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156 How to shift an 18 speed transmission

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Welcome to the Sasnak channel. Come along with me as I travel the nations highways in a classic 2007 379 Pete with a custom 132" ARI sleeper. sasnakvideo@yahoo.com All music from YouTube audio library Gear GoPro Hero 5 Canon 77D Rode VideoMicro Asus ZenPhone AR
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paul shortall (8 minutes ago)
and some 18 speeds need double clutching. so for some gear boxes floating is not an option. which fucks your left leg up
Shawn P (1 hour ago)
That's a nice looking truck
steven kerry (5 hours ago)
just get an auto box much better .
Bonker (7 hours ago)
That's great and all! I'll take the automatic gear box.
Enuffced (10 hours ago)
I've never driven a 18 speed, but I have driven a 13 speed. Damn. I would hate to have to split the lower gears. It would be easy just, just annoying
Lola Lola (18 hours ago)
Great Explanation that's how a Great Leader show the Best Way to a Student with Patience, Keep it up!
Bill Stewart (1 day ago)
Thank you for a clear and simple explanation.
peter agostino (2 days ago)
He only has to use his clutch once to get the truck moving. Pretty cool!!
Edward Chamberlain (2 days ago)
Thanks for the explanation. It's something I've been curious about all my life. I have a story about this topic, and I wish I could tell you about it. You ever get up around Northern California? Do you have room in the cab for a story teller?
Nate (1 day ago)
Edward Chamberlain he liked your comment
red4age (3 days ago)
Pretty cool👍
Diane H (3 days ago)
My Son wants to start driving truck! What should he do first?
Sasnak (3 days ago)
He'll need to get a CDL. Start researching trucking companies that have an in house school. Also look into community collages for classes. Sometimes they're cheaper.
Lars Jönlid (3 days ago)
Ok, so I don´t understand nada ! The most manual gears I have driven is a 6 speed Volvo V70, but it´s a Diesel though !
Lars Jönlid (3 days ago)
Thanks bud !
Janice V (3 days ago)
Sounds like a Cat, not a Detroit. Do you float your gears when you drive? Can save the clutch some wear. Beautiful Pete BTW
Why 18 gears
Todd Amtmann (4 days ago)
Thank you so much for that.... No one's ever been able to fully explaine this to me in a way I can understand.
Dan Fisher (4 days ago)
He doesn't mention that it's all a unsynchronized transmission, so you gotta let the rpms drop to get it in gear. So yeah nobody will steal your shit
Straightshooter (4 days ago)
I am very impressed. Always been fascinated with these big rigs and I'm a female (not that there's anything wrong with that) lol. I would love to drive one. I was a passenger in a 1915 Peterbilt last year and I was really jazzed. Thank you for this video.
Jesus Christ King of kings Lord Of lords (5 days ago)
Get educated! Stay in school! Trucking is not for everyone...
Trucker JANA s (5 days ago)
easy understanding superrr
Mark Klukowski (5 days ago)
That was a fantastic explanation.
Matowix Unplugged (5 days ago)
You lost me around 6 minute mark
gringochoppers (5 days ago)
You didn't tell them what happens if you miss the gear going up hill....I've seen lots of trucks on the side of the road starting back in first
John Wahan (6 days ago)
I drove a 10 speed. With phone company GTE. Long time ago. It's easier to drive than explain like he said. Standard H With hi low. . It was fun to drive actually one you get used to it.
paul demeer (6 days ago)
Low isnt 1st gear. 1st gear is 1st gear. Low is low. Youre a terrible teacher
john C (6 days ago)
What if you forget what gear you’re on?
David Lizer (5 days ago)
You do some quick math on your revolutions per minute road speed and overall weight. And hope you guessed it right.
Tony NA (6 days ago)
wait what
i still got the blues (6 days ago)
I remember someone tried to fool me saying to me that there is also an 21 speed eaton transmission, i didn't believe what this clown said to me at that time
Sean Lutz (7 days ago)
ChrisLawley (7 days ago)
Cool, thanks for explaining splitting the gears. I've only driven 10 speed that we have at work and other places.
