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UPS Drivers gone Bad

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Text Comments (189)
Lawrence Of Canadia (22 days ago)
0:49 Kobe
Hello? Yes, this is chief (1 month ago)
UPS is the worst shipping company. Everything I order that gets shipped through them either has a very damaged box or the product is just broken. I ordered some Corsair ram cards and had the misfortune of having it delivered through them, I literally watched the guy toss the shit at my door. I went out there to confront him and told him he just threw a fragile, $250 piece of tech at my door like a fucking snowball and he was like “oh my bad dude”. Total garbage service
Zach Wachs (1 month ago)
Can i get a customer's gone worse video. You people couldn't do my job if your life depended on it
Syris of Lemuria (1 month ago)
When people forget why their job is important.
Jiu-Jitsu in Action (3 months ago)
Some of these drivers should be ashamed of themselves but if you only knew what ups puts us through... I've never let it drive me to the point of throwing my deliveries but sometimes I'd like to.
Penny Budget (4 months ago)
Just uploaded a video of my ups driver playing basketball with my package... check it out.
Matthew Fontaine (4 months ago)
Fuck ups
Beth S. (4 months ago)
As the wife of a UPS driver, I think you all are ridiculous lol. You have no idea what these guys and gals go through.
Darth Xodius (2 months ago)
Ok fine we don't know what they've gone through (a job ALWAYS has it's ups and downs in terms of dealing with asshole's and stupid people) even then they should ALWAYS retain a level of professionalism for their deliveries. Would YOU like it if you had something delivered to you broken or in pieces because the delivery guy had a "bad day" due to someone else? (It's not YOUR fault he's having a shitty day right?) There's no excuse for being a fucking douche bag to people who don't deserve it. If having a bad day makes you think you have the right to take it out on customer's/ client's & their packages then those fuckers should be fired. And if your husband is one of those people then maybe he should be fired. Unfortunately the complaint system UPS has is a total fucking joke so the rude asshole's are safe from being reprimanded for their shitty attitude/performance.
Bird Man (5 months ago)
First guy was pretty fast and didn't do anything wrong, this video sucks assholes
Goomba Pizza (6 months ago)
A UPS driver just chucked my package at my front door today, from about 40 feet away. It was plastered with "fragile" signs. It was a $150 projector lightbulb. No idea if it's broken or not; I hope not. But yes, I can personally attest to the fact that UPS drivers throw your packages and give no fucks.
Walter Heater (6 months ago)
they do this because they are really Russian spies colluding with Trump, my 4th grade bulldyke gym teacher told us.
Ashton Kilburn (7 months ago)
I see nothing out of the ordinary here.
Jonathan Sellers (7 months ago)
Anyone bitching how packages are handled i invite you to work in a hub and see how it feels to move 1000 pkgs an hour , after 10 you aint gona be so gentle
Anthony Butterfield (26 days ago)
I agree
Hello? Yes, this is chief (1 month ago)
Grow a pair pussy, I worked for years in a warehouse lifting 60+ pound packages for hours on end and always treated them carefully
mendy badgett (8 months ago)
the faster they get their job done the faster they go home!! they need a undercover boss i have had many broken things from ups i told them to keep their brown bleep off my property
Lone Wolf (5 months ago)
The funny part is that UPS is unionized.
NismoFury (10 months ago)
This is why we need robots and drones.
Evan Stone (7 months ago)
SCLaP SCLaP (11 months ago)
if they hate there job so much get another. just reminds me of walmart workers. want to get paid not willing to do a good job.
Bjoernbaks (1 year ago)
These drivers are just adjusting to the demands they face. UPS is a horible Company to work for and they are at every moment putting pressure on their employees. They will break peoples backs before losing money! SO glad I moved on.
Limmy Lan (1 year ago)
My bad service comes in their times. My package was said to be delivered today end of day, so by 7pm give or take 30 minutes or so. So I checked its progress and its been sitting in a different country for the entire fucking day. Absolutely terrible.
Austin Parker (1 year ago)
If you think this is bad you should see what happens inside their facilities.
Michael Whitehead (1 year ago)
I only saw a few times I thought the package was mistreated. If the packages can't handle those little tosses than they certainly won't handle what happens to them when the package handlers are loading the delivery drivers trucks. 10 times worse! Maybe pack your computer better or don't send a fucking 4000 dollar computer in the mail
vangoghmatisse1 (1 year ago)
Michael Wilson (1 year ago)
My driver doesn't know it yet but I have a library of videos with him doing this.. I'm waiting for something to break b4 I turn him in
Evan Stone (7 months ago)
Good luck hes protected by the Union... ur wasting your time
seven719 (1 year ago)
If you think any of this is bad wait until you see what goes on inside the hub.
