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First-Person Shooter Trial

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Text Comments (4628)
Ben Featherston (17 hours ago)
This video is a product of its time.
Chris Terry (20 hours ago)
Everyone hates escort missions but that is no reason to do a shity job or waste time doing bullshit side stuff at the cost of the npcs around you
Skoogs Boogs (23 hours ago)
I treat all NPCs like queens. Especially in halo
Azim Bhugun (3 days ago)
Why does the lawyer look like saul goodman from breaking bad?
John Burrough (4 days ago)
They should make a another one. Maybe with it being co-op where one player is like this one, and the other actually tried completing the mission with the ai?
Oliver Matthews (4 days ago)
Is that Matt mcgorry?
Luke David (5 days ago)
Ok at the beginning of the video the said he was a marine sergeant then the general said he was a private damn get your shit together CollegeHumor
Ichijo Festival (8 days ago)
Any escort mission, I'd find him innocent on all counts.
Sansanvi Inanis (10 days ago)
Asher Millstone from How to Get Away with Murder is here? In a courtroom skit? What a surprise 😂
Alexander Zheng (11 days ago)
Oh my god I usually try to sign my name lol.
MonguinAssassin (27 days ago)
As I imagined non-Halo Microsoft characters as Spartans or ODST, I couldn't help the sarcasm of relating Banjo and Kazooie to this, or a Perfect Dark character.
sIyceth (2 months ago)
Fjæsing664 (3 months ago)
Two of these guys are OITNB actors
We Have To Go Back (4 months ago)
Quick shout-out to all the NPCs I murdered because they had a better weapon than mine
Ryan Kelly (4 months ago)
i thought this was halo
Michael Song (4 months ago)
2:37 Why did P1 teabag someone else's kill? Teabagging is only meaningful if you do it to your own kill. Noob.
DrunkSnowWhite (4 months ago)
I hate escort missions
Vivares 76 (4 months ago)
He wont give a damn. He obeys the rules for fun and even if he dies he could still revive. Hes basically almost omnipotent at this point Edit: I like the tea bag tho
Ilithilich 101 (4 months ago)
Just plead guilty. Take the plea bargain
Arman Chisty (5 months ago)
1:23 bryce?!!!
Doctor Ryodine (5 months ago)
was rocket jumping really a unique concept in 2011?
eric yu (5 months ago)
Maybe sometimes you can't just say 'It's just a game".
X Skid (5 months ago)
caligulasArmageddons (6 months ago)
*yo doctor cockter got a real job*
Yelling Hayfire (6 months ago)
Abel1120 conlget (7 months ago)
Tom Bennett (8 months ago)
Good thing I never abuse my NPC’s, I just use them as human shields!
MonguinAssassin (8 months ago)
2:35 Is he trying not to laugh?
MonguinAssassin (8 months ago)
If an FPS player is a common fragment of an RTS unit.
MonguinAssassin (8 months ago)
0:45 Couldn't quote this in my head without laughing out loud.
Skullzon (9 months ago)
kinshe 22 (9 months ago)
1:20 any one knows thats the cop from orange is the new black
HrvatskiHig (9 months ago)
3:57 WTF?
Chance (9 months ago)
The guy at 1:20 looks familiar.
My Name (8 months ago)
He is in How to get away with murder.
Corrupt Angel (9 months ago)
The rocket launcher secret area is for the bottomless clip skull for Halo Combat Evolved. Unless he's talking about some other similar secret area.
Aaron Paul Ibarrola (9 months ago)
This literally happened to a UK Army Solider during "training exercises" using some sort of video simulation game. After getting severely irritated with the fact that they have only been playing video games for weeks and not doing "real" military training he turned his rifle on people in his armored caravan, hijacked the vehicle, and started running over foreign national NPCs and destroying cars and structures. Afterwards, he faced trail for breaking Military Law; failure to follow a direct order and received punishments such as guard duty.
betofelix15 (9 months ago)
That 4 star also has staff sergeant rank. Doesnt check out
DUCKBRINGER (9 months ago)
This is painfully accurate
James Cooper (9 months ago)
Lol, its Cyanide
Edmund Schrag (9 months ago)
Corpse teabag reenactment NOICE!
gbonkers666 (9 months ago)
Love this
Cristopher (10 months ago)
..on Easy
Sae What Productions (10 months ago)
"but i finish the mission....pause...on easy" lol
Morten Wammen (10 months ago)
Not guilty by reason of escort mission, we will call you once you once you have demonstrated capable AI, do not call us, we will call you. Or not guilty by reason of EA game, or EA game with escort mission, enjoy the graphics, if you can, it is probably the only enjoyable portion of the game.
Vikram Singh (11 months ago)
2:42 poor man’s Ashton Kutcher
ricky boby (11 months ago)
Wait 2:44 is that Jennifer Lawrence
Atheist Edge (11 months ago)
Called him a Marine first, then a soldier. Not the same thing.
