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$700 mechanical micro-A-frame blends with Montana wilderness

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When Alla Ponomareva and her husband Garrett Hohn found Derek "Deek" Diedricksen's plans to build a transforming A-frame cabin for only $1200 they bought the plans and got to work. Three weeks later, they had an 80-square-foot, off-grid, tiny home that cost only $700 (solar panels included) thanks to a lot of reclaimed materials. One entire wall of the cabin made from plastic sheeting can be moved with a pulley system to open up the cabin to the outdoors. Ponomareva and Hohn spent most of the year teaching English in Korea, but for the two months they spend each summer on their property outside Missoula, Montana, they stay busy building. Their first build was an 8-by-12-foot cabin, also using recycled materials, that cost them $400 (again, with solar panels). Their latest build is a modified A-frame with unobstructed views of the mountains and valley below. They rent all three structures by the night, mostly during the summer (the cabins aren’t winterized). Derek "Deek" Diedricksen's A frame plans: http://relaxshacks.blogspot.com/2017/10/a-frame-cabin-built-for-only-700-with.html Alla and Garrett’s rentals: https://www.airbnb.com/users/25367650/listings On *faircompanies https://faircompanies.com/videos/700-mechanical-micro-a-frame-blends-with-montana-wilderness/
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Text Comments (445)
Riaz Adam (21 minutes ago)
Use "Gas shocks" for that roof
Aliciaek (2 hours ago)
A big doll house...
OK Thanks Productions (1 day ago)
I live in Missoula when can I move in.
Earnest Blofeld (1 day ago)
Let her talk!
journalistethics dotcom (1 day ago)
You may need a massive library shed behind the house and/or good wireless internet. Fishing, hiking, building may become repetitive. I am so happy that you two love birds are close to nature.
cr king (2 days ago)
Oh yeah, bear proof for sure.
Andrew Biggs (3 days ago)
There is a high pitched ringing that is killing me
Apricot Blossom (18 days ago)
Derick Diedricksen is my hero. He is a tiny house legend
David Chipman (22 days ago)
you can also climb a tree and hang out on a branch w/a pillow and umbrella. but i like them.
Cody .Ramer (1 month ago)
i don't know where you are from but since when was plastic and metal "blending in".
DORCAS OWENS (1 month ago)
Go to tractor Supply an buy Tom Cat Mouse killer. It is very effective and there is no smell. I live on a farm and was inundated with mice every time we cut hay. In four days after putting out Tom Cat, there were no more mice. I have refreshed the bait every six months. Have not seen and mouse droppings are signs of mice.
Narciso Torrente (1 month ago)
Thank you Kirsten for Sharing this magnificent video. I'm planning (dream) to build a tree house on a coffee plantation mountain in Nicaragua. The rat race is everywhere, and our connection with Nature is no longer a readily available option. Greetings from the highly density Washington suburbs.
Kathy Lynn (1 month ago)
totally love you both! I love that you probably use compost potty or catholes and never think about ruining the landscape with something huge and gawdy. Kudos to you, you are living my dream!
Q M (1 month ago)
looking the landscape around micro home convince any1 to live in such tight spaces ......love the view & projects
Smelly Dave (1 month ago)
I live in Montana, and I am 100% positive this would not work during any season other then the middle of summer
Tony Oliver (1 month ago)
What’s the point of the padlock if you can swing open the side. Also that padlock can be opened in seconds by applying pressure to the shackle and turning the combination until it jams in the gate. They are less than worthless
tasty fishu (1 month ago)
i love your videos and watch all of them, but there is a god awful ringing sound in most of them!!!!!!!!! please halp
water damage restoration (1 month ago)
Absolutely brilliant...nice spot too
brapganistan (1 month ago)
low pass filter this and reupload
Mose Laura (1 month ago)
also annoyed by the high pitched noise, impossible to listen to.