Raine (1 year ago)
1:22 probably working a holiday 😂 enjoy your dinner fuckers
Gerbil Crusher (1 year ago)
How are these C**TS allowed to get away with this type of service??
Evan Stone (7 months ago)
It's called a Union
Long Jawn (1 year ago)
BLOOD OF JESUS > UPS $,$$$,$$$.$$
nunya business (1 year ago)
These guys barley have time to eat lunch. UPS canned all the older guys for younger "runners."
Foxyroxy1961 (1 year ago)
And these people got to come up to your front door that’s scary they need to discontinue this company I had one come out of my driveway in the middle of night stating that he was deliver a packets that no one sent to my home and they didn’t know where they driver was scary
Jen M (1 year ago)
They get paid pretty well, that’s the most annoying part. As someone who goes to work and tries their best when dealing with external individuals it really bugs me how careless they can be.
Evan Stone (7 months ago)
I work for Ups as a driver, I make over a $100,000 a year.
Back2Vinyl (1 year ago)
They deliver over 15 million packages on an average day. People in this video should be gone but there are a small group of people who cut corners at ANY company. Fed Ex, USPS or any other delivery company.
jerry ponce (2 years ago)
Omg there was a ups commercial advertised in this video
Martin Kennedy (2 years ago)
Don't throw to upc truck can damage people will anger will rained holiday
Nick B (2 years ago)
Fell asleep watching this because of the music
Zac’s Computers (2 years ago)
One of those big boxes could of been my new computer😬
Bill clinton (2 years ago)
This is getting handled like gold compared to what I see on a DAILY Basis
Yumpin Yiminy (2 years ago)
Just something for the people that watch this. UPS obviously don't do background checks. They could hire a terrorist and ship a bomb or worse and blow up another building. Will congress do anything? No. How did we allow or write write lobbyist into our constitution? Problem is the people that write the laws and get it out of commie will never vote on a law that restricts their power. The TV Series Designated Survivor is not that bad of and idea. There is no term limits for congress. They are our representatives but rarely vote our opinions. Enough said.
DrainTheSwamp (1 year ago)
what the fuck does whatever the hell your talking about have to do with this video?
Alex Mollberg (2 years ago)
"UPS obviously don't do background checks". Nice grammar. Yes they do.
Yumpin Yiminy (2 years ago)
Ya, now 2017 and UPS driver and customers service don't give a flying fart. I guess they are to big to care about home customers. I would tell you my whole story but it is too long. I waited all day at home and was watching for a $3000 package that I had to sign for. When I finally saw the truck the guy was walking away with no package. Before I could reach the door, he drove off. It was Friday and I guess he had to get to happy hour. All he did was leave a no one home label on my door. He also did not close my screen door nor the the gate on my front porch that I had installed to keep my dogs in. I called customer service because you can't call your local depot. The guy promised to send it back the same day and would call the local depot. I got a call from the local depot and the girl said they could not come back because they could not contact the driver. That was more crap because later in the conversation she said the guy called in and refused to come back and said he banged on my door. I was 4 feet away from my door bell and he did not use it or bang on my door because my dogs would have a fit. She said it's not required for them to ring the door bell in case it is not working. Anyway just BS after BS from everyone I talked to even managers. This was an Amazon delivery sold by a second source. Neither is to blame. Just the shipper.
DrainTheSwamp (1 year ago)
I am so sorry this happened to you, that must have been such a frustrating experience. I do know alot of UPS drivers and they work theyre tails off so cows like you dont have to get off your fat ass and go to the store. the world does not revolve around you lady so get fucked ya dirty selfish bitch.
Ariella S. (2 years ago)
That explains why my dishes were all smashed one time
Rick James (2 years ago)
When I started there in 79 if we brought a package back they would either send us back out or fire us. By the time I retired 30 years later they were chewing my ass for delivering all the packages. They had the best thing going and for some reason wanted to be shitty like everyone else.
Morris Tab (2 years ago)
UPS fired each of these disgruntled drivers. Thank you YouTube for reporting them to corporate.
