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Text Comments (788)
Jem (15 days ago)
I’m going through the same John mode so they’re trying to charge me more money than what the package is meant to be shipped for from something that I shipped out from eBay the post office are a bunch of scam artist
Dan The Man (29 days ago)
You obvisously didn't put the right postage on it in the 1st place....It GOES BY zones, weight and size. Since it was not a flat rate parcel to begin with....Either you were too stupid or actually did try to fraud your customer as well as the United States Post Office not to mention the Honorable men and women who work there...You dyvkhead is what we call an asshole....
chris carter (1 month ago)
What a moron, the end.
pcchang87 (2 months ago)
This guy just want to complain to get viewers and get paid. Wasted my 2 mins.
Picking Profits (2 months ago)
pcchang87 You are a fool and you clearly did not even watch the video.
JM S (2 months ago)
So you try to scam the post office by modifying a flat rate envelope and then you get mad at them because they caught you. People like you should be sealed in a cave.
JM S (2 months ago)
I've never seen a flat rate envelope that size that size, and I've worked at the post office over 8 years.
Picking Profits (2 months ago)
JM S This was not “modified”. What a retarded comment. It is a bubble mailer. It will take the shape of whatever you put inside of it.
OG kUsH (3 months ago)
This guy is a fucking idiot hate this kinda of people
Matt Munck (3 months ago)
I work for the postal service, the sticker (postage) u put on was for a lighter weight parcel, we collect postage due regularly
Beast from the East (3 months ago)
Hahahahaha, this guy is a scammer. It’s clearly a flat rate envelope modified into a box.
scott horton (4 months ago)
If I do not receive my parcel I'm going to fucking flip.. my gf is in the uk... sent me 2 things for christmas .. an envelope which I received but the parcel is no where to be found.... It's been 3 weeks and the tracking stopped 7 days ago after leaving a facility in sacremento ca to its "final destination" I've sent her one and it arrived perfectly fine there is something wrong with the usps in America and I'm absolutely fed up with their service they're all liars.
daniel brown (4 months ago)
You're the scammer, you tried to pass an envelope as a box. That's why it had insufficient postage. It's your own fault. Your customer had every right to be mad at you cuz it's your fault.
cigsrbad cigsrbad (5 months ago)
I just had a strange situation myself. Bought a statue from a seller, package arrived when I went down to the post office. Item was missing from the package and replaced with something else, a doorknob. The strange thing is that there was no sign of the package being broken into. It was a big envelope with bubble wrap on it. When I got home to match the tracking number, the package is still shown as "in transit". Seller has no idea what's going on and says he's never seen the doorknob before in his life. I believe him, as he has 100 percent feedback over 16 years, why would he start scamming now? So this one is a mystery. How my package content was replaced with something else, and also still shown in transit despite me already have received it. I guess I'm out of luck and will chalk this up to a loss. If anyone has any idea what might have happened, please let me know in the comments. I would appreciate it.
Sheldon Latimer (6 months ago)
Sir, the man is correct, USPS worker's run their own game on it's customers, they need to install sound at each counter ,cameras don't see the whole picture
Jamor (6 months ago)
You tried to slip One over on the Post Office and got caught now you wanna act like the Victim? I've been With the post office 22 years and I have seen the scams but they're scams from the customers like reusing stamps to using the wrong packaging and not putting the right postage and seeing if it will get threw.
krizpal1083 (7 months ago)
Pay the extra few dollars and ship thru UPS... Post office only knows how to deliver envelopes
Daniel Gibson (10 months ago)
sad to say it, but you seem like the kind of guy who would reuse a priority box and put a ground labe on it, then complain that it didn't get to it's destination in 2 days...
Picking Profits (10 months ago)
I guess you don't know me AT ALL because I call people out on that shit frequently
Howard Luken (11 months ago)
I've had post offices here and in LA steal shit. Look at the types they hire... equal opportunity, to steal.
Curt Ray (11 months ago)
the us mail service ad is funny before video
Alberto Chavez (1 year ago)
I sent my tax forms out 1 month ago and they still haven't received it from USPS, I checked the tracking number and it says it's still on the way as of feb 2nd
Manson Tran (1 year ago)
Anyway the poster office mess me up badly on my renewed greencard (Alien card) too. I end up paying lot more money to redoing over. Can be with my family for a long time thanks to the careless posters workers.
