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Warren Buffett: I'm not worried about America's future

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In an interview with CNN's Poppy Harlow, billionaire investor Warren Buffett explains how he thinks the economy is doing, why he thinks the wealthy should donate more, and if the Trump administration's tax plan is effective.
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James Pharris (15 days ago)
It's all good huh Warren.
Michael Coleman (21 days ago)
Consider your view sir , from now on
ataylor (24 days ago)
CNN is fake news toting water for the Democratic party for 50 years.
Case Smien (1 month ago)
a real blessing to the world. love this man
A one legged man (1 month ago)
i don't get his comments on skills. every skill that's valuable fits a market economy, especially sports skills.
david ouellette (1 month ago)
Benefited a lot from the taxpayers over the years have you seen the road in Detroit city lately.Yes you were right people need more cash in their pockets . The system has become unfair to the working class and i know you agree . But certainly when the systems rigged every witch way you turn how would you fix that . The savers and hard workers have not been rewarded over the last ten years with 0 percent interest rates . These are the people that should have been rewarded .Cheap money works well for people that are establish. you must get there first.DEBT is not wealth . You done well in a crooked monetary system . Just maybe the rich could become a little less greedy . And level the playing field a bit . BUT THAT'S NOT HOW CAPITALISM WORKS . And shell corporations set up in other countries to park moneys so no tax is paid. Getting a little older and smarter .just worried about my kids silly me to think that someone mite care.AT LEAST I'VE WOKE UP.
SRV. 123 (1 month ago)
The great inside trader. Destroyer of noble and profitable projects like Solar City. Fuck his "aw shucks" clown show.
Say Say's Kitchen (1 month ago)
crooked af, he mentioned that he has share holder in govt that has interest in lowering tax for rich. wow, i mean no one likes tax but jeeze at least hide the collusion from us
Ethan P. (1 month ago)
They post the interview under CNN business yet the majority of her questions were about politics. CNN is truly unbearable these days. A combination of fake news and a love for the Democrats
Uriel Orozco (1 month ago)
Goodmorning Mr. Buffett
Josie Zhou (1 month ago)
We need more people like WB in this world.
Brad Pitt (1 month ago)
Warren, here’s some advice. If you don’t have anything to say..then don’t say anything at all. Where is your opinion? There was not a single straight answer to any of the questions asked.
mel saint (1 month ago)
Coz he's rich and about to die anyway.
Bob Ingalls (1 month ago)
"they haven't tried it" meaning socialism and the part of the left embracing it. He's so right!
Vanities (1 month ago)
Tax cuts go to the rich? Lady, do you know why? The poor don't pay income tax. Stop lying.
Vanities (1 month ago)
This lady is really trying to run down Trump and the economy. Why can't CNN stop being hacks?
Cody Peck (2 months ago)
Poppy always tries way too hard to fit in with Buffett, tries to talk his talk, interrupts him to nod and agree with his points, and she just doesn't understand the man. It's disappointing watching watching most people interview Buffett (because they don't truly understand him), but she's one of the worst.
Jonathan Baptiste (2 months ago)
I am not an american but gosh you could clearly see this new channels agenda in trying to bash your president... and you are the so called land of the free?? Yet the scandals of methods to confuse and control your massas are scary. Not trying to diss america but it is kind of clear as day and yet they have you devided knowing they can do this now in the open where 20 years ago they would have been brought down to their knees if they did it in the open so regulary
DXT (2 months ago)
Limitless 1 (2 months ago)
What is wrrong with this reporter Is she on her perriod or something ... Have some respect for the man.
MATGO (2 months ago)
Trump that clown..will never him, Warren it too intelligent and will wrap his orange ass around his mfin finger!!! Plus he's too aroggant and cocky to think of calling him anyway, but he should, that dumb fuck might learn a thing or two from a humble intellectual gentleman like Warren!!!
fsedillo23 (2 months ago)
Why don’t you just say that you don’t like Donald Trump! I mean you’re basically taking jabs at Trump even though middle class workers like myself being an electrician are really appreciating all that Trump has done and has said he will do. This is exactly why the media doesn’t have the power it once had. It’s biased reporting.
