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UPS Whiteboard - International Shipping

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International Shipping with UPS
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Text Comments (147)
Leroy Baek (7 months ago)
The best asmr commercial
Dilly Mackey (1 year ago)
See? We in yes.
Meex1989 (2 years ago)
UPS doesn't allow males to have long hair, I'm surprised they had this guy in their commercial. I'm glad I'm with FedEx now.
XXXOSINXXX (1 year ago)
This commercial is a decade home, and that's a guy presenting to their Marketing Department. He inspired them to use his whiteboarding as the commercial.
Caleb W (3 years ago)
Song= Such Great Heights by The Postal Service
Jordan Mcclanahan (1 month ago)
Heard this song almost ten years ago, and just randomly popped in my head, thank u! Lol
Tedfordshire (3 years ago)
+Caleb W My favourite
Charlie Galatas (5 years ago)
Wow. Finally a commercial featuring a white men shown in a respectable manner. Thanks. I'm switching my shipping from Fedex to UPS.
Patrick Murphy (6 years ago)
Year old comment but I have to chime in: UPS = United PARCEL Service... and even if it was postal, the very idea that such a lawsuit/agreement would ever exist is ludacrous
S Toth (6 years ago)
I couldn't believe this was an actual song.
Connor Bosch (7 years ago)
what song is this
Pink Frankenstein (7 years ago)
@jaredhershberger care to post any evidence that what you say is true? UPS is Parcel Service not Postal Service. I don't see why they would have ANY validity in a lawsuit.
Broken Jeremiah Harville (7 years ago)
Someone call ups there's a small package that needs to be deliverd
paultheuglydog (8 years ago)
If UPS delivered my package to the wrong address can I get my money back or am I just screwed
MultiMuti (8 years ago)
snl :)
SuperCockism (8 years ago)
i hate this guys hair
GAMbit (8 years ago)
UPS is a fucking joke.
GermanSniperBayArea (8 years ago)
@ladyblomberg which one costs more
ladyblomberg (8 years ago)
I think it fails to mention how long it actually takes based on the country. In Sweden, it took four days after express delivery dates, numerous phone calls and complaints before I get my package. And, I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, so the next shipment went ups, but they did it again! And again!!!!! International shipping to Sweden? The United States postal service is the way to go! Don't waste your money, your energy, your happiness, on UPS, it's not worth it.
FiberMania (8 years ago)
Hey look. It's Sally Field with hairy arms!!!!
Maria Jauregui (8 years ago)
The name of the song is "Such Great Hights"
Jamie S (8 years ago)
@HipHopHatesRap Ohmygosh I thought the exact same thing the very first time I ever saw one of the commercials lol
HipHopHatesRap (8 years ago)
His pictures are always so perfect. It kinda reminds of Steve from Blue's Clues whenever he busted out the handy dandy notebook...perfect circles.
Jimmy's Tractor (8 years ago)
Yeah, a few years ago when I first saw the commercial, I was like- What are the chances that UPS happens to choose a song by a group called the postal service?
TheLeo8719 (8 years ago)
The Postal Service :))))
Lily Berget (8 years ago)
Sighs. That guy needs a haircut, and they shouldn't use "Such Great Heights" just because the band's called The Postal Service.
Madison W (8 years ago)
They claimed rights to The Postal Service's " Such great hieghts" just because the band name was The Postal Service. Wow.
Topgun588 (8 years ago)
@motifs28 Late packages = free shipping.....for the shipper. U MAD BRO?
Obamaturd (8 years ago)
This is the original guy with bad hair that inspired the brown bailout guy with bad hair. I get it now!
A Guy Called Kay (8 years ago)
hahahaha SNL totally SERVED UPS!
mrinkel (9 years ago)
@catsgomoo2 Looks like this king got three hot ladies... I'm gonna have sex with them.
Paul Bratt (9 years ago)
...Frank? Why are you wearing that stupid man suit
Michael (9 years ago)
is it a man or woman? shemale possibly?
Word Unheard (9 years ago)
There's only one rule when it comes to posting messages for this video: Everyone wears a lady wig. Everyone.
JBrod24 (9 years ago)
You Bet
JBrod24 (9 years ago)
this guy came to our school
NeferLuz (9 years ago)
Lady Wig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hehe
Olivia4031 (9 years ago)
snl...lady wig.
Badfish515 (9 years ago)
RustySacks (9 years ago)
SophomoricHumor (9 years ago)
"and now i will have sex with them."
jefferios (9 years ago)
such an annoying fucking commercial, and annoying fucking man
Bruce Scott (9 years ago)
such great heights - by: The Postal Service
Max K (9 years ago)
man in a lady wig
Rocketjay12 (9 years ago)
Check out the SNL version with Bill Hader on Hulu. Too funny!
