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Olive Tree prefab home follows sun & Athos views from a hill

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On a hill in an olive grove overlooking the sea and the monasteries of Mount Athos, Eva Sopeoglou designed a low-maintenance weekend home that reflects a season's and a day's evolving sunlight. The project is highly experimental and employs cutting-edge digital CAD/CAM technology in an innovative way. All building components were pre-fabricated, nevertheless, the design itself carefully considered the sun’s position to provide shading and to complement the views. The 3m by 7m rectangular plan is aligned to the cardinal points and it is sub-divided into smaller rooms. A corridor connects these spaces but also aligns with the adjacent olive trees which, thus, become integral to the house’s layout. The exterior envelope is a lightweight metallic surface which wraps around and it is movable, to provide maximum flexibility, questioning the definition of inside and outside inhabitable space. The envelope’s perforated textile-like pattern is inspired by the shade of the olive trees. As the sun moves during the day the interior spaces are filled with ever-changing shadows. http://www.evasopeoglou.com/ On *faircompanies: https://faircompanies.com/videos/olive-tree-prefab-home-follows-sun-athos-views-from-a-hill/
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marnie p (26 days ago)
Love it!. Been looking for something similar as an alternative to place on my land in Greece. Thank you
Alison Jones (1 month ago)
The ply wood will just go moldy and damp and will have to be replaced .
Sara Pulford (1 month ago)
Cute patterns but what about when it rains. Doesn't seem practical as driving rain would penetrate the walls/doors.
Glen R (1 month ago)
it's a shed!
Mariyeen Acheege (1 month ago)
This is gorgeous but I would have liked her to balance the stenciled green metal with wood in the other parts, to offer a nice contrast. Everything is metal. Maybe there’s a reason she didn’t use wood.
seriousearthling (2 months ago)
ohhh --- so our dream. The hubby and I visited a number of Greek islands and there were tons of properties for sale and we soooo want to go back and build our private little piece of heaven. This is a perfect way to start. It's all about the islands. Thank You!!!
Ema Radovanovic (2 months ago)
Olive lace house! <3
Eleni Rum (2 months ago)
This woman is genius
James Humphrey (2 months ago)
very nice portal point layout in a structure inside to outside dialog with play of light and breeze
keb botnet (2 months ago)
Looks terribly uncomfortable to stay in. Otherwise, beautiful panels and beautiful view.
Bojan Marsetic (3 months ago)
I like your accent :)
consultdragt (3 months ago)
Hail The Golden Dawn !!!!
damisha rehman (3 months ago)
It is art just art. Not a place to rest..imagine you r sleeping in there and someone would be clanking door open or shut..too noisy.. also in the summers the metal doors will heat up.. plus there’s no functional bathroom or kitchen
savedfaves (3 months ago)
The doors should be held when closed and when fully open with strong magnets, for convenience, efficiency and fun, with locks only for when leaving. If I owned this summer shed I'd implement magnets on those metal doors ASAP.
Ioannis Roussakis (3 months ago)
Basically, a tent.
Jennifer Coralie (3 months ago)
The metal/textile walls are beautiful and the technology of the roof is ingenious. Love the shower.
Andrew plack (3 months ago)
Meh, like so much modern thought, it seems like the idea went far ahead of pragmatism to the point of mental masturbation
salvinsam (3 months ago)
Unfortunately I'm very allergic to mosquitoes. Amazing house nonetheless.
KiwiBanana (3 months ago)
Woah great concept. Thank you for sharing.
ΜΙΧΑΛΗΣ ΜΑΚΡΗΣ (3 months ago)
VAS KID (3 months ago)
A typhoon hit the first leg of Halkidiki before three days. 7 dead people. It was something never happened for 36 years! It seems that the climate really changing! We have more raining that we didn't have before in the summer. The climate becomes tropical!
greatboniwanker (3 months ago)
Beautifully designed, but such a great spot too!
Treal Bailey (3 months ago)
Definitely beautiful . When I didn’t hear her talk about is how if you’re in there when it is raining you’re getting soaking wet . All the wood is stained from the rain . All the bed legs and all .
John Walsh (3 months ago)
I can see how a project like this would not be for everyone. But why do people feel the need to be insulting?
Troy Müller (3 months ago)
John Walsh lots of trolls on her channel. I noticed that
kriddel753 (3 months ago)
I simply Love the design, its brilliant
ffm60313 (3 months ago)
absolutely sublime, thank you!
Mara Lorca (3 months ago)
One Million Subscribers! Congrats. Great content as always 👍
a t (3 months ago)
Je la deteste
Oscar Paredes (3 months ago)
Interesting concept I like it.
Lillian Bessas (3 months ago)
Simplicity is a grand luxury.. Lovely place!! :)
behindthelimb (3 months ago)
I’m so happy she got around to showing the textured doors in detail! I was watching for a while and thinking.. wow, are they really not going to show those amazing doors close up? Ha. So glad they did. Wow, this is truly my dream house.. it really is! And to be surrounded by delicious olives? Yum!
karen booth (3 months ago)
So pretentious
astalavista lavista (3 months ago)
Σαν την Ελλάδα δεν έχει.......
