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UPS Personal Vehicle Delivery Drivers.

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These are just my thougts on the PVD drivers. I think its an effective way to get the job done during peak. Let me know down below if you disagree and why. Pay Pal Donations Here - https://paypal.me/TylerBinder344 Email- Tbinder38219182@gmail.com
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Tarkesh 021 (5 months ago)
I’ve seen a lady driving out in the sticks all dirt roads with a brand new land rover
algierssolja (5 months ago)
How is the volume? Still need pvds? You shill.
sublime90 (5 months ago)
good video. i work for an amazon warehouse and amazon has a stupid fucking rule where, you cant work for the company AND be a flex driver. so im seriously considering becoming a PVD for UPS just in the mornings for the next month so i can get some extra cash.
Steve Ramsey (5 months ago)
PVD'S ROCK! Package volume is up almost 25% at our center compared to last year's previous records with no extra full-time drivers or package cars and all existing drivers getting close to pushing curfew on a daily basis as it is. Without the four PVD drivers all pulling their weight, there would be no way to handle the extra volume other than buying more expensive package cars (for very seasonal use) and hiring and firing seasonal drivers. I certainly don't hear any drivers complaining about all the PVD help in my area, drivers are still pushing 11 hour days and could use any help they can get to be able to get home to their families. I just wish they were in some sort of UPS logo'd vehicle instead of random vehicles from a marketing/consistency perspective. (If PVDs aren't pulling their weight, just like a full-time driver, that's a training and management problem that needs to be addressed.)
Silver (4 months ago)
Thanks Steve!! I've been a PVD for the last 2 seasons and it's nice to hear your appreciation. My delivery driver is great! He gives much appreciation for my help. I just feel the company itself fails at the end of season and leaves the PVD drivers wondering day to day whats up. They start downsizing internally, which I understand, but leave the day to day formalities that we as PVD drivers are supposed to adhere to go. Things are left unsaid and unaccounted for. We are given a UPS magnet for the vehicle and this year a vest to wear. Just glad I was in the area I was in, because I think the "random vehicle" thing could be a problem.
Beers & Breaks (5 months ago)
At our building they leased another wearhouse 1/2 mile away for 5 years and shifted 1/6 of the trucks for peak only.
Frank Privitera (5 months ago)
Fuck UPS
Frank Privitera (5 months ago)
They can load my truck up ,last time they'll see those packages, UPS sucks
cosgrove notts (5 months ago)
In Finland no one works ridiculous hours. We live within our means, so no one needs to have 3 jobs. We even have time to rake our forests as a hobby. Murica needs to take the blinkers off and get a social life like raking, being happy and eating Baltic herring instead of chicken wings.
Carlos Garcia (5 months ago)
How much do they make?
Steve Ramsey (5 months ago)
andrew rodriquez (5 months ago)
"what is that half a million dollars" _ no Tyler 40 package cars at 80k each would be 3 million 2 hundred thousand
ulises velasquez (6 months ago)
Is bad job UPS meke money you no meke nothing
Ramon madrigal (6 months ago)
PVD was not allowed in new contract last year ups used DQ drivers to help and brought in outside drivers which they used them more as helpers but not paying them like helpers this year they didn't use DQ drivers but hired more drivers the new contract prohibited them from hirring outside what a shame now you agree with what there doing
Robert Long (6 months ago)
What does the pvd's insurer have to say regarding people using their personal vehicle insured as a private passenger vehicle as a commercial delivery vehicle?
Sidney Walker (6 months ago)
You're absolutely right. Either people need to be working 80 hours or we hire extra help. I get plenty of work and my budget doesn't rely on making extra OT at peak. Peak is the dumbest part of our job and I'd rather just go home at a decent time and spend time with my family. The only time PVD's shouldn't be working is IF we're working them OVER qualified union staff, which won't happen in a properly run Center (like mine!). Remember, peak is a necessity, not something that UPS wants. In a perfect world, volume would be consistent every day of the year with no fluctuations- same routes, everyone's FT, and done under 9.5 EVERY DAY ----- not gonna happen.
Jason Kendrick (6 months ago)
Paying us shitty? I get paid pretty damn good with benefits
LOWONBILLETS (6 months ago)
I stopped watching after the scab comment. Take care.
Joe Mama (6 months ago)
Hey,, Tyler,, you keep embarrassing yourself with these stupid videos. You constantly lie and twist facts. The vote no LOST, now your buddies with TDU. Funny. Give it up man , you’re getting more and more desperate. Go to brown cafe.com/union issues
Big Rhonda (6 months ago)
You people suck as delivery people. When the door has a note stating USE BACK DOOR ONLY. That means DO NOT LEAVE THE PACKAGE AT THAT DOOR. USE THE OTHER DOOR.
