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Very Close Call | Plane Just Misses Paraglider's Line

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When you're paragliding, the last thing you want to see is an airplane flying underneath you, right by your towing line. SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/JukinVideo LIKE us on FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/JukinVideo FOLLOW us on TWITTER http://twitter.com/JukinVideo FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/JukinVideo REGISTER on our WEBSITE http://JukinVideo.com TO LICENSE THIS CLIP, GO TO: http://bit.ly/17lw1JD
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Text Comments (560)
johnxaviere (2 days ago)
Hooptie Hamburger (16 days ago)
Why do you need a line?
Kodamagnum24 (3 months ago)
Fixed wing pilots are total idiots.
J Smith (5 months ago)
Hey that was me flying the plane. I actually saw you in the distance and came back around... lol
ВАЛЕРИЙ МУРАШКО (5 months ago)
Lazy Wizard (7 months ago)
Blatantly did that on purpose
John Calhoon (1 year ago)
The sad thing I see in this is that no matter what, just like drone pilots, the paraglider would have been in the wrong. The impression by many seems to be that FAA licensed pilots can do no wrong! The airplane pilot absolutely put the paraglider, and whoever was in the airplane in danger of their lives. Seems to me that the FAA should be all over this.
anes amm (1 year ago)
shoulda shat on his windshield
Dan McLaughlin (1 year ago)
They should put a ships horn on all light aircraft so they can toot & fly around paramotors and birds.
Gixer750pilot (1 year ago)
where was the markers on the ground to identify that there are cables in the air??? usually two white crosses joined together?
GcoEnterprises (1 year ago)
the pilot flew perfectly straight and level, he was probably flying cross country and had the autopilot on and took a brief nap not even realizing he's approaching anykind of obstacle.
Robert Paul Guidry (1 year ago)
why is he tethered?
Chino Abizait (1 year ago)
what would've happend if the plane had touched the line???
DankTech (1 year ago)
Not close at all, pussy
vishal v (1 year ago)
He can just paste some papers as decor to the rope to get him noticed to others.
Pip Moore (1 year ago)
TurkishChubs (1 year ago)
Should've turned on airplane mode
Joe Blow (1 year ago)
Why do you have a rope tied to a truck...are you a kite? I'm pretty sure paragliding doesn't involve ropes.
Doris Moser (1 year ago)
the airplane just wanted to scare the shit out of him i think he has seen the line from miles away =) just for trolling him =) @ ITALY ( im sorry my english is not good )
BigCoop 17 (1 year ago)
more people doing it means more videos means certain 💀 coming soon
Povil Ka (1 year ago)
If somebody has doubts weather or not wing cane be cut off, please check video: WHAT CAN YOU CUT WITH PAPER? It does not matter, if the cable is silk or hair. What matters is it's speed.
jescollo (1 year ago)
it is retarded to be in the same air space as planes. this is a perfect example. this should be illegal or regulated with air traffic control
Danielchai S (1 year ago)
On one hand, it looks peaceful. But is the serenity eclipsed by being close to an fumey, noisy oversized leaf blower?
CoolStoryBruh (1 month ago)
The roar you are hearing is just the wind, he is paragliding not paramotoring. And even paramotorists--the engine is just to gain altitude, cruise, and fly against the wind. They can still idle or cut the engine after they get to gliding altitude.
Daniel Rakes (1 year ago)
What's that beeping sound
Mr. Spooky (2 years ago)
If the plane actually hit that rope thing, It would've just snapped, the paraglider would be somewhat fine, maybe he'd had to throw his security chute. That pilot would've been fucked, probably no parachute in it and it would've definately damaged his wings, if not ripped of.
badnews (2 years ago)
that is just insane man ! are there not laws about how high a tethered paraglider can fly? and also how close in proximity to airports........that was a recipe for certain death had that little Cessna hit that tether and ripped its prop off !
