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The Rules that Rule Japan

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Some people think Japan is a strange and different land, that they'll never understand. Why do the Japanese do what they do? Well, Japan and its people are not so hard to comprehend, once you realize that it's all about the rules. Once you know them, your time here will be easy peasy, Japaneasy. It'd be my pleasure if you join me in discovering the rules that rule Japan. 赤信号皆で渡れば怖くない - 北野武 Red lights aren't scary when you're crossing together - Takeshi Kitano Director's Commentary Video - https://youtu.be/wqqW6CteUoA Image Sources 🗲 Portuguese Ship - By attributed to Kano Domi - Unknown, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=353036 🗲 Tobacco Pouch and Pipe (Metropolitan Museum of Art) - https://www.metmuseum.org/toah/works-of-art/14.40.843a,b/ Share your video → http://bit.ly/LWIFSHAREVID Website Post → http://bit.ly/LWIFEP86 Video Gear I Use 📷 Camera: https://amzn.to/2JzuLII 📷 Wide Lens: http://amzn.to/2BcJCGJ 📷 Prime Lens: http://amzn.to/2C2LEpt 📷 Drone: https://amzn.to/2Qbt9XV 🎤 Microphone: https://amzn.to/2Pxx58d 📺 Monitor: http://amzn.to/2E8XzUI 📷 All the rest: https://kit.com/lifewhereimfrom/youtube-filming-gear Connect 🗲Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/lifewhereimfrom 🗲Life Where I'm From X Channel: http://bit.ly/ytlwifx 🗲Website: http://www.lifewhereimfrom.com 🗲Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lifewhereimfrom 🗲Instagram: https://instagram.com/lifewhereimfrom 🗲Twitter: https://twitter.com/lifewhereimfrom Music by Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com/ ♪ Astonish - Peter Sandberg ♪ Electrique Nights 4 - Rannar Sillard ♪ Supa Rap Pt 3 (instrumental Version) - Ilajide ♪ Careful Motion 5 - Johan Hynynen ♪ Cheese And Crackers 4 - Gavin Luke ♪ Happy And Joyful 1 - Anders Ekengren ♪ Strolling In Style 1 - Peter Sandberg ♪ The Coupon Wizard 5 - John Åhlin ♪ Goofy Pianoband 4 - Merlean ♪ Whimsical And Playful 8 - Gavin Luke ♪ Please Enter 1 - Peter Sandberg ♪ Bamboo - Jack Elphick ♪ Cheese And Crackers 5 - Gavin Luke ♪ Butterflies 4 - Peter Sandberg
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Life Where I'm From (1 year ago)
ディーンさん、日本語の字幕をつけてくださってどうもありがとうございました。ディーンさんのチャンネルは、 くらせいの「この本が読みたい!」です https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUyHo5EuO3h6-_-DuyuLNCg。Yeah, we have Japanese subs! So fast! Thanks to Dean from くらせいの「この本が読みたい!」for all his hard work.
Kaiser Jarme (2 months ago)
....... shénmê
DeadLife Antigod (2 months ago)
Plug ya nose or stay away from smoking areas no ones forcing you to smell smoke. dictators snowflakes crybabys playin victim all in order to silence others in force your ideas on everyone else. people will continue to do what they enjoy even if its illegal look at alcohol an how that went. its time to legalize all drugs even suicide with the option of converting your dead body into a energy source to power are technology. abortion is a good thing as well which needs to stay legal. The female can choose to have a unlimited number of abortions before settling down to start in raise a family so what if a million unborn babies are killed off its called population control its not like earth can hold trillions of humans. And sense earth is a prison we humans are trapped here untill we start terraforming other planets for humanity to live on.
KEK Freedom Heritage (2 months ago)
Interesting. In some counties it can be considered very rude to not look at someone in public. In some aspects of business people from Japan some of them seem to gravitate toward very dishonest persons from USA, or possibly are easily steered by dishonest persons from USA, so do you know why that is occurring? Are business persons from Japan more less easily impressed by appearances from some persons of the USA? These are serious questions, as we have dealt with some curious aspects of persons from Japan, and there are in-depth on going questions in various international business dealings. What about the importance of individuality? Is there a rule to respect creativity and the individual opinion?