Manson Tran (1 year ago)
And yesterday I been seating in my van at my front yards right next to my mailbox waiting for my order coming in my mailbox. But hours later my mailing tracker on eBay text to me saying animal interference, but my family never had a pets of any kind ever before. Plus I was waiting right next to my mailbox. So I contacted my eBay seller and text to them About it. The next day I go to the post office talk to them about it.. she says so I don’t had a job. Because I toll her I was waiting in my van waiting for hour. People I’m a fisherman we working on seasonal ok and we make lot of money and I my wife and kids living in Vietnam is suck that I couldn’t cam them and so the more I work the more I pay tax.
Manson Tran (1 year ago)
Is had happened to me yesterday and today; I had to pay almost $10 because the mailman can’t fine my address, but I within 2 month I ordered over 100 order from eBay never had a
Manson Tran (1 year ago)
I never had a problem with my address before
Elizabeth DS (1 year ago)
What can we legally do about lost documents (Income Tax) that were lost by the Post Office?
Mel Rose (1 year ago)
USPS should be replaced by UPS or FedEx.
Debra Thomas (1 year ago)
The post office is a joke these days and they wonder why so many people quit use them. They lie steal and miss deliver mail. We went 4 days once with out getting any mail because the mail man just did want to be bothered to deliver to our culdesac
Hunter Hollow (1 year ago)
I believe it 100%. I'm dealing with my second "missing" package from USPS in the last few months. Been lied to, laughed at, and generally dicked around. And they have already told me that their scans are not always real for tracking.
MrWilliamerickson (1 year ago)
You probably miscalculated the cost of shipping based on wrong weight or package size. Its your fault, not USPS.
Picking Profits (1 year ago)
Nope sorry "If it fits it ships"
Hgjjjcgj Bguj ki (1 year ago)
USPS sucks.
pete zadee (1 year ago)
Keep in mind their are customs fees if its outside the USA
Djms&capo DeMorais (1 year ago)
Selling on EBAY now a days and the way USPS Muslims treat the packages is a straight forward negative feedback
ChiToon Art (1 year ago)
Well for my package it states... Orgin post is preparing shipping... For the past 2 weeks
Jorge García (1 year ago)
3 package gotten stolen by the USPS personal. Guess they need presents under their tree. ROFL. MOTHER FU@#$~!
Doe Doe (1 year ago)
Would that be a good way to ship mollies?
Caleb Lambert (1 year ago)
Postage Due bitch!
Eagledives (1 year ago)
The Postal Service processing and distribution plant located at Summit Blvd ( across Trump Golf Course ) in West Palm Beach, FL. is one of the most corrupt and inefficient places to work. Most of the employees there are abusing the system and spreading false rumors about anyone that they wish to get rid of. They go as far as to spread false rumors on their co-worker's medical conditions and private personal lives in full violation of 'Postal Service Standards of Conduct' .There are many employees in the plant that don't even speak fluent English and have passed the entrance employment exam only because they obviously did sexual favors to their managers, in one case is was done at the office and the witness never report it. There is only one predominant ethnic race with little diversity on this processing plant so that if you don't happen to be their same majority race you are seen and treated like the enemy among them.  Managers are also of the same majority race and this contributes to the perpetual corruption and overlooking of violations and low morale among the other minority race postal employees. A place of work where one race is the majority, they tend to impose their low moral and ethical standards. and creates reverse discrimination. They keep hiring more of the same race so that nothing changes and the inefficiencies, corruption and low moral continues. The managers keep giving them over time duties even when most of the workers there under perform, are very incompetent and have very low production standards and unsafe working habits, this is a huge waste of tax payers money. This is a unique insight into the reasons why it has been losing millions for more than 20 years, the general public is unaware of this facts. The Union members are as corrupt and incompetent as the people they represent.   