Pathfinder767 (2 months ago)
CNN is a hell hole. Why would Warren Buffett subject himself to the far left propaganda network?
DANI DIN (2 months ago)
the interview goes like- you are rich say something bad about the economy under trump or bad mouth trump-then buffet says the economy is great short term long term. then again warning signs fear then buffet says everything is great and impoving. then cnn reporter is ......sad
Alberto Merchan (2 months ago)
Warren financed Obama Hillary. Along with the whole wall street. For free???? Think
Alberto Merchan (2 months ago)
The so called Oracle finance politicians for privileged info. For the rest of us the stocks market is a casino.
Orlando Padilla (2 months ago)
Reporter: "What keeps you up at night?" Buffet: "Nothing, I take Ambien." 😂
FinanzFerdinand (2 months ago)
If he gave me such a small % of his fortune, imagine how much more life I could have compared to this old fart.
Hafiz Fidel (2 months ago)
Heads up, This is not A Business Interview.
James Yuan (2 months ago)
Bitcoin? bad ending?
BreuckelensFinest (3 months ago)
Q? Why do some white people like to say, "well, there you go!"? It seems so condescending to me.
Raul Gonzalez (3 months ago)
“Well nothing I take ambien” 😂
Familia Sanchez HVAC (3 months ago)
I think Warren Buffett is a robot.
Finance Hardo (3 months ago)
This reporter isn’t biased at all.....
Dino Dave (3 months ago)
She’s trying so hard to make to make him Disagree with Trump.
alcedo gracie (3 months ago)
hes an insider investor .
J. Montrice (3 months ago)
Love u Warren Buffet, but America is on its last few days of Life Support.
jlstw (3 months ago)
Of course he's not worried, not long before he'll be gone
Even Skies (3 months ago)
Wait is this pewdiepie?
chris clemmey (3 months ago)
time to panic?
James Lovering (3 months ago)
Elephant in the room is wealth inequality, there needs to be some mechanism to redistribute fairly. The financialization of the economy is a failure for 99%. Wage growth has stagnated for 30 years. The economy is a house of cards built on credit like never before... Warren Buffet can't say this !! It will have a crisis and hopefully come out better and stronger but we will see some chaos due to the unleveraging of this massive credit bubble.
Josh Allwine (3 months ago)
This person interviewing Warren clearly has a political agenda. Every single question seemed to have an angle. Watch Becky Quick or Carol Loomis' interviews with Buffett and leave CNN/Bloomberg/etc at the door.
Vincent Kim (3 months ago)
She is trying so hard to get him to say something supporting her view. This is not a good interview.
Victoria (3 months ago)
He doesn't worry about a recession because when it happes he won't be homeless, jobless and on the street.
Bill Gale (3 months ago)
I like Warren Buffett a lot but I guess I wouldn’t be worried either if I had 80 or 90 BILLION dollars ...... unfortunately I don’t and I am worried even though my wife (of 59 years) and I are probably doing better than 90% of Americans.
Yoo-You! (3 months ago)
WTF PewDiePew aka "Poppy Harlow" is interviewing Warren Buffet. And here I tough that Poppy Harlow was just a character but it turns out the character is real.
sent4dc (3 months ago)
Love Warren, but he is wrong about Bitcoin!
R R (3 months ago)
There's a lot of truth in the deplorable comment! They are deplorable and call it as it is!
the engineers (3 months ago)
Love this Dinosaur show.
Donnoha (3 months ago)
CNN's entire premise is how will Democrats regain power.
WARPAINT GAMER (3 months ago)
ASK him about Owning 10 Joseph Charles Colin View Modern Art $1 Per minute / or SECOND PAINTINGS ??
DENIS BY (3 months ago)
when there will be a correction on nasdaq? -15%? -20%? -30%?
Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan haji Ali (3 months ago)
I would rather say USA must not interfere the internal affairs of other countries.
Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan haji Ali (3 months ago)
long time ago in the late eighties they asked an Egyptian religious scholar whether the USA will collapse or disintegrate economically and on governance and he said as long as they doing three their future is not in real catastrophic economically: 1. Giving foreign and humanitarian aid. 2. Their immigration is booming with a lot of new ingenious brains from all over the world. 3. They are encouraging educational researches and freedom of worship for every citizen.
Brother Jake's Konservative Evolution (3 months ago)
This guy started his investment company in 1955 with just $140,0000. I'd say he got a pretty good return.
zeranzeran (3 months ago)
wtf Poppy Harlow is a real person? Felix..
JH (3 months ago)
Excellent interview
gnc (3 months ago)
Poppy Harlow?? Usually she sticks to covering YouTube drama
Naresh Nayak (3 months ago)
WB outright says the members of families who inherit generational wealth should give money away. Aka inheritance tax. WB would purchase businesses from families who were looking to sell so that the inheritance tax could be paid. America has billionaires and corporations which are liquid to buy entire businesses from families for a fraction of the price of the business while family businesses no longer exist. WB doesn't have integrity here because he has provided for his immediate family and he also supports inheritance taxes so that his company can enhance its wealth using this tax loophole.
vietimports (3 months ago)
well, if america goes down in flames, he will either die of old age or be living on a private island somewhere with his billions
Sultan Trader (3 months ago)
why not keep their money? its so easy to tell them yes give away your moiney ... then why dont you do that with your own? i hate this thing now that if you make money you are obligated to give away .... this becomes something you HAVE todo not a nice thing youy WANT to do ... everyone should choose to do with their money what they want and you CANNOT judge them for that
Серж Шуляченко (3 months ago)
I am informing about the price collusion in the world market of coal transportation. This price collusion is called the Rotterdam formula +, I ask the antitrust authorities to start an investigation. All companies that participate in this form arranged a price collusion on the world market of coal transportation. Only the market regulates the price, demand and offers, tenders. Anti-piracy, anti-monopoly organs should begin testing.
Laigin Pou (3 months ago)
Why does this interview have to be so political :/
Tacitus (3 months ago)
We have to stop the mass immigration. We have to stop the ridiculous debt. We have to reform the social programs. We have to stop fighting pointless wars around the world. We have to educate the youth that socialism is an economic failure. Teach people to respect the flag. Do all of that and we can all be optimistic about the future.
Mike Kang (3 months ago)
Leftist reporter blows opportunity to gain real insight.
CJTxic (3 months ago)
12:30 USA, Politics are the most ill ppl in this World. Nobody need War! But the USA is Perfect in Manipulation and tell the stupid sheep Americans that the outher is the Enemy. Like in Investment and Money, Do your Own Research and dont belive CNN or any of this Money Makers.
Jake Smith (3 months ago)
Oh, he did this interview to defend Obama's bad economy.
Steven Nix (3 months ago)
How can u blame one person for an economy crash that was in the making before he took office?
YouTube YouTube (3 months ago)
*My hommie Warren is 88 with 88 billion dollars* That's gangster
PokeVlogger (3 months ago)
"There was nothing here in 1776" Except for the homes, bands and families of first nations.
LoL ReplayBaby (1 month ago)
He means civilization. They didnt even have a written language. So nope nothing sorry.
Tony Steel (3 months ago)
That final line though! LOL...!!!
Samson Boyy (3 months ago)
He's not worried about Americas future because the fuckers ready to croke any moment now.
ken vischi (3 months ago)
I could listen to this man for hours
MAURIICE KIING (3 months ago)
He can’t remember how many PUSAs have phoned him? 3 or 4? Lol
devilrider9991 (3 months ago)
Capitalism inherently pushes people to poverty.
