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Listen up truth about Ups peak season

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#Maynardsview #MaynardsSquad #Stopscreamingmaynard Check it out speaking truth on ups peak season every year will be different some hubs busier then others but hear are some good tips for you.
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Maynard's View (1 year ago)
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Jesus Salvador (1 day ago)
Peak has given me ptsd
Johnny Le (2 months ago)
I got very tire just by listening. I can't finish the video because you scream too loud to prove your point. Lol
Mary Beth Jordan (2 months ago)
No lunches for you!
skidknees (3 months ago)
You're acting like you dont make a shit ton of money during peak. How much coke it this guy rail before this video 😂
skidknees (3 months ago)
You work for a really shitty hub dude. Not all are like that. And the craziness is real for sure lol
ENTREPRENEURISM (3 months ago)
ay bro i love you dearly youre such a yeller you should be a sup lol.....ANYWAYSSSS on the other hand AINT NO MEXICAN COMPLAINING MEXICANS DO THESE JOBS AT EASEEEEEEEEEE I ONLY SEE AMERICANS COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS SHIT.....thats all i gotta say lol
Joseph Nash (4 months ago)
However, I still have back problems from my years at UPS.
Joseph Nash (4 months ago)
After all that work at UPS for ten years, I worked at three major corporations, got my degree, did a project for the US State Department, went to grad school. Passed a NYC civil service exam. Now I am a NYC civil servant, in a union, and work for Legal Affairs. I rolled my 401K over from company to company, and into the NYC government 401K. You can do these things to, I was just like you. All the best, Maynard.
Joseph Nash (4 months ago)
I've done all that Maynard. Best!
Loki Spirit (4 months ago)
Ctfu this is hilarious. I work at ups and my guy you are spot on 😂💯
Elputojefe (5 months ago)
100% agree log your hours, take pictures of timesheets, etc. Been a helper 6 times, never drove with a supervisor but every single year I have had problems with at least one paycheck. Missed weekly bonuses, incorrect hours, etc. They either have inept people who always make mistakes doing the payroll, or they really just try to make it hard for you to get the money you are due.
J Fed (6 months ago)
Everything this man said is true. Ups is modern day slavery
Trent Crull (7 months ago)
Kevin Deeb (7 months ago)
Then UPS let's you go Xmas Eve!!!
Zach (9 months ago)
You are "protected" under the Union 😂😂😂 Union dosent do shit
Stewart Reese IV (9 months ago)
How will ups keep you after seasonal positions
Russell Lindsey (9 months ago)
I work for UPS for six years and im thinking about going back. I was an unloader it my job was easy and i do enjoy working at UPS minus the bullshit.
Israel Martinez (10 months ago)
Ima quit after peak season they cutting to many hours. Fuck that
ONYX ARLAN (11 months ago)
This is going to be my first ever peak season at UPS I'm trying to be a package car drivers assistant I hope half the horror stories I've heard about peek aren't true 😭😭😭
Tony Gasperson (1 year ago)
We dont get any damn breaks here in NC. How do they get away with that shit.
ChesterWolf The Griffin (1 year ago)
As a part-time worker you are not legally required to have a break that goes for any company in the United States and Europe
Kugel Murmel (1 year ago)
Dude, why are you screaming that much?
onterious huitt (1 year ago)
What do you wear for an interview like package delivery driver
Jacob Witzen (1 year ago)
Great videos man
Jacob Witzen (1 year ago)
Don't worry, I've got notifications on.
Maynard's View (1 year ago)
Thanks Jacob please sub to my channel if you haven't already
Maynard's View (1 year ago)
Follow me on a new channel through Igtv https://www.instagram.com/maynardsview/channel/
The Drive Inside (1 year ago)
I was doing 280-300 stops last peaks... and I paid for my helpers meals!!! I do everything show appreciation for my helpers!!!
ian dms (9 months ago)
that is nuts, just became a helper this past week, had 230-240 the one day and thought that was a ton.
So Savage (9 months ago)
The Drive Inside I had a driver do that for me before. It was really cool and unexpected I really hustle ever time I'm with a driver because I know they have deadlines And the driver showed me he appreciated how quick I was
Linda German Shepherd (10 months ago)
omg that is to much
Volcano 301 (1 year ago)
There’s no way they should be giving you just 15 minute breaks if you work 9 hours. At FedEx we got 40 minute breaks for 7 hour shifts.
