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Democrats Won The House - How Will Markets Respond

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Democrats were able to take control of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections, while Republicans held on to the Senate. Here's what the split Congress means for Trump's economy. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC Democrats Won The House - How Will Markets Respond
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Text Comments (244)
Oscar Dee (24 days ago)
If the people voted how does one win the senate and not the house? Corruption.
John Hanks (3 months ago)
Split in the right way.  Demonising Democrats as usual.
LUCY LOVE (4 months ago)
The Markets will tank
Fish Army (4 months ago)
oh nooo the worlds over thanks you left wing liars
Tone tele (4 months ago)
America you let the democrats win. So dumb.
PrincessMegan Elsa (4 months ago)
When DID they win last night ? ? ? 🙂🤨
Ham Spam (5 months ago)
Watched video good
RPD 332 (5 months ago)
Nothing will happen for the next two years because both sides will be arguing and never agree on anything.
you forced (5 months ago)
All I keep hearing from Democrats. Just about going after Trump. I've heard nothing about American Workers. Do the Democrats have memory loss?
Oliver Phippen (5 months ago)
The markets are not NOT approving ??? a sign of things to come with all the regulation ???
baseballmom67's worst nightmare (6 months ago)
Oh great now nothing will ever be accomplished!
baseballmom67's worst nightmare (6 months ago)
They don't deserve the house
JULIO ROSENBERG (6 months ago)
mgb gt (6 months ago)
HDaviator (6 months ago)
Nothing is better for the markets than deadlock. This will ensure nothing gets done and nothing changes.
F W (6 months ago)
Now it’s time for republicans to resist and ignore all democrats or should I say socialist
Charting Finance (6 months ago)
In usa people embrace hip hop, and the ghetto culture.. in any other continent its trashy and frowned upon.. america is turning into a trashy nation of lost values
kevin baker (6 months ago)
Anyone else seen Republicans rioting in the streets after the Dems won the house like Dems did after Trump won?  Yeah …. me neither
Sab Esq (6 months ago)
Trump babys plz direct urself to the nearest crying corners ...
truth and common sense warrior (6 months ago)
I'm republican. I don't see this as bad news. We need to work together. Two heads are still better than one. We have a lot of healing to do. Cheers to democratic rivals. We'll find a new way to make america the best it can be.
The Irreligious Nationalist (6 months ago)
Vote Democrat 😁😂🤣🤣
JULIO ROSENBERG (6 months ago)
Jen H (6 months ago)
ACCOUNTABLE for adding ANOTHER $1.5 TRILLION to the national debt over the next 10 years. Yep Trump GAVE the 6 biggest banks $12 BILLION in tax breaks & all the trump voters think he is MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !
A Citizen (6 months ago)
no possible impeachment = market stability
roush26 (6 months ago)
Alright, here comes consumer protections, cleaner food and water, pay your taxes rich people, you're already rich, military, take a seat, your budget is overblown, shift the money to 50% of the entire American population living in poverty, more money in peoples hands grows an economy faster than any fiscal trick implemented, that's why 8 years of Clinton and 8 years of Obama had economies getting better with every passing year. Then republicans claim they did it, cheat or scare people into voting for them and you get bubble bursting deregulation, tax cuts that grow deficits, and remove consumer protections that can even save your life. So when you put your family in that $80,000 SUV your taking to a national park, be happy a republican isn't trying to sell it to the highest bidder, or trying to mine it for resources and turn it into a wasteland. (Wish I could say this confidence, Trump has the senate, plus corruption knows no color).
Mr. Buck (6 months ago)
The agenda does appear inevitable. The government is too involved with social issues instead of focusing on the overall health and survival of the institution. People are really being mislead, this is just going to slow the wheel we need turning. The government is not a one man band.
