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Waiter Helps Crying Woman With Groceries. Next Day Sees Something On Table That Leaves Him Floored

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Text Comments (483)
The Challengers (5 months ago)
Mr beast LMAO
ThePumpdog99 (5 months ago)
Applebee's doesn't wipe down tables.
ThePumpdog99 (5 months ago)
Applebee's sells flavored bottled water for 37 cents? In what country would this be in?
Janine Harrison (5 months ago)
My fiancé paid for a older man's dinner at a restaurant. He said he was alone because he had lost his spouse, he could see him talking to her, even though she wasn't there. I never forgot that. My fiance has since passed away, GOD needed him more than me. I'll never be as good as Doug, but I try.
anomymus person (5 months ago)
If i could make somebodies day better i most definitely would no matter the cost money is not everything generosity is so much more important to me then anything
George M (5 months ago)
Back in the Fall of 2006, I had been dining at a Krystal restaurant on the Cumberland Avenue strip in Knoxville, Tennessee, and I had finished my meal and had left the restaurant when an elderly woman asked me to buy her a meal at Krystal. I was nearly up to my credit limit - but I asked her what she wanted from Krystal; she told me what she wanted, and I went back into the location and purchased her meal - which put me over the limit, but yet I brought her the meal, and she thanked me for what I had done. I've just recently thought of this incident - and I feel she may have been sent by the Son of God - after all, he did say, "For I was hungry, and you fed me - in so much as you have done this unto the least among my brothers and sisters, you have done it to me." Think about this when you see an elderly person who looks to be in need of a good and decent meal. It may just warm your heart - and it may inspire you to do likewise.
JD (5 months ago)
It's stories like this that restore your faith in humanity
Tayya Threadgate (6 months ago)
He reminds me of MJ
Neena Norto (6 months ago)
Sure I would gladly pay 17. 37 dollars if I had he money
rupjyoti das (6 months ago)
Good people is difficult to find
Tamela McGhee (6 months ago)
Matthew 25:35 It's just that simple...yet so rare to find. Thank you, Casey. You are a gem <3
Radmila Khamzina (6 months ago)
It was the daughter of the elder woman who tipped the young man when she found out about the kindness he did for her mom. Kudos to both of them!
Peter Deane (6 months ago)
I have both a good job and good salary. One day on the way home from seeing a client I stopped for a burger and coke at a local petrol station restaurant. I was tired as the day had been busy and long. The long drive as well didn't help. So while I waited for my order I rubbed my face a lot and just tried to relax. I didn't think anything about my behavior. I was just tired. When I had finished and was about to go pay, one of the other customers came up and said he had paid my bill and promptly left. I was gob smacked. I didnt need the money, but the fact that this guy felt there was a need and acted upon it was a "renewed faith in people" moment. All I can say is WOW! and God bless him.
Junior James (6 months ago)
'Berto O. A. (6 months ago)
How fantastic!
Francisco Orozco (6 months ago)
It's not whether you believe in god or not it's just help people when you cab
Soar Lozer (6 months ago)
That sounds like a scary family. Even if he was wearing his applebees uniform in the store they were able to track him down, somehow order something that costs .37 cents at a chain restraunt, and single him out as the person that helped the elderly mother?
Seanneeii (6 months ago)
Even in the darkness..Beauty resigns! We don't own this planet, we are a part of it. What we do life echoes for an eternity! If we all stand up together, We could change everything! Give hope to all that are lost or forgotten, both four legged and two legged! All my best to those who save and give hope to others.
Lule Melgarejo (7 months ago)
I remember the time when I was helped at the market. Being a single hispanic mother of 2 young boys was not easy. I was trying to buy some sandwich supplies (least expensive) and some oreo cookies. When I got to the cashier I was short some cents and said "put the cookies back." I looked at my baby, who was already looking through his pockects, he said I can't find any thing! Then a big, white, hairy hand put the money on the counter and said "let him have his cookies. He deserves them. Take care of your mama." I. My son told the man thank you and I smiled a gratefull smile. Iwalked out with a very happy son and my groceries. I will never forget that man and ask God to bless him where ever he is. Evidently my son hasn't forgotten either becouse he is in a position to help now and has helped many little guys trying to help their mom. 🌿🌹🌿
Fr. Bruce Douglas (7 months ago)
A beautiful human being. God bless you.
N M (7 months ago)
God Bless him
theodore scott (7 months ago)
wow!!!! this is stuff that makes my day
johnmonk66 (8 months ago)
to all the commenters who take the time to tell us how wonderful they themselves are, stop trying to take the light from this story, make your own video, when you come here and tell everyone what a hero you are we don't believe you
JAMIE NEWMAN (8 months ago)
Cathy Snow (8 months ago)
When my friend and I go to a drive thru at a coffee shop, I always pay for the person behind me. And leave a message saying have a great day or night. Makes my day brighter.
Jane the Friend - Awakened (9 months ago)
i didn't know that applebee's sold flavored water for 37 cents.
