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Ford Fiesta "This Is Now" ad by Ogilvy Advertising London

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Watch the next phase of Ford's 'This is Now' by watching Ogilvy & Mather Advertising and Blue Hive's latest ad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ndmuIrR4t0&feature=player_embedded Superb ad by Ogilvy Advertising London for the all-new Ford Fiesta, shot in Berlin, directed by Noah Harris. The music is by Pluxus, it's called "Transient".
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Text Comments (115)
Palit Weboonlit (7 years ago)
Some place as Focus Ad....
mkarnerfors (7 years ago)
Brilliant move with the Nighthawks reference... makes the viewer feel smart. And if they simply didn't know it.. hey, no harm done. :)
Maurice Bigmo Flynn (7 years ago)
Cool video thanks - have favourited on our channel here - we favourite the best brand videos on youtube. Cheers
wikiwama (7 years ago)
I absolutely love this ad! Bit odd though that one of the buildings gone past is a BMW one.
wikiwama (7 years ago)
@mcjrak Berlin.
Elisa エリザ (7 years ago)
@mcjrak it's berlin, in germany
Maciej Rakowski (7 years ago)
That isn't London. I suppose it is Berlin. What city is it?
Jamal Gordon (7 years ago)
Noah Harris came to my uni yesterday to explain his work, the environment from this advert was filmed several times at each time of the day. Day, evening, nigh, midnight and they took the most beautiful parts of each day and combined them to create a surreal atmosphere. Looks very beautiful
michi314 (7 years ago)
does anyone know the name of the song??? My mother wants to have it on her phone.
Florence Rose (7 years ago)
screenshot at 0:39 is based on edward hopper's 'Nighthawks' Love this trailer
Florence Rose (7 years ago)
screenshot at 0:39 is based on edward hopper's 'Nighthawks' Love this trailer
Florence Rose (7 years ago)
screenshot at 0:39 is based on edward hopper's 'Nighthawks' Love this trailer
Florence Rose (7 years ago)
screenshot at 0:39 is based on Edward Hopper's 'Nighthawks' Love this trailer
Alex_92 (7 years ago)
got one :)
Mattinka (8 years ago)
@AdrianC12345 That's because recipients in Europe are more intelligent and demanding than in the States. No offence to anyone - US versions of European TV shows are made like they were for idiots. Pompatic, pathetic and empty.
Sam Skellern (8 years ago)
Took delivery of one of these today! Fantastic car!
superstarjonesbros (8 years ago)
Or the Netherlands?
Robertos2008 (8 years ago)
No właśnie, świetna muzyka. Mam wrażenie, że ostatnio powstaje więcej reklam z dobrą muzyką. Myślę, że jeśli dobierze się do reklamy muzykę, która od razu robi prawie na każdym wrażenie, to spot może osiągnąć skutek nawet jeśli wizualnie jest przeciętny czy wręcz słaby. Bo ludzie będą sobie melodyjkę nucić a może nawet szukać jej w Internecie kojarząc przy okazji reklamowany produkt.
AdrianC12345 (8 years ago)
How come the commercials in the US aren't as good as the ones in the UK?
Bartek Wu (8 years ago)
Genialny spot, że nie wspomnę już o muzyce do niego. Wie ktoś może, kim jest autor tych "nutek"?
Nush Ra (8 years ago)
I cant find this other one its showing on tv and the music so lush and i want to find out what it is and tihs random women was jogging in it so thats all i can memba....
loenkoff (8 years ago)
Don't understand what's interesting in this ad. Nothing, as for me. Except music.
Trip Advisor (8 years ago)
This music by Plexus is a rip off of a song called Kings Call by Phil Lynott (of Thin Lizzy fame), check out the youtube video of it and listen.
Padraig Hughes (8 years ago)
ireland is one of the countries.......that i know
Meroveeus (8 years ago)
An the carpark is next to Borsig Hallen
Meroveeus (8 years ago)
some of the locations in the clip are Mauer Park, Potsdamer Platz, Karl-Marx-Allee, Friedrichstrasse
Ogilvy UK (8 years ago)
Berlin, Germany.
CONRAD PRETORIUS (8 years ago)
I like this ad - alot!! But Im still no ford fan.
Declan Good (8 years ago)
I much prefered this advert to the new one. I was sad when the new one came on. The song suits the city scene alot better than the other faster paced song.
appleZac (8 years ago)
The new "Yellow" version of the popular Ford Fiesta "This Is Now" ad. The new track is by Two Lone Sworsdman and is called Shack54.
jaffacake1578 (8 years ago)
why r u obsessed with car park ramps!?
Veli Saraçoğlu (8 years ago)
Hem görsel,hem müzik olarak reklam süper!! :D
Tropical Damo (8 years ago)
tis a cool song, its called transient by the band PLUXUS incase you wanna find it, iv put it on a cd and i play it propper loud much better than downloading it
Ogilvy UK (8 years ago)
You can now watch the new "Yellow" version on our channel.
Adrian Boliston (8 years ago)
The bit with the car park at 00:27 is cool
Adrian Boliston (8 years ago)
The bit with the circular car park ramps at 00:27 is pretty cool
Ogilvy UK (8 years ago)
Two Lone Swordsmen - Track 54
Dan Sleeman (8 years ago)
Interesting how it's only actually 10 seconds of product shot and the rest is somewhat unrelated...
