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Ridiculously icy hill

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This hill was covered in black ice and I happened to total my car. Most cars besides mine had trouble and several others ended up on the side of the road as well. I do not drive the Prius, despite many comments believing such. I have not seen a car get down or up successfully without completely sliding around. Also, all of you that are trying to blame me for not warning people are stupid, so just stop posting that trash.
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mynameisdaquan m (1 year ago)
White SUV: ima try to get up there. wait wait wait FUCK! nevermind ill find a new way. Tacoma: oh man... im honestly scared........Oh my truck can handle well. Dodge Dart: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHH. Nailed it. Ford F150: hmm... if that tacoma can do it, so can my truck. wait lemme find a new way. nope nope nope. fuck dis shit. silver car: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
Bri Zack (6 months ago)
Ethan H. Does that really matter that much?😂
Bri Zack (6 months ago)
mynameisdaquan m this was hilarious man narrated awesome😂😂
Tiffany B (6 months ago)
yea and that car that made it up the hill says, "this is so easy no big deal.. went up the hill and drove away.. "
Scott Prendergast (7 months ago)
cohen eisenrosenbergthalsteinweitzthalberger lol-you are so right- i thought i was the only one to think "what a retarded nigger"to myself
Scott Prendergast (7 months ago)
mynameisdaquan m are you fucking retarded, or just the black rain man?
It’s ya boi Chris (13 days ago)
Why the dislikes?
danang eko saputro (1 month ago)
How much degres there?
Mike Sidebottom (2 months ago)
As an Alaskan it ifs funny to see how dum people are on ice
Lee Ramirez (2 months ago)
Tacoma is the Jeep of the Toyota world lol heavy duty is the tundra
windage (2 months ago)
keep a wheel in the crusty snow..more traction than the packed icey track
TigerZero aka Allen (2 months ago)
2:50. That driver in the car knew he needed momentum, kinetic energy to get his car up the hill. There wasn't enough traction to pull up the hill but enough traction to steer and coast up with just the slightest acceleration. Just on the borderline of loosing traction. He probably had the right type of tires on too.
Derek Swanson (2 months ago)
Heavy duty truck? It's just a mid-size pick-up with big tires -- Toyota Tacoma. 3/4-ton and up are what are referred to as "heavy duty", i.e. Ford F250+, Ram 2500+, Silverado/Sierra 2500+. Big tires don't make vehicles better on ice. Large tread voids and big knobs help point-pressure to remain high and therefore keep grip better than say all-seasons tires.
alienauta (2 months ago)
shit car ,shit drive.....
Don Shew (2 months ago)
Im guessing that first car going up the hill probably had winter tires. They make one hell of a difference on ice and snow
Ed Lill (2 months ago)
Black ice is undetectable...thats why its so dangerous...ppl say black ice tis and that....u can not see it..thats why its deadly
Alun Churcher (3 months ago)
odd i own a land rover and a range rover never yet had problem in icy or snowy conditions.
Adrik BF (3 months ago)
Me: i have a final exam tomorrow i have to study hard Also Me: "Ridiculously icy hill"
ClissaT (3 months ago)
Shouldn't the cars have tyre chains on in those conditions?
Backinthehighlife again (3 months ago)
Damn ..That shopping cart must have been doing about 90 to end up where it did !. After clipping the front of that Prius. That's a pretty nasty wreck 😔
ben bannister (3 months ago)
damn even the homeless shopping cart flipped
Lynne Gill (4 months ago)
Commentary somewhat hyperbolic....
Tom Walsh, Sr. (4 months ago)
When you get moving, keep moving.
mixedbread1 (4 months ago)
Its not heavy duty that's a Toyota
Judy G. (4 months ago)
Smart ass twat. You live there? Throw some GD salt out there instead of "looking for a wipeout". Stupid POS! NONE of those cars were out of control. That your shopping cart you crashed an burned in, making you butt-hurt at the icy little slope? 😂😂😂😂
Rusty Harris (5 months ago)
But but but...I have "four wheel drive"! LOL
Racer Guy (5 months ago)
Here in Canada my 8 year old could tackle that hill amd giggle the whole way lol
Gino Salgado (5 months ago)
Peligroso, porque puedes atropellar a una persona, sin querer obviamente.
Aragorn Stellar (5 months ago)
That’s a hill?
Nik Nabrotzky (5 months ago)
Meanwhile dude can walk up the sidewalk fine.
chris mcintyre (5 months ago)
Try getting left tyre into gutter where stones and debris might give grip.
Tebo (5 months ago)
this wouldnt even come close to stopping my STI #subicrew leggo
Chaos: International (5 months ago)
maybe youre just bad at driving
TheCrazyGamer (5 months ago)
Start using Winter tires and you will come up easy. Try Swedish Winter tires and you will feel the GRIP on ice road :D
Thanos (5 months ago)
this bug will be fixed in the next update
MissKittyUtube ** (5 months ago)
Snow is doable but, you'd have to have spiked tires to get over ice!!