News-R OOO (6 months ago)
Brittney K01 (6 months ago)
Brittney K01 (6 months ago)
Jim Caponzi 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🏊‍♂️
Jim Caponzi (6 months ago)
+Brittney K01 No way of communicating that's not a shocker, the dems are very stupid
Brittney K01 (6 months ago)
Jim Caponzi 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🏊‍♂️
Jim Caponzi (6 months ago)
Sea hag Trump haters are not Americans... Laws passed in the house go to the Senate hahaha the Senate can override the HOUSE and my President can use Executive Orders... I really hate to see a liberal on such false hope hahahaha .. oh did you notice that the Republicans were rioting in the streets then they lost the House.. Oh wait no that never happened, WE HAVE JOBS!!!
Dennis Wong (6 months ago)
China's economy would be ahead of US sooner or later if they could hold on the trade war 5 years. And China doesn't need to care about who control the house. One party. Making any policies easily and fast
Gothic Dragon warrior Queen (6 months ago)
Yujiro Hanma (6 months ago)
i cant believe people are still voting democrat! After all the success trump has ahd with the economy and immigration npc mob mentality still exists! when I was out to vote there was an old lady handing out democrat pamphlets and I swear to god I felt like smashin her face right there for her stupidity
Yujiro Hanma (6 months ago)
dude yous eriously dont want to start talking about fake news and lying politicians on the left side. You will lose my dawg
WelloBello (6 months ago)
Yujiro Hanma I can’t believe people tried to vote republican. Don’t they realize how often they are lied to? https://www.politifact.com/personalities/donald-trump/ Get mad. Stay mad.
U R GAY (6 months ago)
WelloBello (6 months ago)
青雨 Who? Everyone on your furaffinity account? I don’t care what some right wing spooks think of me. If they don’t like me that means I’m doing something right.
Aisling (6 months ago)
+WelloBello You do know they're mocking you, yeah?
WelloBello (6 months ago)
Hi There Hi in denial I’m dad.
U R GAY (6 months ago)
+WelloBello im in denial
WelloBello (6 months ago)
Hi There Democrats have the house. Being in denial only prolongs the inevitable.
Tim Dog (6 months ago)
Psychopath control begins now
Lakeem Bryant (6 months ago)
Such a great thing , endless investigations out of bitterness . Congrats babykilling man hating white hating AMERICA HATING communists , YOU get to ruin the USA further.
J. James (6 months ago)
Democrats already talking about forcing Trump to show his tax returns. I cant believe they are still talking about this. They will ruin the country just to see President Trump fail.
Kurly Kayla (6 months ago)
Tai Zong. I agree, but at this point it’s too late. Bipartisanship has ruined this country’s politics. It’s been about populism for a very long time, and only dramatically worsened once Trump took office. Few people actually care about what’s best for the people. They just want to see their side win. Personally, my largest investment is in the freedoms of marginalized groups, and because I’ve yet to see a republican prioritize that value, I refuse to vote for them. For others, just seeing the opposing political party name is enough to vote against them. Like our education system, I think our politics are due for a massive reboot. Sad times indeed.
Zhong Chen (6 months ago)
Yeah I dont know if this is just an american thing or what. But american politics seems like a reality show to me, no offense its a great country regardless. People should focus whats the best for the country, not if its democrat or republican :l
Pecan Peppers (6 months ago)
Stocks will drop. Then in 2020, republicans will take over the house and keep the senate. Trump will remain president.
michael heredia (6 months ago)
like in 2012 when dems took back the house? Oh wait.
Blue Shadow (6 months ago)
It's funny how republicans don't care how much they lose as long as they are right...and if ur not Republican then ur an illegal from mars and we need to make more tax cuts to the point where no one pays for anything and we put more spending on military... put more soldiers of the U.S army at the border so they can just stand there and do nothing because they're not allowed to arrest or rlly do much against illegals... but fk it military need more money.... Also 22 trillion in debt...lets keep going baby...