William (2 years ago)
If y'all going to be mad that someone slid your package ur crazy. 210 packages a day- plus 180 deliveries (stops)... Sometimes it gets to you
Dalton Rodney (3 months ago)
Ha where do you work I want in. I get 180 300+ on a light day. But I still dont throw shit. I'll toss a tshirt bag but only with in aa foot
T̥ͦH̥ͦE̥ͦ ḀͦS̥ͦM̥ͦR̥ͦ B̥ͦU̥ͦB̥ͦB̥ͦL̥ͦE̥ͦ (2 years ago)
Jason Price (2 years ago)
yea nice job ..
YouTubeY2K * (2 years ago)
Well they basically have a time gun pointed at their heads take too long and your fired so stop that and the abuse will stop. Not vouching for them all though.
Namaste (2 years ago)
People have no lives... really? Recording the delivery guy? I deliver mail & people LIVE to watch us & harrass us, STARE, & even follow us. what the fuck? c'mon people get it together
Emily Parish (2 years ago)
In my country you have to write your name and sign a paper that the delivery guy gives you. If youre not home, he wont leave the package there. He will take it to the nearest post, where you can pick it up. Also.... You can open the package infront of him and if its broken, they have to pay it(the company) if someone would have thrown some stuff, you can just go to post and say that they have stolen it, cause they dont have it signed from you. Aint nobody throwing shit here :-D
catracha V. (3 years ago)
look . iam trying to get a job of delivering the package to the home and I seen video that the drivers is so angry about something n they are doing stuff stuff with the package, they will lose their great paid jobs
iceflame12 (3 years ago)
Most of these look completely fine..
iceflame12 (2 years ago)
Reality Check heh, you clearly have never worked for a delivery company.
Justanotherguy (3 years ago)
omg what a shit song!
David G (3 years ago)
That guys walk who flipped off the camera really bugs me for some reason..
porchstick (3 years ago)
music fits well
Thunderstriker (3 years ago)
whats wrong with that you think they handle shit any better on down the line? package ur stuff up to take a beating. the cost of next day delivery.
Yankie Doodle (3 years ago)
I just luv those tag-and-runs. That's like telling a customer in a restaurant that he has to go into the kitchen to get his meal himself because he wasn't at the table when the waiter came by (even though he was!).
Lone Wolf (5 months ago)
@Jesse Durham You don't catch your breath while driving? Do you run a Flintstones-style vehicle?
Jesse Durham (11 months ago)
Yankie Doodle we only leave notes instead of your package when you live in a neighborhood with theft or the shipper requires a signature for release. You really think we wanna waste time making a note and carrying the package back and then trying again the next day. I deliver about 500 packages a day with no breaks at all. I jog while carrying various items about 11 miles a day. Snow, ice, rain, slush. Wet feet all day sometimes. No lunch break no “catch my breath” break. I don’t even have time to answer important phone calls.
Sylvester Stalligator (3 years ago)
10/10 would get a package from this guy again
Angered Shrek (3 years ago)
these packages got tossed like that driver
Angered Shrek (3 years ago)
we need more street racers! to put these drivers in place!
Angered Shrek (3 years ago)
this is how they deliver america's packages that driver deserved his roast!
slaughter media (3 years ago)
these drivers have 2 brain cells to their name if that o_o
Donwannago (3 years ago)
Good job of compiling this. I am curious to know how you acquired the videos.
Brianna LeeAnn (3 years ago)
Video was boring as hell
Jacob Danassis (3 years ago)
i hate ups there always late with all my orders and if I miss delivery they bring my package not to the UPS store near my house but instead made me drive almost 3 hours to go get it at some place in Ontario
myastroflight (3 years ago)
UPS didn't want to make their own training video, so just took a clip from "Pet Detective". They swear by it.
myastroflight (3 years ago)
UPS didn't want to make their own training video, so just took a clip from "Pet Detective". They swear by it.
wolfdanger (3 years ago)
A way of saying "fuck people" and rightly so, fuck em
Jared Armbruster (4 years ago)
The fact that they throw the packages is the reason why I always walk up the truck when they deliver my package. It prevents them from pulling that shit.
Jared Armbruster (4 years ago)
Why don't they get in trouble for throwing the packages like that. It's a load of bullshit.
CarlsCustomCreations (3 years ago)
+Mark Soucie that's one reason I can't stand unions. They have ruined this country. That's why you have no American made tv's now and we lost almost all our auto plants and destroyed the city of Detroit
Jared Armbruster (3 years ago)
+Mark Soucie You say the Unions protect these guys that yes SHOULD be fired, but in my opinion it's more like covering their asses.
Mark Soucie (3 years ago)
+Jared Armbruster (Jayrod64) My point is Unions often protect guys like this who SHOULD be fired immediately for their conduct. Illegal? Never happen.
