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UPS Rubs Logistics

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I recently made a vid about USPS and their atrocious services ("United States Service : Artificially Intelligent And Formally Impersonal," https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAQBgFitLag), but this will top them all. So, UPS lost my package, but they will not compensate for it. Either I must in the twilight zone or they are in the lalaland. No wonder even Trump becomes the president of the most narcissistic country in history of mankind. It does show the level of the “service” and how they feel truly "for" people. They are not here for people. They are here for themselves only, and the people of the US are just sitting ducks. Anyway, their atrocious “service” sounds like a class action to me, and certainly they are not a fair business trading company. Write down “NO” so that you won’t forget that they do not compensate for any lost packages. Can you believe this condescending idiot named Andrew is actually the supervisor of the UPS supervisors? Simply “lol.” I think UPS stands for "UP w/ YourS."
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steve1758 (6 months ago)
UPS will pay for a lost package to the shipper Amazon this person is not the shipper Amazon is the shipper. The package was sent back on a RTS (return service ) paid for by Amazon again Amazon is the shipper UPS can only pay for lost items to the original shipper. This has been the UPS policy for decades. If he had sent the package and paid the shipping charges he would be paid for the lost package. In this case he is a 3rd party and has to go back to the original shipper. This it a standard policy for every carry and the USPS.