First-Class Inefficiency created by hiring the most unproductive workers in society and Why is the US Post Office so ridiculously inefficient? :   The U.S. postal service  is a quasi-monopoly, which does not allow for competitive market forces to eliminate inefficiencies and determine better ways of operating. The majority of its employees come from the military where there is NO production standards whatsoever, and no sense of urgency ,where 3 people do the job of one, and where speaking and wasting time on the job is the norm so that one task supposed to be done and completed in one hours , in the military it takes twice as long, and superiors look the other way and Congress and the Pentagon keeps paying higher prices for everything down to a small gadget or tool. So the lazy immature veteran after leaving the service gets preferential treatment on the postal exam, and continues with the same old inefficient habits learned in the military of  low production standard, no sense of urgency on the job, NO production pressure, total incompetence on the job while the middle managers look the other way. Many of these veterans have mental issues, that is why they have a high suicide rate, PTSD symptoms and explains most of the latest mass shootings. The military doesn't screen them for mental illness and in fact their recruiting standards for mental issues have become more lax and less efficient. No disrespect intended but the veteran's working habits are no productive enough for the efficiency required in the postal service high stress working environment. Using a weapon and standing on guard duty is not the same as maintaining a repetitive high level efficient production for eight hours.    The postal service is a textbook example of a monopoly that, because of a lack of competitive pressures, faces little incentive to minimize costs and thus continues to operate at inefficient levels. Remember, the USPS is a government agency that's funded by its own sales, and tax dollars, and it's supposed to run at cost. Instead, it's losing billions annually, and it can't be fixed solely by cutting jobs, locations and changing its pricing model.   The U.S. Postal Service ranked as the lowest-performing postal agency globally when compare to 24 government-operated postal organizations and two private companies that together deliver 75 percent of the world’s mail. USPS also lags behind its counterparts in adapting to its customers’ needs.
M. B. (1 year ago)
You're an idiot
Juan Quiroz (1 year ago)
How many Flat Rate Padded Envelopes did you use for that package? Sounds like 2!
310SoCal (1 year ago)
Just a note the largest box you can safely place in a USPS priority padded flat rate envelope is 9x5.5x3.5 inches using the original seal on the envelope no tape added.
Sky1 (1 year ago)
was it $5 over weight?
Kneeger Jim (1 year ago)
This is what happens when you allow kneegers into the work force. They need constant micro management.
David Edwards (1 year ago)
(1) Australia post. You pay extra for 'Priority' postage to get to the receiver the next day. I received my priority pais package from Adelaide, 24 Km away, 2 weeks after it was posted. (2) Went into the post office to get a $10.80 express post envelope, they now cost $11.35.but no notice given (3) A 500g package express mail envelope $11.35 BUT a 500g DOCUMENT express mail envelope...$7.50. Both are 500g, so why the difference? They just want your money
The Tazzman (1 year ago)
When you pay, you get a receipt showing payment and the zip code to where the package is sent.
Laurie Farnam (1 year ago)
I had postal carrier mark an insured $300 Priority Package AS DELIVERED on the tracking page.  It was not DELIVERED!  It was a medium priority box.  It was mark delivered 20 minutes before the P.O. closed so I had no choice but to go down there first thing in the morning with my tracking page to demand to speak to the Post Master. She refused to come out of her office and sent her 'assistant'.  I wasn't leaving until I had answers...  One hour later, my package was found stuffed/concealed in the back of the small Postal Truck.  Yes, that is exactly what the Post Master's Assistant said straight to my face as he handed the bruised/dented/dirty package to me.  THIEVES do exist within the USPS!
Glenda Cobbin (1 year ago)
I got scammed from them years ago. I sent a package to my grandson and it was sent to me by to me. I decided to use UPS instead.
Michael Ramos (1 year ago)
Just another example of cover your ass u.s. post the federal government will not prosecute any federal agency or members of for fear of giving you the department of black guy as far as the federal government's concerned the insurance is paid everything's taken care of you should have no complaint
G A Rivera (1 year ago)
From the angle we see in the photo looks like you covered a box using padded flat rate envelope(s) and used tape to tape them together. You were charged the difference because you were charged the regular Priority rate since you cannot '"re-purpose" the envelopes into outside padding for a box that doesn't fit the original envelope. There is no scam going on...you just didn't know how to use the flat rate materials. You customer refused to pay the difference between what you paid (flat rate) and what you should have paid (regular rate) to mail the package by Priority Mail.
Bessie Funk (1 year ago)
This guy says "I run a men's clothing boutique on Ebay"....you think we would order from you when you package items in the cheapest illegal way?