Jared Armbruster (3 years ago)
@Mark Soucie​ It should be illegal to damage someone else's package and or mail. Whether you payed $1 or $1 million for an item, it should handled with care. I always walk up to the truck to make sure they can't throw the package.
Mark Soucie (3 years ago)
+Jared Armbruster (Jayrod64) UNION.
SParkApCider (4 years ago)
I'd be happy if they would just make an attempt to deliver...not tag the door and claim I was not home.
Nick B (2 years ago)
SParkApCider if they tagged your door that means they went to your house and you didn't answer your door maybe you didn't hear your bell
Robert5185 (2 years ago)
Look man I am gonna stick-up for most UPS drivers because they often have tons of packages to deliver and in a short period of time to do so. It is physically impossible at times to walk every mofo's driveway for every little piece of crap someone orders online. So sometimes they have to make judgement calls on whether to deliver certain packages at certain difficult addresses or get yelled at by their supervisor for failed deliveries. I don't condone chunking a package at someone's door, but a gentle toss to save a few steps on a well packaged item isn't gonna hurt anything or anyone. So for all you whistle blowing assholes with your hidden cams waiting to catch your neighborhood driver pulling some devious shit.....I say FU on behalf of the UPS driver nation and have a Merry X-mas ! ;)
T̥ͦH̥ͦE̥ͦ ḀͦS̥ͦM̥ͦR̥ͦ B̥ͦU̥ͦB̥ͦB̥ͦL̥ͦE̥ͦ (2 years ago)
SParkApCider ᗩᖴTEᖇ ᗩᒪᒪ TᕼᗩT ᗷᔕ ᖴᖇOᗰ ᑌᑭᔕ, TᕼEY ᔕTIᒪᒪ ᗯOᑌᒪᗪᑎ'T ᗷᖇIᑎG ᗰY ᑭᗩᑕKᗩGEᔕ TO ᗰE ᗩᑎᗪ ᗯE ᕼᗩᐯE ᕼIᗰ Oᑎ ᑕᗩᗰEᖇᗩ. I ᗩᒪᔕO GOT ᗩᑎ EᗰᗩIᒪ ᔕTᗩTIᑎG TᕼEᔕE TᕼᖇEE ᗯOᖇᗪᔕ ᗩT TᕼE ᗷOTTOᗰ, ᖇEᔕᑕᕼEᗪᑌᒪE. ᖇEᖇOᑌTE. ᑕᗩᒪᗰ ᗪOᗯᑎ. ᖇEᒪᗩ᙭. TᕼᗩT'ᔕ TᕼE ᗰEᔕᔕᗩGE I GOT ᗩᑎᗪ ᑎO OᑎE ᖴᖇOᗰ ᑌᑭᔕ KᑎOᗯᔕ ᕼOᗯ I GOT TᕼᗩT ᗷᑌT TᗯO ᗪᗩYᔕ Oᖴ TᕼIᔕ ᗯᕼOᒪE TᕼIᑎG, TᕼIᔕ GᑌY ᗯᗩᔕ ᗩᖇᖇEᔕTEᗪ ᖴOᖇ ᔕTEᗩᒪIᑎG ᗰY ᑭᗩᑕKᗩGEᔕ! Yᑌᑭ! ᕼE TOOK TᕼEᗰ. ᕼE ᗩᑎᗪ ᗩᑎOTᕼEᖇ GᑌY ᔕTOᒪE ᖴᖇOᗰ ᗩ ᖴEᗯ ᑭEOᑭᒪE TᕼIᔕ ᗯEEK. ᗰY ᕼᑌᔕᗷᗩᑎᗪ Iᔕ ᗩ ᑭOᒪIᑕE OᖴᖴIᑕEᖇ ᔕO ᗯᕼEᑎ ᕼE ᑕᗩᗰE TO ᗰY ᕼOᑌᔕE "ᑭᖇETEᑎᗪIᑎG" TO ᗪEᒪIEᐯEᖇ ᗩᑎᗪ ᔕTᗩᖇTIᑎG TO ᗪᖇIᐯE ᗷY, ᗰY ᕼᑌᔕᗷᗩᑎᗪ ᔕᗩIᗪ ᕼOᒪᗪ Oᑎ, ᒪOᑌᗪ ᗩᑎᗪ ᕼE ᗯᗩᔕ ᗩᖇᖇEᔕTEᗪ ᗩᑎᗪ ᖴIᖇEᗪ ᖴᖇOᗰ TᕼE ᑌᑭᔕ ᑌᑎIOᑎ TOᗪᗩY! I ᔕᑕᖇEEᑎ ᔕᕼOT EᐯEᖇYTᕼIᑎG ᔕEᑎT TO ᗰE ᗪᑌᖇIᑎG TᕼᗩT TIᗰE, I ᖇEᑕOᖇᗪEᗪ ᗩᒪᒪ ᑕOᑎᐯEᖇᔕᗩTIOᑎᔕ I'ᐯE ᕼᗩᗪ ᗯITᕼ TᕼᗩT ᗪᖇIᐯEᖇ'ᔕ ᗯᗩᖇEᕼOᑌᔕE ᗩᑎᗪ TᕼE 1800 ᑎᑌᗰᗷEᖇ ᖴOᖇ ᑌᑭᔕ ᗩᑎᗪ EᐯEᖇYTᕼIᑎG ᕼE ᗯᗩᔕ ᗪOIᑎG ᗯᕼIᒪE Iᑎ ᖴᖇOᑎT Oᖴ ᗰY ᕼOᗰE ᗯᗩᔕ Oᑎ ᗩ ᕼOᗰEᒪᗩᑎᗪ ᔕEᑕᑌᖇITY ᑭOᒪIᑕE ᑕᗩᗰEᖇᗩ Oᑎ TᕼE ᔕTᖇEETᒪIGᕼT ᑭOᒪE ᗩᑎᗪ ᗰY OᑌTᔕIᗪE ᕼOᗰE ᑕᗩᗰEᖇᗩᔕ! YEᔕ! ᔕᑌᑕᑕEᔕᔕᖴᑌᒪ! ᗩᒪᒪ ᗰY TᕼIᑎGᔕ ᗯEᖇE ᗩᒪᒪ ᖇEOᖇᗪEᖇEᗪ, ᑭᗩIᗪ Iᑎ ᖴᑌᒪᒪ. ᒪOᒪ I ᖴEEᒪ ᔕO GOOᗪ TᕼᗩT TᕼIᔕ ᑭIEᑕE Oᖴ ᔕᕼIT Iᔕ ᕼIᔕTOᖇY. I ᗯIᒪᒪ "ᑎEᐯEᖇ" ᗷᗩᑕK ᗪOᗯᑎ ᖴᖇOᗰ ᗩᑎYTᕼIᑎG.