Timothy Davis (7 days ago)
Best video on this subject I've found.
Ted CowboyfromHell (7 days ago)
Im a TMA driver for a traffic control company...we have grown men who cant drive a 5 speed standard transmission. Great job sir..very nice office you have.
Deca Namwob (7 days ago)
Makes sense to me. To which ratio you require is dependent on the tork you need from the gearbox, this is of course relevant to the load your pulling. 😎 My Father taught me how to change gear without the clutch. "You only need to use the clutch to pull away son" haha The magic of sincromesh gearboxes. Thank you Sir for your time.
esechucote52 (8 days ago)
very cool skills
Myownboss7 (8 days ago)
Good job! Keep on floating good buddy save that knee for dancing not double clutching..Be safe out there
The Xcaliber (8 days ago)
Good video 👍
bracsim (8 days ago)
I drive a 13 but I go thru every gear, I enjoy it, I guess is a family tradition and don’t miss a gear cause dad is watching from heaven and he will get mad if I do hahahhaaa
Ferguson 20 diesel (9 days ago)
My tractor has 28 gears, four ranges and a clutchless forward reverse shuttle
ali ahameed (9 days ago)
That truck looks badass
BUGGYRA brand (9 days ago)
Great video! Check Tatra Buggyra Racing team best images from Dakar 2019 - https://youtu.be/MSnAWj36omc ;-) Ten tons monsters in action! #TATRABUGGYRA #Dakar2019
Mark Volker (9 days ago)
If you really want to confuse people who know nothing about big trucks, throw in a auxiliary transmission and how you shift 72 gears! Lol
Chuck Grace (9 days ago)
No need for 18 gears. It just has more things to have issues with and more expensive to fix. Most younger people can't drive a manual trans anyway, let's not give them more to get confused over...lol... Same thing with the new 10 speed automatic transmissions in some of the new cars. It's just not necessary. Sounds cool, but not necessary at all. I don't see the 10 speed auto trans being a long lasting thing anyway. It's just dumb.
Labs (9 days ago)
Seems like every single cars featured in Fast and Furious are using the same 18 speed transmission.
NolalanD (9 days ago)
It seems utterly complicated. i now have a new respect for these guys on the road and will stay out of their way. They have a lot of stuff to concentrate on. PS -when I was a little kid I thought these guys were standing up in the trucks the way the cabs are so big and hi and the wheels are often horizontal...like a ship's captain lol!!!!
Jeff Crosby (9 days ago)
Great video! Thanks for sharing!!
Michael Galligan (9 days ago)
"How to skip 10 gears"
Guitars rcool (9 days ago)
Thank you sir. Piece of cake. I've driven straight trucks with a splitter so i have a basic idea of what to do.
nuahs b (9 days ago)
, first truck I ever drove was a three on the tree that was crazy for me
Sasnak (9 days ago)
Me too
Joseph springer (10 days ago)
back in 60's I had a 21 speed 3 up front 7 in rear you did 1 then back 7, 2  x back 7 then 3 biggest times 7 gave you 7=14=21. if you had the strength the bicycle could no over 50 never used all gears on it either lots of doubles
Richie Abraham (10 days ago)
He's doing great shifting good job driver
John Donlan (10 days ago)
I thought you did an excellent job of explaining how the 18 gear transmission shifts! :)
Christopher Wise (10 days ago)
For all you people wondering about the guages, they are mostly air pressure guages. Just about everything on an 18 wheeler is controlled by air. Even the brakes. The compresser and tanks apply pressure to release the brakes and release pressure to engage the brakes. There most likely are individual tire pressure guages as well. And all the switches are for lights and o e for the jake brake.