Jim Caponzi (6 months ago)
Laws passed in the house go to the Senate hahaha the Senate can override the HOUSE and my President can use Executive Orders... I really hate to see a liberal on such false hope hahahaha .. oh did you notice that the Republicans were rioting in the streets then they lost the House.. Oh wait no that never happened, WE HAVE JOBS!!!
Blue Shadow (6 months ago)
Also lets impeach Trump in the house yet ur suppose to impeach in the senate...but what u don't know is the bill for impeachmentt starts at the house smh, my head... Good thing republicans won the house am I right?
P Le (6 months ago)
Crush trump
Asahel (6 months ago)
this is why democracy sometimes are overrated.
belle mcellis (6 months ago)
Aisling (6 months ago)
Democrats: We won! Now, Trump can no longer aid the rich and take down the poor. Democrats: *Proceeds to take down the rich AND the poor
Aisling (5 months ago)
+WelloBello You're arguing about...?
WelloBello (5 months ago)
青雨 I’d hate to be the first one to tell you but... https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/001/287/962/bfd.jpg
Aisling (5 months ago)
+WelloBello And.....?
WelloBello (5 months ago)
青雨 Gee a conservative with an anime profile picture? Never seen that before.
gameplay Channel (6 months ago)
Where's The Wall? (6 months ago)
Say it with me... Speaker Pelosi
Aisling (6 months ago)
Goodbye, money. It was nice earning you, fair and square.
Aisling (6 months ago)
+michael heredia And...?
michael heredia (6 months ago)
+Aisling Rich also earn control almost half the wealth in the nation.
Aisling (6 months ago)
+Tristan Rice You do know the rich pay high taxes already, yeah?
Tristan Rice (6 months ago)
青雨 no dice, Democrat tax plans are based around giving higher taxes to the rich but no so much to the poor, so unless you’re a rich guy I think your hard earned dollars are safe
mahadzir abd karim (6 months ago)
cnbc sound like democrate
MAGA_ZOG Failure (6 months ago)
Donald Trump brought black unemployment to 50yr lows and stopped illegals from taking their jobs and then 90% of them vote against us.
Berder King (5 months ago)
Cringe Sniper - but, you're stupid.
Michael Granja (5 months ago)
Illegals aren't stealing your jobs your just to lazy to get one
WelloBello (6 months ago)
JULIO ROSENBERG Oh I touched a raw nerve. I guarantee you are a self declared “alpha male” who grew up with Christianity shoved down your throat. It would not at all shock me if you believed the world was going to end in 2012. If you honestly feel like you are oppressed because you are white in the United States you should build yourself a safe room to cry in. Just like those “SJWs” you hate. You aren’t being oppressed you are being a man-baby.
efrp k (6 months ago)
+JULIO ROSENBERG u worse than cancer
JULIO ROSENBERG (6 months ago)
WelloBello , the WORST thing that could happen to AMERICA 🇺🇸 is WHITE GENOCIDE!! Do you think the COUNTRY that was CREATED by WHITE PEOPLE could survive without THEM??!! AMERICA 🇺🇸 will become JUST like the COUNTRIES the IMMAGRANTS are RUNNING from without WHITE PEOPLE!! IF they KNEW how to CREATE and RUN a GREAT COUNTRY they would FIX THIERS!!! WAKE UP and GROW UP!!
Bobby Harper (6 months ago)
The 2 party system is a nightmare, neither wants to push policy through in fear of giving the other party a "win". If you vote against your party you're shunned, so we are stuck in this high school like congressional system.
Ticky Tocky (6 months ago)
I can't wait to watch pelosi drool and pass out.
John connor (6 months ago)
Thank God democrats won the battle ☺️ now I can sleep at night.
PrincessMegan Elsa (4 months ago)
Me too 😁
Dr. Ghetto (5 months ago)
...and don’t forget those illegal immigrants will be paying for your grandparents social security too! For those young Americans who don’t want to work
JULIO ROSENBERG (6 months ago)
John connor , SLEEP at NIGHT??!! Maybe the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS will send your JOB OVERSEAS!! Maybe a FEW HUNDRED ILLEGAL IMMAGRANTS will move on your STREET!! HOPEFULLY!!