Jesse Buchanan (6 months ago)
If you don't think you are getting enough hours at peak... I'm sure something can be arranged. Just ask 😃
Dan 240Z (6 months ago)
Have a question can u do this job in Dallas Texas or fort Worth? Is it available to do?
boltsdluna (6 months ago)
They know hahaha
David Kimball (6 months ago)
How about hiring back some retired drivers who might want to work a few months a year? Other companies have done this for years. They need no training, they might want to supplement their income that time of year. We might be slow but we are not dead!
David Kimball (6 months ago)
+Colton Haynes They can't do work at this time that they have been retired from, otherwise they will take back their retirement from them. That is an agreement In the contract that was made long ago. I can not work there if any in my family works at ups.
wendell callihan (6 months ago)
I'm up for that. Retired 08/25/2017, Indy 81st Shifter Division, Mechanized. 29 years. I'm bored. Need to keep my blind-side back of a 53' trailer sharp. Feeder dept, shift only.
Colton Haynes (6 months ago)
David Kimball they already do that. Most wont do that.
William Beasley (6 months ago)
Leo Guevara (6 months ago)
Russ Aman (6 months ago)
that’s true they’re just giving you a hand but once UPS figures out how to use that to their advantage it’s not gonna be good for some of you guys. amazon had deliver driver like actual employees but they laid them off and started using Amazon Flex basically the same thing to what your talking about. until now they’re contracting other companies to deliver their packages along side with the flex drivers. their routes are cake walk. 30 stops in an hour for $80 bucks. if your good at downtown areas you get the same rate for 30 mins of work. but i’m never doing it in my car.
Nic Ortega (6 months ago)
PVD's get Runners???
studentof REVIEW (6 months ago)
Why not go through a temp agency if possible? It will be temp work, once peak is done, let the temp agency handle them. Not sure if possible but just a thought.
Michael Weber (6 months ago)
I was just hired as a PVD driver. I’m laid off from my road construction job in November and have nothing to do anyway. $18.75 per hour plus 54 cents a mile to deliver packages in my hometown for a month and a half. Can’t wait to get started.
Immortal Serito (6 months ago)
3 year PVD here. I'm grateful for the seasonal opportunity. Most drivers are really good to us. I had 3 years as a DH before, the experience is helpful.
nick Anderson (6 months ago)
Fuck ups 🤦
Sam Vazquez (6 months ago)
I'm a seasonal driver. During the rest of the year I work at the hub and during peak I drive.
Mark Lyon (6 months ago)
All I hear is waaaaaaaaa....such a victim mindset
Jarred Random (6 months ago)
Wow, ups sure has changed since I left.
sameritaco (6 months ago)
At the oak creek hub some deleveries come out of rented semis. They have 8 high volume stops. In my two years ive never once seen a pvd
Tom Federico (6 months ago)
If you have to use your own car, pay should be at least 25$ to start, to cover all costs...Taking advantage of us, and we jump like suckers....
rteamster (6 months ago)
Our local union here in Florida has stated that the are not in agreement on the use of pvd subcontractors and the company is taking overtime away from the package drivers as I write this.. if we didn't have our drivers wanting the work or complaining about overtime maybe there would be a need as I see .. they are taking the full time package drivers work away from them and subcontracting which is a violation
Hector Flores (6 months ago)
I would say do not worry about this becoming main stream, while it is convenient, I work in a General Electric plant as a Guard and it's kinda sketchy sometimes to receive people on personal vehicles without no prior notice. So I hardly doubt anyone on both ends wants this to be more than just complimentary. I do believe however self-driving trucks might be a problem for you guys on the longer term.
YuhBoi P (6 months ago)
When you are a bottom driver, the new drivers get seniority for the extra new routes which is BS! Maybe it doesn’t effect the top drivers but the bottom cover drivers it does.
MrGommer101 (6 months ago)
Amazon is buying UPS good luck
MrGommer101 (6 months ago)
You can't that is why you get an education and stop living in the past were unions paid un skilled labor great money new era buddy
John Douglass (6 months ago)
MrGommer101 If this is true y'all are doomed. Hope you can make it on $15/hr.
Michael Threet (6 months ago)
I agree to a point except when they are taking the farthest point deliveries, and loading up good routes with more in town work. Anyone can tell you the easiest stops are rural.
