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Girl died in car accident because of Friend joke !!

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Girl died in car accident because of Room mate joke !!
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mahmood sahab (1 month ago)
fake :(
Stealth Gaming (8 months ago)
If it's true that's not the drivers fault it was the prankster!
ismu yt neha 8bp (9 months ago)
Y r u joking man she's is died u r fucking joke
omar addihaoui (9 months ago)
I feel so sorry for her 😭
bulgaria mapping (9 months ago)
lm watching this poor girl death in2018
Alex Goh (10 months ago)
Awais Raza Hassan (10 months ago)
The video clip embedded above supposedly represents evidence (“Exhibit B-5”) presented in the 2009 civil court case of Gilland vs. Sheri Lume concerning the death of a girl who was supposedly run down by a car after frantically fleeing her home from a man that she thought was a masked intruder (but who was really a neighbor playing a prank on her). However, this video is a bit of creative fiction which features a deliberately crafted scenario performed by actors and enhanced through the use of special effects. “Rachel,” the putative victim in this clip, was portrayed by actress Cindy Vela, and the longer version of this video also features actress Mircea Monroe as “Sheri,” the roommate who punks her, and actor Corin Nemec as the neighbor who terrifies her by pretending to be a home intruder.
Viridiana Bernal (11 months ago)
Why would you prank her you guys are so mean
Leonie May Harler (11 months ago)
But it looks real good job !!
Leonie May Harler (11 months ago)
ItsKellyLouise (11 months ago)
lol this is so fake....And badly edited might I add.
FaZe Angela (11 months ago)
is this real?
jason Viscaino (1 year ago)
I'm sorry 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Julia Ishaq (1 year ago)
omg is this real or fake
Ratna Leadis (1 year ago)
whow not edition this is real
Ratna Leadis (1 year ago)
crazy this is edition
keep it up gaming (1 year ago)
Johan Schröder (1 year ago)
daffa allam (1 year ago)
Ho just prank this girl until died I hope he dies
daffa allam (1 year ago)
His prancing I him
GksHighfalutinTube Experiences (1 year ago)
Tell me that this is fake😒😒
Dancing Dice (1 year ago)
nadin lover (1 year ago)
This is fake 100% because if its true they would not uploaded it on YouTube maybe in the news
hangba (1 year ago)
fake check cindy vela on google
Oyster Shell (1 year ago)
moral..never ever...😡😡😡😤😤
Zohex (1 year ago)
This it's fake if you didn't know that
Isaiah Hinkle (1 year ago)
I'm calling the cop 👎😬😬😬😬🙍🙍🙍🙍🙍🙍👮👮👮👮👮👮👮👮👮👮👮👮👮👮👮👮👮👮😃😃😃😃😄😄😄😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😤😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Isaiah Hinkle (1 year ago)
CRowHouse253 (1 year ago)
I'm pretty good at knowing if videos are fake or real and this does not look fake except at the part where she is still holding her camera filming but maybe she forgot she was still filming from fear and was doing it without thinking. Another thing is the guy who comes down from the car seems scared but maybe acting but I would say it's 50/50 chance he is an actor. But the girl that died looked scared for real. There is more situations that make the video look real then fake. I'll rate this video real wouldn't that suck to be the guy who scared her.
aman khurana (1 year ago)
fuck off
Drunky (1 year ago)
Dumbass girl
Blood Brothers (1 year ago)
Everyone who says they are debating whether this is real or fake, it shows someone "dying" if this was real youtube would have it taken down by the law already <3
ʑɱąཞɬıŋ -_-ɠąཞཞıҳʑ_ASA (1 year ago)
chupamela diego puto
Laurence Miller (1 year ago)
fake and gay.
TheLeoGaming - TLG (1 year ago)
Misty (1 year ago)
This is fake YouTube has a policy of deaths on youtube
JimmyT7777 (1 year ago)
Mia Dominguez (1 year ago)
Also, it's not fake because her nose was bleeding a little bit and then it started rushing out it always happens to me when my nose is dry so stop ✋ saying it's fake cuz she will come and kill u the same way so.... back off
Nadia Brownie (1 year ago)
I got a chain letter bout her
Nadia Brownie (1 year ago)
Who watching this in 2017
Jamie Hughes (1 year ago)
I'm watching in 2017
Osagie Agho (1 year ago)
A car can't be going that fast in that kind of road
Matrixman236 (1 year ago)
Obviously fake.
MikiTrikiPL (2 years ago)
nice fake XDDDDDD 😂 😂 😂 😂
Anıl Ateş (2 years ago)
Dj Richardson (2 years ago)
HARSHA (2 years ago)
at 0:35 her body bends before car was going to hit her
Atefa Ali (2 years ago)
I feel so bad for her I was about to cry
lol master LOL (2 years ago)
Abcdef (2 years ago)
PUPPY LOVER (2 years ago)
there is no blood it is fake
Cole fredword (2 years ago)
that's fake
Ranthony (2 years ago)
this is fake. it was done through some creative animation. snopes it.