Ananthalakshmi Sankar (3 months ago)
when at 16:39 he says there "is a lot of reading between the lines" and we see Japanese pedestrians walking over the zebra lines. Almost between them.
Lori Dennis (5 months ago)
@Pandacat 666 You're a schmuck!
Caleb Kennedy (6 hours ago)
Sasebo doesn't know how to follow escalator rules lol
Ron Hutchcraft (9 hours ago)
Worthless Video, completely worthles.
Librarian1st Library (9 hours ago)
This has got to be the dumbest video I have ever seen, as an American in a Christian Country I could care less how they do things in Japan a completely secular culture and Society. Boring thumbs down, oh and one more thing, you Can walk wherever on whatever side you want too.
Jack Riley (18 hours ago)
Tokyo is not Japan any more than New York is America!!
Toño C.A. (1 day ago)
I just admire the commitment and respect of Japanese people towards the rules. In Mexico, we could definitely learn a lot of things from them.
Wa Lor (5 days ago)
Don’t slap girls on the behind at the soapland. Learned it the hard way
11A04 EHAI NA LYZHAH V ZVEZDU (9 days ago)
13:11 What is this place ?
Alejandro Miguel Reyes (10 days ago)
14:59 what did he do with the eggs?
Steve Bradley (11 days ago)
UK rules........ 1. Start drinking at 16 and continue more or less uninterrupted for the rest of your life. 2. Constantly complain about the weather while wearing nothing but a t-shirt in February. 3. On a weekend, drunken fighting is mandatory. Especially if you're staggering around in a filthy kebab shop at 3am. 4. Suppress every emotion. Keep it bottled up until your ready for point no. 3.
rowan villagonzalo (11 days ago)
someday maka punta den ako jan...
jjprulz (11 days ago)
I like the lax zoning system of Japan. Strict zoning is too technocratic, and leads to a lack of true character and energy in a city. And I love the alleyways. I honestly think they're some of the coolest things I've ever seen in my life.
Trey Cox (11 days ago)
Too crowded, too many unwritten rules and the language is difficult. Also, housing is very small and difficult for foreigners to obtain.
Anubhav (13 days ago)
Everyone seems like dead people walking.... No wonder Japan's population is shrinking..
truth finder (14 days ago)
most of them who breaked the rules were not japanese XD. . of course that's y japanese don't like foreigners alot bc they'll break their rules , just like that muslim girl wearing hijab tried to enter in a restaurant. rules are rules, law is same for every religion, and if u don't like those rules then just go back to country , who called u to come to Japan?.. in India most people don't like people from Uttar pradesh and bihar to come to their state bc U.P. or Bihar citizens spread dirt wherever they go , and also ovepopulate every state wherever they go ..
mu cuts (19 days ago)
0:44 They really are some great shots, thanks for sharing
Sir Wilson (19 days ago)
Thought this would be an interesting video... I guess I'll never know because I bailed after he spent the first 3 minutes "explaining" how to walk.
Enzo Rocha (19 days ago)
The countries where you drive on the left side of the road are usually islands, not because they're former British colonies.
Sujata Behura (17 days ago)
But that's in India too...India isn't an island.Can you explain me?can't understand
Siranat usawasutsakorn (20 days ago)
In my place, there are lots of rules BUT if you're rich you can sometimes get away with murder. (leaving burden for the rest of the society)
Tone Mac (21 days ago)
8 "untold rules of Japan" as follows: (1) Never look at people in the eye. (2) Do not answer those who raise voice. (3) Eat food quickly to show thanks. (4) Always walk with mid foot strike, then a slight forward slide. Never strike the ground with heels. (5) Bow to elderly at all times. (6) Say "ano ano .... hai .... hai .... eto eto" a lot. (7) Never make the first move, and if nobody makes a move - respect the laws of TAO and just move on. (8) Break all these rules and say "gai-jin". They will laugh at you and possibly give you a second chance or at best educate you...... It took me a 11 years living in Japan to work out these rules so you will save time if you abide by them. Thank you.