Steve Ramsey (5 months ago)
Heh... the easiest stops for a knowledgeable route driver are rural, but to a newbie (PVD), the rural stops are where the most time is wasted, trying to find a faded (or completely non-existent) address on a mail box 5 miles down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere in the dark. I bet 95% of PVD drivers would rather be hitting residential neighborhoods any day of the week. ;-)
Whitey McCracker (6 months ago)
I disagree with you Tyler, and I will tell you why: The whole reason there is a union in the first place, is because we (as a collective) went to UPS and said “we want to do the work.” Without that basic foundation, there is no point of a union. UPS has survived over 100 years of Christmas’. Over the past few years, economists have [accurately] predicted every peak - yet UPS management seemed to continually act surprised by the volume. They have fooled a lot of people (possibly even you) into believing them. This is how to fix the problem without adding personal vehicle drivers: 1) Make the temporary drivers pull full routes like they used to. These days management seems to want casuals to have only a hand full of streets. They should be out with as much work as a full time package car driver. 2) The rentals should also be used to deliver bulk retail - not just shuttle work. How many more stops can you do if you didn’t have a Walmart? 3) Have local sort use the rentals at night to do pick ups. This should alleviate much of the time wasted on air meets and the dumping of pick up pieces. 4) Contractually, UPS has to replace the fleet after so many years. The economists say this peak volume will increase by 8%. Ask yourself if you think 8% of the fleet in your building need to be replaced. UPS should buy the trucks now, put drivers behind those wheels, and replace the fleet in January.
Robert Dunleavy (5 months ago)
​+Tyler Binder I agree... 'm not happy with just these 8 hour days
Tyler Binder (6 months ago)
Whitey McCracker good feedback
legendsofevil (6 months ago)
With a PVD driver that makes 18.75 per hour, how much does gas impact that wage? I am starting my PVD job this week so I want to know how much I will actually be making
legendsofevil (5 months ago)
+Steve Ramsey Well it doesn't matter now. I ended up not taking the job.
Steve Ramsey (5 months ago)
You get paid mileage on top of your 18.75. How do you not already know this? It was in the job description and had to have been part of the hiring process.
Lancero1013 (6 months ago)
I completely agree with you Tyler. However Im going to digress a bit here though. Your argument for these PVDs is the same argument I made when it comes to 22.4s. There simply is not enough work, at least in my bldg, to warrant creating enough FT RPCDs to cover the weekend work, and foreseeable future Sunday delivery work, and then guarantee them and the existing RPCDs 8hrs each day. We run about 140-160 routes a day out of our bldg, just to give you an idea of the size of my hub. Outside of working 22.4s as pkg drivers 40+/hrs a week, how is a 22.4 running weekends and then helping out a few hours during the week any different than the argument you make for these PVDs? Again, you are spot on when it comes to these PVDs. There really is no other viable way to handle the volume we are getting each year at this time.
Dale Williams (6 months ago)
Also if they expand the amount of package cars, and run a short preload after the normal drivers leave they could send out a small fleet of residential only package cars say noon,
Dale Williams (6 months ago)
The problem is if they try to staff all of the part timers who want to do cover or seasonal driving to do this PVD
shawn colemen (6 months ago)
Sorry but im seasonal. Have been for over a year. Pay union dues and i just voted on the contract as well. So you're misinformed about seasonals.
Tyler Binder (6 months ago)
shawn colemen Right to work States. I said it twice. Glad to see you stuck it out. Hopefully you get the full time spot your looking for im assuming?
Kyle W (6 months ago)
My building spent 800,000$ for us to park a mile from work and shuttle us. Oh and they're not paying us when we get on the shuttles either
Kyle W (5 months ago)
+Potatoes O'Brien there's a law in CA that says if an employee requires you to take a shuttle as a means of getting to and from work you must be paid for it. There is no where around our building to legally park for the entire day so we are required to park in their lot. It's also in a place that is less convenient to get to so they said we have to get there even earlier to be at the building by our required start time.
Potatoes O'Brien (5 months ago)
Why would they?
frank p (6 months ago)
Phillip Sell (6 months ago)
I'm fine with PVD during peak I just hope they get some kind of maintenance protection and are aloud to use facility fuel pumps, without those protections I think a sizable chunk of their 18.75 an hour is going to be taken advantage of
Graham Jones (6 months ago)
Just like he said, pvd drivers are basically the same as seasonal drivers. Big deal.
tl2003 sev (6 months ago)
Paying you shitty. Are you fuckin kidding !!!!!!! They pay you a lot of money. Way more than any delivery company out there !!!!!! Be thankful for you job and wage !!!!!!!!
tl2003 sev (6 months ago)
+Tyler Binder with full benefits Again full benefits which I don't know any company that it gives part-timers full benefits plus vacations plus sick days. They're making good money with all that combined and you know it... I didn't make shit when I was part time but I knew that phone into ups but I knew later on when I went driving I would make more. And your comment on this YouTube you said shity wages you didn't say part-time shity wages you said shity wages
Tyler Binder (6 months ago)
tl2003 sev part timers. You can't just think about drivers 24/7 they make up less then half of the work force. Drivers are the minority
James Middleton (6 months ago)
I have a selfish point of view on this. I want the work. It's peak. All the time rules go out the window. I can work 60 hours and nobody says anything. I worry that they will start using more and more of these further reducing the hours we can work. Also to add to this they need to check what type of vehicle they're driving. We only used 2 last year but one guy was trying to do it out of a Honda Accord. Made no sense and we had to constantly help him so it was a waste of time. Needs to be SUV, minivan or above to be effective.