A Woodman (1 year ago)
Where is the worker that got caught for scamming bait and click
Graham Palmer (1 year ago)
I'm sure you know what you meant by this video but it made absolutely zero sense to me. Please stop waffling and be CLEAR wiith your explanation of the scam here.
kmartcarol48 (1 year ago)
I'm sorry to say I have to side with USPS on this one, and that this is the issue with these print your own labels. You paid for a flat rate envelope, but from the looks of the package its not "flat". I have had items myself that while boxing were a little "unsquared" or had a bulge when being taped up and they refused to accept the preprinted label that I got from them using their software for measurements. Hard fact is space is a premium, so how ever they set up the planes, trucks, cars. If it fits its ships is the tagline...fits is the magic word
Diane Allen (1 year ago)
Your flat rate padded envelope looks like it has been altered. If you show photos of the WHOLE package,not just the top I would say you got charge the Proirity Weighted charge since it was no longer considered flat rate.... nice try for YOU to try and scam the PO.
bryan young (1 year ago)
The scammer got scammed lol dumb ass stop trying to rip usps off
auxmike (1 year ago)
The buyer of your item lost out on his trinket for $5.30? What a jerk. I would have payed it and sent you pics with a note asking you to PayPal me the $5.30
Jerry Davis (1 year ago)
Starting August 1 USPS will start filtering packages, if they determine your package does not have enough postage they will charge the customer or send it back to you. I cant believe the post office will be able to do this correctly 100% of the time. Or how can this give them a profit to cost ratio worth the time and energy to implement such a program. Its not enough the cost of postage has increased 30% of the last couple of years they still cant make a profit.
Icy Fan (1 year ago)
So...what was the scam? You used a padded Flat Rate envelope. I have never seen a padded flat rate envelope that size. Seems as though you were trying to scam. You took it back to post office to get info if everything was okay why didnt you resend it back to the customer? What are you still doing with it? Seems like you tried to pay less for priority shipping and you got busted.
Jack Garand (1 year ago)
WOW, another example of incompetent deceitful government workers.
ebsen raptzski (1 year ago)
this is a cheap price to pay to learn about getting caught being a shipping scammer. epay really sucks, and your one of the reasons why.
Leon William (1 year ago)
usps ,sucks.why use it
Maxwell Speedwell (1 year ago)
Ever had anything like this happen before?? Had mail disappear (numerous times) a renter who worked at the local USPS said the theft was everyday common (he cited examples). When I finally yelled long & loud enough I was told well yes, that does happen but a complaint would just attract the attention of the inspectors, and "WE certainly wouldn't want that!!"
Laura Zarboni (1 year ago)
Here is a little known fact about the USPS United States Postal Service, your post office. You see on the news where they are losing money, but wait until you hear this. Did you know Congress demands that the USPS puts money aside, for retirement for people it has Not even hired yet. Yep, money for the coming 5 years has to be put aside for retirement for employees it hasn't even hired yet. Now you know the truth behind the post office not being in black. Who the heck puts money aside For Retirement for Employees it Has Not Hired Yet.
Jimmy Knight (1 year ago)
The only incompetence here is from this shipper clearly trying to not pay full price for shipping. Then what's to blame the USPS because his customer suffered when he was caught breaking the rules. Typical blamer. I'm sure the mailman would risk losing his government job salary and benefits for $5.30 ..that wouldn't even get the mailmans coffee at Starbucks. This video poster should have done his research
G A Rivera (1 year ago)
It's also possible that the sender used a flat rate envelope And attached the Priority tracking number to the envelope But paid only First Class postage in which case the recipient would be required to pay the balance on the receiving end of the delivery. I'm not saying that is what happened but it is a possibility.