Dr. Ghetto (6 months ago)
I Love taxes!
Soviet Man (6 months ago)
You do realize the senate is still controlled by the Republicans, right.
Frater Sol (6 months ago)
They stole it.
tyler thompson (6 months ago)
Nothing will pass for 2 years now. The 2 sides have such different views on what should be done no middle ground will be met. All I see is the dems going crazy and spending 2 years and millions of dollars trying to impeach trump. I mean it worked to sway voters this midterm with Russia talk that turned out to be false. So why not keep at it with something new cooked up for next election.
tyler thompson (6 months ago)
+Contractor Groom Lake Road he is not getting impeached. Even if they found something from 25 years ago he is going nowhere. Now if something serious comes up other than skimming a few million from his taxes then yes it will happen. It would take something big to do it though.
tyler thompson (6 months ago)
+Full Life 3 was a attempt made but no one wants to go head on with Obamacare and immigration reform. They would lose thier seat if they did so they played it safe. Obamacare needs reform as well as immigration.
Full Life 3 (6 months ago)
The republicans couldn't even pass any important while they had the majority.
Contractor Groom Lake Road (6 months ago)
The investigation into the conflict of interest by Trump and Trump's annual tax submission will lead to the impeachment of 45th President. The push for immigration reform, tax reform and healthcare costs will reach the deadlock.
Truth Seeker (6 months ago)
Get ready for the markets to crash. The democrats are in the house. Sad
Berder King (5 months ago)
Truth Seeker - but, you're stupid.
Jen H (6 months ago)
Truth Seeker .... hahahaha ... and ... The bots are on You-tube !
Adrian Chihuahua (6 months ago)
Blue won yay
Blue Shadow (6 months ago)
I know right sucks I wanted to Trump to cut 200% taxes off the rich so I can pay taxes for the rich cause they work too hard how else are they rich, ;(they work just too hard.... Also how are gonna spend more money... military need another 90 billion in taxes....22 trillion let's go bby
MajorEvan (6 months ago)
Truth Seeker GOP have already added trillions to the deficit and have been screwing over people in rural America. Congrats Republitards, you played yourselves.
jean luke (6 months ago)
Pelosi is not my speaker. Impeach her.
Minster (6 months ago)
She'll be in office till her heart stops ticking...
Matthew Archambault (6 months ago)
The house dems are scary
Beth Miner (6 months ago)
Yeah cause they'll subpoena his tax returns and bring to light some illegal dealings ...
Robert Fischer (6 months ago)
Clicked on the video for results.. Instead I got an editorial :(
Bubbabluehorn (6 months ago)
People are like ya ya we can impeach trump. Well jokes on them the Right has control of the SENATE. Like srsly did they even take 7th grade?
Jim Caponzi (6 months ago)
+Beemer Benz I don't think Beemer Benz made it out of 3rd grade actually.. the REPUBLICANS HAVE THE MAJORITY YOU MORON
Jim Caponzi (6 months ago)
Bubbabluehorn EXACTLY!! Laws passed in the house go to the Senate hahaha
Kurly Kayla (6 months ago)
I’m not interested in impeaching Trump because that would mean pence would come into office, and that’s the last thing I want. Instead, I just want there to be proper checks and balances. Trump toed the line of enacting legislation that tramples specific groups’ freedoms. I can sleep better at night now knowing he won’t be able to do that as easily.
JODY REAL (6 months ago)
Crazy Duck (6 months ago)
+Beemer Benz When in comes to impeachment the house starts it and the senate is the court on the matter. House can do all the investigations it wants senate is still the court it has to be tried in. Welcome to 5th grade.
Hector Morales (6 months ago)
Why do democrats want to raise our Taxes all the time?