Tyler Binder (6 months ago)
James Middleton Well if your hours fell you could grieve the work. I just don't think that's happened ever. I see your point. Let me know when you have an empty truck in December I'll transfer to your hub haha
Kevin Echeverry (6 months ago)
2 out of the 4 trucks I loaded during peak last year. What a nightmare trying to keep each package in pal order.
Tyler Binder (6 months ago)
Kevin Echeverry Thanks for your efforts im sure it's a nightmare
Justin Bird (6 months ago)
Boss says he ends up delivering package for PVDs because they just don't get it done. Can I greive that or do they get a pass during peak?
dylan johnson (6 months ago)
I don't agree with this, but if they are going to do this why not ask the hub employees first?
BobaJett (6 months ago)
dylan johnson They can if they want to.
Mike G. (6 months ago)
Never understood why our PC's are so expensive? They don't have shit.
Russ Elsberry (6 months ago)
I must be fortunate to work in a good center. Last year was my first year with a PVD driver. I was able to work with him design a functional route for him. He rode with me, met some of my customers. I was not short on hours by any means.It was one of my most enjoyable peak seasons ever!! Taking pride in your work and having a positive attitude does wonders.My PVD in a way was my driver helper. Us working as a team gave UPS customers a positive holiday experience!!
Bridget Scileppi (6 months ago)
Glad I scrolled far enough down to read this positive comment. Well stated!
Hackasawrus Rex (6 months ago)
$80,000 x 50 package cars = $4,000,000...definitely unreasonable
algierssolja (6 months ago)
Didn't he just say his building is running double volume? That is the answer to what to do with the drivers right there. That said I am pretty in different about pvds atm. The problem is in the future. "They are not taking your work" then beeps at scab in youkon pulling out of hub with 100 stops as I am rushing in for 9.5. I say this all the time "I don't know how UPS is still #1" Our infrastructure is outdated, we don't have enough trucks, our air operation is laughable compared to FedEx and the Union is a joke.
Rick1979 (6 months ago)
I think we all know that once they start something like that they plan the future around exploiting it so it's only a matter of time until they're making a late pickup here and a delivery there. UPS can more than afford rental vehicles for them. Your thought process is what lead to part timers being screwed. Ken Hall told me himself that in order for full time employees to get x amount of raise of pension that the part time wages needed cut and now we see how that turned out. By the time UPS pays mileage they could probably just us well rent vehicles anyway. If you want to make it about money, what happens when someone in a personal vehicle kills a pedestrian and doesn't have a commercial insurance policy and UPS is on the hook for millions. It's just stupid and a poor business practice. But that's just me.
Kobe James (6 months ago)
What about the quality of the deliveries? Now we have people just throwing packages anywhere like Amazon. I just seen a Amazon driver throw 3 packages down a hill from the front door while I was walking to the front door to deliver. Smh
Mike Bittinger (6 months ago)
Great video well said
KawaRider88 (6 months ago)
Use them for weekend work.
Jeo D (6 months ago)
3 ways it hurts us and bad are 1. There is very small chance but it does happen, they may keep a driver that is seasonal if they do well and come at the right time so they go straight to driver without working in the hub ever. 2. When they hire that driver off the street for a permanent position that makes the list go slower cause they got one more person who initially shouldn’t of ever been offered that job. 3. They put a stop to calling people from the driver list around November causing the list not to move at all. Solution if they didn't hire seasonal drivers they would be forced to push the list more quickly during the year so that they could be staffed for it. And the vehicle solution would still be to rent uhauls. And once the season is over then they should just send drivers back to the hub by señority. Cause that’s whats fair and then we wouldn’t need outside help. Instead they do a lousy job with the driver list during the year because they don’t worry about getting staffed for peek and then the employees loose and the company wins by saving money
TheMindofRobert (6 months ago)
100%, man. Completely agree.
k doggy (6 months ago)
I'm ok with those pvd drivers if they keep me from working 12 hour days.... 8 and skate baby!!
comcasthawk (6 months ago)
Good video and I appreciate your honesty. That said, peak season is way too much on drivers. If it wasn’t for drivers calling each other on cell phones to help each other out, my center would fold. The company has no idea how fortunate they are to have most of us as employees, but there is too much working I’m tired of acting like a supervisor to get the job done.......helping and getting help with pickups.......seeing who needs delivery help. I do it because I care about the people I work with. I’ll take whatever help they offer.
