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Chris Cuomo: Why does Trump praise bullies?

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CNN's Chris Cuomo argues President Donald Trump "celebrates" bullies after Trump praised Rep. Greg Gianforte's (R-MT) for assaulting a reporter.#CNN #News
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Text Comments (1414)
15 seconds of truth (12 days ago)
What should he do? Celebrate pussies like you?
Vangie Anderson (14 days ago)
Trump praises bullies because he is one CNN IS GREAT,CNN IS GREAT,CNN IS 👍
Marissa Jones (15 days ago)
He attacked the media..what is this county coming to. I swear he is leading a army of Nazi people.
Michelle Z (16 days ago)
Ah, the jealousy of our President Trump continues. MAGA RED!
Jose Martinez (16 days ago)
what if the Reported would have attack the other guy?
Carol Weiss (18 days ago)
Keep scrunching your eyebrows chris cuomo. You look very smart in front of a few dozen people on national tv. I know, I know: you try very hard to “understand things.” Definition of chris cuomo: a very unintelligent swamp frog. Like the rest of cheap announcers in cnn; including its CEO.
Carol Weiss (18 days ago)
chris cuomo is a Virus. A very toxic frog. cnn toxic fake news. no credibility.
hategeka05 (20 days ago)
because he has a small dick
Robert Morales (21 days ago)
CNN is a bully.
Kalana Herath (21 days ago)
Trump is a bad example for kids since he advocates might over mind and force to resolve conflicts rather than rational discussion
Kalana Herath (21 days ago)
Eww so many trumptards in the comments, I can almost smell the barbeque and beer
Prophet (22 days ago)
LEBRON the same guy who quit on the Cavs twice????
Damajesticone (23 days ago)
Lies lies lies yeah, they're gonna get cha. Teleprompter puppet
archisscary (23 days ago)
Hey Chris, does your wife fuck you in the ass without even giving you a reach around? Is that why you're such a mad, little soyboy? I've left more journalistic integrity in the toilet bowl than you've ever even possessed.
Daniel Kays (23 days ago)
How can Chris Cuomo say with a strait face that President Trump 'Celebrates Punks that go after the little guy'? I never once heard President Trump celebrate Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo or Robert O'donnell. Three punks that go after the little guy. In fact, President Trump is always warning us that these punks are the enemy of the American People. Not just, but especially these three.
Leo Wilke (23 days ago)
Cuomo is such a partison hack! He is an imbarrasment to news.
TheAxe4Ever (23 days ago)
Homo Cuomo trying to sound like a tough guy. “Come an body slam me. I welcome it” LMAO!! That’s hilarious coming from the biggest pussy on television! 😂 Sorry Chris Homo, but I’m afraid your body slams are saved for your boyfriend Don Lemon.
Solid (23 days ago)
6 more years NPCs enjoy it.
Solid (23 days ago)
“We aren’t bias!! Orange man must be stopped”
gary robinson (24 days ago)
Did homo Cuomo just offer to whip the old man, after arguing against bullying? I wonder who the son and brother of the richest ny gov. Will vote for?
H M (24 days ago)
Fire Cumo. He only has a job cause he sucks dads dick.
Big E (24 days ago)
Because I thought everybody gets a trophy and everyone is praise worthy! Not my rules...yours.
Monica Noyes (24 days ago)
And today we reaped the result of our POTUS repeatedly calling for, or applauding violence, against anyone who stands up to him. A weak man, who even today, tried to pass the blame onto someone else.
Jojo Gunne (24 days ago)
Cuomo, why don't you condemn antifa?
roger hurd (24 days ago)
Hell yes he assaulted a shitbag news reporter; he has my vote. Media has become the enemy of the people.
rushvan (25 days ago)
Occupy Chris Cuomo's House
Sarge Forward (25 days ago)
Doesn't this mannequin have a neighborhood to drive drunk through?
Sarge Forward (25 days ago)
This vulture cuck Cuomo is a grandstanding douche.
Nate S (25 days ago)
Criss cuomo should apologize for being a sissy dick libtard queer. criss you do need body slammed and i would love to watch it.👍
Richard HART (25 days ago)
Wait a minute so CNN talks about Trump being a bully, but they threaten to unmask a kid over a meme. They also tried to bully their viewers into not looking at the Podesta e-mails, and said that only they were allowed to. Chris Cuomo said that himself.
Samsquatch (25 days ago)
HAHAHAHA wow CNN is fucking pathetic. Is this guy really trying say Greg forte is a bully because he pushed a n unwelcome reporter out of his office??? really?
mike shaw (25 days ago)
chris cumo you are a fucking idiot. would love to body slam your stupid ass just to shut that fat Steven Tyler lips mouth. stupid ass NPC zombie. you fake news scumbag. you should be ashamed at your stupidity but your not, why? you are a NPC they have no brains
Adam Worrell (25 days ago)
I love sport too
Alpax Dis (25 days ago)
😂😂😂 they r so scared about the midterms.....operation mockingbird is on overdrive lol
Vincente Fox (25 days ago)
Hey Chris Cuomo. Why not call out Steve Wilson, the Antifa scumbag who ruthlessly bullied a middle aged woman in Portland, Oregon for wearing an NYPD hat? Oh, because he's a member of Antifa, the group you say is in the right. Watch that video, and you will see why you are considered dog shit on the sidewalk.