Norwegian viking (5 months ago)
iam gonna move to america,a dn make a fortune... by selling wintertyres, and teaching americans how to drive on snow and ice i think.. and let them buy cars that actually CAN be used in winter.... pickups are useless----its a sled
Joshua Allen (3 months ago)
Can you please? That would be great, thanks. :)
Randy Fail (5 months ago)
if you notice the last car never touched his brakes! that the secret to driving on ice stay off the brake.
7474jd (5 months ago)
Standing right next to the road was probably making them try to go slower so they wouldn't plow you down if they lost control.
Not even the cart made it
Clear Sailing (5 months ago)
Nice driving
william sullivan (5 months ago)
reducing the air pressure of your tires goes a long way in increasing traction.
David N (5 months ago)
Why do the idiots always stop while ascending the hill. Do they panic? Or are they just morons?
tliggexperience (5 months ago)
Didn’t know a Tacoma was considered a “nice heavy duty truck”
Hawkhill Falconer (6 months ago)
Oh my. That's not even a hill.
Michael (6 months ago)
Deflating the tires and driving in a low manual gear a bit would possibly have made the difference. I've seen a ton of these videos, however, and have yet to see the act or the recommendation. A few years back, I got caught out in bad weather in which virtually everyone was sliding down a hill, much like in this video, me included. I pulled over, deflated my tires in my rear-wheel drive only Explorer Sport to about 20psi, dropped the drive into manual, and was able to get home safely without incident. We now live in Denver. The technique is a staple, and we've never once had a slide when employing it. (Tip: Always have a battery-powered inflator in your car. It's helpful for keeping the tires properly-inflated, but also invaluable when you intentionally deflate as explained here.)
Tom Knud (6 months ago)
You uh .... ya can't park on the wrong side of the road, lol.
Eleirbag Irodapsar (6 months ago)
White suv: "Imma climbing this hill" Icy Hill: "No".
MountainSalsa (6 months ago)
4.4 million views...... ..really?
Joshua Allen (3 months ago)
Yep. It exploded after a million. It gains more traction during December and January
Alex (6 months ago)
Instead of filming you should help him
-Ding- -Dong- (6 months ago)
That tacoma is a beast. I bet he had it in crawl control (if that even works going downhill)
T Mc (6 months ago)
Gee, looks like Michigan this winter. Been there, done that. Wanting to move!
cool brees (6 months ago)
I'm thinking dude with the camera got pissed off cause his grocery cart couldn't make it so he filmed a video showing he wasn't the only one having troubles
degen (6 months ago)
I feel like that was definitely not the first icy winter for the last driver
Zimmerman (6 months ago)
You'd think if you live in an area prone to having icy roads like this, that you'd invest in some chains. Snow tires are a little hard to change to while out driving, but you can at least bring some other solutions. These people would rather leave their lives to chance. EDIT: Video would probably be better without narration. These situations speak for themselves.
SpiffyGonzales (6 months ago)
thanks mr. play-by-play
Sam Wolf (6 months ago)
4.4 million views for this?????? I am such a loser
Joshua Allen (3 months ago)
I just recorded and put it up for locals to see. After a year it had a million views. Now it gets bigger every day. If you're actually looking to record (I'm not) it seems like a good trick is to not monetize on the first million views.
Leonard Church (6 months ago)
dynocompe (6 months ago)
people generally don know how to drive on ie, when you skid, remove your foot from the brake, steer, keep it straight, apple the brake, letting off everytime to keep the car straight. You cant steer in a skid, but the wheels rolling you can steer!
dynocompe (6 months ago)
large diameter wheels are worse for ice
daweller (6 months ago)
I could do that hill in my Mustang GT Cobra with Mickey Thompson slicks.
P scheiBEARmeir (6 months ago)
2:06 Looks like someone was hanging out at the dirty bookstore!
QCVT (6 months ago)
Get winter tires. "All season tires" are a joke in the winter. And if you are someplace that gets black ice, get studded ones. My car would perform in these conditions almost as if it was on bare pavement.
Zac Paul (6 months ago)
This. No season tires are not very useful in snow, and completely worthless on ice.
White Gmail John Thompson (6 months ago)
This is why you want to own a Subaru
Bri Zack (6 months ago)
I like how you said “let’s see if we can get this truck down” were you going to wrap a rope around ur waist and pull it itself?😂😂
Bri Zack (6 months ago)
Heavy duty truck? A Tacoma?😂😂but you narrating the background made this video worth $10000000😂😂I love this
Joshua Allen (3 months ago)
Thanks Bri. I realize I'm not the most knowledgeable on trucks, lol. I just recorded this for the family to see how bad it was. I had no idea this video was going to get as big as it did
Nick Forsythe (6 months ago)
How about putting the fuckin camera down and tell people not to go down it, you degenerate.
Cali native Quiss (6 months ago)
I wouldve punched it up hill tho😂
A.J. Williams (6 months ago)
What is it minus 1 degrees? Hill dosen't even look that steep they just can't drive lol
Marc Lévesque (6 months ago)
winter ice tires are needed.