Zach (9 months ago)
We get a 30 minute lunch
Brett (1 year ago)
What do you mean by working with a supervisor or manager while being a helper?
Megan Kay Clark (9 months ago)
They run out of drivers so have to take a part timer to handle packages. The manager just drives.
Richard (1 year ago)
Stop screaming breh
Powerlifting Premed Crafter (1 year ago)
I LOVE your energy!!!
honeytos28 (1 year ago)
Blue Jay C.O.B. (1 year ago)
I love the chaos of peak season! I literally thrive on it and all the madness that comes with it! -package handler - preloader - Chula Vista🤘
Maynard's View (1 year ago)
I did not I was a journeyman union ironworker local 229
Blue Jay C.O.B. (1 year ago)
Maynard's View That's awesome and it's such a small world! Did you work at UPS while in San Diego?
Maynard's View (1 year ago)
Hey im from san diego my wife is from chula vista
Derrick Clark (1 year ago)
Why are you yelling
el dude (3 days ago)
I start next Monday at 10pm as a package handler. I'm fucking ready!!
moneymike77p (10 months ago)
Im def not looking forward to loading and getting help loading by basically untrained people off the street. That dont understand how to pushdown how to load etc. O well money money money. Also got the same sweater and hat.
moneymike77p (10 months ago)
Because its ups anything u say to anyone inside the hub is usually at a yelling tone
Maynard's View (1 year ago)
haha i bet thanks for commenting please subscribe and check out my ups playlist
Blue Jay C.O.B. (1 year ago)
Maynard's View bro UPS has me yelling all the time outside of work. Facilities are a bit loud do you gotta talk louder if you want anyone to hear you😂
Jason Casey (1 year ago)
Yeah need more information for driver helper so I don't get f****d
Maynard's View (1 year ago)
click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDezxziYZ_Y&t=4s
Maynard's View (1 year ago)
I made a video for that under driver helper tips
Jason Casey (1 year ago)
This was a great video man PSA
Maynard's View (1 year ago)
Jason Casey thank you please sub
Jason Casey (1 year ago)
This will be my second day driver helper I need to know more info of THE "KNOW"
Danny G boxing (1 year ago)
Whats the background song
Baby Bunch (1 year ago)
Ups peak season has 1 word....DEATH
Gerald Davenport (1 year ago)
I love hem dude im going on my first interview with ups tomorrow and I can't wait thanks to all of his tutorials he really put you up on game so if you are planning on working with UPS you guys still listen and learn. Watch a master work
Antonio Ro (1 year ago)
Every employee around the 3rd or 4th week of Peak Season..... https://youtu.be/pInkduXOQac
DuckTalesWooHoo1987 (1 year ago)
Dude I've been a UPSer for almost 17 years now and if you think the hub is bad during peak go get behind the wheel of a package car. You'll be begging to go back to the hub for the rest of your life. It's THAT bad.
DuckTalesWooHoo1987 (1 year ago)
Yeah I'm gonna be close to $2,000 a week for the next few weeks. However, they will tax the absolute crap out of it . I mean like suuuuuuper bad!
Scott D (1 year ago)
DuckTalesWooHoo1987 that’s a pay day for surr
DuckTalesWooHoo1987 (1 year ago)
Yeah you will be in for some late nights at UPS. Today was day one of peak and I had 187 stops and went 145 miles or so! I got over 12 hours and when I got back to the building there was still tons of drivers out. They said today was the worst first day of peak of all time. It's gonna be a catastrophe this year.
Scott D (1 year ago)
DuckTalesWooHoo1987 Wow. Still great pay for cover. Way bid driving is a whole other can of worms. I’m at FedEx Ground and I still get home at a decent time. The wife can barely stand being with the kids so long so for family reasons that’s why I’m where I’m at plus I need the consistent pay right now.
DuckTalesWooHoo1987 (1 year ago)
Well actually I'm way below the topout rate. I'm a cover driver which means that I only make cover rate which is $30.35. Topout is a little over $34 an hour right now. It's definitely true though that if you want to be there for your kids that driving can make that an enormous challenge. I'm actually an ordained baptist preacher and have to be at church on Wednesday nights and so I will only drive 4 days a week and take Wednesdays off and even still I can easily make over $60,000 a year doing that. If I wanted to go full time and topout then I could easily make over six figures and I know a bunch of guys that do. Actually feeder drivers make the most of any UPSer on the road. Their schedules are insane though.
