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Ohio Residents DESTROY Neighbors Vehicle!!!

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(For licensing or usage, contact licensing@viralhog.com) When bad neighbors move in, bad things are bound to happen. But when do bad things become the unthinkable? Right now in this very video, that's when. These guys warned their neighbors repeatedly to not park in or block their driveway with no success. The neighbors continued to park in the driveway until the point that the camera man gives them three strikes, and those three strikes racked up fast. Angry camera man and his wrecking crew decide to put an end to the neighbors car all together. It starts out with a huge blacked out Excursion smashing and running over the neighbors Ford Taurus. That's when things turn crazy. A second neighbor from across the street that watched the action unfolding decided he wanted a starting role in their revenge video. He drives a Dodge Ram straight out of the movie "Twister" with all the dents and dings to go along with it. It doesn't take long before it's a one on none demolition derby in the camera man's driveway. But don't think it stops there, nope! Soon many people from the neighborhood see what's going on, and upon learning the story, they proceed to destroy the car as well. Men, women, and children all participated in this sheet metal slaughter! The next morning, police identified and arrested the three neighborhood men and two woman also involved in the videos. The men received 5 years each while the woman ended up with three years. In the end, who was really taught the lesson here?
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Text Comments (14041)
William Won (4 hours ago)
Are they the home owners and if they are why the hell did they get charged for something that is on there property .
michael russell (4 hours ago)
only cowards mess with a defenceless cars. go after the owner, legaly.
Tychu Lycan (5 hours ago)
White trash at it's best! Even if it is fake! As fake as your cracker ass family
Tychu Lycan (5 hours ago)
You're retarded! Hope you went to jail White privilege dumbass
Justin Gibson (6 hours ago)
Id call dcfs on the kids parents for letting an teaching the kids to be dumb an disrespectful like their parents
Justin Gibson (6 hours ago)
Every one involved even the kids id have punished
Justin Gibson (6 hours ago)
I'd destroy his truck
Justin Gibson (6 hours ago)
There is other ways to deal with issues
coco loco (9 hours ago)
Isn't it nice when the community comes together 😂
carolyn marner (10 hours ago)
I think they went too far, though i do understand. Children should never be involved in things like that. Setting bad example!
carolyn marner (10 hours ago)
Engine sounds like a growling dog.
Conner Pipa (11 hours ago)
Those children are going to be grown up as thugs
Ray Stephan (12 hours ago)
Anybody who thinks this is real is truly an idiot.
Markybo 2x (12 hours ago)
Michael Lambert (13 hours ago)
Jay Bush (13 hours ago)
They might get out in 3 for good behaviour
G Rap (14 hours ago)
What a lovely place to live...
Justin Butcher (18 hours ago)
Was the neighbor upset?😅
Laura Soto (19 hours ago)
LegendaryGameTime (20 hours ago)
OMG y'all got the kids out there helping to LOL
dieselcanuck87 (1 day ago)
Fredy Cooper (1 day ago)
Lol, love how at the end they got the kids involved. Great life lesson btw. Ps, the excursion got owned by the beat red truck👍🏻
Catarina Tamez (1 day ago)
A week of towing fees for the neighbor would have made me happy. This is too far lmao
Joe Boscarino (1 day ago)
Gamer007 (1 day ago)
I like how people say its fake, lol this is ohio for you. Just the other day someone took a small car went to a dealership, tied up dealerships plow attachment to back of car dragging it on the ground, I believe story said they were headed to recycling center with it. Needless to say a chained loose plow dragging on dry pavement by a car is going to get busted. https://goo.gl/images/EBa3eQ This kinda stuff why big city folk shouldn't mess with people out in the countryside... it isn't just guns you have to worry about. Many may have heard about stories like that... they are probably not fairytales. People talk about liberals vs conservatives... what you'll find though is combinations in between, a little common sense with some crazy mixed in.
