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Who am I comparison

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Pick your favourite West End Jean Valjean from the following... 1. Colm Wilkinson 2. J. Mark Mcvey 3. Phil Cavill 4. Drew Sarich 5. Jeff Leyton 6. Simon Bowman 7. Jonathan Williams 8. Killian Donnelly 9. David Shannon 10.John Owen-Jones 11.Alfie Boe 12.Ramin Karimloo
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Elisabeth Andersson (2 months ago)
It is only Alfie Boe who can sing without shouting! He is absolutely outstanding and he is at another level than anyone else.
Elisabeth Andersson (4 months ago)
Mr Alfie Boe. No one can compare with him.
rudessdfdf (8 months ago)
well is not fair to judge a professional recording , gains something recorded with a toaster... but no doubt Alfie Boe is the best and its almost impossible to upgrade that.
Ander S (1 year ago)
John owen Jones all the way!
Taiyewo Adebisi (1 year ago)
The last one, the Hungarian dude, finished me off! LMAO!!! I'll never get sick of watching/listening to this!
Joycelyn Lopez (1 year ago)
Definitely John Owen Jones!
Swag Daddy (1 year ago)
Ramin Karimloo is by far the best.
Jaquees L (1 year ago)
Ramins note at the end oml
何其乐 (1 year ago)
I actually love Killian's version
Rebecca Mackey (1 year ago)
Colm Wilkinson, and Alfie Boe by far are the best
Tuba sings Tenor (2 years ago)
Bowman chickened out with that falsetto.
julie Harris (1 year ago)
Good enough to play Jean Valjean
Aurellia Sanada (2 years ago)
Ramin, JOJ, Colm and Boe. but the most perfect is Ramin
Cassidy Van Bavel (2 years ago)
My favourite English Valjeans are 1. Colm Wilkinson 2. Ramin Karimloo 3. Alfie Boe 4. Hugh Jackman (even though he absolutely ruined Bring Him Home, the rest of his singing and acting was great imo). Also, I LOVE Vikidál Gyula. The screech was apparently fan service because he was a famous metal singer. Also, his vocal chords must be made of titanium because he was able to scream like that and then deliver a not-half-bad and very moving performance (with amazing falsetto notes) of Bring Him Home in the same day. He's 68 now, and still has a great voice, which is impressive, especially considering the screeching he did. But yes, this here is funny and painful. Regardless, rant closed. Peace!
Ellie Milnes (2 years ago)
John Owen Jones, Alfie Boe, Colm Wilkinson, Simon Bowman...... Basically the Valjean quartet
Bubbles 105539 (13 days ago)
No Ramin?
Conner Williams (2 years ago)
I don't get why people love Alfie so much, Ramin and Colm are just so much better in my opinion.
Clay Douglas (10 months ago)
He’s got the best control and the most power for that B4. Definitely see why people think it sounds a little too robotic, though.
Cooper Hoffman (2 years ago)
Colm, Jonathan Williams, John, David, Alfie, Ramin (also Kyle-Jean Baptiste)
John Doe (2 years ago)
Was that scream at the end a Hungarian thing? Do Hungarians know that Gyula sucked, or is that the kind of thing they enjoy?
Oscar&Peder (2 years ago)
am i at the only one who liked drew sarich?
Marie V (2 years ago)
In my opinion I feel the emotion and believe these three more Alfie Boe, John Owen-Jones, and Ramin Karimloo.
Tungnan TUNG (2 years ago)
Colm, Jeff, and Alfie
辣味鮮蝦墨魚麵 (3 years ago)
colm is the best~
Jcsmex (3 years ago)
Colm, John and Alfie
Tanner Hake (3 years ago)
Ramon karimloo Alfie boe Colm Wilkinson In that order
Daniel Bradley (3 years ago)
ramim Karimloo, Alfie boe, and colm Wilkinson
point2600 (3 years ago)
that Phil Cavill is something but Mr Boe wins
Joel Caspari (3 years ago)
Ramin and alfie
codduckypond (3 years ago)
Alfie Boe is the only one that sounds good/sounds like a man when singing the high note at the end. Everyone else just sounds really light and not deep manly high note. Sounds like it's a struggle/hurts for everyone else besides the operaticly trained singer
Tina Rizzo (3 years ago)
Was the last guy a joke?  Alfie Boe, a rare talent.  No one can compare.
Andres Martin Barragan Neira (3 years ago)
Alfie has an incredible voice but I think he sounds too classical for the role. Colm is my favourite, followed by Ramin and John
dragostea1511 (3 years ago)
Colm's voice irritates me for some reason. Alfie Boe all the way!
Emma Downes (3 years ago)
I'm going with about 95% of these comments by agreeing I'm IN LOVE with Ramin, Alfie and Colm. But I have a soft spot for David Shannon. It might be because he's Irish or because I've worked with him in August last year and he is one of the most sweetest guys you could meet
Michael Yates (3 years ago)
I've gotten to see Ramin on Broadway in this role, and as big a fan of him as I am, Alfie Boe has the best voice of this group, quite possibly on the planet in my opinion. Can't wait to see him take the role on Broadway later this year. That said, Alfie Boe and Colm Wilkinson are my favorites, with honorable mention to Ramin Karimloo and of course the great John Owen-Jones
socrlax (3 years ago)
None of them can even compare with Alfie Boe. He's literally the pinnacle that everyone else is trying to reach.