WakeDaddy1 (25 days ago)
invasion chris, you asshole!
Mike Hill (26 days ago)
Chris cuHomo, you're a fucking pussy! You're one of the biggest pieces of shit on television
Gee The 'Bee' (26 days ago)
the question. "why does trump praise bullies" goes hand in hand with the question of "why does cnn take sides and present mostly OPINION an analysis instead of reporting news." These are two troublesome, 21st century behaviors that seem to feed off each other. The answer to both trump and cnn behavior is simple: attention and ratings from their constituent audience. I hope I was able to answer Mr Como s question in the title of this article.
NPC Mitch Rapp (26 days ago)
CNN speak the truth
artbydesignofkc Joey (26 days ago)
NPC, equals gay ass protesters.you fagg's with the NPC must be getting paid by George Soros the Nazi through your homo friends at CNN. Enemy of the fucking state. I hope I see one of those faggets in a restaurant. They'll get treated just like your illustrious leaders keep calling to treat other people like. Bunch of bitches. You better move in mobs the only fucking chance you've got
Stephen Amazen (26 days ago)
Sigh CNN = Fake news.
studioman5 (26 days ago)
Chris , Stop making a fool out of yourself. Stop making the news and report the news. All this whining is turning your listeners off. We know the character of Donald Trump. I know that this is just a show, but why not try to fix the problems with Trump? The public is tired of you all on CNN crying TRUMP SAID.... I know we can turn the channel, but is that the answer?
Grace Waszkiewicz (26 days ago)
Chris Cuomo and all others at CNN. You really are stupid.Wise people you interview tell you to cover in depth the TRUE stories and facts Trump is lying about or making up. Yet, all you do is lament about it and talk about Trump all the time. We know it already. Present facts to us, tell TRUE STORIES. Stop giving Trump more publicity!!!
Art Deco (26 days ago)
How DARE CNN replay the...actual...words...that...came...from...Trumps mouth How dare they.
E M. (26 days ago)
Call him what he is. A thug.
E M. (26 days ago)
Call him what he is. A thug.
Jay C (27 days ago)
You stupid ass Democrats bunch of cry babys
4309chris (27 days ago)
Bill Clinton raped women and the crowd cheers him at rallys. Barak Obama sat in a church pew for 20 years listening to black racists spew vitriol and filth, and he gets cheered at rallys...
FoodieTooGoodie (27 days ago)
A fucking reporter who contributes to the bullying of president Trump at any opportunity he gets is lecturing on bullying??? What a fucking joke!
Jane Knight (27 days ago)
Trump Bullies the weak and he sticks up for people like him, and all dictators like Putin.
Jane Knight (27 days ago)
We try to teach our children not to be Bullies. What do we say, its ok because he is President. Only if you are President u can be a Bully.
WPG S (27 days ago)
Because Trumps been a bully all his life. Yet he wouldn't beat a 90 yr old on a disabled scooter 1 on1. He's to fat slow and he'd have absolutely no power behind a punch. His fitness would give out in 1 minute flat. He's a horrible human being the stuff of the devil himself. U MORON TRUMP
Midnight Mermaid (27 days ago)
*Grumpy old man Chris Cuomo is looking so old his skin looks like it's melting off of his face.*
Richard Baranowski (27 days ago)
Gotta love the hypocrisy of CNN they only denounce violence when it's being perpetrated on reporters or POCs. When it's black people shoving a white guy's head into a toilet bowl they "Don't think it's Evil". When it's Antifa bludgeoning a guy in the head with a bike lock they promote Antifa. When the Proud boys beat the shit out of Antifa after Antifa threw a bottle at them now the Proud boys are "Far Right Terrorists".
Slow Poke (27 days ago)
Why does a Mob Boss want to join a Club full of Bullies?? Think about it but don't take all day!
Allen Clinton (28 days ago)
Why does cnn praise crooked democrat scum?
Fitness IQ (28 days ago)
Oh my God CNN is truly that completely nuts Network. They engage in a red herring and straw man because there aren't successful with a attack against judge Kavanaugh.
J C (28 days ago)
Cause he is o e himself ....what a jerk
HnJoHSaJ NgRiNNgR (28 days ago)
I'd body slam you you . But in a gay way
7charlierox (28 days ago)
Trump defends bully's because he is a total coward and would jump out a window before getting in a physical altercation . So he admires physical violence because it is another way to abuse people . He rips people off , stiffs his bills , shoots hate from his pie hole ... but it boils down to his narcissism and his small , bent mushroom dick insecurity . No problem down there he said hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Sounds like the expert says there is a huge problem down there and everywhere . He's a garbage human , a bully who should have been beaten to within an inch of his life 60 years ago .
HPB (28 days ago)
LOL, White Privileged Cuomos are practically the official New York state mammal..
Mister Mxyztplk (28 days ago)
Why there's no news on Mitch being bullied at the restaurant... why there's not every detailed analysis on that. This Chris Chomo dude is the fakest of all the CNN panel. Even the way he speaks so dramatic like he's on broadway.