Victor B (9 days ago)
Can you elaborate on 7?
Matthew Bradley (21 days ago)
i walk both left and right in canada,so i'm going to be just fine
Ernest Borres (22 days ago)
"If everyone's doing it, you're fine" Only applies on Japan though. That would be disasterous when used in my country lolz
SnowDog Wizard (22 days ago)
You have adorable kids. To be honest at first I was a bit taken aback cause I was like "Why is this guy spending so much time with kids, does he only have kids as friends or what" I am from the cold north in Canada, it is so cool to see other cultures. So thanks so much for making these videos.
Four Seven (22 days ago)
nice editing! enjoying the humor as well!
Dr Shi (23 days ago)
Aqui no Brasil é meio que sem regras. As vezes elas funcionam, as vezes não. Here in Brazil it's kind of without rules. Sometimes they work, sometimes not.
Crazy Buttboarding Guy (24 days ago)
japan: everyone slow on the left fast on the right Canada: everyone slow on the right fast on the left We really are totally opposite in every way xD
dill papa (25 days ago)
Why don't they eat using iv bags so they don't have the poop?
The Bazile (27 days ago)
In Oklahoma,USA you say yes ma'am and yes sir to those older to you. Never drive slow in the left lane. Football and church is life. And you better not try to tell someone that their religion is wrong because then you will get in a huge argument. I live in the bible belt. There is a different church every mile. Also, if someone says "how are you doing?" They aren't really asking you that it's just a form of greeting someone. There can be exceptions to that if they are family or friends.
Daniel Lundberg (28 days ago)
Not at all confusing, just like how you pass a joint, 'to the left, because right is wrong' :D
RinaDasler (29 days ago)
why its so ... on boring side???
Genean Decoine (1 month ago)
6:30 when they put incense smoke on themselves. In my culture (Native American 🇨🇦 northern Alberta) we “smudge” or cleanse ourselves from negative thoughts or feelings. Women usually use sage (it’s women’s medicine) and men use sweet grass. Women can also use sweet grass just not on their “time” of the month. I like how different cultures can be similar in some ways ❤️ blessings from Canada
Stoyan (1 month ago)
Japanese working too much...just like robots...its bad there.
A Honda (1 month ago)
I’m offended by that japaneasy joke in the beginning.😤😡
Tatayana Giffin (1 month ago)
America learn from this video!!!
Maxwell Bolanz (1 month ago)
great video all around, and your cinematography skills are superb. great content i love it!!!:)
FREAKED 1 (1 month ago)
In india we have a rule to not follow the other rules and i think its beautiful.
pagansforbreakfast (1 month ago)
Dudes should not wear shorts anywhere anytime for any reason.
Nama Saya Toro (1 month ago)
Earning money. Basic rule.
Curlheinz Barbellós (1 month ago)
2:43 i like the random new england patriots cap :P
naga sasank (1 month ago)
In India... Hmmm rules -> Swatch Bharat Standard traffic rules Cultural and mixed etiquette ( must not be odd atleast in front of commoners).
magnetospin (1 month ago)
@15:40 When you are running, you are putting your best foot forward at least 50% of the time.
羅德夫 (1 month ago)
National pride of eating whales? If you can kill a whale, you can kill a Chinese. That is Japanese Cultural Tradition.
Lulu4Him (1 month ago)
What small rules (that tourists may not know about) if broken will land you in jail/prison?
Rockslide (1 month ago)
I normally enjoy your videos but found this incredibly tedious,
SUpersaiyajinjerkbag (1 month ago)
Put simply, Japan is, as Douglas Macarthur put it..."....more like a boy of twelve, as opposed to our development of 45 years....."