Randy M (1 month ago)
There is a high pitch noise during some parts. Really enjoyed the video. Thanks
Andrew (1 month ago)
Love this, thank you
Annette Graves (1 month ago)
TK01 (1 month ago)
pretty useless vanity project
Qweq Qweq (1 month ago)
Modern hobos
crtx (1 month ago)
that's a hot couple :)
seriousearthling (1 month ago)
toilet and shower --- where are they?????
L vonende (2 months ago)
What happened to Nicolás? Did you just deperson him?
Richard Jones (2 months ago)
Good job Kirsten Dirksen, keep up the good work!
T Om (2 months ago)
Что такое со звуком? Какой то писк
JT Holodnick (2 months ago)
Kids camp, Griz proof...nope!
Argh Jay Em (2 months ago)
Interesting a frame.... There is an amazing house in Normandy FR you should check out, designed by an architect called Jean-Baptiste Barache. It’s also an a frame design but much bigger, yet the cost of the build was surprisingly low relatively speaking. You’ll understand why if you research or see it.
SEEN CICIO (2 months ago)
Armar un armazón, ponerle Lumina de acetato, listo.
Rahee Han (2 months ago)
Looks so nice! The cozy house and lovely couple!!
Kaskadia Jackass Watch (2 months ago)
fantastic! love it!
skyak (2 months ago)
I could design and build something better - I don't because regulations make the structure illegal everywhere in the developed world. I am happy that they have this cheap lifestyle, but I am repulsed that all these videos act as if this is legal, and the rest of the world is stupid rather than just respectful of the law.
Cory Ahenakew (2 months ago)
Of course only people from missoula do shit like this
crash override (2 months ago)
nice way to wake up with sunburn
Inventor (2 months ago)
i just watched my friend's truck converted into a (supposed to be) camping van and is awful, no space at all. claustrophobic. he literally installed thick furnitures and for real sink. it's so full of shit, i couldn't tell him directly it's a complete disaster. 500 kg of clutter. and he is proud. what a nightmare of tiny house.
Dosadoodle (2 months ago)
I think there's something funky with your audio equipment. There's an extremely high-pitched sound for 2-3 seconds randomly throughout the video that's about at the limit of what I can hear (as a 35-year old). Some times where it was audible to me: 4:38 5:28 5:53 (this one lasted about 10 seconds) There are other times earlier in the video, and I stopped watching at 6 minutes in because it was so hard to listen to. As noted, the audio is at the limit of the pitch I can hear, so I'd expect folks younger than me can hear it while folks much older than me cannot (since the max pitch you can hear declines with age).
sailmonkey flying (2 months ago)
3rd one is Amazing.
Liberty Warrior (2 months ago)
It's OK sometimes to say it sucks living in a small house.
evolunter (2 months ago)
That window could kill you!
carforumwanker (2 months ago)
no fail safe on the large window.
Daniel Johnson (2 months ago)
This looks so cowgirl setup
Dan Kirchner (2 months ago)
i live in a 45 yr old rv, total invested $300- it could run , yet id prefer even towing it out to where this a-frame is to live in ,rather than the a-frame . seems uncomfortable and even compared to my old rv .quite unstable as well
Sourcedrop (2 months ago)
Mark Brown (2 months ago)
I love the idea and design 10/10 BUT my concern is about that door. Seems like a hazard to me if the rope slips out of someone's hand or just tear. That door with all its weight will swing down knocking someone out
KlunkerRider (2 months ago)
I would call the A frame's writing shelters, there is no way the joints on those panels are watertight in a rainstorm and how do you secure that big operable panel in a windstorm? there are no latches visible in the video. No insulation, no heat, Basically its a tent...without screens. The kitchen cabin is more practical.
ron cline (2 months ago)
Two Words " BROWN BEAR"
Jeff Session (2 months ago)
deek retired?
