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The pros and cons of commercial drones | FT Business

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Read a full article on Drones, robots & AI on the FT: bit.ly/1VbktzX ►Subscribe to the Financial Times on YouTube; http://bit.ly/FTimeSubs The commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles is one of the big talking points at this year's Paris Air Show. Daniel Garrahan reports from Paris on the potential integration of UAVs into civil airspace. ► The World Of Transport: http://bit.ly/1JD6JHj ► What is Bitcoin and how does it work?http://bit.ly/1GYIHHV ► FT Technology News: http://bit.ly/1LNlR4g
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Text Comments (17)
zoser ra neterkeht (11 months ago)
I will use them for both civil and military purposes. Will I kill people with them? Absolutely.
zoser ra neterkeht (11 months ago)
Must purchase lots and lots of these.
Anonymous 101 (1 year ago)
What is the Militry
Brianna Sigler (2 years ago)
Pfsif (4 years ago)
Your local government will tax you so they can spy on you, give you driving tickets and fine you for that shed you put in without a permit (permission).
Sean Kennedy (4 years ago)
Federal Aviation Administration.
Ray B (4 years ago)
Government always exploded defiant of rights to private,innovations,what's the next innovation gift refuse to savor..infringe creed honors..
Anh Tuan (4 years ago)
Hay :)
DruidicRifleman (4 years ago)
And rather then Do what ordered the FAA has targeted RC model Avition and tried to harm Hobbiests.... while doing nothing to actually address integration of UAV technology
Anton Kuluo (4 years ago)
We should all agree that Its a fact, technology keeps improving and people come up with new inventions. They all have pros and cons and will be integrated into our normal day to day life..eventually. Let us embrace the future.
leloodallasmultipass (5 years ago)
why does the guy say "could be used for everything from crop dusting to search and rescue after natural disasters". is it so hard to just say "spying and surveillance"?. He's a journalist, isn't he? or is this just an advertisement?
WatchmenDrManhattan (5 years ago)
problems like how to survey people in every moment of there lives or how to kill them from high above yes I know
lkrnpk (5 years ago)
world problems are being solved every day, mostly thanks to new technology
Enterprise Federation Foundation (5 years ago)
Developing a new efficient power plant for space travel could be used for local power for third world destinations. Research for space travel has benefited the general populace over and over. If NASA can consider reclaiming water form the soil of Mars, why not use the same technology here on Earth?
WatchmenDrManhattan (5 years ago)
or use it to solve world problems so we don't need drones in the first place
Enterprise Federation Foundation (5 years ago)
14 billion for building drones! How about we spend a couple of those to build a new space shuttle?
Epicurus33 (6 years ago)
This terrifies me.