Dan Fisher (16 hours ago)
Christopher Wise 3 are air gauges/load gauges. Temp gauge for transmission and drive axles, water, oil temp. Fuel, pyro meter gauge, that's manifold temp. Oil pressure, alternator/batteries info. I drove a 379 Pete with American class interior, had 33 gauges chromed, telescope/tilt steering. I loved driving that truck. 600hp caterpillar, 18 speed.
Christopher Wise (9 days ago)
Well isn't that nice, my comment was highlighted 👍
Louis2282 (11 days ago)
if you have always driven manual (stick shift) then its not rocket science. very well explained, love to try one now, thank you
Zackary Long (11 days ago)
it gets easier tho right?
Pat C (11 days ago)
I could learn to speak Chinese easier than I could understand and learn this
Sir Trews (11 days ago)
Only need the clutch for 1st and reverse.. nothing more..I rolled that Yellow rig over there < and never once had to put a clutch in it...
Matt Steinbring (11 days ago)
Thanks for the video. I've just bought an 18 speed roadranger. I have a driver but going out to learn myself tomorrow. My old truck has syncromesh.
Michael Trucking Gray (12 days ago)
Carlos Montana (13 days ago)
Good shit man I wanna be ah truck driver it’s ah tough Awsome job
mujahid Lewis (13 days ago)
Good video with good explanation
Moses Garza (13 days ago)
Absolutely ridiculous
Noel Weightman (13 days ago)
Pretty sure your starting in Lo-Lo and have no idea how these transmissions work
Hugo Desrosiers-Plaisance (13 days ago)
I can feel my neck getting red as I watch this.
Rockabilly55 (14 days ago)
Damn this is the most informative video on YouTube ive ever seen. I actually feel like i learned something!
Mr. Dimasudlay (14 days ago)
Youre nice driver i hope i can learn someday
Ray (14 days ago)
He would reference a Stang lmao. Roll Easy.
Mark Vanderhoff (14 days ago)
Truck driving should be a six figure job
Psychopathic Fun (14 days ago)
I have no idea whatsoever why this is on my recommended, but holy shit, 18? That is hardcore.
True Memories charity (14 days ago)
Thank you for showing us how to run the gears. I'm learning how to drive rigs right now and this video is very helpful.
Kota (15 days ago)
Every dislike is someone that wanted to understand this but couldn't and got a little too butt hurt lol
Kota (15 days ago)
Ayy didn't think you'd see my comment, especially that fast haha
We three wander free Without fixed habitation (15 days ago)
thank you for the video, I've only ever driven a ten speed day cab and wondered how the 18 speed was configured. drive safe and hope to see you at the RTR one day.
Charles Warren (15 days ago)
Nice job explaining and the technique! Looks like they kinda blended a super 10 and a regular old 10/9 speed.
DFX2KX (15 days ago)
My stepdad drove trucks for years. I went with him on a trip once, and he tried to explain the 18 speed pattern to me a few times. I did not get it until just now. Makes me sad that he's no longer with us, because I'd call him and tell him that I finally get it. The summery for those that had some trouble wrapping their heads around it: -The shift knob has two switches on it. range and split. the transmission has 5 'slots' (gates) with forward gears, two gears in each slot. The split controls which of these you're using. The range selection is like the front sprocket on a bike, low range puts the output through a second set of gears that slows it down even more, high bypasses that (but the first 'slot' and it's two gears become redundant in the process because of the ratios used. Hence 18 speeds, not 20). You go through the gears again in high to get speeds 11-18. So, from 1 to 18 it's flip range switch to low gate 1: splitter back(1st)/forward(2nd) gate 2: splitter back(3st)/forward(4th) gate 3: splitter back(5th)/forward(6th) gate 4: splitter back(7th)/forward(8th) gate 5: splitter back(9th)/forward(10th) flip range switch to high gate 2: splitter back(11th)/forward(12th) gate 3: splitter back(13th)/forward(14th) gate 4: splitter back(14th)/forward(16th) gate 5: splitter back(17th)/forward(18th)
Norse Bastrd (15 days ago)
omegaracer1 (15 days ago)
I was looking up used tractors the other day. Seemed like 90 percent of them were all automatic. I never drove anything higher then a 10 speed
Timcat100 (15 days ago)
If it's so easy why do so many truckers bitch, wine, moan and complain how hard their jobs are. Oh and one of the dumbest questions truckers often ask is "Don't you know how heavy a truck is?" I'm fairly certain that is totally up to the driver of the truck to know that answer. That trick question is often used by dumb trucker's driving like they are in a BMW in heavy traffic.