T̥ͦH̥ͦE̥ͦ ḀͦS̥ͦM̥ͦR̥ͦ B̥ͦU̥ͦB̥ͦB̥ͦL̥ͦE̥ͦ (2 years ago)
Intolerant American ᗯIᑎE?
SParkApCider (2 years ago)
Henry Slade (4 years ago)
i hate everyone in this video
CoppestofTopps (2 years ago)
including the bystanders,harsh if ya ask me.
code lyoko 34 (4 years ago)
If I see a scratch or a dent on my centrifuge I'm going to get my boomerang and knock him out and take his job and show it how to do it correct way. And not like this infidel in the video. 😡
BigBoysClimbOnBigRing (4 years ago)
Little bit of info for people. How do you think your packages are treated inside UPS hubs, outside of the public eye? Kindly? No. Two words: time and money. Packages are moved around in the fastest way possible. Sure some will get damaged, but it's part of doing business. Paying a few claims on goods that get damaged is FAR better than treating every package kindly and moving the pace of the "flow" to a snail's pace. This is a fast paced business! The faster packages are moved the more money UPS makes. It's funny how people's packages are treated kindly at UPS stores... Oh you of little knowledge. Oh and BTW FedEx, USPS, DHL, Ontrack, and Amazon are ALL THE SAME. They might be worst actually, as their workers receive far less training than UPS workers. People commenting "I'm gonna switch to fedex" is hilarious, because it's the same shit. Buy your fragile shit at the store. Peace out.
Mark Soucie (3 years ago)
+AutodromoF1 It's not so much about training, which, isn't true about FedEx being trained,  but more about personal integrity. I don't care about cameras I don't throw packages.
Dredrick (4 years ago)
It's really not though. The problem is that companies that size compartmentalize everything too such a large degree that the people In the facilities are told to do everything assaysthey can but also to treat every package as a guest of honor. Only one of those two things has immediate consequences so human nature does the rest. There is no intentional malevalence at a corporate level, its just genuine lazieness at a personal level.
fawdown (4 years ago)
@AutodromoF1 So that would excuse them from taking an invoice receipt out of the plastic bag on a package I sent to someone and writing 'horse f#$%er' all over it? This was all because I caught them over charging me at the UPS store. Do they need to be specifically trained not to open a private invoice packet just to write profanities on it? More training doesn't necessarily mean better training. Brown is the correct color for their trucks...