Hector Morales (6 months ago)
+Babylauncher3000 is that why so many of them dems Congressman, and/or senators don't even live in the district they represent and are super rich compared to the people they are taxing into poverty???? I mean honestly your comment sounds good but it's not factually accurate.
Maria Rodriguez (6 months ago)
Babylauncher3000 that’s in reality tricky . How to get a balance of how much the state can subsidize. And how much the individual. There’s a top of taxes any individual or corporations can pay without sacrificing other needs .
Babylauncher3000 (6 months ago)
Because Dems often care about their communities more than their own personal wealth.
yuk747 (6 months ago)
+Maria Rodriguez and there's a limit to how many taxes can be cut before the national deficit explodes besides nothing is for free as the GOP will cut vital sources Social security Medicare etc. and you will in turn still suffer.
yuk747 (6 months ago)
+KeepItReal I'm sure they rather work for stuff as they usually do.
thatnormalguy9 (6 months ago)
Finally some balance. I don't dislike trump but too much Republican is too much.
Benson Bastien (4 months ago)
Yeah too much of both sides are too much
PrincessMegan Elsa (4 months ago)
yuk747 (6 months ago)
Your right..Too much Republican is too much and I have plenty to dislike Trump for.
Curious Voter (6 months ago)
This is the first time I voted after I became citizen and I want to throw up now. USA is finished, it's self-destructive because its voters are voting like those who voted in Mexico, Venezuela or Sweden. Be prepared for chaos, lawlessless, corruption and more poverty and the country will go down the toilet just like Venezuela with social security and medicare depleted while unlimited number of pepole from all over the 3rd world will flood the USA with more poverty and desperation and create a very corrupt culture worse than Brazil. The U.S. economy will tank now that the open border loving and business killing Dems take control of the house. Just watch.
TheVideomaker2341 (6 months ago)
Jen H Racist
Jen H (6 months ago)
Curious Voter .... hahaha ... you mean "Curious Bot, right !?
Jim Caponzi (6 months ago)
+Curious Voter It just proves that liberals are liars
TheVideomaker2341 (6 months ago)
Curious Voter I'm a person of color whose parents came to the US LEGALLY. I agree with you, this is only the beginning. The US will soon go down to a shithole, corruption, and a socialist state. These Commies want power for themselves and votes. That's it.
Curious Voter (6 months ago)
+janita snead : So why are you telling me to run back to my country? I thought you liberals love immigrants, now you are showing your true face. Leftists are hypocrites. No, I won't go now, not yet. I will keep voting against you. Don't like it? Too bad for you. This is what happens when immigrants became citizens. We can vote! Why should I give up my privilege to vote against the democrats so early? I can go live anywhere in the world, it's called professional and skilled immigration! So there is no need for me to leave the USA now. But when the supermarket shelves start to go empty like Venezuela, yes, I will go and you won't have to tell me so. You should go home and stuy some more like I did in Singapore, then you will save yourself from being stuck in a bread line in this country when the socialists Democrats ruin USA.
Willie Thomas (6 months ago)
God Help us all!
WelloBello (5 months ago)
青雨 Did any of that make it through your thick, bible thumping skull? I bet you still think Jesus is coming back! Your like an ex girlfriend who doesn’t know it yet.
