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Can Aircraft doors be opened in the air?!

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Get 20% discount on Brilliant.org 👉 https://brilliant.org/mentourpilot/ Can a Passenger open an aircraft door inflight? If not, what stops them? In todays video I will be discussing the doors, slides and emergency exits on the Boeing 737-800. I will be talking about little straps, with huge importance, stupid cargo doors and why the back doors should NEVER be opened if you end up landing the aircraft in water. I hope you will enjoy todays episode and continue to ask questions, thats what feed this channel. If you want to get the latest aviation NEWS, hang out with other aviation enthusiasts or watch awesome 360 videos, get the Mentour Aviation app 👇🏻 📲 https://www.mentourpilot.com/apps/ If you want to be part of my Patreon Crew, and support the channel👇🏻 📲 https://www.patreon.com/mentourpilot If you are interested in Desktop Aviation news, quizzes and more 👇🏻 📲 https://www.mentourpilot.com Follow my life on Instagram, and get awesome pictures from the cockpit! 👇🏻 📲 https://www.instagram.com/mentour_pilot I also want to send a HUGE "Thank you!" to the featured videos nd channels in this episode. Check out the awesome ful versions of the videos with the links below Movieclips (Passenger hanging outside aircraft) https://youtu.be/elpUGB9Ap1Y TomoNews US (Passenger tries to open aircraft door) https://youtu.be/0kTIZG2vh4o Dutchplanespotter klm (Opening back door from outside) https://youtu.be/bb1C0JJkwNw Nevix77 (Normal cargo door opening) https://youtu.be/xCleoApdA7A Patrick Savstrom (Slide deployment) https://youtu.be/GFGuDV6Rle0 Duke Tatekawa (Aircraft getting serviced) https://youtu.be/eAFm8ckFN8I
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Yorick (19 hours ago)
As a skydiver this video triggers me a bit
Kristina Tykhonyuk (22 hours ago)
I like that your dog evacuated the couch as you were talking about evacuating the plane
Robert (5 days ago)
I always study the card when I’m in the emergency exit but i never see other people doing it. Nobody seems to take that responsibility seriously.
Zenon Benewiat (7 days ago)
What a temperature is in the aircraft belly housing passengers' language? Often people have in their suitcases articles temperature-sensitive. Moreover, very often people bring along their pets etc. I noticed at some airports in the tropic destinations that the suitcases were "sweating" after the discharge...
Emmet Ray (9 days ago)
Such an adorable, loving dog he has. Anyone would be lucky to have such a dog.
Mr Brainwashed (13 days ago)
I'm not sure if I only come here to see your dog. ❤👍
Iacovos Economou (13 days ago)
Love the dog lol
Tom (14 days ago)
For this episode, Mentour Pilot is very well lit.
roberto R (14 days ago)
This pilot dude keeps getting in the way of my “calm cute dogs relaxing” videos.
TheNate371 (15 days ago)
The cargo door would be able to be opened as it opens inward and the pressure would push it inwards. Getting in the cargo hold is the challenge.
TobyV (14 days ago)
The pressure would push it outwards.
Bruce Kendall (16 days ago)
Good info,thks.
Maurice Clemens (16 days ago)
No they can’t! The doors open inward and the cabin is pressurized....can’t happen!
summer joy (19 days ago)
i would like to fly more to theme parks around europe.
Hrvoje Bartulovic (21 days ago)
Soooo.... if the plane has to be on the ground with landing gear extended in order to activate that switch, (so the doors could be opened), what about belly landings or ditchings?
Jonny Oates (26 days ago)
Great video! A girl in the UK has just been charged with "endangering an aircraft" for trying to open a door when drunk on a Jet2 flight. Should she be charged with that if its not possible?
Askejm (1 month ago)
I would love a video of a guy running over to the door, yanking the lever and then bashing against the door with no success while 2 flight attendants just stand behind him and laugh
Nathan Simpson (1 month ago)
Watching these videos helps me appreciate how much time, effort, experience, and planning go into designing, and operating an aircraft.