SolidSonicTH (4 years ago)
Well maybe nothing fragile was in that first guy's load...
SolidSonicTH (4 years ago)
@Romeofud Well, let's be real, you're also being paid by the client to safely transmit their parcel without incident. Effort should be made to ensure that it doesn't happen wherever possible, even if every situation can't be avoided.
Romeofud (4 years ago)
@Michael Sperry We don't have time to do that unless the package is extremely heavy and in rare instances they are, but for the most part, we do toss packages around daily. Boxes are supposed to be sufficiently packed as to withstand "shipping and handling"
SolidSonicTH (4 years ago)
@Michael Sperry Hey, I'm just trying to be optimistic.
Michael Sperry (4 years ago)
@SolidSonicTH I don't care weather they were fragile or not you would think these guys would treat any package as though it was something fragile.
MessengerOfTruth (4 years ago)
Every single one of them should be fined and fired ... except maybe the one who SLID the box.  No real damage can come from sliding.  You people aren't the only ones who have to deal with job stress!  And if YOU are the cause of damaging something that WE pay for, YOU should be fined - HIGHLY fined!  And if you can't even be faithful in this, why in the world would I hire you to manage anyones bank accounts, or financial, or build a home, or take care of our children?  You people are crazy!  If you are untrustworthy in one area, you're untrustworthy in ALL of them. Suppose it was something medical for someone in pain!? Suppose it was a kids birthday!? Suppose it was something delicate!? People would have to endure pain, experience delays, even cancel events.  We'd have to deal with the hassle of returns and delays because of YOU!  No!  I say fire EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU who does this and hire someone else who will do a better job. I've worked construction.  Shoveled and shifted sand.  Carried concrete blocks all day.  Lifted 99 pound cement bags and mixed it, with sand, in wheelbarrows.  I've dealt with sore feet, bad back, and blistered hands.  And I NEVER mishandled the tools OR the property of the customer!  Cut their EMPLOYMENT!
Kevin Sanderson (4 years ago)
SolidSonicTH (4 years ago)
There is nothing wrong with flipping off a security camera.
Dawn Williams (4 years ago)
I don't see anything wrong with the man sliding the box. Didn't look too forceful.
Tony D (4 years ago)
This shit happens with Fedex and the usps every day!
Mixer Wolf (4 years ago)
This should be called "Background Music Gone Bad"
SenselessTuning (10 months ago)
Mixer Wolf dude those bongos were killing
SoN oFaBleepBlop (5 years ago)
Not all drivers are like this its a few of them same goes for fedex.. Its usps thats the worst of them all,more than half of the employees are lazy and don't care about there jobs. the proof is on youtube ..search the videos you will get way more hits on usps. And as far as packages been thrown it gets thrown worse at the terminals regardless of what carrier it is..that box been thrown around many times.
Gabriel Palatinigh (5 years ago)
I will never ever use UPS again!
Goomba Pizza (6 months ago)
They all do it. They're all the same. UPS, USPS, Fed-Ex, they're all dicks and they all throw your packages.
Ethan Walter (1 year ago)
Has nothing to do with the company and more the individual. I have never ever thrown a package. Every package is PLACED somewhere.
Phillybo Gaming (2 years ago)
Gabriel Palatinigh This is every delivery company, you can't really control them as it's not the company itself but some hypocrites who just don't like their job.
Rat Man (5 years ago)
I say he did a pretty good job. 
Svedina80 (5 years ago)
Great music!
kayo Beetz (5 years ago)
Yeah the first guy, using the hand truck was clearly in violation. Totally wrong for doing that... He could be fired off that video if showed to his supervisor.
Ramko Zhuban (5 years ago)
Wow, that first guy does all that during the day, in the open on a rather busy street, it's like he WANTS to get fired.
CryptoChat (5 years ago)
That was a waste of my time.
