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Emma Chamberlain Guesses How 2,117 Fans Responded to a Survey About Her | Teen Vogue

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Emma Chamberlain guesses how 2,117 of her fans responded to a survey about her. From her favorite social media app to what scares her the most, Emma hilariously attempts to guess the responses of the majority of her fans and lets us know how much they got right. For more of Emma subscribe to her YouTube channel and check out her Ramble Podcast "Stupid Genius" Watch more videos of Emma here on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC78cxCAcp7JfQPgKxYdyGrg Listen to the Stupid Genius podcast here: http://bit.ly/stupidgenius Still haven’t subscribed to Teen Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/tvyoutubesub ABOUT TEEN VOGUE Fashion, beauty tips, celebrity style, pop culture, videos, and more—everything you need to be ahead of the trends. Fashion starts here. Emma Chamberlain Guesses How 2,117 Fans Responded to a Survey About Her | Teen Vogue
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Text Comments (6307)
Izzy Cookie (2 days ago)
her shirt is so cute i want
Jesus Christ (5 days ago)
"Ghosts can't hurt me they're literally air" made me lol I love that
Chevon Weekes (6 days ago)
I think they said neither cuz u love cats and dogs both said equally
Fathima 2209 (6 days ago)
I'm nine and I have phone 📱📱📱📱📱📱
Mac Goldstein (12 days ago)
I am the 9 year old 💗
melissa (12 days ago)
Ah yes, ripe parent age
joy joy (12 days ago)
She’s beautiful
Kayti Potgieter (16 days ago)
Her skin is looking so good 😍
Hannah hannah (17 days ago)
i literally didn’t recognize her
Hey Girlies (17 days ago)
The first one they do look alike also they nearly spilled her drink 🥤
Asey Reel (18 days ago)
Oh wait✋. there is her coffee
:Taekook’s:_: Sunshine: (19 days ago)
𝗣𝗼𝘄𝗱𝗲𝗿 𝗽𝘂𝗳𝗳 𝗴𝗶𝗿𝗹𝘀
Lilly Khachatran (19 days ago)
Where do u to take the surveys?
Poppy Beardsley (19 days ago)
No one Absolutely no one Emma: YoU mIgHt Be OnTo SoMeThInG
ItsMeBored. ImAlwaysBored. (19 days ago)
Omg we both though the same plant @0@ aaaaaaaaaaaaa
na3ooomah1 (19 days ago)
I think this is the first time I see her not tanned
Filipa Neves (20 days ago)
Does anyone know how we can answer surveys like this ?
Breely Boris (20 days ago)
2019: Emma loves tik tok
Caidin Armstrong (21 days ago)
CrazyeeCandy Playzz (22 days ago)
“Neither what does neither mean does it mean i dont like animals?” No cause there are another 45 million animals out there not just dogs ands cats
ElvJG3 (22 days ago)
she hates ranch wtf? 😒
haveallthenothing (25 days ago)
Isabella Olivier (25 days ago)
Comic sans
Puppiesfriesyoutubenetflixforeva (26 days ago)
I saw a Mackenzie ziegler ver. of this vid, and idk y they always say their hype song is baby shark
DiannaGarcia (27 days ago)
My cousin Kevin like coffee like Emma
Curt Lohman (27 days ago)
Yellow and red good
haha funny yes (28 days ago)
love the interviewer tho,,
haha funny yes (28 days ago)
_wow Emma really is pale_
Oliver Davis (29 days ago)
Comic sans defo ur literally Rick and Morty and I want to see her in a sitcom please and thank you
Oliver Davis (29 days ago)
12:00. The way she refers to the 42 yr old and the 9 year old has me CACKLING the rooster aswell😭😭
Oliver Davis (29 days ago)
Comic sans defo ur literally Rick and Morty
Oliver Davis (29 days ago)
She looks like Hannah Meloche and has the vibe of Emma Roberts
adeena (30 days ago)
why does everyone say the age of their grandma as the oldest person and then get disappointed when its not
Mike Ochondria (1 month ago)
the guy saying big bang theory as his sitcom example made me hate him instantly
Caitlin Kerr (1 month ago)
I hate mustard 😊
Steve Eigenberger (1 month ago)
who’s watching now in october 2019 when emma has a tik tok acc 😂
Mary Kwan (1 month ago)
I’m sorry but stop judging ages
bekah dahle (1 month ago)
Ok. But why are groups of 8th graders also such a big fear of mine.
Annabella Epolito (1 month ago)
i'm an 8th grader :(
Helene Kakayor (1 month ago)
I was like 10 seconds late
Katie Scar (1 month ago)
I love how she's surprised by the 9 year old but those ages are the ones that copy her style-
Taylor Phares (1 month ago)
when she said she hated tiktok and that like button went straight to dislike...