10MoreGuns (1 year ago)
let's talk about people that get free boxes from usps and turn them inside out and retape them and send them ups or fed ex. what about the people that try to use the Barcode stamp emblem from a book of stamps to mail a letter. we can also talk about the people that drive all over their own neighborhood and put unstamped letters in the mailbox. these are all attempts to steal from the government. I guess the general public isn't all that honest either so why rag on a few usps workers?
true american (2 years ago)
Hey goof ball Find out your facts before you accuse someone. It's your screw up
L.A Thrifter Hunter (2 years ago)
yeah what's up man I was looking for information about packages missing on the post office just two weeks ago my 8 package that missing I did drop them off on the bed but they never got scan so I went back to talk to the supervisor and he told me I don't know nothing I cannot help you because he's calling me a liar that I never came to the post office and I never drop them off that BS I'll be working on eBay almost for 10 to 15 years selling and then never ever happened to me before the people spent $300 and those eight packages so I lost $300 plus the items thank you for sharing your story the post office they just Shady I subscribed to your Channel and now I am making videos about eBay and Goodwill please wake me up God bless you
toorpat 1 (2 years ago)
why don't you go get a real job?
Aiche Jaye (2 years ago)
This happened to me too. I ordered an item from Ebay. Shipping was free. The Post Office held it until I paid an "additional postage fee." I told the sender what the situation was. The Post Office still held the item even after I refused to pick it up. I had to get PayPal and Ebay involved. What a f*cking mess. I thought the sender was trying to pull a fast one. Looks like it was the Post Office. Oh yeah, the item that was sent to me free? Turned out the Post Office wanted $29.00 from me in add'l fees. What a scam.
bmacgregor0 (2 years ago)
Is it incompetence or a scam? You contradict yourself in the same sentence. Somebody has an axe to grind...
Alyssa & Cody (2 years ago)
This kinda thing happens here in Texas as well.
Serge Serna (2 years ago)
Hey I can help with situations like this, send me a message.
Judicious (2 years ago)
Many people try to sent packages though the mail at an insufficient postage and try to get away with it. The processing machines measure the size and weight to determine the appropriate postage. Everything is automated. Mail handlers will not stop to flag a piece of mail for proper postage. There are just too many items. This video is BS. Pay the correct postage!
Sue Catlady (2 years ago)
When selling on eBay, I don't insure the package I send. Why? It's a signal for a postal employee to steal it. Simple as that!
david hall (2 years ago)
here in the uk :avoid at all cost`s "hermes" carrier. look them up .
Nicole (2 years ago)
Thx for reminding me why I don't buy from eBay resellers.
S R (2 years ago)
Going forward I am making certain everything I order now gets shipped by any shipped but the USPS. I'm done with babysitting them in an effort to get them to do the job they are supposed to do.
Tim Mccalla (2 years ago)
happened to me with the seller from Amazon I ended up paying for it and Amazon had me get a hold of the shipper they never responded Amazon give me the money on it so I really don't know whose fault it was but it was probably USPS
Danny Greene (2 years ago)
It would be helpful to see the package rotated to show that it is in fact a properly used envelope. I have seen envelopes taped together and the sender still call it a envelope/box of a flat rate type. Of course just like other places there are those who might return things that should be delivered. I would have talked to a manager or supervisor before accepting that package back.
Danny Pearson (2 years ago)
stupid, the package was refused by the recipient, therefore you were charged with return postage?
seeamerica1 (2 years ago)
Out of all the comments, Maybe you're right! Do we get charged for return shipping? I don't know
Danny Pearson (2 years ago)
stupid, the package was refused by the recipient, therefore you were charged with return postage?
Linda Hildebrand (2 years ago)
the recipient refused the "postage due" and the piece was returned so the mailer could apply the extra postage needed and remail. If it were just "refused" as in "dont want" the priority mail postage includes return postage. But he failed to apply proper postage in the first place. soooo...if you're trying to rip off the post office you will run into problems like he did.
Danny Pearson (2 years ago)
stupid, the package was refused by the recipient, therefore you were charged with return postage?
Danny Pearson (2 years ago)
stupid, the package was refused by the recipient, therefore you were charged with return postage?
Andrew Edwards (2 years ago)
Should have shippers UPS
Ralph Valencia (2 years ago)
to me it just looks like someone trying to avoid higher shipping costs. Its not a scam, the right amount of postage will always be paid. If you try to be slick and underpay , the recipient will have an amount due.
nhmhkgj (2 years ago)
Show the whole package you turd. Did the envelope fold enough to close and seal with it's own glue? Or did the box not fit completely inside the envelope? If not then you can't ship it with that envelope! That is common sense. Oh gee it doesn't fit all the way in the envelope, ok I will jsut use my own tape to overclock this sucker and save the $6 extra. Give me a break. What a whiner.