GoodHeckinMeme (1 month ago)
Im glad all my roads go the right way and not this nonsense Ha Ha Ha
SmileGate (1 month ago)
this is what happens when you nuke a place twice
Carlos Botelho (1 month ago)
Japan: The best country of the world!
Ronald Jones (1 month ago)
The majority of the world drive on the left dude. You forget India drives on the left... 1.4 billion people
first last (1 month ago)
I hate pointless rules and group think. Of course I can avoid a number of this nonsense by simply avoiding all shrines and temples, because why should I go to them if I don't believe in the religion? Then it's just a tourist trap.
Sothearith Chann (1 month ago)
People in this world should live together with rules and discipline.
BJGvideos (23 days ago)
The problem is that there's no agreement on what those mean.
K (1 month ago)
4:00 is a cute baby bowing. :]
Kaita Kawada (1 month ago)
I wish i could go back to Japan and live there again xD
Dawa Tsering (1 month ago)
walk on left n let from right . aka CLOCK WISE
Fire Man (1 month ago)
Left is CORRECT right is wrong hahaha
Aditya Kishore (1 month ago)
Their are no rules in my country India. Because no one follow any rule 😂
lokek beno (11 days ago)
India = paria
raghumakam123 (22 days ago)
There are rules set by the govt, but they are all meant to be broken , people take that for granted and misuse the rules.
Gecko (1 month ago)
To the Rulebreaker it is much FUN.
Weafea Lillies (1 month ago)
Japan is so clean :OO ;;
Savira Mahmood (1 month ago)
wow so pretty tho cant wait to visit soon :)
Lynxx Williams (1 month ago)
Todah Raba. Watching this video brought back memories of my time in Okinawa. I realize now, what a beautiful experience I had there. But as is the case most often in my life, I didn't see it at the time.
kam shaft (1 month ago)
not all follow the rules
satoshi yokogawa (1 month ago)
"Obey me". This is japanese rule.This means that there is no rule in japan.
Novaa (1 month ago)
Beautiful place, horrible work culture. "obey and command", no wonder there's high suicide rate and depression. Too oppressed to confront it
lother311 (1 month ago)
Thank you for making this video. You've incorporated such a wide range of scenes that it makes me feel like i'm back there walking the streets of this sometimes overwhelming and yet occasionally quaint city.
Völundr Frey (1 month ago)
On the first one: for us who drive on the right walking on the left is the obvious choice. You want to walk against traffic because then you see the cars that might hit you.
Dominic Byrnes (1 month ago)
Hmm... I know it's a light-hearted piece but maybe you should have named it "The Rules that Rule Tokyo" or filmed outside of the capital. Mate - Tokyo is *NOT* Japan and I'm surprised there aren't more Osaka-jin and Kyushu-jin here bending your ear about the various etiquettes that pre-date some of your Tokyo "rules" by almost a millennia 😉 Beautifully filmed though I'll give you that 👍🏽
deku-eku (1 month ago)
I want to visit Japan someday, but I’m very afraid of breaking any rules. I wouldn’t want to be seen as the stereotypical stupid/obnoxious tourist. I know I could try to just do research and memorize everything, but I have an awfully bad memory. :,)
Im not mark (1 month ago)
How dumb can you be to mess this up :D
Senadin Music (1 month ago)
I would brea all these shitty rules
Marcus Aurelius (1 month ago)
9:31, hahah, right behind Ueno station, if you walk back, there's going to be a bunch of small stores and restaurants for streetfood. whooa, later on there are whole sections of those streets at night :) fun place to walk around and grab a bite. if you're tired if japanese quisine, there are couple of turkish kabob stalls, with, well - turkish guys cooking turkish kabob :D
Israel Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Such an amazing place! I was just there in May and absolutely loved it!!!
Kim Il-sung ꧄ (1 month ago)
Keeping left on an escalator is common in the East part of Japan but it's not actually a written rule. In fact the escaltor companies are strongly suggesting people not to keep standing only on the one side of an escaltor because it will lead to malfunctions or accidents, but nobody cares and in the west part people keep right on escaltors or stairs
Alifa'an (1 month ago)
Driving in Kuala Lumpur : See an opportunity? *Take it*
johnnhoj15 (1 month ago)
Your video sucks.
