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156 How to shift an 18 speed transmission

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Welcome to the Sasnak channel. Come along with me as I travel the nations highways in a classic 2007 379 Pete with a custom 132" ARI sleeper. sasnakvideo@yahoo.com All music from YouTube audio library Gear GoPro Hero 5 Canon 77D Rode VideoMicro Asus ZenPhone AR
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Text Comments (6940)
Marius du Plessis (6 minutes ago)
wth does that physical gearbox look like......
Jimmy Billings (1 hour ago)
How to shift an 18 speed transmission..... With the f****** shifting lever dumbass
Rahul Shinde (2 hours ago)
First he say it’s not that difficult and then speaks rocket science for 9 minutes🤐
We Smell Corruption MGTOW (2 hours ago)
Sounds like fun to me . Would hate having to do a transmission repair do to burning clutch .
John Osborne (3 hours ago)
That was really interesting, always wondered how that worked. Cool with floating and not using the clutch, always thought using the clutch all the time would suck. Seems like a lot to remember but I'm sure after time it's second nature. Thanks!
Wilfrid Wong (3 hours ago)
This is amazing! I play American Truck Simulator and am using the exact same steering wheel! I did not think that exists. Anyhow, thanks for the explanation.
Lavre (3 hours ago)
As a novice - please explain to me WHY there is 2500 people who dislikes his video? What does he do wrong? Without knowing better - all seems very well explained and correct?
King Bee (3 hours ago)
I'm diggin' the 18 speeds, but he lost me at 15 to 17, then 16 to 18.
Garrfield Todd (3 hours ago)
How fast dose your truck go?
Sharath Kumar Sampangi (4 hours ago)
You have the patience to teach even a 10 year old kid. God bless, safe drive.
joe alcott (4 hours ago)
Try a tri stick, heh heh heh...
bsd for peoples God give rights (4 hours ago)
Why not and automatic transmission? Even the race cars are going auto but good explanation and demo👍👍
AnimalMotherV2 (5 hours ago)
Glad to see Abraham from the walking dead found a new job so quickly
rexlive1 (5 hours ago)
Yup I get it
The Neeson's (6 hours ago)
That’s a sick dash.
Harold O'Brien (6 hours ago)
Your right it is easy to understand but it looks like you need to work at it to get smooth. That was great. I've some questions; .. unless someone tells you what speed tranny you've got, how do you know? With a car the shift knob usually tells you. Also, what is that red button on top of the shift leaver?
Roger Douglass (6 hours ago)
Pretty sharp video. This is the only transmission i haven"t driven, and always wondered how it was done. Thanks.
Paul Bernard (6 hours ago)
That was beautiful. Thank You Sir.
Cody Kempf (6 hours ago)
Everyone doesn’t understand this but I understand it as well as I can get
Alfred Dürmeier (6 hours ago)
Folks do you self a favor and update. This transmission is antiquated. Check as an example the Mercedes EPS power shift
brad rock (6 hours ago)
Thumbs down for what? So stupid. It's just a video of a truck shift pattern? Thanks for the video!
Lprochees trump (7 hours ago)
Not even San Francisco trannies are this difficult 😫
Nick Mansell (7 hours ago)
Brother you made this so complicated than what it really is lol
Miguel Ramirez (7 hours ago)
ngl I thought this was gonna be harder to understand than it was
matt ford (7 hours ago)
Cool video. I always wonder though why do y’all like to sit so low in them trucks I know it’s gotta be near impossible to see out of them like that
Dave1854 (7 hours ago)
Just stick to 5... you skipping too much!!!!
Lil Devil (8 hours ago)
Just shift it like a 13 because you rarely need to split the bottom side.
Born2DoubleUp (8 hours ago)
I'm lost... 😱
Mike 369 (8 hours ago)
Love all you truckers I'm 54 and remember the great truck stops in Michigan my dad took me to 💯💙
Kurt Outdoors (8 hours ago)
Wait a minute!... just watched it again.....understand the gears but not using the clutch? How can that be? I get it takin the pressure off the gears but what makes it shift?.....oh well.....I would really like to try driving one of these!...thanks again.... great video!
Angelo Miranda (8 hours ago)
I just learned something new.
Kurt Outdoors (8 hours ago)
I have never driven an automatic transmission in my life.... this makes perfect sense!.... excellent video.....just wanted to know how 18 speed works....thanks for this..... well presented....