Evil Happy Mask Salesman (8 years ago)
Love the soundtrack, don't give a damn bout cars!
chlillis (8 years ago)
yh the music on it now makes it really bad, whereas this version is much better
adrums1999 (8 years ago)
i saw this advert on channel 4 last night, but it had different music, anyone know what it was?
Ogilvy UK (8 years ago)
It's in Berlin.
taimur187 (8 years ago)
I see triangles, and checkerboard colours/design. Not cool. These Illuminati ass mu'fuckas putting their symbols into everything, smh.
Ogilvy UK (8 years ago)
From iTunes, it's by Pluxus
J. Schmitz (9 years ago)
Die Werbung mit der Musik von Pluxus "Transient" hat mich fast überzeugt!
Phinbar Phubar (9 years ago)
Had a 1.4 titanium auto 3 door in tango 2 weeks. Great car, after 4 micras......better
Joan Krepen (9 years ago)
wtf is the meaning of this ad?
90jarcza (9 years ago)
Once time I MUST HAVE exactly this car!!!<3
7peso (9 years ago)
HUGE MUSIC. love the commercial, very put together!
lioshenka (9 years ago)
I am not going to talk about how ugly new fords are, but this ad is surely annoying as well as that new kuga one. I always mute my telly when it comes up - thanks god the music doens't start immediately!
aniolek1810 (9 years ago)
kolor super jest tego auta :D:D:D
mateuszcyg (9 years ago)
Najbardziej oryginalna, najpiękniejsza i najnowocześniejsza rekalma jaką kiedykolwiek widziałem!!!!
Beatrice Deportinari (9 years ago)
la potenza del suono, la sensibile capacità d'analisi dell'immagine : questa è genialità.
Beatrice Deportinari (9 years ago)
la pubblicità è l'arte contemporanea. Questa è genialità.
w00td00t (9 years ago)
It's Transient by Pluxus
Malik3er (9 years ago)
whats the name of this song ???
angbr19 (9 years ago)
Im getting this car :-) This colour too! Cant wait :-)
Agata Go (9 years ago)
this advert is so good, I can't stop watching it, everything is so perfectlu matched, the music, the colour, the streets :D such adverts I can watch all the time
MUX667 (9 years ago)
thanks for tip. it's stuck in my head
David Philpott (9 years ago)
smartest colour iv ever seen
kiwi703 (9 years ago)
im luvin the music!
cro508 (9 years ago)
it looks nice. it was funny in top gear, the shoping centre chase. lol xD
Fightoo (9 years ago)
Hehe...funny, I drove up that spiral car park a few weeks back. It's part of a shopping center, also in Berlin (Borsig Hallen)...
Seb L (9 years ago)
I've been at the ad shooting and the last scene, when the car merges has been shot in Berlin, Friedrichstrasse...the phone box is just a fake....
Agata Go (9 years ago)
I just know whose song is that, hope it will help song: Transient artist: Pluxus
DigitalInsanity (9 years ago)
Filmed in Germany, built in Germany :).
DigitalInsanity (9 years ago)
Pluxus - Transient Just ask Google ;).
Charlene Hall (9 years ago)
That color is too hot to resist!!
vmack11 (9 years ago)
yeah i love tune as well mate, donno the name of it though.
immortalharneil (9 years ago)
cool electro music, who did it?
Kevin ODonnell (9 years ago)
Rob Crouch (9 years ago)
what is this songggggg!!!!
Dayscope (9 years ago)
why TV's?? to watch it...as TV is still the strongest ad tool..
Dénes Czeczon (9 years ago)
What style this? dnb or house???
toby0501 (9 years ago)
Pluxus - Transient
Zeynep Altundağ (9 years ago)
apexLT (9 years ago)
bad add. at least the car is average.
olfrygt2007 (9 years ago)
This ad is kinda creepy... and gloomy... :S But i love it ^^
mujjuman (9 years ago)
cool commercial.
Scifon (9 years ago)
Cheers for the tune name :)
Cameron Hartshorn (9 years ago)
crashnburn254 (9 years ago)
Do you have stairs in your house?
kersal2 (9 years ago)
Nice reference to Edward Hopper's "Nighthawks" at 0:40!
Undeadwolfy (9 years ago)
he means the image on a few of the televisions not where its set mate =)
DigitalInsanity (9 years ago)
Nice German car. Right...developed by Germans, built by Germans.
Grant Maisey (9 years ago)
Trust me it was all shot in Berlin, I worked on it.
j (9 years ago)
read the description...
Sageon (9 years ago)
I searched this for the song. But you can see the Selfridges building of the Birmingham Bull Ring at 0:14!
lshz (9 years ago)
love the song
A C (9 years ago)
read the description you lazy ass
lisa m (9 years ago)
That car is beautiful :)
fishyowns (9 years ago)
the song is called transient by pluxus
A C (9 years ago)
Germany is so clean
A C (9 years ago)
It's called technology my child, isn't it a wonder?
A C (9 years ago)
Try reading the description for fucks sake
Jeremy van Bedijk (9 years ago)
all i know is that this is something else, theres a lot of stop motion going on on tv at the moment, still stuck in the whole retro trend. But this is way better than all the rest, love it.
daniel alan (9 years ago)
Yes, it's filmed in Berlin. The symmetric building at the end of the clip is a car park of a shopping center "Hallen am Borsigturm"
Ogilvy UK (9 years ago)
Yes, it was indeed flmed in Berlin
fishyowns (9 years ago)
what's the song called?
boreddude73 (9 years ago)
great ad!