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HOW TO FINSIH YOUR YOUR EARLIER! I know i haven't vlogged in awhile but finally I'm getting back into a routine. A lot of people keep asking me how to get done with your route earlier and here are a few key points. If you enjoy this video smash that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button! INSTAGRAM -https://www.instagram.com/cthompson1135/ TWITTER -https://twitter.com/CThompson1135 SNAPCHAT - CTHOMPSON1135
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Dividend Income (5 days ago)
@2:10 that’s a delivery hallway in a mall, no doubt
TrayDuece14 (11 days ago)
Keep it up bruh!! Ive been a driver at ground for 11 yrs here in cali..we are the real mvp. It takes alot of hard work n dedication to do this type of job, ppl think its easy. But little do they know..much love n respect bruh #purplepromisegang🤙
Logoguy7 (13 days ago)
Easy: deliver only ATL parcels, then put the rest in a sack and take it to the post office.
Phil Taylor (29 days ago)
Love these vlogs - so interesting to see what you guys do! You're a great and enthusiastic presenter ! Just wondering if you ever had the Terminal ask that you use additional technology in the cab like iPad for GPS/turn-by-turn? What would your reaction be to added tech in the cab as well as having the Scanner? Like this for example : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YppC3E5Q6w0&t=751s Anyway, keep calm, stay positive and keep smiling :-) ... great attitude ... good luck !
Maureen Auguste (1 month ago)
So i work for amazon. I left walmart distribution center because it was hell and so I settled for a pay cut. Amazon delivery contractors can vary regarding how they pay their employees yet optimal logistics pays $140 a day. If you finish early (before 10 hours), you make more than just 14/h. They’ve noticed that I’m most competent in residential (8 hour days sometimes less), so I’m lucky to be there so essentially I make more for less of my time. My question is, is there an incentive for fedex drivers finishing earlier? If so, what are they? Since leaving walmart and getting a job one week later, I feel like I can make moves if I have to. I just don’t want long hours because of school...
Julio Sierra (2 months ago)
Fedex express?
Victor Moore (2 months ago)
What is pick ups
Freeman Marcus (2 months ago)
Victor Moore Going to a business or residence and picking up whatever package they have going out
manny fresh (3 months ago)
I start saturday. Im seasonal but i want to become fulltime
CThompsonTv (3 months ago)
No, they probably needed people
Young Black Conservative (3 months ago)
+CThompsonTv I got offered full time from the jump. Is that uncommon?? They aren't lying are they?
CThompsonTv (3 months ago)
Just work hard and it’ll happen
David Lacroix (3 months ago)
I thought this video would be about how to be faster/more efficient. Tips and tricks. Such as scanning/closing stop while walking vs scanning in the truck and closing when you get back in. Not looking for a package too long. Eating on the go. Pushing delivered on the GPS before you get out of the truck vs when you get back in. Maybe tips on where to park when pulling up to a stop, such as drivers door aligned with a driveway or path. Tips for spotting addresses quicker. How to park so you don't have to reverse. Etc.
David Lacroix (3 months ago)
Good video. Just thought it'd be a bit more through.
Noe Ruiz (3 months ago)
I do ground/home. I get paid hourly so I finish in accordance with my contracts “20 stops” per hour theory.
AKA KOS (12 days ago)
20 stops an hour is a great way to to stay ahead
Edwin Ramos (3 months ago)
Appreciate the videos! Your attitude is refreshing and inspiring. Keep up the great work.
CThompsonTv (3 months ago)
Yo! Thanks for watching!
Jason Pierce (4 months ago)
Do you have to take a lunch?
Trill Robbie (3 months ago)
Jason Pierce if you want
beatwolf44 (4 months ago)
Your terminal must be on top of it my terminal makes us wait till 9 to before we even leave and I bet your truck is already loaded everyone has to load their truck at my terminal
chris hervieux (4 months ago)
Do you get extra money for over 100 packages?
