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Black Activists Add Black & Brown to Pride Rainbow Flag.

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Hi ~ source: http://www.cnn.com/2017/06/13/health/new-pride-flag-colors-trnd/index.html Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/mynameisjosephine Donate: www.paypal.me/mynameisjosephine Get to know me better: Twitter: @nameisjosephine Instagram: @jossymathias
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Text Comments (3489)
Snooby66 (12 hours ago)
Nice move. Take a symbol that represents EVERYONE (yes, that is it's original meaning) and add specific colours to it to, somehow, make it less racist? So, now you have a flag that "represents EVERYONE ... including black and brown people" So, you have now, alienated "black and brown" people, but also marked them as a separate group within humanity. Yeah, not racist at all. Fuckin' idiots.
Yuki Pyro (1 day ago)
So in other words she brought race into another group??? I am white and I know what it feels like to have someone judge you because of color.... I felt out of place when it happen to me. Watching video turns head doing something and then the voice change... o.O lol But not to be offensive but BLM needs to be in the same class as KKK you know considered a racist group.
Encourage Skateboarding (7 days ago)
Her face @ 0:53.... Perfect. My face a thousand times a day.
Terezi Pyrope (7 days ago)
Black and Brown do not go with the bright colors of the rainbow colors.
Roberto Luciano (8 days ago)
Black people are extremely homophobic. So who cares what they think....
James Eden (20 days ago)
does this remind any one else of the redesigned South Park flag? Also, Flag has a white edge spanning all colors which clearly represents whites dominance over all of the other colors.
the1tigglet (26 days ago)
Racism is racism. People who think racism doesn't exist in the people of color are racists. People who think that all of society comes from Africa are racists.
tultsi93 (28 days ago)
Amber Hudson is my hero. Now I can finally come out as blue! My parents think I'm green. ;-)
Tony Montresor (1 month ago)
I support the rights of LGBTQLMNOPDWXY#$!!(insert ancient chthulhu symbol here) people and you should too!
Anthony English (1 month ago)
Living in the city where this started, maybe you should actually listen to the reasons for the 2 new stripes before saying anything. Among other things, this was started after a number of gay bars in Philly were accused of, you guessed it, racism. The owner of one of the bars was caught on video making racist comments to his employees about black customers. And look at the Philly Equality March (if you can find any video because ours was the only major city that got no media coverage). The Pride organizers literally changed the date of 2017's Pride so they wouldn't have to share the day
Roberto Luciano (8 days ago)
Black people are some of the most homophobic people... they beg you to understand racism is wrong but don’t think homophobia is wrong. Who cares what they think....
BertasU (1 month ago)
i WILL be using the flag with the brown and black. we could argue about it, but it's just more simple to use this new one, that to discuss the usage and make excuses not to.
Edgar Fernando (1 month ago)
Great video. The original idea reflects any sexual orientation, not another differences. I am mature and married, where this new "inclusive" flag represents those conditions for me. Where are No binary, Asexual, polyamory, HIV people,asians? if we continue with this distorted idea we better create a totally diferent one
Peurii (1 month ago)
The flag should just be all black. That's all colours at once, right?
TRANZEURO (1 month ago)
I'm black and gay,and definitely all for diversity but I DON'T like the black and brown added to the rainbow flag. I've NEVER felt underrepresented by the rainbow flag.This new version is not aesthetically pleasing to look at,and just plain ugly.
ThE_BoI_WhO_M3M3d_w1Th0Ut_pr0TEct10ñ (1 month ago)
Did they just brand themselves as mentally challenged?
Nasir Djedi (1 month ago)
Are you Hatian
Conservative Hamster (2 months ago)
in the LGBT flag, brown represents feces (scatophilia), and black represents feces covered with digested blood.
Conservative Hamster (2 months ago)
so LGBTs are comparing blacks and hispanics to their sexual perversion? gees, if i were black or hispanic, i would be extremely offended.