Susan Rich (2 years ago)
and I really doubt that an employee told you sometimes workers make up the rules as they go I call bullshit on that
Susan Rich (2 years ago)
that absolutely is not an envelope
Picking Profits (2 years ago)
It absolutely is. Get your eyes checked.
AUNTIE LORAX (2 years ago)
That doesn't look like an envelope, it looks like a box or envelope was altered.
Gary Pollard (2 years ago)
AUNTIE LORAX (2 years ago)
arodyanksfan There isn't a way to scam with parcels, what are you talking about!
arodyanksfan (2 years ago)
I do what he does all the time and never once have had a problem. No idea what you're talking about. The saying by USPS is: If it fits, it ships. So you must be one of those scammers at the USPS.
AUNTIE LORAX (2 years ago)
Picking Profits Do you have it sitting on top of another package that is making it look larger than it is? USPS mail carrier for over 20 years. Envelopes don't look that thick. Suspected underpaid packages are weighed and measured at processing plants that have nothing to do with local clerks. Measurements count also. Not all local clerks are trained correctly or could be new or part time and don't know all the rules. I have had to explain to new clerks that they were wrong. Takes along time to learn all the rules, then they are changed every few years.
Picking Profits (2 years ago)
+AUNTIE LORAX Apparently you don't. You can very clearly see the red corners printed on the mailer. When you compare that with the dimensions of the mailer with the over all size it's hilarious how strongly so many of you people believe that I will just totally go out of my way to come up with complete bullshit for no reason other than to lie to people.
kettlebellmma (2 years ago)
fuck this chump ass
Steve Rotters (2 years ago)
If that is a Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope, you modified it beyond recognition. Price will revert to Priority Mail by weight.
Picking Profits (2 years ago)
No that simply is not true at all. If you put a box inside of a padded flat rate envelope then the padded flat rate envelope will take the shape of the box inside it. This is not surprising. This is not unusual. This is not some modification. If you put a softball inside of the envelope it would have a big lump in it. This does not make it revert to priority mail. There was no cutting, adding, subtracting, or modifying of the envelope.
francis mcdonnell (2 years ago)
They steal my precious metls a lot have to have pagages kept at post office signature only
butlerproman (2 years ago)
More likely you tried to pack 70 lbs worth of precious metals in a box and it broke open on the conveyers and spilled all over. We try to collect all the spillage and find the box it came in, but that's often not possible. If you are going to ship highly valuable items, it is best to send it registered mail.
Lord Jock (2 years ago)
You can join the group of massive wankers that exist on you tube and please do not post any more videos on you tube
solat90ro (2 years ago)
gaga can gaga on my penis
me999 (2 years ago)
"The wrong box" - yes, you used an envelope instead of a box. Envelopes are for letters or other flat paper documents. When you want to mail a PARCEL, you need to use a BOX. Using the less-expensive flat-rate envelope to mail a parcel is cheating. When you short-pay postage, it will be "postage due" at delivery (and the recipient may well choose to refuse it) - next time use the proper type of container when mailing something.
Richard Evans (2 years ago)
There is no weight limit on the flat rate envelopes or boxes. However the flat rate envelopes are supposed to be volume sensitive and must "lay flat". They are designed to go through the flat envelope sorting machines to allow for more efficient processing. Some try to get around it and overstuff the envelopes, and often times USPS workers will let it go by when people do the FrankenBox thing, but not always. They can refuse it, or in this case it looks like a USPS worker decided to not accept your overloaded "flat rate envelope" and instead charge it at the regular Priority Mail Rate which is what postal regs say they should do, and charged the difference to the customer. The customer refused and viola! That is what happens when you skate on the edge. Sometimes you go over the edge and crash.
SepherStar (2 years ago)
In the US, if it fits in an envelope you can mail it in an envelope, and the postage is by weight with the exception of flat rate boxes and envelopes. Postage is also due at the time you mail an item. If you decide to put stamps on it and drop it off and it's not enough, maybe they will send it back, maybe they will pass the cost on to the receiver....in all of my years, only once has a mail carrier shown up at my door for money.
Picking Profits (2 years ago)
That is absolutely false. That is an absurd statement. You can mail anything in a padded flat rate envelope so long as it fits and does not surpass the weight limit.