Joel Abreu (1 month ago)
just made a flight from bordeus to lisbon on an embraer 190, and got asked if i could sit in the emergency doors over the wing, and got training in opening if needed. that was cool. and now you made this video. thx
Stvrob63 (1 month ago)
So basically I am wasting my time dragging a parachute around in my carry on luggage?
Abdi Ahmed (1 month ago)
finlay fraser (1 month ago)
Petter in your video on reverse thrust you said that jet reverse thrust contributes little in decreasing landing distance. In turboprops it would seem different, my experience in a Q400 is of significant deceleration when the props are reversed on landing??
Bobby Anderson (1 month ago)
They need to not serve booze on airline flights at all
Crude Rude (1 month ago)
Dude, you make 20-30 minute videos on a topic that can be covered in five. We know it's filler.
Mike Day (1 month ago)
Some airlines open the doors on hot days.
Dr Gunsmith (1 month ago)
Your dog is not having any of it 😂
madcow usa (1 month ago)
So, no more D.B. Cooper parachuting out of an airplane with the cash?
Tron Alpha (1 month ago)
Hi. is it really possible to do a paraschute jump out of an jet liner like Dan Cooper did. from 250 knots. From below 10,000 feet Gerard.
Rahul Dora (1 month ago)
Eyyy doggggyyyy 🐕 wassup ahh feeling bore of ur mentour's speech? 😁🤔🤪🦁
Dan Cohen danco1968 (1 month ago)
I remember that the Boeing 727 (I believe) had a built-in staircase below its tail. It lowered to the ground to provide entry/exit.
Dexxter (1 month ago)
A side benefit of dimming the lights at takeoff and landing is the much better view of the city lights below.
wow wow wow (1 month ago)
There a guy on a flight to suadi going to johsua fight tried to open door one of the boxer 6ft 7 ..built like a bear had to tell him its not a good idea with a little cuddle
Usama Ismail (1 month ago)
Do you mean that, the over wing exit can be opened and doesn't automatically lock, if one engine is running and all doors are closed in taxiing phase or the A/C is standing still?.
Sean White (1 month ago)
When the training captain stares at you and says "listen. to. your. cabin. crew." Perfect.
daffidavit (1 month ago)
​ c muller I agree and have made comments here. But playing devil's' advocate, by choosing 1.5 as a safety margin in the first place if the plane will never come close to that in normal flight, why not choose 1.4 as the minimum safety margin? Then the Type would have passed with flying colors. Don't get me wrong, I believe 1.5 should be the standard and this test "failed". But why has the FAA historically chosen 1.5 as the safety margin? Maybe because back in the old days airplanes were made mostly out of aluminium and fabric and 1.5 was a necessary but arbitrary setting? Have we adopted WWII safety margins by using 1.5 rather than 1.25 or 1.7? Just wondering about the history of safety standards. But my prior statements are not made as a "devil's advocate". I agree this test failed. Just like a senior on a college exam who couldn't graduate on time because he got a 69 rather than a 70 on his (her) final exam.
Gabe's Hacks (1 month ago)
7:21 "Decimetre or so" - _Americans get confused_
Dexxter (1 month ago)
The diagram with exhaust velocities was labeled in miles per hour so was completely meaningless to most of the world.
YoyomaG6 (1 month ago)
I'll be honest that I never saw any straps on the doors of airlines that I have used, but I will definitely look for them in the future! I love this kind of stuff.
N668 DH (1 month ago)
What abot the max 10 Isn’t it bigger
jane doe (1 month ago)
Wow, after all this time, I finally understood why the lights need to be dimmed during landing. Thank you, Peter!
Extra stuff (1 month ago)
Very clear video but after watching it I've got two questions: 1. That green pillow on the left of the screen has straps? Is it actually a bag? 2. How large was the mess that right candle in the background presumably left on the table? It's so far sideways that it must've spilled. Oh and I also want to mess up that rubiks cube in the background, just because it appears to be in solved state.
Shooting a plane with gallium and metal shavings paint balls would disintegrate the plane structure within twenty minutes?
Would a firecracker like a m80 taped to a window and exploded cause a emergency?