Nick B (1 year ago)
You are right about logging your hours you will get burned if you don't keep track of them... but you're wrong about overtime if you work 5 hours preload and go help the first three hours of your helping time will be straight pay once you hit your eighth hour you will be on overtime helper pay
Maynard's View (1 year ago)
Don't forget to sub to my other channel i need to get 50 subs before i make more ups videos Click this link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-9oiVhEC_RZ42tWFCmVTXw?view_as=subscriber
Maynard's View (1 year ago)
yes correct im sorry i didnt explain it clearer
PROPAINZERO (1 year ago)
just got back from my first day im confused on how to log my hours lol
PROPAINZERO (1 year ago)
Hey i just got a tour at ups I'm a physically young fit dude 11 dollars a hour and I'm still in school any tips ?
Tony Gasperson (1 year ago)
Get another job. Dont work at planation UPS.
Aten Akehnaton (1 year ago)
Only during peak though. The month and a few weeks of peek we get a lot more hours and over time, but once January hits they try to crush the hours WAY down, and it's ridiculous. New hires get laid off and old timers get the crunch. Peak is the easiest time for insiders, hardest for drivers. It's right after peak it's the hardest for insiders, so much work, so few hours, to make up for peak.
PROPAINZERO (1 year ago)
Aten Akehnaton I'm just gonna stick with school for the time being ig
PROPAINZERO (1 year ago)
Aten Akehnaton then I might leave then don't get me wrong I can do the job no problem but my last pay was shit and I'm like I bust my ass for this it's not really even the pay it's wat I went through to get it
Aten Akehnaton (1 year ago)
Well when you break it down, at least where I live, the average loader is getting about 3 1/2 hours a day at 10 to 11 bucks an hour, so that's 35 to maybe 40 bucks a day. That gets taxed you're at 20 to 30 bucks a day roughly. Then at the end of the week you're going to pay roughly 5 to 10 bucks in union dues. So you're looking at 90 to 145 a week. I've seen their (new hires) checks and many of them make 60 to 110 bucks after taxes because of a lack of hours. With so much strain on your body and so few hours a minimum wage job at 8 bucks is better to have as you can make up the small difference in pay with less than an hour a day. With that, if you can get a decent amount of hours it MIGHT be worth it. Also after 1 year you get full health benefits and after 2 years full benefits for your family. Like I typed before IF you're staying for the long haul, yeah it's not bad, but if it's just a short stop get the fuck out, it's not worth it at all.
Anna Rice (1 year ago)
I'm starting today@ 4 working the twilight shift..thanks for your videos..I've really enjoyed them and the info u shared💥
ItsTheWeeknd (1 year ago)
Anna Rice did u quit?
UndergroundTechnique (1 year ago)
UPS will destroy you.. Run away!!!
Maynard's View (1 year ago)
Anna Rice thank you let me know if you need a special video made and I will give you a shout out and if you haven't please subscribe and share in your hub!!!
ChrislilBlu (1 year ago)
Start Oct. 31st wondering if I will be eligible for OT after 5 hrs, as you mentioned, or do I have to be past probation to get the OT pay rate? Thanks
xefeckt Gaming (1 year ago)
I'm starting Monday... any tips
Zach (9 months ago)
The guy above me hit the nail on the head. Run as far as you can and dont look back. Peak season is not the time to start at UPS
Dear Vrenezi (1 year ago)
xefeckt Gaming leave. Run for the f*cking hills. Run while you can.
Maynard's View (1 year ago)
xefeckt Gaming yes check out my other videos I explain everything thanks for watching and please sub
Viktor Jamison (1 year ago)
Hey Maynard. It's good to see you're back on YT. I do miss all your old videos from over a year ago including the extraordinary friends edition. Anyway, the 17th of this month will be my one year anniversary at UPS. By the way, do you know if during peak season, instead of doing driver helper, will they allow a person like myself who works Preload shift to work both the Preload shift as well as Twilight for the extra hours?
Maynard's View (1 year ago)
Yes you could totally stay in the hub and work which I would prefer so that you are making all that overtime, sry bout my old videos I lost them all I thought I saved them but I was wrong:( I have to start all over
honeytos28 (1 year ago)
honeytos28 (1 year ago)
Maynard's View (1 year ago)
honeytos28 thanks man
honeytos28 (1 year ago)
Maynard's View (1 year ago)
have you shared my channel at your hub?