Bruce Moldovan (2 months ago)
As I recall it was the (white) jeeeeezus-loving, african American churches who most vehemently opposed gay rights for the past few decades. Blacks have only held back gay rights. Remember obama came into office both terms opposing gay marriage?
élise webb (2 months ago)
oh shit well I'm Asian and I'm yellow so I guess there should be brown black and white on the flag smh
Spamael (2 months ago)
Where's teh stripe for straight people
2024 Calvin PICKREL (2 months ago)
they should make black/brown on the pride flag have a meaning, like black mean=love and brown= freedom,or add pink and white.but hey, that my idea
Cactus Potato (2 months ago)
Black and brown are sexualities
turner pike (2 months ago)
I've actually heard black people getting offended if you compare black rights to gay rights because race is something you can't hide so I avoid comparing them together. And yeah I do have a problem with black people being added to the flag because really race is not a sexual orientation so it can't really be apart of the LGBT. I know being transgender isn't a sexual orientation but really it use to just be LGB. I don't think race should apply to the LGBT because really it wasn't ever made illegal to be black yeah black people couldn't go into certain places but and there was slavery but no one was really going to jail just because of their race. In the US it could be illegal to be gay up until 2003 when the Supreme Court said all states had to make it legal. Your not really being oppressed like gay people were. Like really gay people get bullied in school just for being gay and some states we still have an issue with handling bullying just because someone is gay like really sometimes the bully can just get off free. Also no one is telling you that you should change your race because everyone understands that it's not possible but there are some people that think being gay is a choice and really some people will tell gays they need to change. Like really it's like I am gay myself and it is difficult to hear homophobia at school by people who really don't understand what it means or people who don't understand how it's like. And the thing about being able to hide your sexual orientation is heteronormativity it's not really a hard thing to deal with when being gay but it's kinda uncomfortable when people assume that just because I am a guy I am automatically attracted to girls. To me it's like you know gay people exist right so can you please stop doing that? Really just because your black doesn't mean you know anything about the LGBT community and it also doesn't mean you should be apart of it. I wouldn't say this is racist or homophobic but this is really not the right way to represent the LGBT community. Again another thing about heteronormativity making a bit more of a understand to why it's different from being black, no one assumes your white we can clearly see what your skin looks like unless if you bleach it or have pigment but your still black either way. I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment it's just blacks aren't apart of the LGBT and I am trying to explain best I can why.
Lady Boy (2 months ago)
Nice one Josephine! 🎯
Ying the Eevee (2 months ago)
You’re amazing. Thank u mother.
Gamer Beyond (2 months ago)
Interesting fact I'm a white kid who was raised in South Africa where being white is a disadvantage and if you are black you have better chances of getting jobs
Jarad C (2 months ago)
1 of the brightest young minds of our generation!!!
Shaylei Bellew (2 months ago)
Actually, the rainbow is stolen from Christians.Its in the Bible and the Bible has been around forever. Sooooo......
Roberto Luciano (8 days ago)
Christians can go fuck themselves... evil fuckers.
MathildaDee_Lillyluvsanime (2 months ago)
The flag is for the spectrum of sexuality and life, it has nothing to do with skin color or anything else. It's for everyone.
Katelyn Sinkovec (2 months ago)
"i need to give them a *strong* talking to"
Briane Alt (2 months ago)
Heres how i see it i am not racist but i am prejudiced towards stupid ignorant people this is not meant for the commentator either it's just a statement in general
MTBGamer (2 months ago)
Fuck gays
MTBGamer (2 months ago)
Why don't to just have every single one trillion something colours to the bullshit flag
Christine Tuttle (2 months ago)
Josephine you are all that. I was getting so aggravated with everything I was seeing on YouTube and then I started watching your videos, I've seen them before but it's the only thing I could stand to deal with right now cuz I can't sleep and you're the sanest person I can find anywhere! I love you; you're adorable and brilliant and brave and on and on keep up the great work young woman you give me hope for the future!