Святой Валокардин (6 months ago)
Зачем покупать кроссвер на переднем 4X2 приводе???
david (6 months ago)
Toyota Tacoma is not a heavy duty truck.
vemor (6 months ago)
he was doing fine till he decides to slow down uphill
Travis (6 months ago)
Who’s shopping cart at 3:10
Travis (6 months ago)
Carlos Hidalgo (6 months ago)
Ridiculous videos
Frank Welch (6 months ago)
I rented a place North of Atlanta one year. There was a steeper hill in front of the place. When it got icy weather, the city workers would bring out saw horses and people were not supposed to use that hill, but they did. At the bottom of that hill were a couple of very big Oak trees and had a lot of scars on them from people sliding backwards and hitting them.
Frank Welch (6 months ago)
Jacob Crawford (6 months ago)
Calls a toyota tacoma a heavy duty truck. Cringy.
Bryan Miller (6 months ago)
They should've stayed home.
C.A. Carlson (6 months ago)
Large wide wheels and tires...bad on ice!
C.A. Carlson (6 months ago)
Question. What's worse...salt on roads or rust? I'm in Minnesota, everything rusts because of the salt on roads, kills grass on boulevards.
Iain Anderson (6 months ago)
Insured of being a dick help I you will not as you are a dick
Matt Lloyd (6 months ago)
No vehicle is truly safe on solid ice. Lmao i tried going down a hill twice as steep and just as slick. Thankfully after realizing i made a huge mistake after turning the 90 degree turn i was able to slide into the ditch before i picked up speed. If i hadn't been able to guide it into the ditch i could have killed someone or ended up in a house. Gravity was my enemy that day and id probably been going bout 60 by the time i slid to the bottom that is if i was able to control how i was literally freefalling down the hill.
David Merlino (7 months ago)
Don’t drive in the ice
David Merlino (7 months ago)
Driving to fast If you are 65 years old you should not be driving
David Wadsworth (7 months ago)
I grew up on a hill WAY worse than this one. Every winter we,and most of our neighbors would be woken up by the noise of cars in our front yards. The other side of Dickinson Ave,was shorter bur steeper, and had a 90 degree left hand turn at the bottom. I learned to avoid driving that way in the winter.
G Lopez (7 months ago)
Wow you would think that living in an area were this is not uncommon you would have the proper set of winter tires (like we used to do in the old days) on your transportation device.?
rude rood (7 months ago)
peggy fleming likes this!
V904T (7 months ago)
Shit like this happens when you wear all season pirellis over a Bridgestone blizzak or Yokohama Ice guard snow tires
TAXI DASHCAMERA (7 months ago)
The grey Toyota Prius is stuck on icy road.
Adnan lexus (7 months ago)
I would give you dislike because I don't think its ridiculously icy. But the thumbnail picture was legit so I give you like
Joshua Allen (3 months ago)
Thank you. You're one of very few, lol.
1000cfm (7 months ago)
Camera man is a tard
Critical Reasoning (7 months ago)
All the drivers are dangerous fools who should have their arms chopped off so that they can never drive again, because they are not smart enough to equip their cars with the proper normal winter weather driving tires.
Mark Kuo (7 months ago)
*Studded tires*
Chris Ackerley (7 months ago)
I'm so glad I don't live in snow country any more! It get's hot in Phoenix in the Summer, but at least we don't have to deal with ice!
greg johnston (7 months ago)
No studes no chains aw lots of ice don't drive idiots!
OAT351 (7 months ago)
What you call black ice is just regular ice. There's no difference. People down here in Texas always call everything back ice. They talk of it as if it is some mythical beast that has never been proven. No, that's just ice. In theory, black ice is when the road looks dry, but is actually icy. That doesn't happen very often, and definitely didn't happen on this ice covered hill.
Alex Crawford (7 months ago)
Where is that?
bigav56 (7 months ago)
Its about the tires not the car. If you put winter snow tires, ( snowflake on the side wall) on your vehicle they will adhere to ice. I experienced there sure gripping power on all the hills in Portland Oregon. I provided 30 rides as a LYFT driver rescuing people stranded by buses, and those in need of a way to get to the airport. My car is a 2008 Prius.
khan korea (7 months ago)
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KOVA PRODUCTIONS (7 months ago)
Front wheel driving ain't working, chief
Leroy J (7 months ago)
Was somebody drunk when they filmed this?
Mav Div (7 months ago)
Amazing how these very thin films of ice makes the chance of getting traction as good as getting a stable warp field in an area of space where the Omega Molecule has destabilized. Lol Trekkies will understand that reference. You could have the biggest baddest ass 4x4 around and all that money you spent trying compensate for your small penis would be no good in this situation. #blackiceisabitch. When there is no traction to be had; there is no traction to be had. You could have a fucking 8 wheeled all wheel drive vehicle and that small iced over incline would still be like "bitch please". Best thing you can do if you live in these types of environments, is have really good winter tires and drive slow. Lets face it though. The same way mother nature shoved a middle finger up the ass of those who said the titanic was unsinkable. She is a spiteful bitch and can do the same thing to anyone that get overly confident about their man made products or structures.
NadEr (7 months ago)
this happened to me, but I was parking on the top of a hill. Imagine loosing control with speed of 60 mph, much fun 🥶