Daniel Solomon (3 months ago)
of course he aint worried about americas future 85 billion and lucky if he lives to be 100 he will dead trust me
First Last (3 months ago)
Her vocal fry is infuriating
thomas yang (3 months ago)
super wise! and also good questions!
stephen geraci (3 months ago)
Damn, Warren Buffett is such a class act!!
Bria Bridges (3 months ago)
These “geniuses” always end up sounding like idiots..
Stefan Alexander (3 months ago)
Give back? What did he take?
Casino Ny (11 days ago)
and keep thinking his [Buffett ]family (bloodline) wont be rich years after his death!!! You need to wake up
Casino Ny (11 days ago)
+Cole Hogan because he just invented his own crypto that goes with his new blockchain messenger. NICE TRY GUY!!! I GOT THE ANSWER TO UR QUESTION!!! BOOM!!!
Cole Hogan (12 days ago)
Casino Ny If what you’re saying is true, why would Mark Cuban revise his position. Second, Warren Buffett’s giving away all of his billions to charity, so he will not be staying in the extreme wealthy. Third, Warren Buffett has written extensively on trying to help lower and middle income families. Why with this one investment did he decide, hmmmm I want to screw the poor over!
Casino Ny (12 days ago)
+Cole Hogan what happens is that the extreme wealthy stay in while what would be the new future millionaires get scared and back down. It keeps wealth on the same side that its always been on. if everything with crypto goes as planned, a huge generation of black, poor whites, and poor people in generation turning the scales big time and becoming new faces of wealth. folks keep missing the point. when crypto explodes you will see all these billionaires who played it quiet have really invested behind our backs. Marc Cuban said crypto was stupid but then changed his words and now advice everyone to invest in bitcoin.
Cole Hogan (12 days ago)
Casino Ny I’m very positive that he is not invested considering Warren Buffett coming out against Bitcoin hurts the price.
Dhiraj Soni (3 months ago)
Money can always get you chicks in the bar at 86! ;)
Kris B (3 months ago)
It's sad someone can get this wealthy by not creating anything.
Derrick Ng (3 months ago)
Hey cunt, no one wants socialism… Venezuela=socialism Scandinavia=Democratic socialism What the fuck is wrong with you?
chieftp (3 months ago)
someone who might die next week and has a net worth of nearly a hundred billion isn't worried about the future of a decayed, has been country and all the companies they've wrecked? what a shock.
Theo Dehopere (3 months ago)
I love how warren understands that just being born in America is like winning a lottery and the only lottery you should be winning “you were lucky, i was lucky, most over friends were lucky, some people aren’t”
Lee Murray (3 months ago)
He may as well have stayed home and celebrated his birthday and anniversary. All he did was dodge every single question. If you're going to show up, give an actual answer!
Yea Yea (3 months ago)
Buffett supports Killary Cunton?? Wowww well that makes me think differently about Warren. Hmmm 🤔
John Possum (3 months ago)
My 8th grade social study teacher said that if you want to avoid corruption never put the same person in office twice.
Yea Yea (3 months ago)
John Possum did he marry the devil??
John Possum (3 months ago)
You can blame that on his late wife. They talked about it in another YT video.
Shashank Shukla (3 months ago)
Pew die pie says hello
Wealthbuilderz TV (3 months ago)
He gets paid 3.3 million for a meeting? Sheesh
Karthik V (3 months ago)
*WB will touch 100*
Baz Y (3 months ago)
Hmmm this isn’t poppy Harlow?
AdventureSportFlashlights (3 months ago)
YES!!!! I am a huge proponent of the earned income tax credit. I about jumped out of my chair when he said that. Its the absolute best government assistance program we have. Number one it rewards people who are WORKING! Number two it targets people with young children. Awesome!
fsedillo23 (2 months ago)
Basically what I’m saying is if you were to take care of your adult child and pay all his/her bills and than give them 10,000$ at the end of the year what would make them get that drive to better their lives and go make it on their own. I’m not trying to malicious or non sympathetic to lower wages earners I just think you shouldn’t rely on money you didn’t earn
fsedillo23 (2 months ago)
I disagree. I see your point but I do believe you should not be entitled to anymore tax dollars than you put in. I see these people with part time jobs not wanting to better themselves because they’re waiting for their 10,000$ income tax at the end of the year cause they have kids they can’t afford. I work 60 hours a week on average and I have to pay back every year for trying to give my kids a better life.