Yerr (5 years ago)
what the heck idiots im waiting a pakech its sopose to come today and its late 
Luis Hernandez (5 years ago)
people want free shipping and quality service. The two don't go together. This actually isn't that bad, compared to what goes on inside the sorting hubs. And it's universal, UPS, USPS, and FedEx all do it. Unless you're willing to pay $100 to ship a small 1 lbs box, STFU
Lone Wolf (5 months ago)
Last I checked, UPS, USPS, and FedEx don't ship for free. The recipient might not pay, but the shipper still does.
vKilling Corpes's Mom (5 years ago)
The first one he was throwing them on the shelves unseen from the camera's view, so they weren't being damaged. At 2:00 he still used hand to surface and slid the package. Doesn't cause damage 
Aaron Bishop (1 year ago)
@Alex Mollberg Means it starts out on the rear door right floor yes. Does not mean it has to stay there. I personally like to move my packages to the shelves when room is available to keep them dry (when raining), and undamaged (by preventing stepping on the package)
Oats (5 years ago)
Lol, dude no, I'm a driver, and I can tell you there is no way those boxes made it on the shelves. Maybe the 1 small box he tossed to RDR. (Rear Door Right)
John Walters (5 years ago)
Slamwarrior I did not say I worked for UPS I don't even think there was a UPS in the 70's. The company I worked for may not have worked me like a slave but I did my job. I did work for one company that did try to work me like a slave in 2000. I was working 7 days a week and twice a week I would work a 29 hour shift (thank God I did not have to drive) and only get a 3 hour nap after the 29 hour shift then I did a 16 hour shift then got to go home and sleep six hours then back to work after a 45 minute drive. All and all I worked over 90 hours a week. After 3 months of this I quit. Why do you put up with those conditions? No Union? I say if you have to do a poor job to finish the job it is managements fault and you need a better job. But if the money is all you care about stop complaining and do the job you are getting paid to do.
SickChip (5 years ago)
Lazy fat maggots 
SickChip (4 years ago)
@John Taylor =D.. Your my beta female dog, your my bitch.. its okay
SickChip (5 years ago)
@Todd Yeomans Why are you trying to make me look stupid, I'm sure it's based on you're own insecurities... I don't put to much thinking into writing youtube comments, sorry if i did something stupid.. It's okay
Dapivotanimator2000 (5 years ago)
@slamwarrior you are probably lazy and fat and working for ups throwing people's packages
SickChip (5 years ago)
They're fat & lazy.. Look at them
Cre8iveGaming3 (5 years ago)
I bought a fractal r4 blackout edition on new egg and its coming tomorrow by UPS yet YouTube recommends me to watch this video
teamofprosvideo (5 years ago)
What Can Brown Do For You? I dread the thought. 
John Walters (5 years ago)
This shows that liberals have given a generation bad work ethics. When I was a delivery man in the 70's I gave a damn and did my job. Today these lazy bastards only think about getting off work instead of doing the job.
Charlie Muller (5 years ago)
i've had my beef with UPS and can understand why someone would feel to do that- but they get paid very well for the BS they put up with- as far as the newcomers on route on the shitty contracts- they don't get paid as much- but still they haven't been there long enough to respect the company.  Those who knew me while I worked there, I had my own reason for pulling stunts- but it was never a case of stealing, just being annoying to management- trying to force retirement ;)
frank ortiz (5 years ago)
ups should install package cannons on the sides of the truck. boom splat, there's your 4 thousand dollar computer
SenselessTuning (10 months ago)
frank ortiz if it would save them $0.003 per delivery they fucking would
zach seals (5 years ago)
well to be honest yall slow. we dont have time for yall to get off phone take 30 seconds to get to the door then tell us where to put the package in your house.... in then in offices you expect us to sit there while ur on the phone. just remember every second you hold us up thats everyone else your holding up too. 90% of yall cant do this job ill promise that 230 stops a day with 40 businesses. 500 pieces #no respect
SCLaP SCLaP (11 months ago)
Excuses excuses. I could do it and explain it better than that yack jaw english you just used. See, Im not fat. Plus. Im not lazy. I enjoy keeping busy. Thats why I am an unexpendable asset at my company. Oh no no. I dont deliver. I have a real job. Dont need Union to protect my lazy ass.
