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Benji Hughes "Girl in the Tower"

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Video for and inspired EXTREMELY by Benji Hughes. The song is "Girl in the Tower." Starring Benji Hughes and Kim Talon. A knight kicking ass for his maiden. Shot on a camera once owned by Roman Polanski. "Girl in the Tower" was Directed by Manny Marquez.
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gorgonjola (24 days ago)
I had a dream last night About when you were mine The streets ran red with blood It mixed into the mud You were a chamber maid in Spain The king grew fond of you Confined you to his room I was a soldier then I rallied many men We stormed the castle just for you Coming for you, ready or not Nothing's gonna stop my sword from swinging through anyone between me and you Coming for the girl in the tower For the one who brings the king down to his knees And drives me crazy with her mystical power (x2) Coming for you, ready or not nothing's gonna stop my sword from swinging through anyone between me and you
Gervin bullos (4 months ago)
2019 😍😍😍
Ashley Genge (4 months ago)
I've been looking for this song for so long. You couldn't even imagine...
Cristian A (8 months ago)
Dude this fucking song randomly popped into my head all I could remember was “ you were a chambermaid in Spain” basically didn’t help but finally found it
آلينا FM (8 months ago)
Best song
Bagel (1 year ago)
elliott mcmurray (1 year ago)
same here lol
Austin Dean (3 years ago)
I'm not a big fan of this type of music but damn. This song is amazing to my ears.
Owen Ryan (3 years ago)
bless benji, I hope he gets more publicity. Good job with the video!!
Robyn (4 years ago)
Gets stuck in my head all the time. I can't remember how I heard of it. It was winter of 2009. Must've been a music magazine.
Michelle C (3 years ago)
+Robyn Moon The oh so erotic video with Jamie Alexander and Matt Dallas (from Kyle XY) and a bottle of Jim Beam? It came out around then.
Iago M Santias (4 years ago)
the song is about Petyr and Sansa
Kevin P (5 years ago)
steam train all aboard!
ShinKyou918 (5 years ago)
beingfunisfun (5 years ago)
Matt and Jaimie <3  
Thespin Hatz (5 years ago)
Matt Dallas and Jaimie Alexander video brought me here :3
Marco Montero (2 years ago)
yo yo yo!! me too.. from 2009
Jasmine Reynolds (7 years ago)
Tom Tall (7 years ago)
Hmmm. He looks a bit like a scuffy Duane Allman.
jimena meza (7 years ago)
muy beatleezco. very the-beatles-ish.
MisterMannerisms (7 years ago)
If you like Benji, check out his duet with Meshell Ndegeocello on her latest release entitled, "Crazy and Wild" on the album "Weather"... It is quite evocative!
MIck McCarthy (8 years ago)
luca formenti (8 years ago)
splendid mesmerizing song
uburei (9 years ago)
think he got that beatle george zen thing on his voice this track track
Omar Barraza (9 years ago)
such a great song
Mosen Murillo (9 years ago)
@omarsleeze lol me too
peasncarrots001 (9 years ago)
@dLibertine81 yes! I knew this song reminded me of something. A Whiter Shade of Pale.
DavidG R. (10 years ago)
whiter shade of pale somewhere
Omar Barraza (10 years ago)
i always come back to this
Katia Brinkman (10 years ago)
I agree! I totally thought it was the Beatles, a song that I perhaps haven't heard or can't recognize. Before I found out that it was Benji, I was googling Beatles and Girl in the Tower!
SuperMcRad (10 years ago)
Something in this song makes me think it borrowed from a certain Beatles song... Something... Something....
Phillip Carlton (10 years ago)
charlotte music scene lol
fearthetube (10 years ago)
nice ELO vibe...like the song. the beginning was a little slow, but built the story up then totally took me for a ride. very cool
Chevy Alajaundro (10 years ago)
totally under rated!
Elisa C (10 years ago)
This song is AWESOME
josefiep (10 years ago)
Love thing song!! Wow!
Luke (10 years ago)
That's not what an artist is saying at all. He wants to be successful, so he releases a single. I'm saying Benji Hughes could be huge in my opinion. I think he's so good that he doesn't deserve to toil in obscurity. Therefor, he needs a good single to get there, and this isn't it. Tight Tee Shirt is the way to go. You're probably one of those people who dislike a band because they're popular or because they got popular.
Luke (10 years ago)
If this is the single, it's a bad pick. The song itself is good, but it's not single material. Every time I've played Tight Tee Shirt to someone, they've loved it. Same with You Stood Me Up. I would recommend one of those as the single. Possibly Baby It's Your Life. I think Benji Hughes is going to be big one day. I hope he is, as he's great.
porkadachop (10 years ago)
Charlotte, NC
creari (11 years ago)
zornfizza2 (11 years ago)
that's the only time I've seen Benji w/out a beer .. I think there's a beer called Excalibur out there actually ..
jnburch (11 years ago)
he's not dead
Grant Boerner (11 years ago)
I dig.
cbreez0101 (11 years ago)
i can't believe Benji died!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!
Chris Wadhams (11 years ago)
I listen to this song at least 12 times a day.
scruffle (11 years ago)