Cheri Schluter (6 months ago)
I thought in the new national contract the language said no PVD drivers?
Properfunny (6 months ago)
My building has had U-Hauls since Augest and they are offering a $100 bonus to internal employees who show up every day for the driver helpers. They have been begging employees to become drivers and nobody wants to deal with our management. Also in my building from Thanksgiving to Christmas most drivers where getting 70+ hours and we where getting drivers from other centers to help us and we where stuffed to the gills until the very end.
Anthony Trent (6 months ago)
The company is going to do whatever they want anyway. I just thank the Lord I’m top rate. So if there’s any Mickey Mouse bs, and there will be, I’m making bank after 4 pm .
Amanda voteno (6 months ago)
We have a lot of gun dealers that work out of their houses and have other jobs. Where do pvd keep the packages that can't be delivered, that are guns shipment. Do pvd know proper procedure for handling those kind of situation. Also last year we had a pvd hot boxing his vehicle while doing his job, with these kind of shipments on his vehicle. This is my problem with pvd. They r complete unsupervised and not properly trained.
Ortiz Racing #7 (6 months ago)
PVD’s is entirely not a bad thing! Years back when we were part timers n air drivers we had a truck shortage! The company paid the part timers to deliver air n utility rate plus mileage to use our own vehicles! We had to provide our own insurance n maintaince! We had uniforms n the company provided us a formal badge to wear! The company needs to remain solvent n profitable to survive n compete! If it’s for 60 days I agree any longer no! Gives part timers the opportunity to make some extra cash for the holidays!
rocket (6 months ago)
during peak season ups lowkey can do whatever they want and the union well not stop them
Michael Rosati (6 months ago)
You have to play the game . If you are not royalty you are a serf.
Dusty Bowhunter (6 months ago)
The personal vehicle drivers took alot of overtime away from full time drivers last year, some was happy and some wasnt
FutureZeal (6 months ago)
I don't believe it hurts us. We well still be working our 12, 13 hour shifts during peak even with PVDs working. Do I really want to work til 10pm or will I be ok with a PVD taking my 7k and 8k shelf. I'm a TCD so my route is only residential with only 3 - 8 businesses on it. 180 to 210 stops keeps me out til around 7pm. Peak will put me at close to 300 stops so having a PVD wouldn't do me any harm at all.
Steven Sorg (6 months ago)
This sounds like talking out of both sides of your mouth. You dont want the 70 hour rule forced on you but you dont want to make the company hire more drivers? The number one founding principal of the unions is a 8 hour, 5 day standard of work. Not the 9-10+ hour day when UPS feels they can force you to and 7 hour day when they dont need you. So where do you stand your ground at as a union employee, at the discretion of the company to meet the needs of the company...I mean customer?
Justin Vasquez (6 months ago)
They can still let cover drivers drive an deliver.... Since the contract was ratified right?, Although technically its not because if it was we should have got are raise put in our payroll. It does not make sense if they dont give us our retro check, than oviously its not passed.... Thats just my logic though. They should continue with cover drivers but they wont because when those cover drivers go full time they will start their progression @$26 dollars instead of $18.75, or 22 whatever it is. Thats why they go hire outside help. Its all about penny pinching their employees. All for the benefit of their share holders..... The only share holders that benefit from this though are the ones that have money like warren buffet. An trust me their are plenty. The average driver that buys stock every week at 15% of their check still benefits very little depending on how you look at it.... The Economy doesn't grow buy Corporations penny pintching their employees to death. Neither does it grow buy taking advantage of the desperate sub contacting high brid driver off the street!!! Hmmm sounds familiar doesn't it. They hold our money hostage just like the govenment steals our money. Looks like the ones that are gunna benefit from are retro checks is uncle sam when we get taxed on are all in one lump some checks. The old saying the more you make. The more uncle sam gets. We have a problem in America right now an its simply there is to much government control, an its only getting worse..... Just Ron Paul an mine opinions though.
CitizenT Crusader (6 months ago)
Tyler I’ve been driving for almost 21 years in Bay Area California and for every year up until this year overtime has been out of control but for the first time I’m seeing a big reduction in ot, for the last 2 months they’ve really kept it down and are hiring lots of drivers and I’m wondering what your take on this is? Thanks
CitizenT Crusader (6 months ago)
Local 315
Ruben Bustillos (6 months ago)
Tbiskit87! Crusader what local do you work at 287?