Nicholas Rodriguez (28 days ago)
Butthurt liberals always crying over Trump
mercflf8 (28 days ago)
James Christianson (28 days ago)
CNN is SO desperate. Tens of thousands of people show up at Trumps Rallys. Joe Biden had one the same time in the same state....193 people showed up!
DERICK BOCAS (28 days ago)
Cuomo is such a hypocrite. According to Cumnose logic then the entire liberal left is weak. They are the violent ones who are losing their minds. Now the left is going to lose another election because they are unpalatable dog food.
George Deriziotis (28 days ago)
TheTomozzo (28 days ago)
TheTomozzo (28 days ago)
Joseph mut (28 days ago)
Is this news? Seriously?
Hollis2Hollywood (28 days ago)
Lmfao Chris wants all the smoke.
Vic Romano (28 days ago)
Why does cnn and the left praise bullies? Coumo likes it in the ass
Dorrene M (28 days ago)
CLMSQ2 (28 days ago)
Chris homo is don lemonades bottom and CNN is where journalism goes to die and real men end up sucking d$&k! I’ll have a soy latte with a dip of Don for flavor! Real men don’t suck D$CK! CNN IS FAKE NEWS LOSERS
Chester Cleveland (28 days ago)
Quote : When all else fails to rally the people CONDITIONS will ( M.G. ) 11/6/18
Bitcoin Andy (28 days ago)
Dear Lord, please help these idiot liberals and democrats from the red tsunami
heat cliff (28 days ago)
The little guy is a poor scum with a disease mentality . alway fuck the poor because they are dunce and want live rich. Fuck the poor. A leader kick the poor little man ass. Stop help poor people or you are the cause of the problem. You help the poor by killing them off in class warfare.
angelbabe dawg (28 days ago)
....because he is a whiny, illiterate, inept, laughable, cowardly, lying, guilty, FRIGHTENED pee-on..?? (..and his Daddy knew it all along...)
Sangam Sangam (28 days ago)
He just like to annoy people and establishments.
LAST CALL (28 days ago)
*Save this number in your phone for November 7th Cuomo 1-800-273-8255*
Buck Choppers (28 days ago)
Trump is like the school bully's weasely side-kick.
LAST CALL (28 days ago)
*Why does CNN praise pornstars and pedophiles?*
Ken Carpenter (28 days ago)
...birds of a feather
Paula Laye (28 days ago)
Why does Trump praise bullies? Sadly I THINK HE THINKS IT MAKES HIM LOOK STRONG, MANLY ETC ETC, unfortunately it does the complete reverse, sad indeed..
Trey Ashanti (28 days ago)
The same reason Cuomo sucks dicks .......he just likes it.
okir rama (28 days ago)
Yeah it's not like obama is praising dictators like Fidel Castro ...oh wait he did... My bad!!
Texanboiii (28 days ago)
You’re face on the thumbnail looks very NPC!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Legendary Pinkies (28 days ago)
I think I can smell these NPC dudes through the internet. Let's just hope they stay in mommies basement when it's time to vote.
Usksu - (28 days ago)
Is CNN ( Controlled News Network ) so fucking shit that the only cunts supporting them are sad, miserable disgusting people
polara1se (28 days ago)
T-rump is a coward. He loves to watch violence but he is to scared to do it himself.
Calvino DaMario (28 days ago)
Who ever praises the spineless, soft baby back punks?? HOPEFULLY Nobody would
Jason Popp (28 days ago)
ill bodyslam ur ass.
123Contact (28 days ago)
BOOM! Mark Taylor THE PAIN IS COMING! October SURPRISE ==> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b_EOX6g6i8&t=1511s
Filiberto Barrera (28 days ago)
Don't know chris why do you praise gangs like ms13.
Gantinx Gantinx (28 days ago)
cuomo is such a douche bag
DavieBoy248 (28 days ago)
sandro serna (28 days ago)
You're an idiot dude so what do you want a pussy for president CNN sucks all of you guys are pussies grow up get grow some balls
Cold War Jesus (28 days ago)
The dumbest human in all of GOD's Creation !!
Patriot Spearhead (28 days ago)
Cnn is hateful liars the dems are antifa. maxine waters,hillary clinton incite violence. Cnn is bought and paid for by george soros and the socialist dem party.they have migrants flooding our country. I dont mind Immagration but go through proper channels so if there are terriorist amongst them they dont bring in small pox or some other diseases. the dems dont care about you and me. Vote Republican nov 6 and put a end to the mob rules
ShadowCoyoteDKM (28 days ago)
Democrats = burn police cars, murder cops, destroy starbucks, stop random truck drivers and beat the sshit out of them. Democrat reporters = stir up riots, stalk people and camp on their lawns, lie constantly about them, get right in their face and hit them with their microphones. Someone stands up to a democrat and defends themself = the horror, you're a bully, victimizer!!!! And you fools wonder why Trump got elected. Prepare for a long string of Trumps, and if you don't listen to that, prepare for civil war. The nation will take only so much shit from you assholes before it snaps.