Karl Siegl Folienart (3 months ago)
Genial !
Vera Swift (3 months ago)
and what happens when it rains?
Donna A (3 months ago)
It dries out quickly with the low humidity that's there. Really?
Vera Swift (3 months ago)
Venturi effect! brilliant
Ema Radovanovic (2 months ago)
Yes, venturi effect is very important in this arias! :D We used to joke it is the biggest enemy of our people, because when the weather is chilly one can actually catch cold exposing himself to venturi!!!
Yasser Kassana (3 months ago)
What? Buy a damn tent, job done.
Inez De Kleine (3 months ago)
It's such a beautiful, thoughtful non-intrusive and magical building. Every detail has a reason behind it and a function. It's a perfect marriage between art and functionality. Imagine my deep disappointment in learning there's no toilet and there's actual water damage because you're not sheltered from the elements enough. For me, in all its glory and intelligence, this is a failed project. It lacks the most basic of elements to be called a house: shelter.
Inez De Kleine (3 months ago)
@Cheryl Anderson I did, twice. Could you perhaps time stamp it for me because I can't see a loo anywhere. I saw a kitchen sink and an outdoor shower. Where's the loo?
Donna A (3 months ago)
Its more like a camper shelter. There is toilet area, she didn't dwell on it but like 20 secs. The owners prob live no more than an hour away. It's ideal to 'destress' from city life for a night or two without doing too much to prep. The igloo in the cupboard gives you the clue. Ice will last two days max. They need a couple of good Yeti coolers to go longer ;D
Cheryl Anderson (3 months ago)
Look again.
radha ramani vasam (3 months ago)
Love the concept, love the idea and love the abode, Thank you :)
radha ramani vasam (3 months ago)
The lady is so intelligent, she explained the abode, and the place, the features so perfectly, Thank you :)
Tamar case dixon (3 months ago)
That concept of the sun coming through into the bathroom
Sikder Diamond (3 months ago)
loved this house
Andrew Snowmon (3 months ago)
SOLIDO DU30 LONDON (3 months ago)
I like the design mdm..its a lot of trees I admired thou
Douglas Harley (3 months ago)
like this architect a lot!
Pamela Molina (3 months ago)
This is a work of art. I love sitting in the shadow of the tree. Phenomenal. So much thought and love for mother is in this structure. Sleeping in a sculpture. You are truly gifted.
C N9 (3 months ago)
How serene...
orver1 (3 months ago)
Ugly, ugly building. Her philosophical rationale for the design does nothing to save this from feeling like a bus shelter.
Austin D (3 months ago)
more like a shed really..
chez moi (3 months ago)
epSos.de (3 months ago)
*Great place to rent for vacation.* It's like camping with a lot of comfort.
Romios Mikrasiatis (3 months ago)
Τhe north part of greece called makedonia the real, not istanbul bud konstantinoupoli.. The mountain athos its not like the batikano... Learn history.. And you are from minor asia like most peole who lives in halkidiki and fix this beautiful place before come every rich guy from 80s.. and destroit with terible buildings this magical land.
DogCat Party (3 months ago)
July 2019 Everyone should watch this video by Kirsten Dirksen about a prefab home in Athos! Please do a video about the dog rescue center run by 'Taki.' This may help him get donations for daily dog food, veterinarian care bills, and find good homes for beautiful puppies and dogs found in garbage dumps on the island of Crete (but this is going on all over the world, including all over America). Thanks in advance and have a great day.
Amanda EvePhotographie (3 months ago)
lifeonground (3 months ago)
i like the panels.
M Johnson (3 months ago)
Great place to siesta....😌
Terry Volanis (3 months ago)
Not my cup of tea....
MOS (3 months ago)
This eclectic combination of materiaity is just awesome. Well done making something beautiful & elegant on a budget!
DesignBam (3 months ago)
Is there any toalet? Where people go when they have need? I belive nobody can live here more than 24 hours.
Mister Hat (3 months ago)
Just whiz off the deck.
Lyz Cairo (3 months ago)
There's a bathroom
Sarah Case (3 months ago)
How beautiful!
Steve Nash (3 months ago)
ty kirsten, you are very inspirational to me .
ik23 (3 months ago)
I want her as my future olive grove house architect....
Jonathan Jacques (3 months ago)
Like the views, not the structure so much.
Sevda Aytaç (3 months ago)
Greetings from other side of sea..
Jérôme Duvieusart (3 months ago)
Gotcha 40°14'33.1"N 23°42'57.8"E
RestHeres ThePresent (3 months ago)
🌳the house of the olive tree
Andria Eleni (3 months ago)
How to turn indigence into a viewpoint... Putative easthetics that only make laugh...