Borrow919 (2 months ago)
Where is white on the flag?
Alice Mowat (2 months ago)
ah yes, now all the people who sexuality identify as black can finally feel included
Michael Craig McGee (2 months ago)
This is what I would like to know, how is ones skin colour have anythig to with sexuality?
Kevin Staggs (2 months ago)
Josephine you are very astute. You have a wonderful sense of humor and of moral clarity. You exhibit intelligence in abundance without seeming the least bit condescending. Last but not least, you are quite attractive. Finally, I have two questions for you. 1) Do you have any white in you? 2) Would you like to? Probably a crass joke but oh well. Keep up the great work.
David Dutton (2 months ago)
1) The flag is a rainbow. Adding new colors does NOT make it a rainbow 2) If you're going to add a color for race, YOU SHOULD ADD ALL OF THEM (black, brown, white, etc etc).. and TBH adding the colors is silly 3) Why is it silly? the rainbow flag and what it stands for ALREADY INCLUDES EVERY RACE. It's really stupid and racist to add colors for 1 or some races but not others And just so people know I'm Native American. So I'm not just some white dude complaining.. so oh yea... where's the native american color? NAs aren't brown or black. We tend to be more of a golden or a bronze.. so .. hmm yeah.. I'd like that color added to please...the asian color? the middle east color?
David Dutton (2 months ago)
(im kidding above about wanting a NA color btw.. I said that to drive home a point)
Tori R (2 months ago)
The *whole point* is it doesn’t have black or white.
Crusnik Rage (2 months ago)
The rainbow flag is telling of their divisive mindset for the rainbow is a separation of pure light. Skin color has shit to do with it, just more virtue signalling bullshit.
Lik- (2 months ago)
Priceless video 👏👏👏
Zech Wilson (3 months ago)
Lgbtqabr+ plsndhbaiooangsinshsbsueb
Roberto Luciano (8 days ago)
Fuck off you cunt.
Atsui Loli (3 months ago)
In the color wheel, every skin colour is in red/orange areas...
hideouse blob (3 months ago)
I thought the brown strip was for gay incontinence
EStuder32 Anthony Wayne (3 months ago)
Where's the white
Angel The Potato (3 months ago)
Don't people understand that it's not easy being..........green
Mother Brain (3 months ago)
More idiots!
John Lacy (3 months ago)
Racism used to be such a powerfully ugly and hateful word. Now, that it's over-used to the point of losing its power, it brings connotations of victim wannabes who know nothing about suffering, or injustice. Victimhood is such a coveted status, which I don't understand why. Who wants to be a victim? Who wants to give their personal agency away? Being a victim means you are too weak, or stupid to employ your agency with enough effect to not become a victim. We are watching our country being seduced into communism before our very eyes. It's not as fascinating as I would have imagined, as it's just manipulating selfish entitled people who don't understand philosophy, history, or civics with emotional narrative and anti-western propaganda.
John Lacy (3 months ago)
Racism used to be such a powerfully ugly and hateful word. Now, that it's over-used to the point of losing its power, it brings connotations of victim wannabes who know nothing about suffering, or injustice. Victimhood is such a coveted status, which I don't understand why. Who wants to be a victim? Who wants to give their personal agency away? Being a victim means you are too weak, or stupid to employ your agency with enough effect to not become a victim. We are watching our country being seduced into communism before our very eyes. It's not as fascinating as I would have imagined, as it's just manipulating selfish entitled people who don't understand philosophy, history, or civics with emotional narrative and anti-western propaganda.
vince pie (3 months ago)
Black isnt a color it is a shade, and neither brown, nor black are found in rainbows.a and those colours and meaning are bullshit. He chose the rainbow as an affront to the church
Turquoise Dream (3 months ago)
I'm a lesbian and I don't like the concept of LGBT+. It's so unnecessary to group me with transgenders gays etc. We are all different sexualities.