Nathan S (1 month ago)
Is it true that the window blinds have to be open so that if in a worse scenario the plane crashes, the fire crews can see where the passengers are?
Mike P (1 month ago)
It also works that way, but the most important reason is that when the window blinds are open the cabin crew can see the situation outside the aircraft and is able to plan the evacuation ( for example which exit doors to use).
Ray Hollands (1 month ago)
Hi So, what does it mean when the pilot tells the cabin crew to set the doors to automatic?
Kirk Decker (1 month ago)
Your dog is guarding the shit out of you and your couch. Doggo deserves some steak! Thanks for the great video!
J Chr G (1 month ago)
In die hip motion capture zit er een of ander techniek of mechaniek die ik zelf nog niet helder kan zien maar die energie drijft me naar dat animatie filmpje!
J Chr G (1 month ago)
De hemelvaart leren doen, dan is al die gedonder met ongelukjes en per ongelukjes (per ongelukjes vergeten de vlietuig door goed op lock the doen) hey maar vliegtiugen hebben plug type deuren, die die die ach moeilijk om het zo in text uit te leggen...langa beré
Let It Be (1 month ago)
Thank You Captain..Since I am a frequent flyer, you are giving me a lot of info that I always looked for. Liked & Subscribed!
Roger Stone (1 month ago)
Any chance you could review some times when aircraft have actually needed to be evacuated and see whether real passengers behave as expected from the practice and training trials?
Aditya Sharma (1 month ago)
Why do some jet engines roar(especially during takeoff)? I've only experienced it once. There'a a low frequency but still loud roar that is heard(I think at max thrust), Why does that happen?
Joe May (1 month ago)
Not relevant to this vid, but if you use reverse thrust for too long does your engine intake temp become too high as the exhaust is bypassing?
FriskyFox13 (1 month ago)
In reverse thrust, nothing changes on the intake side. At the back of the turbine, the exhaust flow is diverted sideways and somewhat to the front.
TMccrury (1 month ago)
Great video. Many moons ago, my Brother in law was in the USAF and stationed at a Bomber wing station where they had B52's. Someone managed to install the Weight on Wheels sensor upside down on one. The result was, on take off, the plane suddenly thought it was on the ground and done what planes are supposed to do when they land and well, the result was it crashed. He was the base ops manager at the time and witnessed the crash. One of the engineers told him what had happened.
Chris935 (1 month ago)
I've never heard "decimetre" before.
Chris935 (1 month ago)
@Smilin Troll Yep. The word makes perfect sense, I'd just never encountered it before.
Smilin Troll (1 month ago)
im sure u already googled it, but its the same as 10cm (just under 4 inches i think)
Dolphinvet (1 month ago)
You forgot to mention that on the 727, prior to the DB Cooper event, you could open the rear door and airstair in flight, if the cabin was depressurized.
tiestu (1 month ago)
You should be able to open Boeing 737 max doors in flight , so the Boeing CEO Mullenberg could jump to check his golden Parachute .
Allan Michael (1 month ago)
I didn’t know Ed Sheeran flew 737’s!
The Baltic Power (1 month ago)
Will the aircraft emergency exit locks not engage after the thrust lever is pulled back on the airplane at cruising altitude?
Dianne Christensen (1 month ago)
Love this channel. Just a passenger who’s jitters are smoothed learning more here. Ps everyone loves the little dogs.
Marco Barnstorf (1 month ago)
Hi, Really enjoy your videos, just in to drop a question may be good for a video. Why in a GA (Single channel) engage the AP once the flaps are up or Alt acquired and not below this? Probably this is not the proper place to leave the question. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and keep with the good work.
R I Z Q L E N S A (1 month ago)
Kuala Lumpur International Airport ( KLIA ) @ 1:45 👍
harunrathore (1 month ago)
I knew quite well how the large 737 doors work so that it cannot be opened in flight. The 777 and 787 have a little flap that opens inwardly when you rotate the handle, or does not rotate when there is too much pressure on the doors so it will reamin closed, but what does Airbus do to protect their entrance and service doors from accidental opening?