Ezukowsky39 (6 months ago)
It makes sense from a business standpoint. Ups can’t base their entire plan around just that month of dec. Hence basically getting everything delivered by any means. Shit I have more to add but I just can’t type anymore
Ezukowsky39 (6 months ago)
Always respect your outlook on things. Hope you took care of my 804 boys this weekend. Lol. Jk
Randall Kendall (6 months ago)
I'm in Feeders but we dont use PVD's that I have seen, but at my Center which is just over 100 miles South of Atlanta (Corporate). We have been using Golf Carts with an open utility trailer behind them for at least 6 yrs.. Last year I think they used 15 and heard this year I.E. is planning on 21. Usually in the AM a Supervisor or sometimes a driver will drop off an enclosed trailer (UPS/UHAUL) full of packages somewhere for a person to work out of. A small tarp is used to cover what they can when it rains but doesn't work well. When they were first used Grievances were filed for being unsafe to be on the road. (No seatbelts, turn signals, brake lights, tires say off road use only, trailer lights don't hook up at all, no horn and our city doesn't allow them on our roads but police just look the other way) Union 728 said nothing can be done but just across the river in Alabama (Dothan , Enterprise) they filed and the Carts were returned to the rental place. We also hire off the street peak drivers that get trained for a few days then they will work for about 8 - 10 weeks then they are gone. This year they are planning on 6 of those. I dont have a problem with temporary peak drivers or the PVD's only during peak working if everyone that is already employed that is wanting to work is being used. I do have a problem with the Golf Carts going across busy roads with no lights in zones where traffic could be running over 30 mph on cart that runs 22 mph or less for a Company that has a Big Safety Department that goes around with their safety vests and then they even have a Safety Committee at our Center also. Every peak either my wife or myself get a phone call from family or friends saying they almost ran in the back of one the trailers being pulled in the dark by a golf cart. In my 29 years the volume in our small building has gotten out of control during peak so I understand trying to find alternative means to get the job done. The Internet and Amazon make it not what it was 10 years ago. Yes the volume has gone way up in the off season but peak is off the charts. People , for the most part , just sit at home and order. Going to the mall is a thing of the past it seems.
Ghee-33 Ghee-88 (6 months ago)
Next is drones for smalls
Ghee-33 Ghee-88 (6 months ago)
Hope you are buying physical precious metals as well
Kelvin Pocasangre (6 months ago)
Dallas hub does 80,000 on a regular week! During peak it’s 100,000+ 😂
IBENOUTMYMIND (6 months ago)
Im in lathrop hub California. They said that big ass hub needs to be doing 100k an hour during peak lol. Idk but this hub is huge and i bet Dallas is to. Peace bro
Tim Smith (6 months ago)
Why do we need them most of use only worked 8 to 9 hours last peak and we had to go help ALL the pvd driver because they could not get done and they only ran residential stops. We cant get helpers anymore because ups only worked them as little as a 1 hour and no more than 3 normally.
Rainy Days (6 months ago)
Anyone dumb enough to use there vehicles to deliver pkgs. No one took the bait to do it where we are.
Demajah Carpenter (3 months ago)
Anyone with a car and no job would be dumb not to do it🤣🤣
C Hansen (4 months ago)
I use my own vehicles for PVD, and get an average of $200 per week for mileage plus $18.75 per hour. Taking home at least $700 per week for 30 hours isnt too bad, but I guess im dumb!
Tim Smith (6 months ago)
I file a damn grievance last year on behalf of the whole building. One year later still waiting to here it, I am told by my BA that its now a national grievance MORE union BS.
Tim Smith (6 months ago)
And in a few days I’ll be filing another one for this year
Tim Smith (6 months ago)
Yes covered whole building though.
Nick Viana (6 months ago)
You filed 1 grievance?
The Braaap (6 months ago)
Although I like the idea of us hiring seasonal drivers/PVD’s, but why can’t we offer these temporary seasonal driving jobs to part timers first rather than hiring directly off the street? I’d like us to utilize seasonal help for inside less paying jobs and give our union brother and sisters the opportunity to make some extra money even if it’s only for a short period of time. Just my 2 cents.
The Braaap (6 months ago)
Tyler Binder Correct. My building did as well for seasonal drivers. However, in my building they hired the PVD’s off the street even when we had additional part timers that wanted to drive. So I suggest either 1. Add more “regular “ seasonal drivers or 2. Ask part timers first if they would like to be a PVD before looking for outside help.
Tyler Binder (6 months ago)
The Braaap Every building that I know of puts up seasonal driving bids and driver helper bids for part timers before going off the street.