Jaquees L (1 year ago)
socrlax Ramin?
Shelby Estes (3 years ago)
the 3 best singers for the part on this video are definitely Colm Wilkinson, Ramin Karimloo, and Alfie Boe. But, while I do agree that Alfie Boe has an angelic voice, i find that the two singers I like best are Colm Wilkinson and Ramin Karimloo. I choose them because they seem to bring the emotion to the role that needs to be there. They seem to better understand the part that they are playing and are not just focused on the notes that they are singing and wanting them to be perfect. They have beautiful voices and really bring the passion of Valjean to life.
Shrey Sharma (3 years ago)
jerzy jeszke , the german valjean was great too..
_jules_394 (3 years ago)
Gábor Szabó (4 years ago)
As a Hungarian I find it preposterous how Vikidál Gyula performed in the musical during it's premiere and first few years of the musical's Hungarian history. It was a bad call to put a rock-singer into a musical like this. He is very famous for being one of the "three tenors" of Hungarian rock, and he has a legacy in rock-operas and other stuff, but this wasn't a role for him and it doesn't do any good for the judgement of hungarian musical singers. He got used to scream notes like the last one here, and while it's kind of fitting in rock operas, and heavier stuff, it ruins the song here...
Sandi Belcher (4 years ago)
Alice Boe is my definite favorite. Gorgeous voice, powerful emotion.
McKenzie Virga (3 years ago)
Nolan Neukom (4 years ago)
real talk... Colm Wilkinson IS Jean Valjean.
McKenzie Virga (3 years ago)
He is also phantom and jekyll and hyde
Kane Anderson (4 years ago)
leedscab123 (4 years ago)
Vikidal Gyula purely for the comedic value.
leedscab123 (4 years ago)
Colm Wilkinson and John Owsen Jones all the way.
Silver Fern (4 years ago)
Lehya Rose (1 year ago)
Silver Fern he did better than all of them ;)
Silver Fern (4 years ago)
Alfie Boe hands down!
McKenzie Virga (3 years ago)
Katie Tucker (4 years ago)
Ramin, Alfie, JOJ, and the Vikdàl guy because that last note was just beautiful😂😂😂👏👏
Katie Tucker (4 years ago)
*vikidal my bad
MrKnockna (4 years ago)
Colm Wilkinson towers over all the others.
caleb blevins (4 years ago)
I really can't decide which one to pick. My top four are Colm Wilkinson, John-Owen Jones, Alfie Boe, and Ramin Karimloo. 
Taiyewo Adebisi (4 years ago)
OMG! that last one was PRICELESS! Thanks for posting this!
Blue Turtle (4 years ago)
Wait.. I thought Ramin was valjean in the revival, actually i know because i saw him, this was posted before then. Someone explain to me I'm stupid
Blue Turtle (4 years ago)
+Michael Dillon Ya know, i really should have guessed that. Thanks 
Michael Dillon (4 years ago)
he first did it in the west end
missnino0220 (4 years ago)
JOJ, Ramin, Colm, Alfie-in no particular order
Sean Chamberlain (4 years ago)
Drew Sarich "Who am I? WHO AM I?!?!?!?!?!"
Dan K (4 years ago)
Beth (4 years ago)
Mr. Boe, Mr. Karimloo, and Mr. Wilkinson for me! Perhaps this video could be updated with Karimloo's current Broadway run. Every one of these performers are incredible, really!
Nharee Yoon (4 years ago)
Ramin and alfie 🙌
SoHills VetTech (4 years ago)
Ramin with colm in second for me!
R Kens (4 years ago)
For my money I am seeing Phil Cavill.
Richard Burman (4 years ago)
Jeff Leyton "is" often overlooked.....He was by far the best, consistent Valjean. His voice lends itself perfectly to the music, unlike some of the others who are struggling High Baritones or overly Operatic Tenors (sounds great, but not musical theatre) So Jeff wins hands down! Beautiful tone and colour to his portrayal.
Eliyahu Kheel (4 years ago)
i've gotta say vikidal gyula was my favorite cause that was just hysterical. but in all seriousness i hated alfie boe and colm wilkinson. (i know. most horrifying thing ever but it's true.) ramin karimloo and john owen jones all the way in my opinion.
fredboyerviau (4 years ago)
alfie boe<3
PotatoMinun (4 years ago)
I find Jeff Leyton is often overlooked. He did the best out of them, IMO. Colm Wilkinson's not far behind, though.
Tahi Paenga (4 years ago)
Haha, as I listened I read the comments and was thinking the whole way: NO WAY! Ramin is too awesome.. Didn't realise there was someone after him... And well... OUCH!!
Brody Seignior (4 years ago)
Brandon Lemmon (4 years ago)
Phil Cavill was great until that last note...  I found myself drawn to those Valjeans who could hit that last note with power.  Caps off the song perfectly.