Jesse Durham (11 months ago)
Damn where do you work. I get at least 280-300 stops a day
cseals8 (5 years ago)
Good evening, Mr.Yurchick, You seem to have made some premature assumptions.  For the record, my brother is neither unintelligent nor disrespectful.  In fact, he happens to be the most intelligent, ethical, and kind person I know.  He also embodies an extraordinary work ethic which perhaps is a concept beyond the understanding of a person like you.  What my 100K education has taught me is that there are a large number of over-educated, unintelligent snobs who feel some sense of elitism simply because they use proper grammar.  This same group have no choice but to focus on the details of any argument (such as grammar) since they are unable to formulate any useful idea about a given topic. To clarify what you may have misinterpreted from my brother's original argument, a UPS driver's job is no easy feat.  In fact, one driver is expected to deliver close to 500 packages in one work day.  I won't get into my opinions on the effects of greed on corporate America, but I will say that businesses' desire to increase the bottom line and consumers' desire to access expanded services for reduced prices creates a deleterious effect on customer service.  It is amazing that UPS drivers survive the work day.  The fact that some, like my brother, do so with a smile on their face and little complaining is close to a miracle.  Sure, my brother is lucky to have a job.  We all are.  On the flip side of that, UPS is lucky to have him as an employee, and his customers are lucky to have him show up in his cheerful and dedicated fashion to leave their package at the door.  I suppose if customers want white glove treatment beyond that then hopefully they have purchased an overpriced education that has landed them in a career that affords them a lifestyle filled with such luxuries.  If not, then maybe they need to reassess what is a reasonable expectation for very minimal fee or pay a few extra dollars for face-to-face service requiring signature. All my brother was really trying to say is that drivers do the best they can and certainly mean no disrespect by being in quite a hurry.  Their extreme workload and the pressures of demanding customers don't allow for a slower pace.  Hopefully, with this increased understanding, consumers might feel less disrespected and more appreciative that a human being runs (literally) ten hours per day so that every package reaches its final destination. As for you, I hope in the future you are more thoughtful about who you choose to insult and why.  Maybe if you had critical thinking skills rather than simple comprehension skills, you would have seen the point my brother was making.  In a world full of auto-correct and cells phone used as word processing units, it is interesting to me that there are grammar lovers like yourself still out there.  Good for you.  #keepingitreal  
zach seals (5 years ago)
Lol oh I have a job and I always will. See dude and yes not sir bc im not mr educated like yourself. Nor do I speak on behalf of the company but I do speak on behalf of a true blue collar class. Something u obviously put below you, you know like im here to serve. Well your sadly mistaken im here to deliver packages. Now when a person politely ask me to do something for them as in put it somewhere else or "would you mind takimg around back next time" then I dont mind going out of my way but technically do I have to do that and am I screweing over the next 80 stops yes.. theres a section that allows you to fill out what when and where you want it so I dont waste time at your door.. maybe education is what I lack in your eyes but seems this white collar class lacks common sense and understanding because your used to this we are here for u. Now throwing packages is wrong no one doubts that. now on a personal level you prolly can say w/e you want in here and get away with so your lucky about that.. but bro I dont need your stamp of approval on my skill set. I got the #1 skill set it seems in this day n age #hardwork. seems America agrees by as much $ as I have been making so u keep getting that education to not find a job bc the markets flooded with them. Plenty of these hard honest work jobs that people are to lazy to do. And yes I say you bc im talking to this whiny class that sits here and just complains all day.. probably does it 8-5 on company time too. Just keeping it real amd leeting you know whats up. Good luck in life steve
Kelly Goerbig (5 years ago)
Now that's express delivery!
WestCoastMan8 (4 years ago)
honeybun33 (5 years ago)
we as UPS driver helpers are encouraged to make PISS cups if there is no bathroom available . we used Gatorade cups and pissed in the back of the truck . everybody does it . we even collected piss cups from previous drivers ! good luck piss cups !
SenselessTuning (10 months ago)
honeybun33 that’s the best part bro!
Bobby B (1 year ago)
LMAO this is beyond true. I piss in a bottle everyday in the back of my truck.😂
honeybun33 (3 years ago)
+D.E.B. B naw not really . the nearest QT was for the crap buckets. however when you on the road , and theres no piss stop in sight ... you search high .. low.. and before you know it .. the back of the UPS truck becomes a pissing ground . ingenuity at its finest .
D.E.B. B (3 years ago)
+honeybun33 Do you have to make turd buckets too? Or is that going too far?
spleenya (5 years ago)
It is common to throw small packages in the hub but not very far the drivers are told not to do it
Triplee Faail (5 years ago)
These ain't newspapers.
kotd009 (5 years ago)
id rather be alittle late. than to be ignorant and tossing boxes around. but i heard all deliveries drivers have their bad days..still theirs always a solution for this. but tracking down the arrogant ones that do this everyday
KadeKado (5 years ago)
baimdying (5 years ago)
I feel so bad for those poor people who get their stuff broken or damaged D:. Where i live, Fedex and UPS are usally really nice, i can always trust this one guy who usally comes to my house and is UPS. He is a very nice rather old man c: