into me last year because he wasn't checking. Now,​ whenever I pull up next to a truck going the same speed about 120 or so I feel safer speeding up to 140 just to past them.
James Platt (24 days ago)
I find it hard to believe that 90% of Canada does not have the same minimum standard for new truck driver training, and Alberta only requiring 16 hours of BTW training in 2018 is really not enough time to get those green horns ready to call the shots in a C.M.V. The BC may have a strict training requirement, but I bet anyone their class A or Class 1 CDL that their green horns have far less accidents. In the U.S. we are only required to have 30 hours BTW training now in 2018, I can't remember what it was when I got my CDL, I think was close to the 16 hours of BTW training like Alberta, even then I did not think I had enough training time to operate those trucks safely. To this day I am glad my first company offered training above and beyond the minimum standards of the DOT if it wasn't for them I probably would have been off the road before I started.
Minel Fazlic (24 days ago)
Doesnt matter if it was his first or 50th trip alone. The man could have team drove for 5 months and then go let go on the road alone and just happened to cause a wreck killing a bunch of people first trip. Also getting your license in 1 week vs 6 weeks yes youre getting training but that doesnt mean just because you got a license in a week that your new company is going to send you out with a trainer for a while. This is all negative focused into " making it safer" at the end of the day... there is still more car accidents than there is truck accidents. The only difference is a truck has a harder impact on the whole situation when it does wreck.
Derikimi (24 days ago)
These reporters love forcing people to grieve
Leo (24 days ago)
Hell, I've got 450 hours on American truck sim? Am i ready?
Val Kyri (24 days ago)
This is nothing less than demonizing Truck Drivers as a whole. Any profession you scrutinize there will be that 2 bad percentage. Most Trucking school push for 100+ hours behind the wheel training. In addition, when a new driver start his/her career with chosen company, they will be then train some more with supervision. If you think truckers are bad, I sincerely know 4-wheelers are worse. What makes it worse is 4-wheelers do NOT run by a logbook, do NOT have to shift several gears, agile 10x better than trucks and yet, they screw things up all the time. At least a big share of fuc8 ups on the road.
Derek Charette (24 days ago)
I think you should be tacking the REAL problem on the roads... and it's NOT truckers - it's women drivers. A woman driving a Prius is a greater threat to the public than a man Australian road train with 8 trailers with failing brakes.
Rebel Garage (24 days ago)
Trucking is heavily regulated already. I've had my registrations suspended over seatbelt tickets. To fix problems, no speak english, not born here, no licence.
jason henn (24 days ago)
Another common scenario is a driver with some experience but not alot working for a company running some questionable equipment safety wise; that driver can either run it and hope for the best, or confront the owner, tell them they need to invest a bunch of money to bring it up to requirments, and risk unemployment. This news piece assumes one issue is the core issue, that's akin to saying that the Canadian health care system can be fixed by tweaking one thing; the transportation industry specifically the driving end of it is the largest single employer in North America; this industry is incurring incredible cost increases yearly while freight rates are being squeezed lower by the big conglomerates, everyone is struggling to survive; its purely a cost vs profit underlying issues that is the underpinning of the safety issue. A good exsposea would be to do a thorough examination of the industry as a whole; this idea that driver training is the only lever that needs readjusting is a simplistic view. There's a complexity of factors contributing to the safety issue, one of the most predominate ones is fiscal viability; since we in our hyper consumerism world require a vast trucking industry to facilitate that lifestyle, then each need to be prepared to absorb the cost of increasing the level of saftey we desire; keeping in perspective that millions of truck movments occur monthly, and by percentage the fatality injuries ratio is small; also keeping in mind that there is an ever increasing driver shortage, and self drive trucks can only play a small part in this multifaceted complex industry problem. Maybe conider doing a comprehensive examination of this issue im certain many would find it compelling7.
ken kennedy (24 days ago)
Unfortunately experience is the only solution because there are so many variables on the road. My problem is with those who cannot speak English or French bringing an interpreter into the test with them or get their licence at an ethnic "school". Drivers should be re-certified every 5 years. I had my ' Class One with air' for 40 years but mostly drove straight trucks surrendering my Class One recently because I retired but could have legally taken a job driving a tractor trailer rig and I knew where for 'seasonal work' but felt I was not qualified to do it. Also a bad combination on the busy highway of tired semi drivers on their last hour of their trip ... contractors with big 4x4 pick-ups hauling a piece of equipment on an overburdened trailer in the fast lane with early morning commuters just out of bed with a warm cup of coffee to keep them alert speeding along on a four lane road LOL. Too many people thinking speed when they should be thinking OK safety first.