Andrew Kochis (1 month ago)
I have seen an aircraft door actually opened in flight. [Decades ago] The airplane was a Navy P-3B, flying over the Pacific (altitude about 500 ft, flying slow with flaps down). The door was opened and a package was dropped to a ship below. All the crew was seated with seat belts on, except for the crew member (wearing a SAR harness) who tossed the package out of the door. The door was closed and the mission continued.
Mike Zerker (1 month ago)
Very interesting video! I was wondering about a lot of these procedures that the cabin crew do during take off and landing. Thanks for the great explanation Captain!!
PPC4 (1 month ago)
Could you do a video on Landing distances. I fly a route from Liverpool to Derry (LPL to LDY) and as far as i could find the recommended wet landing distance for an -800 (Ryanair) is longer than the actual runway itself. (This assumes MLW) The flights are rarely full but every time we fly into Derry/londonderry the pilot must be using full braking power anyway.
JUNIIOR ZUKE (1 month ago)
Hello Mentour Pilot do Pilot Actually use all the buttons in the cockpit during
Flying Dutchmen (KING) (1 month ago)
How is it possible that many airliners not put people by the excits?
Christopher Johnson (1 month ago)
Another Classic Patxi Video! Your talking & giving us wonderful information. We can’t take our eyes off the dog! Genius! I think your dog enjoy’s your videos more than we do! Uh oh! Where’s little Patxi! I can’t concentrate on what your saying! Oh, there he is! This dog is a Superstar! What did you say? Commander upstaged by his little dog Patxi!!!!! Thnx, CJ
Soft white wings (1 month ago)
As long you have the pressure on you can't open the doors.
NPC #7125366 (1 month ago)
I like doors, they’re interesting...no?
Roger Stone (1 month ago)
Doors, boundaries, shorelines; to stand on the threshhold. Very mystic.
TheFly (1 month ago)
So how did a 737 front entry door fall off while flying ? about 1983/4 perth western australia , flying from Perth to karatha the door fell off and landed somewhere in the hills around perth , It must have been recorded my supervisor was in the second row with his seat belt still on ,,
meldroc (1 month ago)
When the plane's pressurized, the Incredible Hulk couldn't open one of those doors.
Roger Stone (1 month ago)
Nah. Hulk might have to try twice and grunt a bit, but he'd open them. It's in the rules.
Andrei (1 month ago)
I didn't hear one word of what you were saying I was just watching the dog all the time.
Roger Stone (1 month ago)
Please don't sit next to the over-wing exit doors then.
Alex (1 month ago)
This one has better audio aswell as video quality
Elke Summer (1 month ago)
2 questions: 1. besides SULLY landing on the HUDSON, has there ever been a successful WATER LANDING (with no one drowning?) 2. why aren't there several cameras on the body of the plane so that pilots can be aware of any damage occurring before any signals show it, or if the signals fail? (I'm thinking of the Hawaiian flight where the roof came off, or tail damage/window damage, etc!!)
mr_nice_hearted (1 month ago)
FINALLY!!!!!!..........I found out what that "Armed and crosschecked" means....... but of course......you can open a plane door anytime in flight when you're in Hollywodd!
123Vuksi (1 month ago)
How do pilots deal with ear pain?
Mike P (1 month ago)
I think that it's very individual thing if you feel pain in the ears. For example I have never felt actual pain in my ears during twenty years of flying. Only time when I have felt a mild feeling in the ears has happened when I have done the altitude chamber test which belongs to the aviation medical examination. But during the altitude chamber test the pressure change is much faster than during a normal flight.
Kristy Skirt (1 month ago)
Great safety vid for all passengers, Thank you Captain. PS LOVE YOUR CoStar :) :)
Elanthiel (1 month ago)
You mention that when the gear detects no weight, the locks on the overwing exits are engaged. But what if the gear fails to deploy and you have to make a belly landing, the gear would then not "realise" that the plane is on the ground, and might not disengage the lock? And I'd assume that this would be a situation where an evacuation is more likely than usual. Or would there then be a different combination of factors that would make the internal computer decide to unlock those exits?
Elanthiel (1 month ago)
@Andrei Macaria that makes sense. Thanks for clarifying.