Gary Green (2 years ago)
yea, but what's towing him ? old mc Donald on a tractor 😆😅
Ernie P (2 years ago)
that was close. Towing rope system is designed to snap from its weakest point when the predetermined stress limit is exceeded. Obviously that limit will stanteneously get overloaded pretty much quickly when the plane hits the rope but it could be a scary bump experience to the paraglider pilot.... that's in theory at least.
Sahadi420 (2 years ago)
and what about the plane occupants??
vearing islife (2 years ago)
th plane wasent that close to him like it looks itleast a 1/4 mile from him
vearing islife (2 years ago)
oh i see it now and omg if i was that guy i would of shit my pants
tomatwalden (2 years ago)
the paraglider pilot is on a tow line ... if you look, the plane narrowly misses the tow line from the ground.
#Resist#PunchaNazi#SJWfaggot#RedRum (2 years ago)
what was the altitude?
landlockedviking (2 years ago)
Suhail (3 years ago)
Pilot should have maneuvered away prior to passing. However, that line would be difficult to spot mid-flight.
Bobby Paluga (3 years ago)
What an idiot, I hope you filed a report
yeeter boi (3 years ago)
What exactly would have happened if he had hit the line?
Tri State Railfan (2 years ago)
imaterminator (3 years ago)
+Galactic Weasel Broken wing?
dreakheart (3 years ago)
0:06 pause , that's about 30 centimeters
trond olsen (3 years ago)
his undies are brown now
Julian Brennan (3 years ago)
T-cas idiot use T-cas system
nicksflyingfree (2 years ago)
+Workedformula Formula T-cas would be great but in an aircraft that has no engine to charge batteries and only weighs 10 - 20 kgs plus pilot, the 10kgs for the electronics plus the weight of the batteries would be impractical, secondly there is no fuselage to bolt anything to and hikeing up mountains can be rough on kit. :) Para gliders are hard to spot especially when seen head on, if the paraglider had been off the tow he could have thrown the wing about a bit to make it more visible but on tow your options are limited.
Yakav8r55m (3 years ago)
A couple of things come to mind here, 1st why are people calling the fixed wind pilot a dumbass? Because he could not avoid a tow line he could not possibly see? Is the location even known to fixed wing operators as PPG training area? The only error that I see the FW pilot make is that he did not increase his lateral separation with the PPG.
Kem Hayes (3 years ago)
When I had my first few hours of flight instruction, my instructor and I were flying in a C-172, 180 heading, when a Pitts Special flew under us on a heading of about 130. The Pitts guy should have seen us, and the tower failed to advise us for traffic at 4 o'clock. Some people huh?
Maxomotos Rob (3 years ago)
Lukas Vogelmann (3 years ago)
can someone explain me for what that line is for, only skydive and have no clue about that thing.
Miroslav (3 years ago)
Super video
Evan Schildgen (3 years ago)
The para glider has the right of way to any other aircraft in the area. It wasn't his fault it was the Cessna pilot who should've gone around him
Colby Bryan (3 years ago)
Danny Dietz (3 years ago)
This is how arguments should turn out not the way that most people fight on YouTube lol
Colby Bryan (3 years ago)
Sorry lol
Colby Bryan (3 years ago)
Lol its alright
Christoffer Nilsson (3 years ago)
+Colby Bryan it's okey, sorry if I sounded mad!
Andrew Phillips (3 years ago)
The term "clotheslined" almost got more serious.
traci beacer (3 years ago)
What are you doing flying your paraglider so close to that plane? 
Michael Selz (1 year ago)
traci beacer more like what the hell was that doing flying so close to the ground
Billy Ray (3 years ago)
Just wondering if both parties had an aviation channel radio ?
RuleofFive (3 years ago)
The Airplane pilot should have seen the Paraglider and given him a wide berth. What an idiot!
