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Soldier surprise: Iowa dad surprises daughter at Target

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An Iowa soldier returns home from Afghanistan. Subscribe to KCCI on YouTube now for more: http://bit.ly/QY3wuM Get more Des Moines news: http://kcci.com Like us : http://facebook.com/kcci8 Follow us: http://twitter.com/KCCINews Google+: http://plus.google.com/+kcci
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Text Comments (32)
Jerry V (3 months ago)
You Americans are really messed up in your heads..... meet up in Target ???? why not Walmart for a christ sake ? being sarcastic .......
HUMBERTO VAZQUEZ (6 months ago)
Welcome home and thank you for your service. God Bless our military men an women.
Jimmy Billips (8 months ago)
Beautiful moment and family
Brianna. Demarco (9 months ago)
Brianna. DeMarco.
Brianna. Demarco (9 months ago)
Benjamin Woodworth (1 year ago)
That's awesome
Bryan Clark (1 year ago)
Couldn't think of a better place to reunite??? Jesus Christ
alex dioguardii (1 year ago)
If you liked this video, you’ll love this heart warming book! https://www.adandeliongirl.com/a-hero-at-the-beach
Steve Williams (2 years ago)
Hmmmmmmmmmmm......I'm REALLY surprised target allowed this in one of their stores.....
L B (2 years ago)
i hate when they tell what happened
John J. Bluvas (2 years ago)
Lovely little lady and a great dad and Mom. Thanks Target.
Mac Duffy (2 years ago)
True American family
Megan Hallisey (2 years ago)
to the 17 people who disliked this video, you are not human. what is wrong with you?
Aaron Showalter (1 year ago)
Megan Hallisey they don`t care. Look at the number of dislikes now
Vance McCarthy (2 years ago)
Not the story, maybe one of the people.
James Comer (2 years ago)
I liked the video. I'm conservative. I just wanna know did the lady call up the news and say "Hey, come film our reunion at Target, or?
Darin b (2 years ago)
This couldn't wait til they got home?
MsCordially (2 years ago)
i never realized target was such a special place lol
HawkeyeFan4ever 16 (3 years ago)
From one Iowa man to another, welcome home.
kylea turcotte (3 years ago)
welcome home sir
Mcpepro 101 (3 years ago)
This kind of videos make me cry
jdoggg1119 (3 years ago)
Hoorah soldier, welcome home.
Bart Simpson (3 years ago)
vets shouldnt have to buy a house
Akeematic (2 years ago)
mateimhere wat (3 years ago)
I have no words to say
bigoldinosaur (4 years ago)
Welcome home sir from this Iowa Airman in Alaska!!!
arrelleah legrand (4 years ago)
I love it
mrphilpcfl (4 years ago)
Im surprised that target let them do that, since they refuse to have anything to do with Military orgs in the USA, they won't even let the marines do toys for tots at there Stores in Florida. I haven't  shop there in years and have even recommended to our students on base not to shop there. I heard they were French owned ,maybe that's why.
Wolfgame30 (2 years ago)
Target has joined other top companies in a pledge to hire more U.S. military veterans. Together,they have already hired nearly 300,000 veterans, inspiring the coalition to raise its goal to hire 1 million U.S. military veterans by 2020 Target contribues to Operation Gratitude, Our Military Kids, The Mission Continues, United Through Reading and Military Child Education Coalition. Target has been honored by: Orion International - Top 20 Military Friendly Companies Navy Reserve Top Employer US Navy Certificate of Appreciation and Minnesota Chapter of the Employer support of Guard and Reserve Patria Award anything else.. or do you cling to your alt facts no matter what?
Gustavo Martinez (3 years ago)
Kasey Greene (4 years ago)
+mrphilpcfl Target is a US corporation based in Minneapolis, and was originally the Dayton Hudson Corporation. Target has never been owned by anyone outside of the U.S. French, or Muslim alike. The reason they don't allow Toys for Tots or Bell Ringers for the Salvation Army is because they received too many customer complaints about being badgered by people to donate their money for the causes. However, according to Forbes, Target gives the largest percentage of income in cash donations to charity of any corporation in America. It gives 5% of its pre-tax operating profit to charities in the communities where it has stores. It regularly donates over $3 million PER WEEK. As you seem to be a teacher, maybe next time you can lead by example and do your homework before you start making assumptions.
saul quintanilla (4 years ago)