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Dream Awake (14 days ago)
I have done 495+ on a busy day!
Larry Arana (19 days ago)
he didn't iron his shirt!
sliccflip (1 month ago)
He's gonna meet his helper later at the meet point. Only for the helper not to show up.
Texas Patriot (1 month ago)
300 stops haha yeeeeaaaa. I think the only truck that leaves our center with more than 250 stops is the beast. Most i had was 225.
Jason Smith (3 months ago)
Better than how they do it in our area! https://youtu.be/gkME5ycTo7Y https://youtu.be/gdxGhTZbMo0 https://youtu.be/BUrhjLbBToE
Brian B (4 months ago)
300 stops? Need to get your union rep on that...thats 2 days worth of work.
K Kiss Productions (2 months ago)
This is during peak season
Alfred Hernandez (3 months ago)
It really depends on his route, he can have 5 or even more stops in just one street, goes by quicker than you think.
Oliver Guerrera (4 months ago)
depends on how far he is from the hub and distance between stops
MJ (5 months ago)
No 3 point contact i see @1:31 from the helper, but i saw the driver do it right after, which is more important, as the helper i'm sure wasn't trained. But who knows.
ANDY1 (5 months ago)
You realize he's the reporter who just put on a uniform on the spot. Also how do you conduct a 3 point contact when both his hands are being utilized?
A Google User (5 months ago)
i have all my packages delivered to my aunts business so i know my stuff will never get stolen
eduardo gonzalez (4 months ago)
A Google User maybe you should move? My packages last days on my porch ain't no one stealing.. Btw I'm from east LA
Danny (7 months ago)
I was a drivers helper in 2015 and I loved it. But before my first day I prepared myself by exercising as much as possible at home throughout the day 😊💖
Danny (4 months ago)
So after your first day did you realize how easy it is? 🍃🍁🍊
Royal E. (4 months ago)
Danny i start today im super nervous
cutt thoat (4 months ago)
i just got hired hope its kool
Danny (5 months ago)
Yes that's one of the easiest ways to become a permanent driver. Ups is always looking to give good working temps a permanent position 👍😊🍃🌼🌹
A Google User (5 months ago)
so i guess in order to become a permanent driver first you start off as a temp right?
Tarkesh 021 (7 months ago)
I guess you didn't tell him about three point contact
vikings844 (9 months ago)
300 stops! Busy day for sure!
Jason Torres (3 months ago)
He's definitely a runner!
Bill Nye The Savage Guy (3 months ago)
That's nothing I've done 450+ a day
R odriguez (8 months ago)
He should be getting a helper wt*...