77Avadon77 (12 days ago)
+Mike Collins it largely depends on your flight path. You're not going to see a drone if you're approaching it at 450 knots. But if you're slow on Final and there's a drone with lights blinking at night you might see it. This is not hard. If you've ever flown an aircraft you know that it's not easy to spot traffic and sometimes you don't see the traffic until you are danger close to it.
Mike Collins (13 days ago)
+77Avadon77 - "As a pilot I can tell you that your chances of seeing a paraglider are slim to none." - and yet, we re getting reports almost weekly of pilots having seen drones. For God's sake - which is more obvious - a drone that measures 8" across, or a paraglider?
Q (24 days ago)
Gotta love internet pilots. They know everything
blastman8888 (8 months ago)
I think there is a misunderstanding here looks like to me the paraglider was using a winch tow from the ground normally you see them used for gliders. These lines can be 5200 feet long yes a mile long hooked to a 300 hp V8 engine. Here is one launching from a long rope hooked to a pickup truck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vda_U3j6JaM I don't know where they were doing this usually it's at an area where they do this most of the time gliders are using a common frequency for the glider port.
77Avadon77 (1 year ago)
Slows You're slow if you think the pilot saw the paraglider and the line and thought he'd fly within feet of it on purpose. You clearly aren't a pilot. Seeing something like a paraglider is next to impossible when it's not called out by ATC. Moral of the story, you know nothing about flying and we should ignore you.
Norm Lawlor (3 years ago)
Hope you where ready to release
Adam Edgar (4 years ago)
the line would have automatically released if the plane had struck it. All winch operators install a fail safe called a "weak link" on the line just in front of the paraglider connection point. This is usually only capable of just a little more strain than the towed weight plus a little winch drag. An aircraft hitting this would have absolutely broken the fail safe so the glider pilot should have been fine so long as the "weak link" was actually installed?
The Dave (12 days ago)
+Costa Apostolou That is his fault and his problem he shouldn't have been flying there in the first place.
Costa Apostolou (1 year ago)
Adam Edgar the line would still do catastrophic damage to such a small plane.
Warbird Phoenix (4 years ago)
What a beautiful day to poop ones pants.
Tobias Collonia (4 years ago)
your lucky to be alive man
Zephane (3 years ago)
Nah if it broke he would be safe with his parachute, the pilot however would probably die
Muzaffer Ahmed (4 years ago)
first of all, what the F were you doing up there?
lukebuke34 (4 years ago)
+drkie2 No, he is trying to play hockey in air.
Marcus Ward (4 years ago)
LMAO this is seriously one of the funniest comments I have ever read.
be8282 (4 years ago)
fixing a leaky roof..what does it look like he was doing you idiot...he obviously gets more of a thrill being 4000 ft in the air than playing gta on ps4
Kieman (4 years ago)
O R (4 years ago)
The cessna pilot was in the wrong here, he should not have flown over the winch-area.
Mike Breen (1 year ago)
+justkeepinitrealyo What credentials and certifications are you suggesting are missing here?
justkeepinitrealyo (1 year ago)
>>>the club had been trying to get the Swedish authorities to put the which operations site on the aviation chart, which hardly suggests it was illegal.>>>> What they were "trying to do" doesn't matter. If you fly an aircraft without proper credentials and certifications from the CAA...you are ILLEGAL!
Gregory Kitchens (1 year ago)
Mike Breen I didn't think about that when I said both were legal, but you're right. likely it would have been marked on an airspace map and the pilot should have not flown through.
Ribeye Robert D (1 year ago)
O R likes wenches.
USNVA (3 years ago)
+TheTuttle99 Last time they fought and kissed they took it much further, and the poor janitor had a hell of a time mopping up the joint.
R.S,K VIDS VIDS (4 years ago)
that's about 1km from the guy but it is scary to see a plane coming that close to you 
Lucas Berger (4 years ago)
+John Johnson oh, my bad, you're right.. I meant rope as i wrote lane. Sry, english is not my native language... The plane hit almost the rope which attaches the guy to the ground, not the guy himself. Hope that's better...
