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Things Harry Potter Gets Wrong About Mythical Beings

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The wizarding world of Harry Potter is full of magical creatures, all carefully researched by J.K. Rowling. Well, some are more carefully researched than others. From oversized snakes to underwhelming plants, here are the things Harry Potter got wrong about its mythical beings. One of the first major mythological creatures that Harry, Ron, and Hermione encounter in their adventures is Fluffy, the gigantic, three-headed dog who guards the Sorcerer's Stone. In the end, Fluffy turns out to be pretty lousy at the whole guard dog job because he, or maybe they, immediately falls asleep whenever there's music playing. To be fair, his poor job performance is not exactly his fault. He's not the one who decided to put a legendary artifact behind a bunch of whimsical traps that could literally be defeated by a trio of slightly above-average children. Anyway, while Fluffy isn't the same creature, he's pretty clearly inspired by Cerberus the gigantic. three-headed dog who guards the entrance to the underworld in Greek mythology. On the whole, Cerberus is about as effective at keeping people out of Hades as Fluffy is at keeping people out of the third-floor corridor. He is not, however, susceptible to the same weakness As students of mythology may already know, subduing and capturing Cerberus without using a sword was the last of the famous 12 Labors of Hercules, and it didn't go down with a gentle melody from a harp. Instead, legend has it that Herc just beat Cerberus with a rock and then put him in a chokehold until the dog passed out, which is especially impressive when you consider that Cerberus had at least three necks. Watch the video for more Things Harry Potter Gets Wrong About Mythical Beings! #HarryPotter #JKRowling Fluffy: sleepier than cerberus | 0:16 Unicorns: blood 'n' guts | 1:42 Goblins: actually nice? | 3:14 Basilisk: itty bitty boy | 5:01 Mandrake: not too loud | 6:18 Ghoul: bad roommate | 7:46 Boggarts: wah! | 9:15 House Elves: give 'em some clothes | 10:16 Read full article: https://www.grunge.com/181355/things-harry-potter-gets-wrong-about-mythical-beings/
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Text Comments (38)
Grunge (9 days ago)
Which mythical being in Harry Potter is your favorite?
Movieflix PLUS (9 days ago)
Unicorn We do similar videos, would be amazing if you check them out an leave some feedback! :D
Light House (9 days ago)
Grunge The Unicorn and the bogget.That's two 🙂❤️
Mike W (1 day ago)
On a side note, if you have to advertise for your presidency on every video on youtube, then you don’t have the confidence that you want everyone to believe that you do. #NotBloomberg2020
Austin Hughes (7 days ago)
So in other words, Harry Potter got everything wrong about mythology.
michael howell (7 days ago)
Unicorns are real. Just ask any North Korean. Kim found their lair a few years back. For real!
michael howell (7 days ago)
Is that black person at 0:55 a male or female? A friend and I have been benging the series and just can't tell.
michael howell (5 days ago)
@Marj Dai great. We can finally put that subject to rest.
Marj Dai (5 days ago)
That is a boy he is the best Friend of George and Fred named Lee Jordan
Grant Zelenick (8 days ago)
Harry Potter? Never heard of her
Agnes Angela (8 days ago)
I'd like to add some fact. Cerberus indeed fell asleep with harp and song sang by orpheus. He pass cerberus to meet his dead wife euridice.
Piper A R (8 days ago)
The SJWs can complain all they want but I'd like to see them invent a humanoid race for a sci-fi or fantasy setting that has no resemblance to real world people in appearance or language or culture.
Kathleen Henson (9 days ago)
JK Rowling can make up what and who she wants. It’s her story so if you care that much, write your own “correct” story. You will find out that it’s not important.
nelsonboo (9 days ago)
They're *mythical* creatures, grunge. Fake, made up, fictional. If Harry Potter didn't put their own spin on things, and made everything look like creatures we've seen before, then it wouldn't be Harry Potter. Stop wasting time with straw grasping content.