WelloBello (5 months ago)
青雨 Democrats believe in protecting consumer rights and preventing the the super rich from controlling everything else. Democrats actually want to protect the planet and the people living on it. Republicans are more than happy to deny global warming and environmental regulations if it means more corporate lobbyists lining their pockets! Haven’t you noticed that the rich have been getting richer and the poor have been getting poorer? The super rich WANT the middle class to die so that they can have an army of mindless consumers. Democrats stand for cheaper education which allows the impoverished and unlucky to actually make something with their lives! Democrats don’t want the people to SUBSIDIZE major companies because of pay below the living wage! Democrats actually want to make it EASIER for the American dream to progress! Republicans would much rather have the fracking companies and the Walmarts wipe out small businesses so that they may profit from it. Democrats want to stop pointless and counterintuitive campaigns like the war on drugs. Democrats want to close tax loopholes so that people like Trump can’t get away with not paying them! Democrats believe in the rights of what the right calls “Degenerates.” They believe that homosexuals have just as much a right to love each other as anyone else. Democrats don’t let bloodsucking CULTS like Christianity influence them with their ancient outdated slop! Republicans use religion as a tool to indoctrinate and brainwash their followers to convince you that big oil has your interests in mind. Democrats don’t want to see the American worker exploited for every penny he’s worth like they do in China or Honduras! You claim your leaders fight for you when people like Trump have only ever thought about themselves! Corporations will exploit this earth its people and its ecosystems for a quick buck if there was no one there to regulate them.
Aisling (5 months ago)
+WelloBello Tell me the good Democrats do. C'mon.
WelloBello (6 months ago)
Willie Thomas “Anyone who doesn’t agree with MY take on this religion isn’t doing the religion right!”
Willie Thomas (6 months ago)
Aries April, you probably don't believe in God!
Young Yun (6 months ago)
Go trump!!!!!
Spirit Orb 1616 (6 months ago)
+Aries April Yes, right out that door!!
Aries April (6 months ago)
Young Yun yeah Go to prison 🤣🤣🤣
Mr. Buck (6 months ago)
Just turn the country into a socialist state and be done with it. Apparently thats what the people want so let em have it.
kile miller (4 months ago)
Or all you socialists could move to california and we can build the wall to keep california out too,
WelloBello (6 months ago)
JULIO ROSENBERG Do you have bad eyesight or have you just convinced yourself that bigger text means better arguments?
JULIO ROSENBERG (6 months ago)
knowledgeiskey0110 , YOU can get a PIECE of the PIE with TRUMP'S FIXXING AMERICA!! WAGES for AFRICAN AMERICAN and LATINO AMERICANS are UP 6%!! The HIGHEST RAISE IN 11 YEARS!! The only CHANCE with the LIBERALS 😈 DEMOCRATS will give you FOOD STAMPS, WELFARE SEC 8,ETC!! That's it!! They will NEVER GIVE MINORITIES a REAL PIECE of the AMERICAN PIE!! CRUMBS ONLY!! WAKE UP!! Unless you are a LIFE LONG CAREER WELFARE Person!! Then you are in LUCK!!!
JULIO ROSENBERG (6 months ago)
Blu (6 months ago)
america was eventually going to go that direction. hollywood movies have been preparing us for decades.
Andi S (6 months ago)
Check and Balance is a good thing.
JULIO ROSENBERG (6 months ago)
Andi S (6 months ago)
+Soviet Man No, you can made bipartisan agreement. That's win win situation.
Soviet Man (6 months ago)
Andi S and not being able to get anything done for 2 years is good, I guess?
acquired immunity (6 months ago)
Let's Hope Trump is smart enough to go after infrastructure. However, as always in politics no party wants to make the other party look better, even if itll help the american people. So disappointing.
Delmar Simpson (6 months ago)
+JULIO ROSENBERG that was Obama
JULIO ROSENBERG (6 months ago)
acquired immunity , I realize that! TRUMP got UNEMPLOYMENT to it's LOWEST LEVEL since 1969 and the DEMOCRATIC politicians want him out of office!! RIDICULOUS!! IF SCHOOL CHILDREN ACTED like TODAY'S POLITICIANS they would get in BIG TROUBLE!!
acquired immunity (6 months ago)
Jose Sanchez we still have the strongest economy in the world and China has taken out debts with us as well.
Jose Sanchez (6 months ago)
And borrow more money. The orange brute already bankrupted this country with his massive debts. We have to pay China alone 3 billions every month just on interest.
Subscribe to PewDiePie (6 months ago)
+8 f-8 of what making more poor people? Dont you see the streets of l.a and s.f ?