Mr. Meeseeks (2 years ago)
Ranthony yes
lovely joseph (2 years ago)
Not funny omg don't do da to people wa the fuck wrong with y'all people
Aruni Liyanage (2 years ago)
I hope this is fake
Amya Linton (2 years ago)
who's watching this in 2015?
T Torres (2 years ago)
this is fake the producer said so on a television show
Mohammed Taqi (2 years ago)
That is not a joke, the joke killed her. Its not the drivers fault.
TheGuyYouSawYesterday (2 years ago)
Why would she run all the way to the road??
Birthday (2 years ago)
thats fucked up and funny at the same time
good one
Diamondz agar (2 years ago)
it's sad cauce she said I love to some person then died
jax the1 (2 years ago)
Lil Sergio (2 years ago)
Spliyced (2 years ago)
Super Mario (2 years ago)
OmG JEFF O its ratule
Chicken nuggets (2 years ago)
I think this is not fake
Chicken nuggets (2 years ago)
Terry (2 years ago)
Waste of time, bunch of idiots.
Leeanne Bowden (2 years ago)
Is ut fake
Jovan Popovic (2 years ago)
Um i think this is not fake
it is fake because once the camera looked up at the guy who drove the car doesn't squat down and drags her out. all he does is complaining that she never saw her and the voice of the guy is so bad when he is acting. like he doesn't even care.
SomeOneForOnce xD (2 years ago)
+I'm Gay you's lesbian.😂
I'm Gay (2 years ago)
you's is dum
reтroѕтereo (2 years ago)
Uriel Penilla (2 years ago)
this is real
cutegymnasticsgirl cuteheart (2 years ago)
Uriel Penilla No-o it's fake
Uriel Penilla (2 years ago)
cutegymnasticsgirl cuteheart (2 years ago)
Jared (2 years ago)
+Charlie Matsas Are you craving chocolate?
Gasterbeam (2 years ago)
your rude you know that? i can't believe someone like you should've exist
Gasterbeam (2 years ago)
no fuck off
Gasterbeam (2 years ago)
ok now your just being rude, you don't like being corrected right? wow your an idiot
brutesmaster487 (2 years ago)
My mom always say to look both ways before crossing the street.
Original Acid (2 years ago)
Although it's fake her getting hit was painful
b0 xe (2 years ago)
Mick Collins (2 years ago)
OMG don't lie like that that was mean. What if that did happen... Because my friend died because her stepmother threw her in a fish tank and made her take pills and she was 4 I was 5😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Camryn Disser (2 years ago)
Looks real but I feel bad no matter what
Connor Ofarrill (2 years ago)
That was super sad is it fake
Elijah Walls (2 years ago)
fake as freak
Moesha Frappell (2 years ago)
is that real or not
Nathalie Garcia (2 years ago)
Tahinah Magny (2 years ago)
what the....
rouge_potato 62 (2 years ago)
Bruh fake
DjGamerYT Gamer (2 years ago)
Amir Rojas (2 years ago)
me do u have a problem
adan calleros (2 years ago)
it is fake because how didn't see the camera 👀
Caden Crewell (2 years ago)
ultimate embarrassment (2 years ago)
if this is real, I feel sorry for the man driving the car.
cutegymnasticsgirl cuteheart (2 years ago)
It's an accident, he didn't even see her, we'll R . I . P rachael, (I know this is fake)
amieja maldonado (2 years ago)
stupid as fuck
Ulrich d'Arth (2 years ago)
Silverstream warior cats (2 years ago)
Meme May (2 years ago)
did u hear her head crack sad
Artaesha Windham (2 years ago)
This is not funny. who. every. post this needs to be delete. I have. police at. my school so if it's not delete. I will. tell. 💯💯💯
Brandon Miller (2 years ago)
I hope it is fake if not they might have put in on YouTube to show how things like this could end up RIP Rachel my fellow child of god
Brandon Miller (2 years ago)
I hope it is fake if not they might have put in on YouTube to show how things like this could end up RIP Rachel my fellow child of god
n0way07 (2 years ago)
this happened outside my doorstep, poor girl was doing her daily exercise when a dumb lil brat rolled over her with his big wheel with a 4 inch drop and stance
Yung Dagger Dick (2 years ago)
Wow thats so scary, sike its fake lol
Alexis Burnett (2 years ago)
It's fake there would have been more blood
Aurelie Doukrou (1 year ago)
the blood is black blood can be black sometimes
JaldeMiäs (2 years ago)
+Alexis Burnett there's not always blood but it is fake
Alexis Burnett (2 years ago)
+Playlist girl my point has been proven
Playlist girl/BTS Hoe (2 years ago)
I don't even see any blood
The Angi Show (2 years ago)
Not fake sad
Zayd Muhammad (2 years ago)
I am and that raaachel was fucking hilarious