Jeff Barnard (8 hours ago)
What's the rpm range? When accelerating how often do you need to shift to keep the engine in the sweet spot, every second or two?
tootired76 (9 hours ago)
Makes sense... 9 speed split into 18 speeds. Might take me a week to master it. I drive on the Flatlands so I don't need all the Granny gears. The last few trucks I have driven are Freightshakers with 10 speeds. I never use 1st or 2nd gears even with a load. There is actually a word for not using the clutch while shifting? (Floating) I thought this is standard practice because no amount of clutching helps shift a non-synchronized tranny...
joshua abban (9 hours ago)
lmao the coments are hilarious
o01q2w3e (9 hours ago)
lol, can you see the road
Olmec Man (9 hours ago)
You drive yours like i do..its not many 18 speeds out here and i have one i drive very good transmission pulling big hills..500 Detroit 3.55 rear end..Good Explanation Great Video
Aaron Starko (10 hours ago)
I pull loads at 140,000 lbs ( super b’s). 18 speed is the only transmission to use and every gear on every shift. Even empty you can’t skip that many. You must be bobtailing to start out in 5th.
Maxumized (10 hours ago)
I rewound the video like you said and you disappeared and this pretty lady said you’d be right back
Riccardo Scavo (11 hours ago)
2.5K Thumbs down Green Party Activists, who think that their ''veggie burgers'' were delivered on tricycles. Morons! Some comments are very hilarious, what good SOH. God bless truckers everywhere, best wishes from the UK
stone tooth (11 hours ago)
Throw it in the big hole and gouge on it.
kerry4951 (11 hours ago)
Very interesting video, thanks for sharing, I always wondered how these rigs shifted so many gears
RangerVt 802 (12 hours ago)
Careful people now can understand automatic. Manuals are to hard to drive
LUCKIEONASIS (12 hours ago)
You start in 5th empty or loaded?
ZBOSS - RT (13 hours ago)
Michael Tegner (13 hours ago)
How about just doing what you promise in the headline and skip all the lecturing about other gearbox types?
Fusion Hornet (13 hours ago)
The fast and furious gearbox
TrollTheTroller Selby (13 hours ago)
I need one of thos nobs on my steering wheel
Daniel Mackney (13 hours ago)
Only thing you missed on talking about is the clutch brake to get it in gear when you can't get a roll on.
Aaron Meighoo (13 hours ago)
Me: He's gonna drive :D Him: "Gearbox...high, low...shift yadda. SO!" ME: _Now?_ :) Him: ... Me: :| Him: *deeper explanation Me: ....I've gotta comment about this :D *Proceeds to comment while video plays... Him: "SO! I'm gonna try to do thi-" Me: *pauses video to finish comment
Tim Schultz (13 hours ago)
Imagine the smell of the cabin when that man decides to fart 😂😂😂😂
Vadim Lugovets (14 hours ago)
Wow, this f#cking sound of its engine...like a melody))
Anthony Hawk (14 hours ago)
Now thats what I call a *mustache*
keep on truckin (14 hours ago)
I know they made a crazy 8 speed as well.
Rick Janssen (15 hours ago)
Thank God I have attention deficit syndrome, I was able to walk away from this a quarter of the way through from simple boredom
Brandon Keehn (15 hours ago)
Should make a 24 Spd Transmission
tcmtr6 (15 hours ago)
I have a question. How much wood could a Woodchuck chuck, if a Woodchuck could chuck wood?
SCREAMIN' LORD BYRON (16 hours ago)
Well explained thanks
myfakeaddy Mary Jane (17 hours ago)
This was award worthy!!!
Terri Eplen (17 hours ago)
How COOL!!
MrTrollgubben (17 hours ago)
to clutch or not to clutch
lickitysplit roberts (17 hours ago)
I've been driving a 12 speed standard. It might be a 13 speed cause I'm not sure if they count bull low as a gear. Anyways I still get nervous everytime I jump behind the driver seat. It's no joke. And u better hope u dont miss a gear pulling a load going up a hill because you will come to a dead stop.
1234LMAO12345 (18 hours ago)
At least no one can steal his truck
Hi have a nice day (5 hours ago)
Would be pretty hard not to hear it tho
Giw rgos (18 hours ago)
last gear enables the warp drive
andrecampana_ (18 hours ago)
It's far from counterintuitive, and I actually like it.