eatmusic 1 (15 days ago)
I love the sound of that engine!
Saya Anak Malaysia (16 days ago)
I watch this video few times..still cant understand about the gear shifting 😂
danz409 (16 days ago)
whoa. no clutch needed after you start. that sounds like cheating! this is far less of a nightmare than i could of imagined!
Grant Bottcher (16 days ago)
danz409 I want that in my civic
redmonEIGHT6FOUR (16 days ago)
I learned how to float gears properly when my throwout bearing went through the splines in my old Integra 😁
Its Lyz (16 days ago)
Funny to see when everyone gets different videos in their recommended when there is 20 comments from 1 year ago and 20 comments from 3 months ago and 20 comments from this week!
RiPDiedTV (16 days ago)
You know what really grinds my gears
Bman (16 days ago)
Great job Trucker BoB. Respect Sir. 😎
unmusedtails (17 days ago)
Why not keep the switch on and start in 6th instead? Won't let you do that? Does it risk stalling when starting in 6th from a stop?
Roy Beasley (17 days ago)
Greetings from Euroland. Excelent video, Stan (wouldn't have expected anything less from you TBH). Odd isn't it that on this side of the Atlantic, the majority of cars have manual transmission (i.e. a stick shift) and the majority of lorries (i.e. trucks) over here have automatic transmission, while in the US the majority of cars have automatic transmission and the trucks are generally manual.Why do you think that might be?
Roy Beasley (16 days ago)
+Sasnak I knew there had to be a logical explanation ;-)
Sasnak (16 days ago)
Disturbance in the space time continuum ??
Lori aint (17 days ago)
But, how fast does it take to SToP? Billy bob what’s his name? AMERICA!
But why....
Maine Mackie (17 days ago)
sounds like an auto slap stick
Dayga (17 days ago)
Don't mess with a gear jammer!!
wesmatron (17 days ago)
That machine looks like it cab time-travel
Keeping Up (17 days ago)
Where is the landing gear switch? Is it under all those altimeters?
deeteejack (18 days ago)
I've had my CDL for 10 years and have never driven an 18 gear trans...awesome video my friend....even in school they only show you this gear pattern in a book...this video should be included in the curriculum!
Kathryn Romero (18 days ago)
That was fun, thank you
Kathryn Romero (18 days ago)
That was fun, thank you
Noah H (18 days ago)
I wonder if this guy knows there’s more to life than driving s big truck, eating crap food drinking beer and getting fat
Stalin (19 days ago)
I think you've just shown in this video why 18 gear ratios is unnecessary.
Troy Morris (4 days ago)
That's the only trans that can handle the torque of some of these big engines.
Steve Ross (17 days ago)
Depends what weight you're hauling........by the engine sound on the vid, he's running light, possibly even mt.
Erkkipappers (19 days ago)
Meanwhile our tractor has 128
Heath Childers (19 days ago)
I'm upgrading from a straight 10 Mack to a 18spd Pete. Thanks for the refresher.
johnnyhun1 (19 days ago)
in Europe truck manifacturers never use and never used 18 speed shifters, and I see in the US manufacturers also doesnt use it anymore they just go with the 13 speed ones
Jacob Horsfall (19 days ago)
How short is first gear
The WizDad (19 days ago)
Totally got it! Thanks! I used to only buy manuals and you don’t have to clutch them after you learn when to shift too. Its a SMALL window on a small engine. LOL