John Johnson (4 years ago)
+Lucas Berger you make no sense.
Lucas Berger (4 years ago)
The plane didn't hit nearly the guy but the lane with which the guy is attached to the ground... take again a look...
pavelavietor1 (4 years ago)
hello close very close so close I m closing my oculist LOL
KlunkerRider (4 years ago)
The paraglider would hopefully be OK if the plane hit the line, but that pilot would have been certainly killed do to his wing likely being cut off. This is exactly how barrage blimps worked in WW2. the line holding the blimp in place was there to cut the wings off enemy planes attempting to fly below the anti-aircraft guns range. While the plane would be destroyed the blimps and their holding cables were usually unaffected Very lucky for both involved here.
Santa22 (4 years ago)
worse case: plane crashes, and everyone dies, including the paraglider good case: line snaps and the paraglider lands safly and plane uharmed
Benjamin Filbert (4 years ago)
+Issiah Gordon even so far as having to cut his chute and deploy reserve
DANK MEMES (4 years ago)
Or worst case for the plane wings gets cut off by line and crashes. Good case for paraglider plane hits line line snaps and parachutes to safety.
greasemonkeypol (4 years ago)
next time get a neon rope
wesley mccurtain (4 years ago)
In a way, the aircraft would have been in worse danger than you!
Wolfgang Fercher (4 years ago)
How is it not illegal to do this kind of paragliding?
Wolfgang Fercher (4 years ago)
Don't know, you know?
Ef You See Kay jewtube (4 years ago)
Why aren't you intelligent?
سمَـَّوُوُحخ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ امارتيخ ̷̴̐خ (4 years ago)
wow lucky
Swole_Monkey (4 years ago)
I don't get it. Wasn't even close
David Spiller (4 years ago)
As a private pilot I was flying over a VOR on a uncontrolled airport and some idiot parachutist dropped right over a navigation VOR un-announced on Unicom and almost hit me.
MidWesti (4 years ago)
holy shit! my heart dropped outta my ass seein that plane coming
ToxRozzx (4 years ago)
me too 
TheWatchMan (4 years ago)
How is that a close call it was no where near you
Daniel Selk (4 years ago)
Trs f (4 years ago)
whats the line for? :) 
Dickorla (4 years ago)
Looks really close indeed. Maybe it is just a matter of perspective , if you look closely the line is not standing vertical but it is a bit inclined. From the paragliders view it looks like it is dead-close , from the pilots point of view it should be at least 40 meters away , consider that 40 meters is far beyond the safe distance. Think of air-shows , the airplanes look like they are about to touch , in reality the airplanes criss-cross at 80 meters minimum. 
agun17 (4 years ago)
Lol human kite.
uni000ver000sal (4 years ago)
I would disconnect the tow rope from my paraglider in case the airplane got entangled. Then let the plane pilot explain to the authorities what brought him down.
Greavous Skoger (1 year ago)
in the amount of time he had, you would have done just what he did. Sat that and felt lucky.
Mariusica (4 years ago)
i wonder if the pilot know or see how close it was 
pinkdispatcher (4 years ago)
I'm a private pilot (SEP(L)) but don't know a lot about glider winch launch: I always thought the towed craft could disconnect the line at any time. While it wouldn't be comfortable under tension, and possibly create problems for the winch operator, he seemed to be near the top anyway in this video. Couldn't he have disconnected once he saw the plane coming that close? (There is no doubt the plane's pilot should under no circumstances have flown so low over a glider field with winch operations. It looks like a regular glider grass strip, not just ad-hoc paraglider operation.)
hanggman (10 months ago)
In this case the best option for the plane is hit a tensioned rope. It broke easier with tension.
Semni Istiqlal (4 years ago)
Also, by the point they saw the plane releasing the tow rope on either end would not have a huge effect on what happened next. Simply the effects of hitting the rope wouldn't do anything good to the plane.
french kiss my clenched fist (4 years ago)
yes you can disconnect at any time, but thats not to say that the effects from that plane hitting the tow line could not be fatal. it would be very easy for the pilot to release a few seconds two late, and by that time the glider has already been pulled into a stall or a spin. 