LiteCoin Moses (3 months ago)
There should be NO TAX on labor..... the government does not reward you for being an employee.... it rewards you for being a business owner.
AdventureSportFlashlights (3 months ago)
Ishaq, Good question. The earned income credit actually gives them more money back than what they paid in. Essentially if they paid in 1,450 dollars in taxes that year they will get that back plus additional money ( around $2-3000 If I recall correctly). Raising the entry level tax is also a good help for low income families but in the case of the lowest it would not have the same impact.
Ishaq Vally (3 months ago)
It makes no sense. Why not just raise the entry level income when taxes begin to be levied instead?
Clarence White (3 months ago)
Peter Mizla (3 months ago)
what this man is saying is very similar to what the 'big thinking heads' said in 1929- first he is old- he should look back at history- he fails to see the problems 'this type of capitalism' has created: vast income and wealth inequality, social unrest and injustice- and never once does he mention a climate system that is beginning to careen out of control . Thomas W. Lamont told president Hoover in mid October 1929 (he was a leading investor and banker) that the stock market was sound- it was not. The shaky underpinnings of the economy in 1929 are just as apparent today. Saying the 'rich' should donate more is also silly- guess what Mr. Buffett - they will not until they are forced to. Out of touch man- in a rapidly changing world. C02 levels have not been this high in 10 million years0 sea levels along the northeast coast are rising RAPIDLY- in Connecticut another 20" by mid century- after 2050 4-5" per decade- Buffett fails to look at society as it is today, but prefers to look to an idealized past. Guess what those ideals and hopes from the 20th century are gone, and will be blasted away forever in the coming centuries and climate change becomes worse. He never mentions the rampant racism in this country- again he fails to see the realities facing us- nor the vast gap between the rich and poor. Sweeping all of this under a table is fine- but the future looks increasingly bleak for this country and unless we begin to rectify the wealth and income gaps, health care inequity, racism, and of course climate change which is the biggest issue if all time. The 20th century is over- Buffett cannot seem to grasp the really perilous road we are on in any way. The events. of the 20th century will dwarf what is ahead this century. 'Free Market Fundamentalism' reigned in the 1920s- unregulated. The outcome should be clear for Buffet to see.- he does not. Some good books to read by those 'poor uneducated' socialists include -'The Collapse of Western Civilization': A View from the Future' by Naomi Oreskes and Eric Conway. Also 'This Changes Everything, The Climate VS Capitalism' By Naomi Klein- frankly I thought Buffett was more astute then this dribble.+ +
GRE (3 months ago)
people have the rights to do what they want with their money
Kommi Maniteja (3 months ago)
Intelligent investor.
John Possum (3 months ago)
Yeah, its so smart to use an Apparel's Co name as your own.
Ivaylo Iontchev (3 months ago)
If I had so much money, I wouldn't be worried either.
Mark AD (3 months ago)
There’s no future. What’s there to worry?
George Maximus (3 months ago)
In the next 250 years America will be a great nation. Just look at the history of America. It has been great and will always be great. Recession are just small corrections to a stronger economy. No worries keep buying stocks.
12InchesUnBuffed (1 month ago)
Agreed, america has only been around for a couple centuries. Compared to other nations with a millenia of histories behind them. Now America is at the top.
mel saint (1 month ago)
There is no another 250 years. We are in the end of times
jonathan johnson (3 months ago)
George Maximus Long term mental.
benedit71 (3 months ago)
I understand what he is trying to say but if we go the way of socialism it will be a different story.