Jens CntryLife (2 months ago)
Kristen, Once again a stunning video. The sounds, the picture quality and drone shots....just amazing. This was really an inspiring video. The views of Montana make my heart soar. Much happiness to Alla and Garrett~
Flojoe6274 (2 months ago)
I knew it was Deek's!
Conscientious Omnivore (2 months ago)
I love their can do attitude! That's the spirit you need for getting things done. Thanks for another great video Kirsten!
Evi Bourne (2 months ago)
How do you take care of “business”?
Sarah VeganGarden (2 months ago)
A great quote to close the video on: "The trades! The trades! Do it!" Bless you for being so encouraging and inspiring. :)
Caroline Smith (2 months ago)
Three "buildings", zero bathrooms, that's a big piece of very necessary never addressed!
Sue Davis (2 months ago)
Nice to see people using Deek’s designs!
Mary Lee (2 months ago)
I live in Missoula. Born and raised in the Flathead.
Panama Fred (2 months ago)
Rustic Chic. Love it. Very homey. My wife and I call our Panama shipping container house Natural Industrial Bling.
am o (2 months ago)
Nice, I guess there's no mosquito there.😊
Sharif Baloch (2 months ago)
Антон Пимнев (2 months ago)
Thnx! Great motivation video)) Cool people
Uno Zero (2 months ago)
Do they own the land? If not, how is it possible to build a cabin in the wood?
Sam Lopez (2 months ago)
I didn’t like this one. I’m all about conservation and sustainability but not at the expense of my own comfort. I like beautiful spaces and nice finishes. To me, the appeal of a tiny home is the fact that because it’s so small, I can afford all the luxuries and nice finishes and beautiful spaces I want without spending all the money but this is just ridiculous.
PlasmaBurns (2 months ago)
Is there any place left on Earth that allows you to actually buy land or does every nation and state have Property Taxes?
Donald Johnson (2 months ago)
if it was twice as big, that would be great.
Larry Maxwell (2 months ago)
All it takes is money! Then there is the land! Then there is the tractor! Then there is the tools! Then there is the fee help! Then whats next! Oh yea the sexy pretty girl that will enjoy it with you! What else scratching my chin! Then nothing else yep that oughta do it! Thats just about everything except for getting tired of staying in a cramped place fir how long? Glamor girl won't put up with that very long! 😦😂
Courtney Saunders (2 months ago)
This is a play place for these kids (liberal university employees)...they don't live there...it's their "camping". An expensive....tent! But lets these kids think they are going to save the world. Snowflakes! Silly guy and his libertal commie bimbo wife. Kirsten's husband brags about thatis what a house is suppose to be,,,but you'll never see him live in it full time. Gotta love hypocrites...preaching to the world but not doing as they preach. Idealists...gotta love em!
Larry Maxwell (2 months ago)
Bear hunting human territory!
The Capable Carpenter official (2 months ago)
Yes! I love Deek’s design. I recently built one! No where close to this awesome...
jorasparents (2 months ago)
Drone shadow looks like a giant tick advancing on the shelter.
FBI (2 months ago)
Es una alternativa. Hay gente que le gustaría vivir así. En mi, no es el caso
Rafaela Mora (2 months ago)
I like all three. Cute. They didn't show their outhouses.
E S (2 months ago)
No bathroom no shower no thanks
Rafaela Mora (2 months ago)
Cute good for camping. I wouldn't want to live long term. But for a weekend its great.
Clifford Bradford (2 months ago)
Kirsten, the way the write-up is currently implies the plans are $1200 but they are $30.
Kurt Bognar (2 months ago)
thats a non moveable tent, not a home
League Addict (2 months ago)
they misspelled towels im offended
TimeIdle (2 months ago)
Thank you Kirsten for continuously bringing these very cool people to us. The ingenuity, the design, the passion... Very inspiring.
Eyes wide open No bs (2 months ago)
Love this!