Sir. I Care not (4 years ago)
Name (4 years ago)
Why a tow line?  Seems like an unnecessary thing and actually a bit dangerous.
Blackfoot Minuteman (4 years ago)
I am not too familiar with paragliding. That said... In most cases like VFR I doubt it is required or needed except for the 0.01% of the time, but is there any type of TCAS for them? Seeing how the FAA is, I am surprised it is not required for almost everything that flies, (including those model drones, that nearly caused a major accident of an passenger airliner already)...    From what I see & understand, if this vid is genuine. The powered aircraft is supposed to avoid unpowered flights. However the speed of the aircraft & attention of the pilot is a factor coupled with the size and color of the rope. It seems there is virtually nothing the Paraglider can do in this case except (If equipped) call the aircraft on the radio if noticed in time, which paired with the reaction time of the pilot & if he is monitoring Guard in the first place...
SealClubbinFun (4 years ago)
I don't know where this was filmed, but in the US don't you have to stay below 400 feet? Or is that just recreational aircraft? I'm not sure if paragliding counts...
Andrew Van Beek (1 year ago)
Paragliding falls under FAA's part 103 ultralight aircraft rules. Ultralight aviation needs to stay in class G (uncontrolled airspace) or class E airspace (where class E airspace is not designed for an airport). This is not necessarily limited to 400 feet.
AugustusLarch (4 years ago)
The airplane certainly did see the parachute and the line.  In the regs the airplane has to see and avoid less mobile category of aircraft in VFR conditons.
rcmodelr (4 years ago)
Where is it LEGAL to do TETHERED paragliding like that??? If the video's 100% LEGIT, and the plane had hit the tether line, the paraglider would have been the one at fault and responsible if plane hitting line would crash or cause paraglider to crash or paraglider operator to be injured. And if it's a Bungie type tow rope, my question still stands... Where is it LEGAL to use one like that???
rcmodelr (4 years ago)
+markmywords312 It wouldn't be any more relevant if it was a bungie, I just had a brain fart when asking and didn't think of a winch until after I asked. But I live in the US, and it's very possible I may be wrong, but as far as I know, here the only kind of aircraft it's legal to launch by winch or other ground attached method is model aircraft and from what I've heard, sounds like now FAA decided they have to remain < 400 feet AGL. Compared to nearly 25 years ago when I used to fly R/C planes regularly, I could legally fly my planes as high as I could still see them and routinely flew my powered sailplanes high enough the 6 foot wingspan plane looked smaller than a gnat. One day when flying that high, a neighbor flew by in his Cessna and stopped by on his way home. He asked me if I ever got the plane back because he said when he flew over, he was cruising at 4500 ft. AGL and he saw my plane flying high enough he guessed he probably passed at least 1500 feet BELOW the R/C plane I was flying at the time. If his estimate was right, that would have put my R/C sailplane at more than 1 MILE AGL, and at that time, I was still perfectly legal to fly it that high. 1 mile would be 5280 feet AGL.
Element of Kindness (5 years ago)
Come on everyone, geez!!!   The line goes to a ground based anchor.  Essentially, he's flying his paraglider like a big kite.
cmdrToxic (5 years ago)
That was not close. The glider was at minimum 200 meter above the plane. Because of wake turbulences it is better for a glider to be aboveand not below a plane ;-) In the alps sailplanes come much closer to para- and hanggliders.
Lance Long (5 years ago)
Wow if he was to do that he would have been in space
hiindandes (5 years ago)
Time to play the lottery
Blind Freddy (5 years ago)
i know nothing about the sport, but wouldn't it make more sense to not _have_ a long piece of rope dangling from your aircraft all the time? Shouldn't the tow rope be like a glider's and stay with the towing device?