Dan Varenytsia (3 months ago)
Dayeum, at first I thought it was OliveR Tree Home. Now watched half of the video and wondering where is the Oliver Tree?!
Drewbie (3 months ago)
Very cool cabana
Pole Nit (3 months ago)
Looks great but in the UK you would freeze most of the time. This would work with glass sliding doors inside and this on the outside. Nice work I like it best wishes from the UK 🇬🇧
Julian Foley (3 months ago)
An exquisite place, beautifully described. This would be the perfect Australian home among the gum trees.
rockey rocket (3 months ago)
I would rather have a level parking spot where I could drive up a camper and set it up with awnings as a sitting place. Maybe at most a small structure housing a shower and outhouse plus storage shed and outdoor kitchen on the north side.
chez moi (3 months ago)
Then you should do that. It is not what these people wanted.
جيهان وهران (3 months ago)
Très belle top
Neil Baker (3 months ago)
Where's the toilet?
chez moi (3 months ago)
9:30 I don't imagine it's a flush toilet. Shower is just outside.
cam 2 (3 months ago)
Yes. Awesome.
estuardo lopez (3 months ago)
Yes!!! New video!! Love your videos Kirstin ✌️❤️🎈
mfstarr1 (3 months ago)
A cool cabin
GioAlx (3 months ago)
Simple means, great house
William B (3 months ago)
go in the woods like a bear ???
Danny Wanders Out (3 months ago)
Trent Payne (3 months ago)
Is beautiful
Anddi Hier (3 months ago)
They live in that metal wall frame of nothingness?...Not me, there's nothing attractive about this at all to me anyways....wow.
therealpixie (3 months ago)
No, they vacation there--big difference.
Cathy Lynn Pietranton (3 months ago)
We like the metal doors.
Sandra Nelson (3 months ago)
Bathroom? Of any kind?
chez moi (3 months ago)
Watch the video. 9:30
Cheryl Anderson (3 months ago)
Yes. There is one, of course.
mfstarr1 (3 months ago)
Yeah I would at least want one!
sewardt (3 months ago)
Not a place to stay long but a very nice place to have a break, a weekend, or few days. Very personal and the place is amazing. I don’t thing this could be ok for hot temperatures, but it is very clever.
Scorpio (3 months ago)
Very interesting.
Sharene Pomnitz (3 months ago)
I love your videos, except these folks all have bucks!
ruth p (3 months ago)
Beautiful! She is an artist.
Michel Pariseau (3 months ago)
The armchair critics are so small minded. It's a lovely artful experiment to be enjoyed just for what it is; like the designer with an elegance of thought and a soft wonderful touch. The metal doors are like lace; the atmosphere created is meant to be just what it is, a simple getaway. A real jewel box creation by a designer with a great poetic spirit. And as always great video that lets the speaker and building speak for itself. Bravo! All the Best, Michel P
Scorpio (3 months ago)
Good call. Everyone who disagrees with you is stupid. /s
Happy Customer (3 months ago)
Olive-leaf motif shadows is just brilliant! Beautiful.
Hussain Mirahmadi (3 months ago)
Mediocre .
Frank Barone (3 months ago)
I want one.
blokkka9inety2 (3 months ago)
this building makes me angry somehow... it's really ridiculous
Stephen Hazel (3 months ago)
don't they have mosquitos and bugs there at all? very pretty place.
chez moi (3 months ago)
Of course they do, she spoke of them at length, as she demonstrated the use of mosquito netting.
grammus cc (3 months ago)
She really digs into those dental consonants. And those metal hinges and locks need some lube... screech... ugh
Eric Sharp (3 months ago)
I could literally watch your documentaries all day.
bdhjbazekduve (11 days ago)
Me too. From a poorly designed home in a crowded city hunched over a computer screen.
CosmicLuminosEnergy (3 months ago)
Interesting, educational .
Miranda Ryan (3 months ago)
I don’t think I could rest there. It feels choppy. The perforated walls are glorious. There was another dwelling in Greece that you showed us a while back that had an outdoor kitchen that seemed much more restful. I guess you would have to be there to know. Thanks.
Carabistouille (3 months ago)
how many cameramen are they? 0-0 because it seem to be one long shot with different angle
chez moi (3 months ago)
Kirsten and her husband.
K U (3 months ago)
a Can with a bed...sigh
Green Croco (3 months ago)
She is always saying "important,, important",, but nothing is important or interesting,,, as it is more than stupid..!!!!!!!!
irena mavromati (3 months ago)
Green Croco why did you even watch it? Clearly you know nothing about architecture.
Green Croco (3 months ago)
:) ))) greeks are always like this,, they do something absurd, but they talk and talk,,,, and explain and explain as if they did something unique .... And the worse thing; they find someone to listen them...!!!!!!!!! :) )))) What a world..!!!
Tasos (3 months ago)
And that's the way after thousands of years finally the rest of world joined their marvellous civilization. Who is afraid to talk is the one who is likely trying to hide his stupidity.