Alex Vazquez (11 months ago)
The girl during the T-Bag scene kinda reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence.
Gaming Gumba (1 year ago)
“I finished the mission, on *easy*” I no longer relate to this man.
Dicking ton (1 year ago)
Thank God this doesn't exists with Gmod,'s dark RP
Orhan Şahin (1 year ago)
Make more of these
Spiffy Gonzales (1 year ago)
I'm a strategy gamer xD Basically the judge deciding who does what and when.
Studpid Guy (1 year ago)
Just turn your Xbox off
404UserNotFound (1 year ago)
Real LcPl trial
Lunatic 0verlord (1 year ago)
Not even *I* act so recklessly in FPS games.
Tobias Di Ryuvia (1 year ago)
I now think of all the questgiver npcs i killed after i deid theire quests for more money
Tobias Di Ryuvia (1 year ago)
i regret noting
John Ryan Parman (1 year ago)
1:20 hey it's that guy from HTGAWM
John (1 year ago)
They are not good with ranks. Marine =/= soldier, a lt general as a cpt, a sgt is constantly called pvt etc
Pixelking34 (1 year ago)
I abused several npcs in Garry’s mod.. i crushed them with a refrigerator..
Bronwyn Donovan (1 year ago)
Nobody likes escort ,free the man
Tiny Ford (1 year ago)
I can actually see this seriously happening in an American courtroom.
Shadows Star (1 year ago)
To be fair, he could of paused for the bathroom break
Jori van Os (1 year ago)
The rocket launcher jump reminded me of mw before the nuke scene so you can explore the map
BT HY (1 year ago)
Wait, is the accused a private or a sergeant?
immortalwolf6 (1 year ago)
Fucking wut?
Mr. Night Sky (1 year ago)
Just realised that 1 of the guys us from Orange is the new black
Joe O'Connor (1 year ago)
That dude from orange is new black 1:18
Ulrich Nubias (1 year ago)
Those Npcs had it coming. They were In his way.
Prof.Tu.nichts (1 year ago)
404 video not found
clarkie dee (1 year ago)
Max Piette (1 year ago)
this is peak autism
Alan Collins (1 year ago)
Think about this as a black mirror episode about sentient code and it's amazing.
Joseph Russel Timpug Ison (1 year ago)
Clearly for nerds 😁
Austin Mondloch (1 year ago)
Is it just me... or is that Jennifer Lawrence?
CaptainFrismo (1 year ago)
I had this friend who restarted a mission to save some marines
Tony Blake (1 year ago)
His sentence was he was banned for 1 month.
UndergroundPB (1 year ago)
What's up with that 3 star general tech sergeant though?
Leaf 66 (1 year ago)
Do anyone here know what happened on 11 November 1918 ?
Leaf 66 (1 year ago)
none of your business
Bleeb (1 year ago)
Stoßtruppen why did you ask this question in the first place?
Leaf 66 (1 year ago)
a lot doesn't mean all
Bleeb (1 year ago)
Stoßtruppen I think a lot of people know when ww1 ended
Leaf 66 (1 year ago)
that means, you are more than an average person
B1squite (1 year ago)
Menu > Load > Last checkpoint > Confirm
Super_10 (1 year ago)
Me In 50 vs 50 on Fortnite
Bleeb (1 year ago)
Super_10 kids these days don’t know the struggle on halo
Pane Solo (1 year ago)
William Schenkenfelder (1 year ago)
Officer Bennett??
___oy_vey___ (1 year ago)
Is that cop from Orange is the New black
legend123ify (1 year ago)
athi jinx (1 year ago)
"on easy" lol😂
Cayde 6 (1 year ago)
Dark Chocolate-Rain (1 year ago)
Ayyy. My boy Bennett.
A Random Cat Lover (1 year ago)
Load Save
StudleyDuderight (1 year ago)
Now this would make for a realistic shooter... wouldn't be much fun though.
Gotammo (1 year ago)
Oh, he failed court... Looks like he needs to delete the recent save file :/ prison takes 5 minutes of loading. Read more
Mason Horsley (1 year ago)
Well if throwing a grenade under a jeep filled with ally npcs is a crime, then lock me up and sentence me for life!
JoeyE 101 (1 year ago)
Was that the guy from lab rats?
Lemons & Listerine (1 year ago)
What is this game called?
M Chaney (1 year ago)
why is it 2018 and i am just seeing this for the first time?
Lunatic 0verlord (1 year ago)
Moral of the story : don't fool around like a moron and finish the mission with the best performances that don't involve risking the life of your fellow soldiers.
peter siri (1 year ago)
That asshole should be ban and goes to firing range.
alba nigrum (1 year ago)
Not guilty !!!!!
Hawk Pants (1 year ago)
In my defence I always protect my team in Halo because I just trap them somewhere and I just win on my own
Hawk Pants (1 year ago)
But he’s got infinite restarts and he ALWAYS succeeds
Michael Grey (1 year ago)
isn't this the guy from Orange is the new black?