Cole James (19 hours ago)
My first ever transmission was a 13 over with a KT450 cumins and 373 gears. I spent half of the time starting over from a stop. Really had to feather pedal it. Then it was 9s and 10s for a long time. I got into a few twin stick Mack’s, oh boy. Had a fifteen speed once with deep reduction. That was cool. But my favorite of all time is the 18 speed. That tranny really pulls the mountains in West Virginia real good. Great video.
alla eddine (20 hours ago)
Good job man Flowing u from tunisia
Cyan (20 hours ago)
American truck drivers shifting 50 gears while normal car drivers in america are afraid to touch any gears at all.
L C (10 hours ago)
Cyan the average American driver probably hasn’t seen a gear stick before lol
StormFront (21 hours ago)
i'm Canadian and when you said that i yelled 'Merica!
Michael E Burns (22 hours ago)
should you be preselecting from low to hi range?
abhishek gourav (22 hours ago)
This is even more complicated than my life is
Gonzo Buddy (23 hours ago)
You only need all 18 years when hauling massive loads. The lighter the load you can skip gears. Clutches are only required when comming to a comllete stop, or starting moving from a dead stop. The trick to upshifting (4 to 5, 5 to 6) without using the clutch (floating the gears) is the 500 rpm rule. Listen to the engine speed as it helps a lot. Run the engine up to say 2000rpm, let off on the accelerator pedal as you pull the shifter out of gear then slide it into the next gear before the engine speed drops to 1500rpm. If you mess up and the engine is slower than the 1500rpm it won't want to shift, so just rev the engine up a little and it will go into the next gear. When downshifting (6 to 5, 5 to 4) follow the same 500rpm rule except you will need to let off on the accelerator as you pull the shifter out of gear then raise the engine rpm 500 and slide the shifter into the next gear. It sounds more difficult than it actually is. Once you shift gears for and hour or so, you will start to do the process naturally without thinking about it. And that is how you up/down shift a semi truck by floating the gears without touching the clutch.
Arconath Resonath (23 hours ago)
4.5 million views eh... congragulations, sir!
karnubawax (1 day ago)
Haul THAT Tesla!!!
Snake (1 day ago)
How many upgrades have you passed up to keep driving this badass truck lmao
Dildo Schwaggins (1 day ago)
I'll stick to driving a 10 speed truck. Seems like a bit much effort.
PINCHE MAYATA'S (1 day ago)
Alot of work for $12 an hour
joe alcott (4 hours ago)
HA! Far more, my son!
Tony Linh (1 day ago)
So, get an auto!
Bart Simpson (1 day ago)
Just saw this video and iv been wanting to go in to truck driving and got it in the first watch. Now i really want to work in that business. Thanks for the demonstration.
Sam Muñoz (1 day ago)
It was hard enough learning a standard 5 speed 😂. Mastered that but this is a different story 🤣
Jaime Ortiz (1 day ago)
That's how I drive a 18 speed 👍
Caligula (1 day ago)
Can you split the reverse gear?
James Sheehan (3 hours ago)
Yes, Some 18 speeds have 3 reverse gears...
Aaron Starko (10 hours ago)
Caligula yes
Vic Vera (1 day ago)
Thanks for explaining it and for taking the time to show how it done....
Christian Bucio (1 day ago)
Good video thx for the training 👏👌👍
TheIrongutz (1 day ago)
Best explanation out there, thanks
Roger Sanchez (1 day ago)
I litterally own the same truck and even I don’t know what all those gauges on his do plz make a video to explain you gauges mine only have the top and bottom row
Sammy NunyaBiznes (1 day ago)
I think I’m gonna stick to my 21 speed huffy
G.Ritchard Little (1 day ago)
That was good thanks.
Noseefood (1 day ago)
That dashboard needs more gages.
Fire Ant (1 day ago)
They made me drive an automatic Transmission, I quit!
Delaw2 xoxo (1 day ago)
Juan Rodriguez (1 day ago)
This video was really helpful thank I’m a new subscriber
Dranksta (1 day ago)
needs more switches and gauges...
Allan Murray (1 day ago)
the real question is how the hell do you see anything over that dash? looks like your eye line is about level with the dash lol might be the camera angle makeing it look odd
Richard Gere (1 day ago)
What about reversing, is it just one gear or it has 3 levels also?
DIGGIN4WORMS (1 day ago)
love the naked woman on the sweet looking steering wheel..
Shahin USP (1 day ago)
i like this guy 😄
Rivera (1 day ago)
I don’t know why but I wouldn’t want to see this guy pissed off
Tracy Kooken (1 day ago)
Scoot over boss, I got'er
Rod Smith (1 day ago)
thank you, very informative video