Joshua Quesada (4 years ago)
Holy Hell that last part!!!  laughing so hard right now.
ValtronW (5 years ago)
Jesus Christ, Jonathan Williams has some pipes. o_O
ValtronW (5 years ago)
Drew Sarich. Because he's Drew Sarich.
I Write Arms Races Not G Note (5 years ago)
no brainer it's Colm Wilkinson, Alfie Boe, and Ramin Karimloo
McKenzie Virga (3 years ago)
Iñigo Isla (5 years ago)
Ramin Kamirloo and Alfie Boe
치킨소주파이터 (5 years ago)
레전드 콤 윌킨슨은 넘사벽이지 The Jean Valjea이란 별명이 어디 가는건 아니니까 여러 의미로 대단한 사람은 헝가리 1987년 장발장분이신데 2460Waaaarhhhhhhk!!
Dominic L (5 years ago)
Colm's the man and the best! I was literally in tears by the last one hahahaha guys, make sure you watch the last one. So goddamn funny
Lehya Rose (1 year ago)
Dominic L the last one did better than everyone
Isabel Kreeger (5 years ago)
Colm, JOJ and Ramin
Kalyn Marquez (5 years ago)
Alfie and Ramin all the way!
Zach Gavrily (5 years ago)
Colm and Alfie rule the school!
DraconisMarauder (5 years ago)
That last one!! Hahaha
William Charles Hare (5 years ago)
Hed be great for some opera, and by that, I mean an opera at Lincoln Center. I'm well aware that this show is an "opera."
William Charles Hare (5 years ago)
Drew Sarich, followed by Colm, then Ramin. Boe is a great opera type singer, but not my cup of tea for this show (like I said, no doubting his talent, it all comes down to taste).
Alexis Giannarakis (5 years ago)
For me its Colm Wilkinson and then Alfie Boe only because i believe colm wilkinson is better at singing more sentimentally. Both are incredible
AlienMidget123 (5 years ago)
Alfie. Motherfucking. Boe.
cliffsellers (5 years ago)
What dont you get. Ramin outted all of them.
TellTi (5 years ago)
Vikdál for the win. In all seriousness though, Geronimo Rauch isn't in here but he is incredible as well. For me, it's just too hard to choose between JOJ, Colm, or Alfie. They're all just too different to be compared to one another.
John Cruickshank (5 years ago)
I don't like his diction...
Carla DelVecchio (5 years ago)
Alfie Boe without a doubt!
Mauritz Majelyne (5 years ago)
You should've taken JOJ audio from the Dream the Dream 2010 tour album. It's sung way better than this clip.
倪传历 (5 years ago)
They are all great. I simply hope I can reach the last high note.
倪传历 (5 years ago)
They are all great. I simply hope I can reach the last high note.
敬庭林 (5 years ago)
Colm and JOJ forever !
Joann Martinez (5 years ago)
1. Ramin 2.Alfie 3. Colm
David Schlomer (5 years ago)
Alfie is by far and away the Val Jean we all long for. Spinto tenor at its best! Colm is great too, but the overtones of Alfie are amazing.
tadasjb (5 years ago)
Alfie Boe!!!!!!!!!
Jo C (5 years ago)
Alfie yes, colm yes, ramin yes. Everyone else kind of or no
yanivkop1 (5 years ago)
simon bowman did it in falsetto i was so disappointed
yanivkop1 (5 years ago)
A4 but yeah
John Hextall (5 years ago)
John owen jones is the best with out a doubt
Gábor Szabó (5 years ago)
He is basically a rock singer. Tends to sing high notes the way you hear in this one, which is OK for hard rock or blues but this is Les Mis, so yeah, it's pretty weird...
ValtronW (5 years ago)
I saw Mark McVey live. :D But Alfie had the manliest belt at the end.
Karri Boyd (5 years ago)
Alfie Boe is my favorite and the JVJ I compare everyone else to. Compared to his rendition everyone else seems to be straining. Yes Colm tells everyone to make the part their own, but in my opinion Jackman is not a lyrical tenor, which is what this part calls for. Alfie Boe was Cameron McIntosh's choice for JVJ in the movie, but Hooper went with Jackman. For me I cannot listen to Jackman after hearing Boe, JOJ, or Karimloo.
zuzallove (5 years ago)
What's with the hungarian guy seriously I'm dying from laughter here best valjean evah omg
Shawn Flanagan (5 years ago)
well, mr oliver turn was insinuating that hugh jackman's performance was bad just because he had some of the songs lowered a couple keys. I was just saying that the key doesn't matter at all. of course, I was being agressive, but to say Hugh Jackman's performance was bad on the sole basis of identifying the final note in this song as a lower pitch than the original is a horrible reduction to a vastly complex and truthful performance.
Crytonics (5 years ago)
Good support qq.
Shawn Flanagan (5 years ago)
you're right, so he sucks. no. wrong.
Ricky Wallsten (5 years ago)
Alfie boe and Ramin are the best singers out of all of them