Gener Santiago (2 months ago)
you can use Irish Spring soaps to control mices
Katherine Butler (2 months ago)
Where do you get a wood slab for a countertop for” 5 bucks “as shown in the A frame with knee wall?!
Garrett Hohn (1 month ago)
It's from a standing dead tree that I cut and then subsequently milled a few years ago. "5 bucks" is what I estimated the poly urethane and stain to cost.
small footprint (2 months ago)
Love being out in the woods like that. So wonderful. I actually live where you go to bed when it gets dark and wake up when it gets light, anyway, so don't need electricity, and if I don't have to go to a store, I'm a happy girl. Thanks for these great examples of lovely living.
Cavsome (2 months ago)
Childhood fort troopers have grown up. Now that we have land (which is the most difficult part of tiny living) we create!
Lynn Sweet (2 months ago)
I have land in Alaska I want to start a cabin rental business on. I want to start out with small cabins like this to rent out. Thank you for the information.
Janice Parks (2 months ago)
One mice deterrent is to make sure you clear the space of mice and then surround the place with mint plants and put peppermint oil on cotton balls throughout the interior. In some places mint really takes off which might help in their situation.
Vic Neighbors (2 months ago)
Cabin’s great, but her accent...❤️❤️
Justin K (2 months ago)
girl is hot
I.F. Haddock (2 months ago)
Looks great!
Ric Romano (2 months ago)
truly inspiring, best "reality-scripting", fantastic closing shot!!! technically this is a compound, right?
Louis Ho (2 months ago)
there's a high pitched whine in the audio that's hurting my ears : /
Kristine Kristine and Peter (2 months ago)
How about bugs ? Mosquito etc .. I’m thinking building something like this .. Canada 🇨🇦 however bugs spring and summer in the woods is a big problem
zane sutherland (2 months ago)
Awesome! They live a about 2 hrs away from me. I’ve saving up building materials to make a shed and/or little cabin.
Maureen K (2 months ago)
Watch out for ticks!
Michael Smith (2 months ago)
Wow! Nice! Albert Einstein said, "Simple is genius!"
jackgoldman1 (2 months ago)
It's a tent. Nice.
DogCat Party (2 months ago)
August 2019 continued: what about installing an outdoor fan as a wind generator for electricity when the sun goes down. An Olympic water rafter did this on his van, traveling across Europe to river races. He did the glass design from copies of churches he saw on his travels. He called it his 'Hobbit Van.' Imagine 7 billion vehicles, homes, buildings all covered with hand sized wind generators to recharge your phones, cars, etc., light up all high rise buildings, inside, so as not to distract from star gazing, like Las Vegas has ruined the night sky. How about a rain water collection tank, then use 'cookies that kill mosquito eggs without any chemicals (done in Arizona buy a man living off the grid). Arizona encourages instead of discourages rain water collection; the opposite of California. See the videos and Skype with Handeeman (from Canada) on You Tube about building a water tank. He is an electrician living off the grid with his wife Hannah (a gourmet vegan chef) in Arizona. The second house blends right in with nature, I hope you don't paint it at all. I love the Coleman company! Sears and KMART were a great companies before the Super Rich destroyed them for the public and the workers. Coleman has the best men's (women's probably does not have the great pockets or hoods) coats and jackets to keep out the coldest temperatures. If you get hypothermia, buy two, one XXL to wear on top of the smaller sized coat or jacket. The extra large hood helps to block out the light and get a deep REM sleep.
DogCat Party (2 months ago)
August 2019 Deek (Diedreksen?) is funny (ignore his locker room humor) it probably keeps him going interviewing so many people and attending so many workshops and conventions about Tiny House living. His channel is 'relaxshacks,' or a similar name. His best interview is of an older cancer survivor, who had had her drawings displayed in elite museums. She is using her Tiny House as an education tool.
Chris Kal (2 months ago)
That high frequency is rough at times.
Chip Cook (2 months ago)
Garrett is completely correct about that door. It is something for the rest of us to aim for.