Advendes 1 (24 days ago)
Thank god this video isnt monetized
Alen Kaminsky (25 days ago)
the training is so dramatic
SAMZIRRA (25 days ago)
Heath seems like the nicest guy ever.
waaazup D (25 days ago)
Driving a truck is a lot more complicated and what people think a lot of thinking involved lot of planning out you have to be a better driver than everybody else on the road
олен (25 days ago)
What about bus drivers? The amount of awful bus drivers I've seen, pulling out without indicating & such
jason henn (25 days ago)
Remember there is already a huge driver shortage . the only solution is decent pay for ALL hours worked. This will be passed along to consumers. Thats the trade off, we need trucks unless we seriously curtail our over consumerism
jason henn (25 days ago)
Before u can get a class one, 1 Should require min 5 years of driving class 5 to understand the road rules in general.
SHAWNCEY #CantEven (25 days ago)
The company’s that employe the truck drivers should have a gyroscope for speed and breaking to track if the driver is safe when they are driving
T. H. (25 days ago)
I am a class A driver but here in USA u need to learn your pre-trip inspection and your air brake test before they put u behind the wheel so CANADA needs to learn from us Americans to train their drivers correctly.
InuKun2008 (25 days ago)
As far as the federal minister, the biggest issue he has is that the provinces have each long fought against federal regulations for traffic safety, so each province sets its own rules and procedures (such as a flashing green traffic light in Ontario means that traffic in the opposite direction is still on red and thus left turns can be made, while in BC it denotes that pedestrians are potentially crossing the street and so to exercise caution). The provinces argue that the federal government taking such actions is a violation of their provincial sovereignty. Another factor Marketplace is overlooking, is employers who push their drivers to bend the rules in the interest of shaving time off of the delivery of goods, and in some cases instruct those drivers to break the law just to get to their intended destination. They then turn around when police come to talk to them about a violation which one of their drivers committed, and insist that they are all about driver safety and that they never instructed the driver to do what they did, even though in reality they had ordered them to drive in such a manner, unless the driver wishes to be either docked pay, or be fired.
David Benda (25 days ago)
silly pigs, truck drivers are probably better at driving and actually have importance in society
Leonard Leasa (25 days ago)
Two vehicles collide at a lonely intersection. Both were commercial drivers. It can be said the other driver could have seen it coming. That he needs to be watching for the other driver. Car or truck. There is enough blame to go around. I had been driving for 4 years now. I drive the roads in Michigan. Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. The numbers of trucks on the road is huge. The number of cars is more. Not enough road for thd number of vehicles. I learn something new everyday. Reversing.. 3 times per day. I drive long haul. I don't get alot of practice. Not at a pro. But, I am getting better at reading drivers on the road. Car drivers. Who is going to cut me off, make a erratic move, those not paying attention, scared, incompetent. Drivers who can't merge, handle thier car at interstate speeds. Unfit motor vehicles. Lousy roads that can't handle the traffic volumes or poorly maintained. If one can handle all of the BS they eventually become experienced. I trained at a provincially approved training facility. It prepared me for my driving test. Beyond that it is training by trial and error. I am sure I appeared to be a new driver at times. Recently there was an accident near me. It involved a soth bound minivan with a Korean family from the GTA. The other vehicle west bound. The driver local. The GTA driver that was unfamiliar with the roads missed a stoped sign resulting in the deaths of three childern. No traffic. Just the two cars on a two lonely country roads. No truck involved here. Car drivers are the cause of alot of accidents involving trucks. I see lots of car drivers using cell phones or otherwise unattentive. The roads are a mix, a stew of good and bad driver or cars or trucks. Experienced and not. Well maintained, or poorly. Good roads, bad roads. The bottom line, I think, trucking pay and life style is not attracting the quality of applicants the public would like. But, any one can get a licence to drive any car on any road in North America and mix it up with trucks. It's a bad mix. There are certain drivers who are courteous and others who are not. They drive cars or trucks. When two discourteous drivers are in close proximity what is going to happen? Sorry. I am rambling.
Joe Maxwell (25 days ago)
This is very surprising. I've been a class A holder for 10 years. Here in the usa i got my training in Colorado at a school that took 5 weeks 6 days per week with 10 hours per day. Then when i got hired with a company i did an additional 8 weeks over the rapid witha trainer beefier i went solo. I'm not saying usa drivers are better because i had trained also for about 6 years and here in the USA if you pass a driver and they get into a bad accident the trainer also gets to go before court and plead his innocents for passing that driver. It's a very very very serious job not to be taken lightly.