Romi Godolja (1 month ago)
Taylor Phares why tho
sasha (1 month ago)
now she has declan haha
Holly MacKenzie (1 month ago)
little did she know in a few months time she would become a full cat person phaha
Julia (1 month ago)
she looks like kendall vertesssss
Fiona Connaughton (1 month ago)
She says she wants to dance but she don't know how to 8:10 lol
Alexediting Alex (1 month ago)
Emma: I hate TikTok Emma now: *has a TikTok account and posts a lot*😂
F G (1 month ago)
She’s so entertaining.I can watch her talk for hours
your mum gay lol (1 month ago)
why did i know that emma would have coffee w her
Molly Reynolds (1 month ago)
Ok but why does Emma look like she could be Chris Klemens younger sister
Igor Lipiec (1 month ago)
4:55 * A few months later emma makes a ton of tiktoks *
Panda 11 (1 month ago)
I love how in the future she gets a cat
Adaeze Diane Enyi (1 month ago)
Powder Puff girl
Olivia Ritchie (1 month ago)
i'm nine and have a computor ipad and phone and i don't use my moms google account bc i have my own
Wes Polley (1 month ago)
Wow, that look tonight, really suites you..
• Misfits (1 month ago)
Lyla Doran (1 month ago)
"I hate tiktok" Emma now doing tiktok
Elissa Gonzales (16 days ago)
Lyla Doran haha she is now the queen of tik tok
Eshal Chappell (1 month ago)
gameingwith wyatt (1 month ago)
Emma does not like butterflies because they are caterpillars evolution
Amanda Mourelo (1 month ago)
how can you answer and take these surveys? is there like a website???
Katie.hannah32 (1 month ago)
is it me or when she said that she was going shopping to get more red i just pictured her getting red hoodies
Diar rhea (1 month ago)
0:56, Excuse you? You just don't understand is youngens. 5-12 kid rise up
Levi Smith (1 month ago)
"Your on to something"??
shilohskamps (1 month ago)
emma: i hate tiktok emma 4 months later: i’m like addicted to tiktoks i love them
Haley Molese (1 month ago)
Declan has left the chat
daddy emma (1 month ago)
4:55 hmmm... that’s debateable
cherry tutorials (1 month ago)
lolz i’m the 9 year old 🤪✌🏼🐒👧🏼🧚🏼‍♀️ no, seriously i’m lit the 9 year old
Lily Duncan (1 month ago)
The 9 year olds:HA EMMA I turned 10 yesterday and now I have to turn my computer of at 8:30😱😱
Lily Duncan (1 month ago)
Ella B (1 month ago)
Ella B (1 month ago)
do this with SHAWN MEDNES
Lovisa Thelin (1 month ago)
I just wanna say that dipping French fries in a mixture between mayo and ketchup is the best thing ever
Meshu Malik (1 month ago)
Well, at least she kind of talked about Hannah Meloche.
Per Knight (1 month ago)
*my cousin is in first grade and he owns an iPhone X*
Fernanda Parodi (1 month ago)
I’m 9 I watch her 🤪
xox comtery (1 month ago)
Emma has a loud voice but isn't annoying, she has a voice that's alluring. If you know what I mean.
Aliyanna Lopez (1 month ago)
Who is seeing that metal straw?!
Zipho Khoza (1 month ago)
Comic sans
Nikki Nicole (1 month ago)
I don’t even know what person like enjoys Instagram except for the search part watching random videos
It’s Alayna! (1 month ago)
I love that she hates caterpillars. I always hated them and the exotic ones. I talk about why I hate them a lot. I love Emma even more I know I a,ready said that but they are my number one fear
It’s Alayna! (1 month ago)
Itz Panda animates (1 month ago)
I think Emma looks good in white
Alan Reyna (1 month ago)
pretty mimi (1 month ago)
Tbt to that vlog where Hannah and Emma wore the same / similar outfits and SWORE they looked alike. Also Emma, when. You were 9, you played on toontown.... WE REMEMBER EVERYTHING.
•g a c h a m i l k• (1 month ago)
Francesca Flores (1 month ago)
Comic sans
Claire K (1 month ago)
Emma pulls up hannah’s picture: no we don’t look alike Emma and Hannah last year: oMg WhY ArE wE tWinS
Evie Gray (1 month ago)
When Emma and Hannah used to say they looked like twins and now they aren't friends anymore she's like we don't look alike😂
Alexis Turner (1 month ago)
Why did nobody say she looks like 00’s Miley cyrus
turtlestan (1 month ago)
okay am I the only one who didn't think of ethan when that first question came up?😂
Asha Baker (1 month ago)
What's the difference bewtween most common and average age
Courtney Hall (1 month ago)
I love mayo, ranch,mustard and hot sauce. And I don’t care for sweet things. I’d rather eat chips then candy and cakes.
Pizza Random (1 month ago)
I’m 9 muhahaha
Grace Mause (1 month ago)
emma: im a dog person also emma: gets a cat
Sia singh (1 month ago)
pause at 5:06 you will thank me for the rest of your lives
xoxo _sharon (1 month ago)
Straight after she was talking about tik tok i got an ad for tik tok 😂
SpyBro (1 month ago)
sunny seovl (1 month ago)
1:18 Wait what That’s German lol
Caroline Piazza (1 month ago)
she looks so young
Dina Halilovic (2 months ago)
❄☕+scrunchie+👻+𓃠 Emma Chamberlain 2K19
Lavender _uwu (2 months ago)
14:28 is it turns out that Emma is scared of me 🥺