Andrei Macaria (1 month ago)
the gear sensor is not the only one used in the decision to toggle the locks. thrust lever position, engine rpm, pitot tubes, other doors sensors are all part of the system that decides if/when the emergency doors locks should engage/disengage.
M K (1 month ago)
If the overwing emergency exits needs the pressure sensors of the gears to work, what happens in the case there is a belly landing because the gear could not extract?
M K (1 month ago)
@Matthijs van Duin Awesome, thanks for your insights! :)
Matthijs van Duin (1 month ago)
Belly landing would be the "inflight operation" (since it can't detect it's on the ground), in which case "Flight locks engaged when either engine N2 is more than 50% and 3 or more Entry/Service doors are closed". In other words, the locks will disengage once two or more of the four entry/service doors are opened, provided that the engines are "off" (below 50% rpm on the high-pressure spool). They will also disengage if all power is lost.
Peter van Niekerk (1 month ago)
I love your dogs, they are loved and very well taken care of. You love them very much is obvious.
Doctrine Ridge (1 month ago)
Imagine you have Dwight from The Office seated on the emergency exit then shit happens..
voxer99 (1 month ago)
This Mentour is a very clever chap. He knows how to get the av enthusiasts AND the pet-lovers.
Susan Ananda (1 month ago)
I was just going to try.
Gerard Emmanuel Tiongson (1 month ago)
You should talk about the purpose of the marshaling wands and signals
Art Nickel (1 month ago)
Love the dog.
baka baka (1 month ago)
I don't even have to watch this to know. The doors are opened from the inside meaning that when the cabin is under pressure the door is seated and can't be opened. It's like trying to remove a 8" plug from a tank that holds 200 tons of water. You would need some crazy ass strength to do it. However if the cabin was able to equalize pressure with the outside air then yes you could.
Ian Derzsi (1 month ago)
in the US the over-wing emergency doors seats are considered premium seats, and the people that buy those seats are probably the most unlikely to ever read the emergency operations manual
Roger Stone (1 month ago)
Why does having long legs make you less likely to read the instructions?
Trainspush Through (1 month ago)
What a stupid question!
z50 (1 month ago)
Not only in 90 seconds but 90 seconds in the dark! When we did the drill at McDonnell Douglas on the MD11 they even had a few small smoke bang grenades go off to try to disorient us. . .Several employees were injured in the test, but they still called it a success. . .
Omar the Atheist Aziz (1 month ago)
3:50 i'd like to volunteer for that test, it looks fun
Raidzor (1 month ago)
The front left door size is 1.83m x 0.86m. This gives it a surface area of 1,57m^2. At a pressure difference of 8 psi, you would have to push the door with 8700kg of force to open it. That is the weight of a bus.
Jim Pekarek (1 month ago)
I noticed for the 90 second emergency exit tests they get a bunch of young people in good physical condition. In the real world, a huge percentage of the passengers are obese and/or elderly, and I wonder how that affects the real-world exit time.
Roberto Boffelli (1 month ago)
a little curiosity that i would like to know.... is it possible to activate the reverse engines thrust system during a fly ... to reduce immediatly or more possible the speed? .. if the flaps can't be used? sorry for my english.... have a nice day captain! (y)
Nordqvist Schwedische Bonbons und Chips (1 month ago)
Bra fortsätt
Chriseurosong (1 month ago)
There seems to be a guy talking about planes in this video of a dog. I wonder why...
dmacdonell (1 month ago)
Love the interruptions
Shauryam Basu (1 month ago)
liked the video before even watching it.......loved the content
Ron DLH (1 month ago)
Your dog doesn't want to be recognizable on camera
Rj Rc (1 month ago)
Is it possible to open armed doors from outside by firemen during emergency?
Tomas Ga Ni (1 month ago)
Yes, but not without getting hit by the slide, they would have to brave it...
Shubham Bhutani (1 month ago)
Very informative!
James (1 month ago)
I remember reading about a guy hijacking a 727 and parachuting out the rear stair with money, I don't think he was ever found
z50 (1 month ago)
A guy named DB Cooper
Gurer hızel (1 month ago)