Julie Hardy (9 years ago)
Your welcome.
wear2whale (9 years ago)
@catsgomoo2 lol. exactly.
chaotic5chick (9 years ago)
"such great heights" by the postal service
Bruce Butler (9 years ago)
@Zigzagzane such great heights by the postal service. irony
OmegaWolfPack (9 years ago)
And YOU are my royal subjects. Looks like this guy's got 3 hot ladies. ...I'm gonna have sex with them. (Then he draws... you know what happens) xD
girardbcp (9 years ago)
Maaan in a lady wig,hahaha
Samantha Quimby (9 years ago)
Princess A (9 years ago)
Si, oui, and yes! I FUCKIN LOVE SNL!!
Princess A (9 years ago)
Or just made it a WHOLE LOT BETTER?! LMFAO!
Samantha Quimby (9 years ago)
whats the songgg!?
SalAzad (9 years ago)
Man in a lady wig...aw yeah!!
Cathy Ma (9 years ago)
man ....................... in a lady wig YEAH!
jbw470 (9 years ago)
Man in a lady wig could be the new Bob Ross!
SG1Mitchell (9 years ago)
Lady wig!!!
starter070 (9 years ago)
just a mannnn in a lady wig
Do m (9 years ago)
I love their choice of song. Who here watched this because of SNL?
David Ciulla (9 years ago)
lady wig just like SNL said
Matt Hardy (9 years ago)
Daniel Butler (9 years ago)
@syang9 lmao i watched this to see if he wore a lady wig too lol
Andrew Jorgenson (9 years ago)
I concur. Postal service needs more credit
Andrew Jorgenson (9 years ago)
mavrick316 (9 years ago)
Man in a lady wig...
man316420 (9 years ago)
Thank you SNL
RockyBalboa211 (9 years ago)
In south texas we dont get this commerical.. I mean I didnt even understand the snl reference about this commerical..
Zach Fin (9 years ago)
thanks.. kinda ironic its by the postal service for a UPS commercial, haha thanks man
Zach Fin (9 years ago)
Rebecca Ziegler (9 years ago)
The song is Such Great Hieghts by Postal Service.... oh the irony
NUB3KILLER (9 years ago)
thanks BentStudio
MariPamJam (9 years ago)
bahahaha a man... in a lady wig.
Bart Schaeffer (9 years ago)
man with a lady. your welcome hahah
ultimatespider17 (9 years ago)
HAHAHAHA SNL made an amazing parody of this commercial HAHAHAHA
Shane Krolikowski (9 years ago)
Robert Pirlot (9 years ago)
O... the SNL you explain it all :)
Juan Ferreira (9 years ago)
UPS + Lady Wig = King of Ads!
Duffless2323 (9 years ago)
Lady wiggggg
Lashana Daniels (9 years ago)
My gift to the world is lady wigs.
kristianhindar (9 years ago)
Lady Wig ftw!! =)
NoUsernameAssinged (9 years ago)
lady wig
Cazz814 (9 years ago)
You must all wear lady wigs!
Darya Mylius (9 years ago)
Katherine Bloomfield (9 years ago)
postal service!!!!!!!!
PantlessSuperstar83 (9 years ago)
Hey, Lady Wig.
David "Miscarriage" Miscavige (9 years ago)
SNL now owns you, UPS. I've been waiting so long for someone to make fun of these commercials.
ALLIEandASHLEY (9 years ago)
Da'Vi Perez (9 years ago)
jflash214 (9 years ago)
hopefully they will stop these ads after the snl mockery i hate this smug douche bag
idunno25 (9 years ago)
Wow, it does look like a ladies wig! LMAO!
mbr7777 (9 years ago)
disclaimer05 (9 years ago)
man in a lady wig xD
fuzzybuni (9 years ago)
I like your lady wig, UPS man...
Orions Angel (9 years ago)
SNL just pwned this ad!!! LOL!!!
THEBODHITREE (9 years ago)
THEBODHITREE (9 years ago)
Does anyone know the name of the Song/Music playing in the background.... I've seen and heard this song on several commercials other than UPS. Thanks in advance.
funcdoktor (9 years ago)
funcdoktor (9 years ago)
What a perceptive insight. I agree.
Radarada01 (9 years ago)
The name is "such great heights" by The Postal Service (i think)
louiseb35 (9 years ago)
I think the only white guys that are acceptable in advertising these days can not appear the least bit masculine. If they do, the commercial will make them into bumbling buffoons every single time. This diminutive metrosexual however looks passive and non-threatening which must be the only kind of white guy that is tolerable in advertising these days. A trend I find disturbing.