Steven Tyler (2 years ago)
I don't get where the "scam" is??
daniel brown (4 months ago)
+Spencer Reynolds wrong, he paid for priority shipping of an ENVOPE this is clearly no longer in envelope. It's his own fault. He was the one trying to scam the post office not the other way around.
Spencer Reynolds (2 years ago)
He paid for the postage when he shipped it and they tried charged the recipient for the shipping also (like COD). Pay twice to ship a package? The post office is now a joke. Throwing mail in garbage, not delivering mail on some days due to employees who do not care and just skip areas. I have seen it first hand, complained many times and the problem will only get worse.
Jesus Ramirez (2 years ago)
The rule is that the flap must be able to come around and seal it without adding extra sections or using tape to close any gaps. I can't see how you got the flap to do that on that package.
danzr31585 (2 years ago)
Jesus Ramirez agreed! There's no way. This wasn't a scam at all. I call bullshit click bait.
Jesus Ramirez (2 years ago)
Picking Profits no way that is that size, that looks about 12x10x8
Picking Profits (2 years ago)
This video has become nothing more than a bunch of people coming up with bizarre, wacky, and totally insane reasons, any reason, every reason that they can possibly think as to what I could have done wrong. No. I ship out packages to people for a living. I know how to ship stuff and I know it inside and out. This is a padded flat rate envelope with a box which is 8x5x4 inches. It fits inside and the flap closes and seals it shut completely. Stop coming up with troll comments.
John Tate (2 years ago)
The Post Office has more idiots and thieves working for them than the Welfare office has recipients.
Edward Warner (1 year ago)
John Tate there's idiots everywhere, so no argument there, but if you so much as pick up a penny off the floor of a USPS facility you risk federal prison time. My father and brother both worked for them and the floors are covered with change because they employees won't touch it seeing as they are constantly monitored via cameras.
Jason Brooks (2 years ago)
You altered the postage label. See page 6 of postage labeling regulations https://ribbs.usps.gov/barcode_cert/documents/tech_guides/ParcelLabelingGuide.pdf Even though the postage system is semi private company it still is a government regulated beast. You will find that since it is a government beast it is highly inefficient and employees are mostly hating life and enjoy passing on the hate to who ever is in their range of their power. hehe.. I would also advise the person getting the package to pay the postage and you will refund them the difference. In general it is better to take the heat and apologize then making it right in the long run. It is not unheard of for the post office to charge unpaid postage to the delivered address. In fact before stamps this was common place.
Dave G (2 years ago)
This is one reason ive found myself using ebay less and less.Sellers sending purchases in poorly packaged manners.Now looking at that package it is a few padded envelopes, not one, tapped around a box.Now id be pissed that my package arrivesd in such a fashion. I see people post videos like this and calming they were wronged. Here is a case of a cheap ebay merchant trying to make a few extra dollars, and that's all it is,at the expense of the USPS. This is why I leave a less than flattering account here and will leave less than flattering feedback on ebay.You know what dude,get off ebay.Your and embarrassment and people like you cause more people to leave ebay and look else where.
ayeenenaye (2 years ago)
you know that happened to me too but it was a usps lady who knocked at my door and said my second package wasn't paid for by Groupon seller so I would have to pay for it. it made no sense to me because I mean, they still delivered it to me. I had to call Groupon to hear their side of the story which told me I needed to contact the seller but I couldn't find their number anywhere online and so I ended up calling usps and talked to their manager who told me the delivery mail lady isn't suppose to ask for money at my house. she should of gave a slip that said to pick it up at the post office if anything. The manager was kind enough to give me back my money and now I have a new mailman.
Mely Baltazar (2 years ago)
something like this happen to me. I sent an express mail paid online the item was delivered somewhere around where I live. thank that person who returned it. the usps employee told me that the workers knew it will not make it on time to the destination so.. that's why they acted like it was delivered. ???? but to the wrong person. I was not refund for shipping because my package was returned to me. so they said nothing at all. the point of the matter was that I paid twice for a mistake they made" " ??.. they should have just delivered it regardless if it didn't make it on time.
Matt B (2 years ago)
U realy think a postal worker is going to risk there benifits and pension over a couple dollars.