João Pedro Sousa Titanic (9 days ago)
Harry Potter. 💖 Hermione
Austerus Tertius Tutelus (9 days ago)
Rowling took creatures and changed them to suit her novels."Muggles" as some people know, are actually glass marbles used in a game we played in the 1950s and 1960s.
TheGoodFather (9 days ago)
As opposed to the real life versions of those mythical beings obviously, smh
Kevin Snow (9 days ago)
Everything is borrowed from somewhere. Not much is original these days. Also, Disney is not a great source of what a “true” rendition of Cerberus should be. Also the legend goes that the beast has a weakness so it’s master can pass, in this case, music. And yes, “Herc” defeated the Cerberus. Why? Because he was the son of Zeus! So I’m sure his “choke hold” was pretty legit. Should we break down the “inaccuracies” of Fauns in Narnia? No. It’s pointless. Because he wrote the character as he saw it in his mind. Lions don’t actually talk either. But hey, it’s fiction. And of course she was trying to parallel anti-semitism. She’s trying to get kids to think about the world around them and be good. You shouldn’t be so critical. Nobody got anything “wrong.” It’s all good.
Johnny Guy (9 days ago)
Number one thing harry potter gets wrong about mythicaĺ beings: Them existing
Friendly Fronds (9 days ago)
Think you maybe should have reworded your video to something less triggering to your viewers 🤣 they don't seem to understand your just informing them of the myths and how they differ in Harry Potter. Sooth yourselves people.. Chillus the fuckus outia!
err0r0b0 (9 days ago)
I tried reading J.K. Rowling when I was a child, but the writing was shit. Finding better literature took a few minutes.
Kevin Snow (9 days ago)
While it may not be the high literature of Dostoevsky, Hemingway, or Tolstoy; I’m hard pressed to believe that books who’s sales exceed 500 million copies, to be “bad.” They are after all, children’s books. Pretty good ones too.
Mike Wendland (9 days ago)
Garbage !
Syn (9 days ago)
How do they get it wrong if they're not even real in the first place? 🗿
MsRainbow Brite (9 days ago)
Unicorns are real .... they are just fatter and go by the name of rhino
Daniel Mart (9 days ago)
i dont think it can be wrong given that it's its own universe
Movieflix PLUS (9 days ago)
Facts! Would love to hear your opinion on our latest video! :)
Buddy Bopper (9 days ago)
Ahhh just YouTube the complete teachings ( full books ) of Enoch .
Chamar Sardik (9 days ago)
awesome cool
Jason Galley (9 days ago)
Stupid list. You CANNOT get a fantasy creature that literally doesn't exist "wrong" when writing your own world/universe. If I wrote a story and created a brand-new "world" and said Gnomes were 30 feet tall...guess what...I didn't "get gnomes wrong" at all, it's just that in the world I created they are 30 feet tall. Why? because they don't really exist and the world I created is fictional. Same thing with Harry Potter (or any fantasy writing) they didn't get any mythical being wrong, it's just that those mythical beings are a little different in the Harry Potter world than they are typically perceived.
Movieflix PLUS (9 days ago)
Exactly!! Would be nice to hear some feedback from a person like you on our recent upload! :D
Oldenweery (9 days ago)
I'm tempted to add: "Heh-heh, the same can be said of all the nonsense about 'The Zombie Apocalypse' and vampires," since they don't exist, either, being _mythical beings._ (And don't get me started about Ninjas, who were assassins and other criminals in Japan---and maybe _still are,_ instead of "Good Guys.")
røndø hrsn (9 days ago)
Jamar Montehermoso (9 days ago)
You do understand that there are a lot of sources for these fictional creatures, right?
Saul Martinez (9 days ago)
Reed murja (9 days ago)
Syd Wake (9 days ago)
Gma # ur second I was first
Gma # (9 days ago)
Ur second I was first