Neppo (1 month ago)
Rules that are everywhere but Japan: *Don't get caught*
Waffelz (2 months ago)
I was in the same forest temple you were at! It was so beautiful. I found it by accident while passing in town.
Aksshat Sharrma (2 months ago)
0:24 Dats wat he said
Nollan Akmadol (2 months ago)
The third ruLe the (YAKUZA cLan ruLes)
Nollan Akmadol (2 months ago)
the second ruLe(samurai cLan protector) the first ruLe ( PoLitician)
Paweł Kabański (2 months ago)
What surprised me is that most of these rules are common sense and also present in my country (Poland). Writing aside - I think I would pretty much feel at home in Japan... perhaps not. It's so crowded.
M.H ZHANG (2 months ago)
Epsilon the Baka (2 months ago)
I'm thinking about moving to japan in 7 or 8 years
TheICTLiker4 (2 months ago)
In the first part of this video, I've seen a boy carrying his Snivy and Mudkip plushies. I think he or his parents were shopping in a Pokémon Center store...
S O (2 months ago)
Nullpo08 (2 months ago)
p9nt6gr6m (2 months ago)
a lot of these rules (apart from left sided stuff and religious stuff) are very similar to Germany.
zizi Tree (2 months ago)
Is this made for children? The guy is soooo annoying
ed4 all (2 months ago)
I think the key is to look around to what most of the locals are doing or where they r walking and follow suit
Ingrid Relativo (2 months ago)
"THANK YOU" and "I AM NOT BREAKING MY BOW o VOW" po and then so be it ( excuse po the doggie in the software po )---
Ingrid Relativo (2 months ago)
Daddy Papa Paw-paw kay "I AM OKAY PO"---medyo sometimes ( excuse po ) lang po kay I feel so nervous and scared and afraid po so "HELP" na po---"S.O.S"---
Kyle Rosen (2 months ago)
gah so much order among the chaos
Condemnedya (2 months ago)
I HATE that rule that goes if everyone is doing it, then it must be fine rule because if it is something I believe is wrong I will not follow it and as a result I will be prosecuted for it.
Veshalin Naidoo (2 months ago)
Keep left, Pass Right was it really that hard to say this one line? Did it need 3 and a half minutes
Teddy (2 months ago)
Number one rule I found hard to follow: no eating while walking. Still, no one gave me a second look. OTOH, loved the queuing for, and use of escalators. By the way, thank you for putting out some great content! You're part of the inspiration that influenced me to start my own channel, also about travel and the stories we tell. Cheers from Calgary!
sakura 0127 (2 months ago)
Japnese unwritten rule if you can't eat it all don't order it at all.. They say it's rude to the chef if you don't finished your food. You're not just wasting it but it's like you're telling to the chef that the food doesn't taste good.
Adel M (2 months ago)
I am going to visit Japan and see it for myself.
The Last Of Us is here. (2 months ago)
誤字脱字などは少しありましたが、 ディーンさんの日本語字幕すごく良かったです! 自分でも間違って理解していた部分など気付け、 沢山勉強させて頂きました。 これからも楽しみに、参考にさせて頂きます!
The Last Of Us is here. (2 months ago)
Hello from Japan. I`m always loving to watch your great videos, but if you don`t mind I wanna let you know that pronouncing Saisen (coin) is a bit difficult as well as Karaoke. It should be Sai sen like Sigh and sen(d) of English words. I hope this will help some people to be better in this way. Karaoke is known as Karao Ki , but the correct one is KaraoKe not Ki.
The Last Of Us is here. (2 months ago)
Hi I`m Japanese. Pls just let you know, we don`t do such Playing chicken with some oba-san.
The Last Of Us is here. (2 months ago)
So 3:50 Torii gate is the entrance connected to the Sekiro world?
PatheticTV (2 months ago)
So like 90% the same as Hong Kong. Cool