MemeMations (3 months ago)
The old one wasn’t exclusive, the new one is.
unlucky13 (3 months ago)
This has 3million veiws on Facebook
Robin Söderqvist Tell (3 months ago)
Wtf Did they add black and Brown....wtf......THIS IS ABOUT SEXUALITY NOT RACE......IM PISSED AND OFFENDED....love you btw💓💓💓
AnotherDayGoesBy (3 months ago)
I rode in a boat and my face turned green I worked in the sun and my neck turned red I bumped a counter top and my arm turned purple I told my girlfriend the dress made her look fat and now my eye is black I didn't do a good enough job of apologizing to her so my balls are blue I went and sat in a hot tub to kill some time and I turned pink I tested a bottle of spray on tan and now my leg is orange and I intentionally contracted Jaundice to turn my skin yellow for the sake of this comment I love you all
Nelwardo (3 months ago)
Im a brown trans man and honestly this hurts my heart to see and hear. I respect your opinion as a black woman, and i know thats hard enough... But you're not gay or trans or queer. As a brown queer trans man, believe me when i say that the gay white / white queer community excludes us ALL. THE. TIME. You don't feel it. So i think its intersectionally hypocritical of you to say adding a brown and black stripe makes zero sense when you're not even queer. But thanks for making this video and thanks for allowing comments. A discussion is very much needed.
Francesca Torrisi (3 months ago)
Yessssss EXACTLY
Aiveen Curley (3 months ago)
Honestly I think they should put white on the flag not because of white people but white means peace .
Crazy 8s Drums (3 months ago)
Just so you know, Peru had been flying a rainbow colored flag for many years before Gilbert and the gay community claimed it as their own. This is known as 'cultural appropriation'.
Aemno (3 months ago)
Coming out to my parents as black for pride day, wish me luck. :'(
Michi (3 months ago)
Those colors represent values/meanings that correspond to each color. The rainbow flag was created by San Francisco artist and gay activist Gilbert Baker. Even though the original flag was modified more than once it was never about race or ethnicity whatsoever because it was and is supposed to encompass all that. Racism within the community EXISTED before that flag even was created. Adding brown and black to that flag WILL NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE because those colors are there because Baker assigned specific meaning to each of the colors. NOT ABOUT RACE AT ALL. You can use the flag with the brown and black colors. Go ahead nobody is stopping you but understand that that will not stop racism in the LGBT community. That's a problem that is external rather than internal.
ian stitson (3 months ago)
people of all races and religions have always been welcome under the rainbow flag,now people are waving their race and religion cards and changing everything or trying,they've already killed Portland pride for many including myself and if they change the rainbow flag i will no longer welcome it in my house,the flag has always been red,orange,yellow,green,blue and purple which is supposed to include all races and religion,this is dividing the gay community instead of uniting it
M’ aiq (3 months ago)
The thing is all the previous colours were on a rainbow, and I haven’t ever seen a black or brown rainbow, what are they going to do about actual real rainbows?
M’ aiq (3 months ago)
3:45 let’s hope they don’t come out with Arabic translations of that flag
New Rule Media (4 months ago)
Brown and black are not colors of the rainbow. And the pride flag represents sexual preference, not race!
Roberto Luciano (8 days ago)
“Sexual preference” it’s sexual orientation actually.
Dennis Anderson (4 months ago)
"Oh, God, I gave them an idea!" LOL! The absurdity is stupefying!
Hope The Artyist wolf (4 months ago)
Abdurahmaan Abdurazaaq Abdullah Sugule al-aswad (4 months ago)
I thought people named Josephine were scum of the earth until I came across this channel and my mindview was changed.
EricLehner (4 months ago)
Realistic Black people, such as Josephine, may be the only thing to save our society from leftist identity politics....