Bilal Ahmed (6 months ago)
I agree with Robert Deniro
Cuck ButtFurd (6 months ago)
You agree that now you have to "Choose between the hammer and the saw".👈🇺🇸🐸🔫
John Lincoln Hawk (6 months ago)
Great news for America and everyone else! God Bless Us All!
Indigomarine91 (6 months ago)
+JULIO ROSENBERG I completely agree with every word that you said.. my argument is the fact the early 90s you could buy a house for $65,000 that is 145000 now and the same job to pay for that house was paying like $20 an hour with actual races nowadays that job is like $11 an hour with nickel raises.. in order to make $20 an hour you have to be $35,000 in debt from college to get a job that pays that.. insurance is outrageous car insurance is twice as much.. and all these Fortune 500 companies are trying to make more this quarter percentage of money than it did last quarter and it slowly takes away from the hard-working people of this country... so what I said was actually a very open-minded statement to your very emotional statement.. but I do completely agree this is one of the few countries if you have something set in your mind and you work really hard to get it you can complete it but it's a fraction of what it used to be... the middle class is dying.. I'm in the military so you're right I should be Republican but either the left or the right there are good ideas and bad ideas.. and you have to be more logical than emotional.. and that some down-to-earth stuff right there
JULIO ROSENBERG (6 months ago)
Indigomarine91 , AMERICA 🇺🇸 is about whoever CHASE'S the AMERICAN DREAM like a great HOUND DOG that CHASE'S a FOX until that HOUND DOG DIES, can ACHIEVE the AMERICAN DREAM!!! It's not for QUITTERS and LOOSERS who make up EXCUSES!! WINNERS never QUIT and QUITTERS never WIN!! REMEMBER that the next time you want to CRY the POOR ME CRY!!
JULIO ROSENBERG (6 months ago)
Indigomarine91 (6 months ago)
+Daniel Walker Because America has been about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer
Blue Shadow (6 months ago)
+doctor who 2 lol u sound stupid asf
knowledgeiskey0110 (6 months ago)
I hate to be that guy... But get s#!t on.
Sab Esq (6 months ago)
Bunch of trumpbabys cant find there crying corner
JULIO ROSENBERG (6 months ago)
knowledgeiskey0110 , GROW UP!! IF GRADE SCHOOL CHILDREN ACTED like TODAY'S POLITICIANS they would get in BIG TROUBLE!! You CLOWNS are RUNNING AMERICA 🇺🇸!! GROW UP!! He did this!! She did that!! WAAAH!!!! BOO HOO HOO!!!
B G (6 months ago)
knowledgeiskey0110 this happened to the last for presidents...(not coming as a super maga guy)
F3ND1MUS (6 months ago)
The Angry Republican (6 months ago)
Fake news. Republicans got the House! USA 🇺🇸
Thanh Ho Viet (6 months ago)
+Cartwill Cartwill " The Trump Parody Guy" is a parody account! So many got pranked~
Kujo's Vision (6 months ago)
Rush Rutherford The Senate won’t allow it. You obviously don’t know politics so you voted Democrat.
Tristan Rice (6 months ago)
Oh no, the big bad dems are gonna take all ur money. Lol this idea of saying things that are gonna happen that probably won’t actually happen is pathetic.
soulbishop96 (6 months ago)
well at least we can rest knowing trump won't be able to pass destructive laws anymore also there's a big chance net neutrality can be restored and show xpose Ajit for the corrupt shill he really is
Josh White (6 months ago)
+Ticky Tocky They're dumb enough to think they impeachment means removal from office. I can't wait to get the last laugh when Trump is re-elected in 20/20.
jacques Perez (6 months ago)
A Filipino commented on this first. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!
knowledgeiskey0110 (6 months ago)
+Ayitiana philipinos were colonized by spanish.. Theyre like the mexican asians lol
Ayitiana (6 months ago)
jacques Perez lol