Epiphany Times (6 months ago)
No PVD's. Drivers get paid all the overtime and get a helper. They keep hiring more helpers every year but only want them working 3 to 4 hours. They continue pushing 9 5 even during peak. This bull has to stop. I know every route is different but a good driver with a well trained helper can do wonders.
Focal Point Images (6 months ago)
I am totally fine being capped at 9.5. UPS has already stole enough of my life the last 29 years. Let the overtime whores get their fill, not me.
rteamster (6 months ago)
The problem is our local union here in Florida has stated that the are not in agreement on the use of pvd and I am seeing personally drivers having overtime taking away from them not by their choice while using these subcontractors
FutureZeal (6 months ago)
Yeah I remember drivers working up to 8-10 hours at my center. We didn't have 9.5 last peak.
Tyler Binder (6 months ago)
Luis Fernandez last year, here anyways we all had helpers. Used them around 7/9 hours a day and still fell way behind. You are correct every place is different
Marcus Williams (6 months ago)
That "brick" background speaks volumes to the awakened who knows of the satanic MASONIC agenda. The Teamsters, logo, is reason enough to stop paying dues.
TheBrucecantu (6 months ago)
Tyler Binder (6 months ago)
Marcus Williams you are making me nervous
Cobramlw (6 months ago)
I like PVD's. They help alot and keep the customers happy.
Silver (4 months ago)
Why thanks Cobramlw! Ive done it the last two years. I had no idea there was such a problem w it w the drivers and the union!! I work seasonal to help put my boys thru college. And getting to know the driver feel that I'm helping him out w 2-4 hours a day that gets me paid a little extra cash and eases his load by that many hours.
Danny Ramirez (6 months ago)
Using personal vehicles is not an entirely new concept. Supes would divide air work processed after preload shift ended and all the drivers bugged out. Mostly handed to drivers on route. Varied options hub to hub. New Permant routes are neccessary hence the creation of 22.4 and excessive ot during non peak. But senior ptimers who like to hustle over 5 hour ot during peak can deliver in their cars. Provided the company don't screw them down to lower rate. Like they do when they are helper after regular shift! Example: peak season 8 or 9 hours plus 4 to 5 hours delivery. = 5 hours straight plus 8 to 9 hours time and a half! Air. Saturday. Exception. Drivers increased rates. During peak. Bottom line. Peak season Delivery should be ot rate as 1st option. Peak = more money. Losing money didn't stop company from giving out 300 a week bonuses to new hires for just showing up everyday.
Danny Ramirez (6 months ago)
Kobe James This was about 12 years ago. As I said. No-one was left in building to file a grievance. Employees were left to sort air. But get this. They'd punch them out. Then punch them back in. When air would arrive. Air was guaranteed. So they'd lose money if couldn't make delivery commitments opposed to grievance. If you were walking out building. A manager would ask you where you live. And see if he could pass you pieces. They were mostly air envelopes. You would drive your car up into building. At least that's what supes would do. Personal vehicles not an entirely new concept. Neither is Manager's preparing for contingencies for after shift processed parcells.
Kobe James (6 months ago)
Supe driving out air? You guys don't file grievances enough 😂😂😂 backlog all the supervisor working grievances until there are too many to keep putting off.
Conscious Soul Living (6 months ago)
Just so you know, seasonal employees pay UNION DUES TOO! #california #uniongettingpaid🙅🏾‍♀️
Silver (4 months ago)
@ Conscoius, I'm seasonal and I don't pay union dues. I've never been offered to join the Union. I wouldn't anyway. I have a full time job as a school bus driver and do this to supplement getting our boys thru college.
Kathy Rosa (6 months ago)
Yes we do
Austin M (6 months ago)
+Tyler Binder I played union dues at kentucky location as seasonal mechanic. May be different locations do it do not.
The Drive Inside (6 months ago)
No they don’t
I am alive. (6 months ago)
+Tyler Binder I would too. Why pay dues for something that is only temporary?
Conscious Soul Living (6 months ago)
While I see your point, however, we should’ve been able to use that point as a bargaining tool to get something back in return! Sick & tired of being the ONLY side to see reason!
T Hill (6 months ago)
Conscious can u explain what in ur contract did u give up?
JEFFREY (6 months ago)
Conscious Soul Living Every contract we’re giving up something. It’s bullshit.
eatoner135 (6 months ago)
meh, we had the PVD drivers last peak season. This was actually hilarious, one left the POD unlocked and thought someone broke into it, then we had 4 people quit in the middle of the work day and didnt tell anyone. This peek season the company has decided against the use of it in our major metropolitan area
eatoner135 (6 months ago)
+Tyler Binder yeah, it was a complete disaster, we were an hour out from the hub and it took 4 of us to bail the company out of that mess when they quit mid day and didn't tell anyone.