Christine Tuttle (2 months ago)
EricLehner Actually you have a great point. Since my recent political Awakening actually the people I found I trust the most have been three of the black voices Thomas Sowell Josephine and right now I can't think of the other guy's name but yhese three have been the most logical and balanced of the people I have listened to so far which has been in the hundreds of hours since I burst out of the liberal Echo chamber.
Dgey (4 months ago)
-Black people aren't inherently LGBT -The flag is about sexuality, not skin color -It just looks ugly in general.
yeptarcoyote (4 months ago)
Black flag color means "plague" as they are a virus that corrupt the way of nature intended. Brown is for "poop ” or "vomit" as people are to use the flag as toilet paper, and seeing gays making out on tv or in public makes others vomit on the spot. Go ahead, just try to prove me wrong.
Charles Shields (4 months ago)
The colors are funny because they don't have anything to do with race, diversity, being gay, or equality. It sounds more like a stoned hippie hanging out in the desert naked talking to rocks and lizards waiting to be picked up aliens and taken away to another planet.
Mai (4 months ago)
I thought the rainbow flag was supposed to have the color of the rainbow.
Justine Stylinson (4 months ago)
they had no right to go change it tbh . lgbt is not about race , and it included everyone until they changed it .
Demon Lord Kaiser (4 months ago)
This is funny AF. 😂
Dan B 0809 (4 months ago)
I mean, technically speaking, all the colours of the rainbow combined do make white.
Becca K (4 months ago)
Ily bc you're actually reasonable and you aren't racist against white people
Becca K (4 months ago)
Cotton Candy Tory (4 months ago)
Hey, you have to be inclusive! we all know that black is a valid sexuality! Well, its either that or my race is bisexual.
Joe Lamburn (4 months ago)
I’m coming out as black
jjobae (4 months ago)
thank you for this
Vivat_In_Aeternum (4 months ago)
I suggest we add light blue on the flag. After all, light-blue-gendered people could feel discriminated against...
Jc_1official (4 months ago)
Little Kitten Does Stuff (4 months ago)
This Is Stupid. Everyone Was Already Represented :P
Ram Flow (4 months ago)
We're not supposed to add black and brown on the rainbow flag, that's bad 👎
JimusuSan Cx (4 months ago)
Idi nahui
Underrated Critic (4 months ago)
Jay Jay (4 months ago)
Knew this day would come! Leftist morons are turning on lgbt people, did you hear about liberals supporting a mosque’s decision not to fly the rainbow flag due to “religious reasons” yep now lgbt aren’t safe from SJW nazis, Josephine, have you thought about to a video with other conservatives? You speak a lot of sense and I’d rather you worked with other people for safety reasons, stay safe and keep posting your excellent videos ps I’m half black half white conservative also and I think black lives matter is ruining everything peace out to you!
Chipp i guess (4 months ago)
I'm trans and Id hate to see the transgender flag with a black and brown stripe on it...Oh well I guess that makes me racist now huh
Michael Contreras (4 months ago)
There is no pride in living a sick lifestyle
the bookworm hotel (5 months ago)
Oh racism is now white people if you saw the it's ok to be white papers
Cripple Creek (5 months ago)
Ok The Rainbow Flag symbolizes everyone, There is no Race involving in the Flag, adding the Black and Brown is kinda messed up especially above the Red. Seriously, I’m a black bisexual male and I think this is fucked up
Lin Liar (5 months ago)
I am LGBT and I personally think we do not need to bring race into our already beautiful rainbow and INCLUSIVE flag.
Batman (5 months ago)
Whenever I lose faith in humanity I come back and watch one of her videos. Thank you for being intelligent on a platform full of idiots
unlucky13 (5 months ago)
Emma Cat (5 months ago)
I want to be blue. Blue is my favorite color. <3
Dillon Rush (5 months ago)
Thank you....
QueenGagax (6 months ago)
The rainbow itself already represents diversity. I don't really see the point in adding black and brown stripes, when queer POC are already represented in the flag.