MightyFish (25 days ago)
I hate other car drivers so much.
Real Canadian Railfan (26 days ago)
Because of Humboldt, Alberta is finally taking back the driver road test. It used to be privatized, like license bureaus, drivers could just basically buy a medical and license from a privatized 'tester'. If ever anyone should have to know what they're doing, and speak English, it's commercial drivers. Imagine if you could get a commercial pilot's license just by knowing which end of the plane a pilot sits in!? "What is that?" *points* "a plane" "and what is that big round thing under it?" "you mean the tire or the engine?" "YAY!!! you answered the next question with the first one! Here's your license. Good luck!"
Rigoberto Rubalcaba (26 days ago)
American trucking is better than Canada
Tommy B. (26 days ago)
In Québec 6-7 years ago I did as well my prof. Driver licence on a 20h class with no coupling / uncoupling in it. Failed my backup as I was stressed at the exam but still had my licence. Things got well at job as I get calmer being alone with the machine and I had found a job where the boss was like " get in the yard and practice as you want" so did I learned everything I missed all by myself... but the first winter storm with an empty box on country highway was something I didn't expected. 6 month later, I still learned by myself how to operate that thing on snow and ice as I was mostly alone on the way to figure out the machine behaviors in these situations. Now, I'm comfortable in any situation... but still agree that the training is really not enough, especially for those who aren't at first self learners. Roads are filled with drivers who don't realise what they got in thier hands.
Michael Jo (26 days ago)
Wow 16 hrs and then a road test! That's insane! I had to get 160 mandatory hrs in before I could take mine. Yea 16 hrs is so dangerous, it takes at least a month to get use to in school.
Charles-A Rovira (26 days ago)
And *that* is why autonomous trucks will rule the road in the coming years.
TNinja0 (26 days ago)
12:53 Excuse me? Why would you NOT need to know how to couple trailers? Why would anyone take a trailer licence otherwise?
Dominic Mammone (26 days ago)
i have live on a Australian farm my whole life ever since i could reach the peddles and see over the dash my dad taught me how to drive it from cars, tractors to trucks so i have some experiences with big vehicles. when i was 18 i got my license for operating skid-steer loaders all the was up to the biggest machines that you can find in a mine like the CAT 793. now when it comes to driving a truck on the road like a B-double on the highway sure i could do it, through a small rural city like my home town of Mildura maybe, through a big city like Melbourne or Sydney Hell no. now with some time, practice and help from a professional trainer yes i could. but here in Australia i cant get my truck license till i am 21 and that's for a small - medium flatbed/box truck and i think i need to hold that license for around 2-3 years till i can move up to a semi truck and another 2-3 years till i can go on to a MC license in Australia that covers B-double, B-triples and road-trains. but don't hold me to that i haven't looked in to getting my truck license in a long time 1- i am still not 21, 2- it takes time an money as a farmer i don't really have also i need to get my chemical licenses first before my dad finally hands the farm over to me. for those what are curious about Australian chemical licenses we need 3 one to buy chemicals, one to own and store chemical, and another license to use chemical and that for general farm use. i am guessing its hell to get chemical licenses for big business like manufacturing. give it 10 years and we will probably need a license to go to the toilet.
John Waite (26 days ago)
that guy should have stuck to driving camels , he probably showed up in this country and claimed he was a truck driver , have you seen the way they drive in Pakistan and India
Ozu (26 days ago)
Majority freight broker company force to run. Right time delivery . Truck. Driver won’t be driving like insane unless is late to pick up late for the delivery runing out of hours Majority of truck driving school won’t want teach u is about the profit not about the traning
Chin Brumback (26 days ago)
Sorry man
Robbie Rants and other stuff (26 days ago)
how about a 6 mouth apprenticeship after 100 hours of training?
John Rasulov (27 days ago)
I support the idea about a lot more training for drivers. However, 1 hour training costs $80 (New York City, USA), 10 hour classes = $800 (which I signed up for), 100 hours would be $8,000😰. Are you kidding me? It isn't small amount of money, huh? But the crucial question is who is ready to pay $8,000 for 100 hour training CDL classes???
J P (27 days ago)
I wonder how Mr Garneau would feel with 16 hours of training in a Soyuz. Another disgraceful politician.