Tyler Binder (6 months ago)
eatoner135 This is true. They normally have no idea what they are getting themselves into
Kevin Michael (6 months ago)
No PVD'S EVER!! Why not just merge with UBER? SMH. By the way, I was a teamster from '95 to '07. I went on strike in '97 at age 21 just as I was able to go full time (and lost about 2 years of a promotion) for the benefit of YOUR future. This allowing PVD's is an insult to us who ACTUALLY sacrificed our livelyhood to build a better union. Looks like it was just a waste of valuable time... FYI, In Florida we had ZERO STRIKE FUND to carry us through our hardship, so a little respect is due, I really did SACRIFICE my potential future for this shell of a union. You disappoint me, Tyler.
Lancero1013 (6 months ago)
+Kevin Michael And thats why youre not the CEO dude. The way PVDs are handled may not be perfect, but there is no other economically viable way to do it on the fly. Your mindset is the same that the UAW members had back in the 80's and 90's that drove the automakers out of the country and caused many members to lose their jobs. Despite the insane amount of money UPS makes, it is finite .
Brad Boisvert (6 months ago)
+Oolie Bouy I hear ya man i may have come off rude my apologies
Chris Baca (6 months ago)
This company needs to update their facilities and fleet. PVDs are unacceptable
Oolie Bouy (6 months ago)
algierssolja you’re right, they could. But that’s all dependent on your center too. We have 90 drivers, last January there were less than 60 routes on Mondays and Tuesday’s. Yeah, 25+ people sitting the bench twice a week. Some of them more. Not including TCD’s or combos. All those people were RPCD’s. I am a steward, I heard about it for over 2 months from those folks. This is the problem they are trying to avoid by using the PVD’s. We have 100+ 22.3’s on the air side that some are combo’s as well. They cut routes and our dispatch days were still 9.5+ when you could easily dispatch an 8 hour day and let 10 or 15 of those guys on the bench work. It’s not just about me sir. Let’s just be clear about that.
Oolie Bouy (6 months ago)
Brad Boisvert I’ve been there 27 years. I’m 52 years old. I’ve been through the grind many times. My daughters have graduated from college with no student loans. My house is paid for. UPS has given me a pretty good life. I don’t need the money anymore. It’s not a matter of working 70 hours sir, I don’t want 70 hours. I’m close to retirement, the body doesn’t quite work like it used too. So relax man, I’m not boo hooing anything. If they want me to work 70, I’ll work 70, I’m just ready to not do that anymore.
ironeagle2526 (6 months ago)
They probably pay them more than 22.4 drivers
Nick B (6 months ago)
I'm in California I know other buildings around me do this but I was wondering across the country. My building has done it forever we rent storage sheds or mobile storage pods and they shuttle packages out there during the day then around 5pm I have to go and load up more stops from them. What is stupid is they put $5 lock on on it in and they've been broken into... Legit last year I was leaving stops out of my truck. I had what we call "pod work" I was in a small truck that's all we had is what my boss told me. So I would leave with a full truck go do my pod work then they would bring me the rest of what I left out in the morning.. basically three trucks worth of work or 2.5
Brian E (6 months ago)
We need to pick our battles, ups personal delivery drivers help us to maintain and service our routes and keep customers. We need to concentrate on getting rid of hoffa
Fast Food Critic (4 months ago)
This is scab work. I catch anyone doing this i beat there ass.
C M (5 months ago)
+Nick Eustace how do i know?? because i used to work their both as a driver and later a full time supe...ive never heard to them offering this...
Nick Eustace (5 months ago)
+C M Their insurance doesn't, how do you know UPS doesn't add insurance for them? It's not an expensive thing to add
Victor Sidorovich (6 months ago)
C M (6 months ago)
they are transporting commercial goods, their insurance does not cover them for transporting commercial goods, so if they get in an accident they will not be covered...They might also need some kind of DOT placard on their Personal vehicle....
brian busch (6 months ago)
Amazon Fulfillment Centers do that year round
Captain Jaber (6 months ago)
+John Douglass People look at what the rack in dollars pay check to pay check, what about people doing part time on top of another full time job? There's several ways to think about it.
John Douglass (6 months ago)
brian busch That is why Amazon is a threat to y'alls jobs. Amazon is very good at shifting operating expenses to other people and businesses (USPS for example), and that is why Bezos is so wealthy. I'd wager that after tallying up all of the expenses, such as fuel, insurance, maintenance and vehicle depreciation, these PVD fools are making less than minimum wage. There's a sucker born every minute, and if you impoverish said sucker, you can screw them over really good.
Nick B (6 months ago)
The PVD they hired in my building last year they would send him to the farthest town away from our building all country stops. Super long day