Kevin Burgos (4 months ago)
Whats up my brother love your videos man. I start fedx HD on oct.29th coming from dhl. My contractor is paying me $135 daily with $1 extra per stop after 100 stops.
pearsonbm (4 months ago)
Not sure how long you intend to be with FedEx or in package delivery altogether, but you may want to consider using the 3 points of contact when coming down out of the car. I know it takes a lil longer, and FedEx doesn’t really reward you for doing so (hourly wage-wise), but your health takes precedence. I’ve noticed you pretty much lunging out of the car in other videos. You want your joints to last you well into your twilight years. Just thought I’d pass the friendly tip along. Keep grindin’... just not them joints. Lol
pearsonbm (1 month ago)
@Maureen Auguste It’ll definitely put the wear on anybody no matter their fitness, especially when you’re working out of a sprinter van for Amazon or out of a rental truck as opposed to an actual package car. They just don’t offer the same facilities as the latter does. I had to work out of a rental this past Xmas season, so I can empathize with the pain in the left knee. My only recommendation is to take a little more time coming out of your van that way the impact is lessened to both legs instead of just the one.
Maureen Auguste (1 month ago)
I’m doing amazon for short-term and I’ve only been here for maybe a month now. I have to agree with you regarding putting stress on the body. I don’t know if it’s a combination of my body not being used to sitting but moving 12 hour days, 3 days a week and the fact that I jump out of the van as well, but I feel it in my left knee. Which is the leg that I use to get out most of the time.
Film Ed (3 months ago)
This is the FedEx way. Running and gunning not worried about long term health...
Things Of stuff (4 months ago)
Go damn you have a heavy route. My average amount of stops is 55with 18 pickups.
Quinton Phillips (5 months ago)
Great vids Cthompson. Hey, do you use road warrior? Do you use manifests? I’ve been with fedex a couple months, just curious.
CThompsonTv (5 months ago)
Thanks for watching man! When I didn't know the houses in an area I'd use road warrior but I usually use nothing. Once you go to the same stop everyday you memorize your route.
Jay (5 months ago)
Can somebody help me out here. There is a local job opening for FedEx in my area. It is for a Courier/Tractor-Trailer Driver for FedEx Express for morning/day shift Tuesday-Saturday 8-1pm. I currently work at Pizza Hut as a part time delivery Driver there. I’ve been there for about a year now. Love my job there but I want something with more pay. Pizza Hut has been my first and only job. Do you think work history will affect my chance of getting hired? Would I need to start out as a package handler first? I was also thinking of possibly working the courier driver job and also keeping my Pizza Hut job as well. Someone reply to me and help me out with this, Thank You!
Danny DaS (5 months ago)
Also what's the difference between ground and Express?
MrAlteredego (4 months ago)
Danny DaS express pays hourly and flexible on schedule I believe where ground they pay weekly and depending on route?.
Danny DaS (5 months ago)
Are you on Fedex Express?
Kevin Burgos (4 months ago)
Nah hes ground
Anthony Pape (5 months ago)
I have my interview tomorrow up here in chicago im exited wish me luck!
Anthony Pape (5 months ago)
CThompsonTv thanks!!
CThompsonTv (5 months ago)
Good luck man!
Caleb Brown (6 months ago)
Yo nice vid. What ever happened to the one Cody dude the white boi?
HASE (6 months ago)
You make it seem like fedex is more fun cuz how UPS be you dont have time to make a youtube video because you trying to complete 100 stops in 30mins...LOL
Russ Aman (3 months ago)
HASE lol what i want is that UPS guy in my area he has 1 stop but he sits there all day delivering and doing pick ups.
Steven Streling (6 months ago)
New route starts on Tuesday so nervous lol
Scott Fisher (6 months ago)
Is that a new tattoo
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
Adrian Gonzalez (6 months ago)
By any chance do you know how part time work as a courier for FedEx express works??? I’m interested in applying I just wanna get more of an insight of the actual schedule.