Dookiedolf (4 years ago)
+Joe l Wow and 21st century Confucius. I guess you was unable to fathom my tongue in cheek joke.
Dookiedolf (5 years ago)
+6axe1man5 This is YouTube so yes of course he can be =@P
6axe1man5 (5 years ago)
Oh dear....you can't seriously be that stupid, right?
EvtheNev (5 years ago)
Sounds lie R2-D2 is up there with em!
kmofighter1 (5 years ago)
and not a single drop of pee was held in that day..
DestroyYourLimits (5 years ago)
flying4nature (5 years ago)
Did you plannend it with your plane pilot friend?
Spooder King (5 years ago)
I bet the Paraglider had to clean his pants out.
Bkeytx (5 years ago)
I look at it this way, its all good if he didnt hit you.
stalexe (5 years ago)
Is it Go PRO Camera?
chvick (5 years ago)
Well paragliding is just about the dumbest thing I've ever seen..... grow some balls and skydive bud.  
cydoniaquest (5 years ago)
Couldn't it be said that jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is dumb? LOL...With paragliding, you can enjoy the experience of flight in relative safety (staying out of controlled airspace, that is), for hours on end. A sky dive is over in seconds. Paragliding is probably as close as you can get to being a bird, flying in it's purest, and simplest form....What's not to love about that? Anyone can fall like a rock from an airplane, ha ha.
Robert Punu (5 years ago)
How the hell could the plane fly so close to the line with all the open space around it?
Marcus Ward (4 years ago)
+Nisruoc I don't understand how some people can be so stupid... lol
Semni Istiqlal (4 years ago)
+markmywords312 claims to be quoting from the book yet cannot produce an ISBN, I call bullshit. You also ignore that I've already stated that my google searches did not pull up any relevant results. I'm literally simply asking you to underpin your arguments with actual facts. Without those all you've really made are claims that are open to being challenged. Which I have.
Semni Istiqlal (4 years ago)
+markmywords312 Racism or no, you are proving to be a very bigoted individual. Ignorant in your bigotry too, wiping your ass with your hand is a Hindu stereotype. No, you are just getting pissy and your bigotry towards cultures not your own is coming to the fore. You state that something is 'air law' but you don't provide any evidence of such. Sure you quote some lines from some unreferenced guide, but you don't tell me where this quote came from. You don't even provide an ISBN, or a link to the relevant information. I am supposed to take your word for it, and that is no proof. That's just an argument from authority. +Tim Burke Aye, same would have gone for the light aircraft, it couldn't have seen the paraglider from far off either. And it definitely couldn't have seen the winch or line. It was a near miss, though without knowing more about the situation it's really hard to say who should have done what.
Tim Burke (4 years ago)
+Semni Istiqlal The light aircraft would have been something like 5 miles away when the paraglider launched. There is no way they could have seen it.
Semni Istiqlal (4 years ago)
+markmywords312 So you vilify a person you don't know based upon a couple of seconds of video. Then when your point of view is called into question, rather than providing any kind of support for your claims you start slinging racism and insults around, and I am the dick? You may have some projection issues going on there.
vealdin (5 years ago)
Love the sound he made
Growlin Allen (5 years ago)
laurejon (5 years ago)
It was an illusion and not really that close. The plane had nearly 1m of clearance to the tow line.
Fortune 2018 (4 years ago)
+Speedy Claxton 3,2 feet
Fortune 2018 (5 years ago)
and you call that far away?
comcfi (5 years ago)
barberino182 (5 years ago)
I think alot of people are confused. WE ALL REALIZE THE PLANE DIDNT COME CLOSE TO THE GUY. You are not smart for making this observation so please stfu. The plane came close to the line not the guy. Thats the point.
Danny Vader (5 years ago)
Holy Schmitt
moe green (5 years ago)
What the hell is he attached to
Gabriel Cox Photography (4 years ago)
I'm guessing a winch.
sander post (5 years ago)
Life hack!!