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Ohio Residents DESTROY Neighbors Vehicle!!!

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(For licensing or usage, contact licensing@viralhog.com) When bad neighbors move in, bad things are bound to happen. But when do bad things become the unthinkable? Right now in this very video, that's when. These guys warned their neighbors repeatedly to not park in or block their driveway with no success. The neighbors continued to park in the driveway until the point that the camera man gives them three strikes, and those three strikes racked up fast. Angry camera man and his wrecking crew decide to put an end to the neighbors car all together. It starts out with a huge blacked out Excursion smashing and running over the neighbors Ford Taurus. That's when things turn crazy. A second neighbor from across the street that watched the action unfolding decided he wanted a starting role in their revenge video. He drives a Dodge Ram straight out of the movie "Twister" with all the dents and dings to go along with it. It doesn't take long before it's a one on none demolition derby in the camera man's driveway. But don't think it stops there, nope! Soon many people from the neighborhood see what's going on, and upon learning the story, they proceed to destroy the car as well. Men, women, and children all participated in this sheet metal slaughter! The next morning, police identified and arrested the three neighborhood men and two woman also involved in the videos. The men received 5 years each while the woman ended up with three years. In the end, who was really taught the lesson here?
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Text Comments (8250)
ONE3NO3 (13 hours ago)
Fucking moron..
Alton Jones (13 hours ago)
They went to jail
Squirrel Darling (16 hours ago)
Probably fake, the most you’d get is probation...don’t ask me how I know.
Catherine Wright (17 hours ago)
Wow that cars broken
Aviaz X (18 hours ago)
Probably burned half a tank of diesel in that excursion just revving it.
Billy Bukk (19 hours ago)
The ones doimg the damae
herman lewis (21 hours ago)
how stupid s is he
Rick McIntosh (1 day ago)
What state was this filmed in?  Ohio right!  Let me get this right, you destroy the car and film it, why?  To get some YouTube exposure?  While you're doing that 5 year bit in jail, you'll get more exposure than you could ever imagine.
TheDjrezio (1 day ago)
changes ago (1 day ago)
who else smells bullshit
Rob Ortiz (1 day ago)
This was fake to get views
Heather Bray (2 days ago)
Got destroyed
Gooners Gaming & more (2 days ago)
They can sue U
Jesus Soto (2 days ago)
Not right tink to do in front a kids
Colin Oliveri (2 days ago)
I think they shouldn’t get arrested because it’s on their property and you asked multiple times to not park it there so
Chris Catto (2 days ago)
Wickcity2020 Fields (2 days ago)
You really just won't to do tat to the car that's a junk car
jeff deathrage (2 days ago)
Dude, u drive 4 shit, n yer truck sounds like shit. World of shit, bud. Enjoy your life- take sum driving lessons. Shoulda been on the roof in 1 try w/ no damage to yer truck. Genius.
Buzz Lite Beer (2 days ago)
5 yrs,. I call bullshit.
Gaming Zombie666 (2 days ago)
Did the owners of the tourist get arrested
mrBDeye (2 days ago)
Fake story. It is not neighbor's car.
anonymous foru (2 days ago)
You never put a crime on tape you're the worst kind of snitch you're snitching on yourself
Crazy Kid (3 days ago)
3rd floor
razor riot (3 days ago)
Their are more mature ways to deal with this. And them poor kids deserve better n its true Some people just shouldn't be allowed and dont deserve to have children.
Jesus Salgado (3 days ago)
CDM SKATES (3 days ago)
Straight to the Body (3 days ago)
Ohio looks soft af after this video. You guys treat your neighbors like this? Smh
John Lamping (3 days ago)
No way in HELL they got five years for that this is fake
Craigy C (3 days ago)
Lol is this Toledo?
Sititlow (21 hours ago)
Lister Atdrik (3 days ago)
this is the best bro
Rick Kemmer (3 days ago)
What the heck That car deserved it It was not your fault that your neighbor was a jerk R.I.P RANDOM WHITE CAR 🚔
soirilien st hilaire (3 days ago)
Junkyard would give you more money if it's was the way it's was stop acting like you a gangster your voice too soft
Sititlow (21 hours ago)
Your girlfriend's titties are soft 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Haider Ali (3 days ago)
Ich Chef (4 days ago)
Are you guys crazy right now. You are sick
Firat Sari (4 days ago)
Mister Yuk (4 days ago)
This nigga lyin
Slang Blades (4 days ago)
You are one petty fucker 😂
Goblin (4 days ago)
why wouldnt u just have it towed, destroying their property is kinda fucked up, let alone selling that vehicle to them and then destroying it lol. aka you're a douche.
Jrrcor (4 days ago)
Why didn’t they just have it towed?
CEEJAY1214 (4 days ago)
plot twist: ford destroying a ford
Igor Banski (5 days ago)
People that buy a car like that DONT GO ON VACATIONS
Sititlow (21 hours ago)
Jace White (5 days ago)
4:14 crappy truck and car
H man awesome Awesome! (5 days ago)
Stink-Eye (5 days ago)
Clearly these are cars n trucks that are for scrap as any smart person can tell. I might suggest if this was a REAL situation just call a tow truck or bylaw.
Jordan James 20 (5 days ago)
Getting 5 years ain't dying but it is loosing life. I guess that's Red Neck Justice 😀
Lexus Gemota (6 days ago)
Gunner Metal (5 days ago)
sjommi 4ever (6 days ago)
It's kinda wrong but so right
bill Lewis (6 days ago)
I just want to know why 5 years for the men and only 3 for the women, don't they want "equality"??? BTW, I was watching it and thinking that while they shouldn't park their car and block the driveway, it's also very illegal to destroy someone's car.
Gunner Metal (5 days ago)
bill Lewis I'm a women and I am married to my best friend his name is Alex and back in my grade school and high school years I was friends with ALL the boys so I belive it sould be equal
T -Vibez- (6 days ago)
If you would of done this to my car I would of make sure I would of been in jail forever after I'm back
Joe Pacer (6 days ago)
the lesson is you people are stupid morons and cowards instead of having a nice fun little fight in the back yard u destroy there car which more likely have full cover insurance so u morons go to jail and they get a new car morons morons
Jeffrey Turnage (6 days ago)
That was dumb
Sayf Sweidan (6 days ago)
It’s still the neighbors fault. You weren’t in the wrong. This way the neighbors will learn not to treat you like that.
LonghornsLegend (6 days ago)
How stupid can you be? Who casually walks over while a crime is being committed, and happily joins on while being filmed? The movie idiocracy gets closer to a reality everyday.
Dolora Mae (6 days ago)
So this was just stupid all the way around... common sense doesn’t exist anymore smh
Ash Ash (7 days ago)
Lill Skill (7 days ago)
Sang Nguyen (7 days ago)
Shouldve back up on that bitch lol
Monkeywrench542 (7 days ago)
you should have just pulled it out into the street and let the cops ticket and tow it
Earthwalker40 (7 days ago)
All lies.
Skyler Hubbs (7 days ago)
u had rights to do that to that car and if I there I would jump off the balcony and crush the roof of that car. XD
Gary Crawford (7 days ago)
looks like somebody smashed up a junk car just to try to make a video go viral. I don't buy it
KASNIR GAMING (5 days ago)
Gary Crawford he went to prison
Fabio Calaca (7 days ago)
Fuck off who smashed that car
JayDog Titan (7 days ago)
I think we've all wanted to do this, I know I have!
Daniel Youngblood (8 days ago)
if you did that to my car, I'd literally beat you to death.
Zachary Smith (8 days ago)
They will learn that ohio winters suck and they wont do it again
Zachary Smith (8 days ago)
They gonna be walking
Youbones (8 days ago)
So rather than have the car towed and impounded at the owners expense, not to mention the quickest solution to this rather minute problem, you documented yourself destroying property and got accomplices as well. Nice job, buddy - Smart move. This is either fake (likely) or you and your neighbourhood are the biggest bunches raisin-level IQ degens.
waste management producions (8 days ago)
Savage level 101%
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt (8 days ago)
Bullshit.l No one gets 5 years for damaging a vehicle.
Young Gunz (8 days ago)
Why not just get the car towed?
TheGreatDK (9 days ago)
mothafucka u goin to jail
Austin Gladden (9 days ago)
Good ole 7.3L
Dryden Page (9 days ago)
Did you get them a new car?
Luis Patino (9 days ago)
Think of the kid stepping on glass
Will Lastname (9 days ago)
They won’t move the car and they won’t move it? I’ve got idea! Let’s make it so neither us, nor the neighbors car ever move it. Such stupidity
J J (9 days ago)
Should of just pulled it out and threw it in the middle of the street...
Jose Alvarez (9 days ago)
All that can be buffed out no worries should have just put sugar in the gas
jon20m (9 days ago)
I call BS!
laststand bro (9 days ago)
They should have just towed the car instead of destroying it. But why were they arrested? They destroyed something that was illegally parked in private property. They shouldn't have been arrested
James Barter (9 days ago)
Hey guys, I was the one driving the black truck, it’s fake, we got the Prius from an auction. Hahaha good spoof everybody thought it was real, we would never run over somebody’s car like wtf
Shannon Stroud (9 days ago)
Why you just didn't have it towed to a junk yard that would have been more fun
Bob K. (9 days ago)
Typical for Ohio. Welfare entitlment state. Same thing happened to me when my car broke down at a "friend's" house. Yeah we can fix it! No thanks. Jerks on both sides. Lesson here is get away from jerks.
Lost Sounds Vlogs (10 days ago)
You're lucky they got arrested and it didn't get murdered cuz if I was my car if I found out who it was they would have been dead
inkedtwinmom 13 (10 days ago)
Excursion needs new radius arms and control arms to get better articulation.
CreepypastaCentral (10 days ago)
Leticia Madness (10 days ago)
Lol I'm bad but if someone did that to me it would be worth it to smash it 😂😂 I would give them more warnings tho
Mary Reyes (10 days ago)
Why couldn't you just have it towed instead of doing what you did... and u had a child involved?! Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Talk about a generational degenerate curse.
Nathan Manubag (10 days ago)
3:03 wtf was that noise
ScrubBoy (10 days ago)
and that's why you listen to people in Ohio
greg morrison (10 days ago)
I would have told it out to a swamp and pushed it in. they got what they deserve for being stupid
SM L (11 days ago)
I will bet he's ass
flipflopsneeded (11 days ago)
Fake news.com
THE REAL FLABEO (11 days ago)
This is a fake ass video this guy is up on Skout lying bitch
THE REAL FLABEO (11 days ago)
When I actually got to the end if you're doing this to somebody's car cuz they Park their you're not a bigger piece of shit cuz he have children doing it this is fake
THE REAL FLABEO (11 days ago)
So a guy with a giant fucking Diesel doesn't have tow straps to drag that thing into the street you're not a redneck you don't deserve that
THE REAL FLABEO (11 days ago)
You know if you really wanted to piss her off instead of crushing the car to make it look cool and everybody finding out this is a fake video you got a big ass diesel hook up a fucking tow strap and pull that motherfucker to the middle of the street unhook it and leave
Trinexx007 (11 days ago)
You didn't do time? If I did this, I'd be living in jail....
Andrew k Adams (11 days ago)
Damn, having toddlers destroy property? I can relate with the adults but those young kids shouldn't be involved.
don't care (11 days ago)
If he had the balls to do it when they where home I'd respect that but this was a bitch move waiting for them to leave for a week. Follow up was his neighbor kicking his teeth in
Elmaz (11 days ago)
No this is wrong this isn't how you settle a parking situation, you call a tow!