Twist (4 months ago)
Soccerelite (6 months ago)
What’s the difference between Fedex ground and express delivery truck ?
BakedBeyondBelief (6 months ago)
express is 1-2 day delivery, ground is 3-5, smartpost is even longer
B R (6 months ago)
Hes baaaaack. LETS GOOO!!!!
Kentray The Real Deal Brown (6 months ago)
Good video man. I get those same exact desks sometimes and I hate them. But I can relate when you said about not stressing and overthinking things. I needed to hear that bro. I tend to be out late sometimes & it is what it is nobody can’t do anything about it.
P Hightower (6 months ago)
Man, at Express, we have actually had new drivers pull over and call dispatch and start crying! 👀
P Hightower (6 months ago)
Easy solution! Call Christian to meet up and dump some stops on him! 😂😂😂
Kyluhd (6 months ago)
Tired of seeing this clown in my recommended
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
Doesn't mean you have to click on the video to watch it 🤔
Mike Jones (6 months ago)
Much respect bro!
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
Appreciate that man!
Alpha Saiyan (6 months ago)
I get those desks all the time to aging long term and health-care
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
I hate them lol
Alpha Saiyan (6 months ago)
I had 147 stops today and got done at 1:20pm! Barely had time to catch my breath with all that running
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
Dang, but that's not bad at all
theforce iscalling (6 months ago)
My bulk route is impossible to get done faster. You can fly through deliveries all you want. You can grab pick ups as you go. But you're just gonna hurry up to wait for the other pick ups. And lately I've been switching a few pick ups with another driver so if I go too fast I gotta sit and wait for the 1 pick up cause they won't let you grab it early.
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
Yeah, I know the feeling. My old route I was on I had to wait for pick ups and it was annoying. That's why I walked the whole route and still would be done early waiting on pickups
Michael Nava (6 months ago)
What kind of truck do you drive? I'm in a 700
Michael Nava (6 months ago)
CThompsonTv o i bet you look heavy coming back...but your right it is alot better picking up n dropping off the same time unlike ground your in your groove an have to stop to wait for your pickup if you finish early
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
Lol for real. It doesn't feel as big though because it's always packed
Michael Nava (6 months ago)
CThompsonTv i would love to be in a 1200 those things are boats lol
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
Mike K (6 months ago)
Enjoyed the video. Good job.
Gary Ridgway (6 months ago)
Those Varidesks are a pain in the ass
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
Dude! The I had 7 in one day once.
Hong Shi (6 months ago)
Nice look today!
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
Ha appreciate that!
DaGriff20 (6 months ago)
say Thompson i just started driving ground i sense fedex express beefing with us in Dallas lol
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
Ha man I appreciate that support, homie
DaGriff20 (6 months ago)
soon as they see me attitude..but man been watching you for awhile
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
lol I feel like the express guys are always beefing with ground
red man44 (6 months ago)
I'm a chronic overthinker so thanks!!!💯
Pierson Barnes (6 months ago)
How come you don’t have the new uniforms that have the express logo on them out here In Wisconsin we do.
Pierson Barnes (6 months ago)
Memo I know but ground and express have the same logo now on their uniform and trucks in Wisconsin.
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
Not express
My leg! (6 months ago)
Pierson Barnes he does ground not express
Scott D (6 months ago)
VALE Product Reviews And More (6 months ago)
Early squad! You did a typo in your title” how to your your”
Scott D (6 months ago)
Ah I remember those early squad days. Haha
VALE Product Reviews And More (6 months ago)
Still a typo “how to finish your earlier”
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
lol appreciate that
RTM Dustin (6 months ago)
Scott D (6 months ago)
How’s the fire truck treatin ya?
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
Yo! What's up man
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
Where is the notification squad?!
B R (6 months ago)
Scott D (6 months ago)
VALE Product Reviews And More (6 months ago)
Mike Jr. (6 months ago)
Happy to see the vlogs back
Charlie Bachman (6 months ago)