J B (1 day ago)
Fake video because this is considered illegal
Gamer007 (1 day ago)
I want to know why the person on top level she doesn't get to use the drive way but the people on bottom do? You ask me bottom should be on the street because you can walk to the first floor easy, by having driveway and going to 3rd floor it makes things easier, why would you walk from road to drive way, then to 3rd floor? By the sounds of it this guy had no claim to the parking there as he says neighbor, implying he is not a owner. ... he should of parked it where it was, plenty of space when he pulled in each time. and left it blocking them in if it was that big of a deal. So much for using the 4x4 after repairing it...5 yrs prison time.
bass hole (1 day ago)
Gone fishing 804 (1 day ago)
Smh super clickbait looks pretty staged to me but hey you got me
Mike Detoy (1 day ago)
Pretty sure they didnt get 3-5 years for that
Rob Blume (1 day ago)
bullshit....jailtime my ass
CLH (1 day ago)
You don't get charged 5 years!!! For vandilizm
G Rap (14 hours ago)
CLH You do if you cannot spell vandalism...
james cowles (1 day ago)
Looks to me like beings how ot was the man's who's driveway would have been better off having it towed by some inreputeable towing company!!!! Same results, without tearing up his truck!!!! No prison time, when neighbor got his car back, ot would have been parted out. Just my opinion.
Jacob Sullivan (2 days ago)
Y'all would have got trouble
Nancy Quinlan (2 days ago)
Ya they should have just call cops to tow it. They were visciuos. They did not deal with this in a responsible way. I understand it's their drive way. Having it towed would have been quite the expense for those people, that would have been their lesson. I agree these people have alot of nerve parking in someone else's driveway. I don't get that but these people destroying the car, I knew they were going to be in trouble. I hope none of these people have children because they are teaching them to be aggressive in life with this behavior. I'm surprised at the jail sentences though. The whole thing is crazy.
Herric Dizzy (2 days ago)
What a fucking dummy
Remmy Sanders (2 days ago)
So they did all that to be evicted, and pretty much bye that lady a brand new car..and now u mfs have a record... If i was her i would have been happy asf coimg back from vacation.. I would have been looking online at the new cars and deciding which one them mfs gonna buy me at the same time calling the police and lawyer laughing at they dumb ass😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Marlon De Leon (2 days ago)
Randall Turner (2 days ago)
Must be fake because you can't legally destroy someone's property. If the car is parked on property you own then you can have a towing company tow it away. Would have been much easier than what you did.
Carlos Donatto (2 days ago)
I think this video is phony because first off who's going to be stupid enough to park that car over and over and over again and your neighbors yard when it could be towed and ticketed 2nd off who's going to give up their freedom by trying to waste somebody's car and total it make sense?
Daniel James (2 days ago)
5 years bruh they are idiots
dodgdatona (2 days ago)
Your lucky you and your family don't get shot for vandalism.
outdoors life (2 days ago)
I would have just had it pulled to the road instead of messing it up like that
Lester Pace (2 days ago)
You know foregiveness stems from knowing others are stupid but you are proveing you are dumber than they. are
Aaron Chacon (2 days ago)
This is the fakest video ever 👎🏽
pip layer (2 days ago)
They may have been charged but noone did 5 year come on now. Should have just towed it to the hood!
Jack Frost (2 days ago)
It's thier car,and his twin went on vacation lol
The Bad Wolf (2 days ago)
Fake as fuck
Hulk Smash 5-62 (2 days ago)
I would have dragged it out to the middle of the road
PECJR23 (2 days ago)
Fake BS
JennRFL16 (2 days ago)
Yup these people are really really bright destroying someones car do they think they will Not get in trouble retards
Ava Singleton (2 days ago)
Why would u even waist your time doing this like is ur name on that parking spot if so i want to see it
FCoxUSMC (2 days ago)
Should have just called a tow truck.
Merv McRough (2 days ago)
What a bitch ass country
strongbrave (2 days ago)
Destruction of private property. Willful and wanton etc. Etc. Jail time
Sans the skelebro (1 day ago)
Its THERE property.
Al F. (2 days ago)
Fernando Rodriguez (2 days ago)
I think that other way to resolve this problems Not doing this
Thomas Palmer (2 days ago)
I totally agree that what the owners of the Ford did was out of order, but I don't think that what these guys did was right either. These guys could actually be arrested for criminal damage now. Why didn't you have a tow truck come to remove the car? That would have surely taught the owners not to do this.
gary schuler (2 days ago)
WHAT A JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
asadalbadia (2 days ago)
This is staged . No normal guy would do such a dumb irresponsible thing ..
Nikeda Drayton (2 days ago)
Still isn't cool to destroy someone's vehicle just get it towed
Sara Wynn (3 days ago)
I mean I get it but won’t everybody be into it with law enforcement everyone involved destroyed the car ?
Broo Klyn (3 days ago)
Thats funny it's worth the 5 years
John Smith (3 days ago)
Fuckwit red neck in 4wd
eliseo valdez (3 days ago)
Jesus said love thy neighbor as thyself and you should forgive a person 7 times 70
Lawrence House (3 days ago)
This had to be planned if not they are really not to bright
Sarah Burggraf (3 days ago)
Moses Glasgow (3 days ago)
NO 😡
guero lopez (3 days ago)
That's how animals act
Will Hall (3 days ago)
What a bunch of idiot's
Sashaa (3 days ago)
You need to buy a Jeep!
Destiny Akins (3 days ago)
Well people should listen and not be a snich bitch
dave jones (3 days ago)
Love it..fuck them
Algeron Bradley (3 days ago)
No this is very real i hear it in his voice this wasn't stage.
Algeron Bradley (3 days ago)
You looking too get a lawsuit that what looking for.
Mark Krimmel (3 days ago)
Dude it's a ford Taurus...we all know the car was broke down junk....headed for the scrap pile...awesome video tho!!
Arlindo Victoria (3 days ago)
DJ IRONHULK (3 days ago)
You could've just gotten the car towed and done
Cynthia Hunter (3 days ago)
So fake
Durk van Kalsbeek (3 days ago)
Highill28 Yates8s (3 days ago)
They had no respect at all for the neighbors. It goes to show how a lot of top U.S. govt. & state officials do as they want. Step back & open your eyes. Cali. Wild "LASER" fires is a part of the beginning of the depopulation of America!!! ? "THE GREATEST NATION ON EARTH" It started with homeless Vets. & the elderly to attempt saving Social Security Benefits. Now do away with the Good people when possible, & the bad tend to take care of a lot of their own!! The Greatest on Earth! R. Reagans said the scariest 9 words in eng. lang. A Knock at the door. . .... "Were from the government and we're here to help!!"
John Woodson (3 days ago)
Both of they azz should've learned.....
jboss119 (3 days ago)
Hope you like probation and a fine. You seem like a bitch.
Anthony Rojas (3 days ago)
Lol. It could of been towed at the car owners expense.
Acts 238 Ephesians 45 (3 days ago)
Stupid ford excursion 7.3 can’t push another ford. Lame
Laura Silverstone (3 days ago)
I can understand asking someone not to park somewhere and they keep on and it annoys you,, but it's not right to destroy a neighbours property. Not is it right to encourage a child to do evil
Adam W (3 days ago)
A bit of poo came out at 3:02.
JD Awkovic (3 days ago)
Could of Came up with a Better More Peaceful Solution
roy oquendo (3 days ago)
This was all a setup for the sake of the video
Donald Dayton (3 days ago)
No, the real tragedy was that you're teaching those "bystanders" (kids) to be a law unto themselves. I would have first tried to get police involved to tow/impound the vehicle. If that had failed to produce results, then call a tow company. If they also refused, then yank the vehicle out into the street, making sure it is illegally parked. That would ensure that the police would get involved to tow it away.
Gary Walker (4 days ago)
Why didn't he hook it up and tow it out onto the street
Vw lover (4 days ago)
Yas Bel (4 days ago)
Well....... Ok.
rickie (4 days ago)
This only proves that people are dumb... calling a tow truck would be way cheaper. And why record yaself... For what? likes?
H L (4 days ago)
5 years!!!!!! Fuck america
NICKO BENZ (4 days ago)
Daaam that's really fucked up
Stephen Smith (4 days ago)
Shame on you for not getting the roof line even with the hood, or what was left of it.
Elton Chitongo (4 days ago)
You juss want to show as that your car is very powerfull and u are little bit crazy hahaua
Farming and Gardening in the South Southern View (4 days ago)
I just bet that's your car with a bad motor. Yep
latrice harris (4 days ago)
WTF is wrong with people? Fuckn stupid shit, I hope y'all don't have kid's.