Soar Lozer (6 months ago)
Fake ass story lmao. They need to redo that entire part. A family sat in a restruant for 15 minutes, only ordered a bottle of flavored water but left $500 dollars and a long ass note instead of just telling him in person.
Margi Lynn (9 months ago)
Where's the video! This is just click bait while you make money on someone else's story! Boo hiss!
Seelenwinter 666 (9 months ago)
all only angels here... jesus... if i have only one good thing to say, i better would write nothing... all are thinking here, they gave one time in their life a few dollars and now they have the place next to god in heaven for sure... thats poorer in my eyes than to give nothing...
albert hall (9 months ago)
fuck off terrible voice and only 1min 2 say what happens
Peter Broadey (9 months ago)
The poorest paid people are those who work in restaurants and shops. They also have to work long hours and weekends.
Dustin Trice (10 months ago)
It feels so great to do this. I took a cab once and asked the cab driver the biggest tip she ever had and she said 87.00 so I handed her 100.00 and said there you go. Also once at the grocery story the 2 women in front of me, a couple, their card wasn't working so I decided to pay for it since they were ecstatic to make the Chile Verde the had planned on making. Came to like 37.00 but the way you can watch someone face light up and have faith in humanity is the real true gift. So rewarding!
Sum'Thyn Serius (10 months ago)
Oh I cried so much 😘
Keith Martin (10 months ago)
I'm being serious here. I've been told numerous times I've done things very similar for people or families. Funny thing is I don't remember them at all. But they all swear it was me. I'm from a county in Kentucky with a population of less than 20,000. I think I have a doppelgänger idk.
mindy fussner (10 months ago)
Cool! Now if YOU do things like that, if you don't already, there will be 2 of you. Look how far that would go! 😊
ray garrett (10 months ago)
God saw you👍
MARCIAL BONIFACIO (10 months ago)
One time I went to a bakery , as I was waiting for my turn to pay an old lady infront of me keeps looking for her money inside her wallet and I noticed she didn't have enough money to pay for small amount she tried to buy. I quickly told the clerk I will pay for everything, and the old lady look at me andsaid " Thank you my son " ( I could tell she's having a hard time in her life ) and when I went inside my truck while I was driving tears started to flow. I will do it again to anyone if given the chance.
mindy fussner (10 months ago)
That is the best feeling ever!
mark smith (10 months ago)
Make a video, not a series of photos with a stupid voiceover. Dickhead.
Leon Blank (10 months ago)
The world needs more Casey's. What a nice fella. X
unisalisa lisa (10 months ago)
Wow amazing!
bill hester (10 months ago)
Why, o why, do you use a menage of photos? It is SO annoying! It's STUPID
Alisa Fehr (10 months ago)
Kindness goes a long way in life, give it a try, might make the world a better place to live!
mindy fussner (10 months ago)
Amen! Just think for a second and visualize how beautiful the world would be...❤ Instead of our energy used to criticize, judge and hate, instead do one act of kindness a day. ☮❤😊
Blake Mchugh (10 months ago)
Mr beast in disguise
hien nguyen (10 months ago)
I have read a few good stories on here. however a friend of mine was in the city and a tram was about to hit a young kid. My friend pulled the kid towards him, and saved him from injury. The mother was abusive towards him, and the bystanders not fully aware of the facts, were looking at him as if he was a pedophile! He told me that he has learnt his lesson! I don't blame him for feeling that way......
Sam G (11 months ago)
268 people voted dislike, what does it take for people to do that? At least you 268 people can turn to another video to satisfy your weird taste. Sorry for that, but had I had the chance I would have voted 268 time "LIKE Thank you Waiter
tstuff (11 months ago)
We live in a fucked up country where some people are not happy unless others suffer. They hate the idea that anyone should get help. They just want them to die quickly.
Carrie Hays (11 months ago)
Find the diff
Carrie Hays (11 months ago)
Find the diff🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😫🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Carrie Hays (11 months ago)
Anybody to thousand 19
George R (11 months ago)
We need more of them people in the world.
Joseph Freeman (11 months ago)
Traci Doege (11 months ago)
Coming from someone that has had a similar act of kindness bestowed on my family during a financily strapped Christmas season a couple years ago. Something given freely, without expectations? Is soon very rare. Bless you!
Yvonne Williamson (11 months ago)
Casey, yes you are one of the nicest people on the planet, not just because you paid the lbill for the lady, but because you cared & that means more than anything to some people. As it did for that lady. Even though l don't know you or the lady, A BIG THANKYOU & GOOD LUCK TO YOU xxx 💕
Mani Menon (11 months ago)
Casey, you're an angel who doesn't bother to wear a halo or wings. You don't need to, dear......
joaago1 (11 months ago)
He got a tip for $500. you are welcome
B H (11 months ago)
sokrplaya12 (11 months ago)
And yet all we see on the nightly news is the bad. How different the world would be if we focused on the good. Atta Boy!
divegabe (1 year ago)
"What goes around comes around", a rather negative way in which a lot of us see things. "You get what you give", a positive way that hardly anyone sees and yet is exactly the same thing.
Diana Woodard (1 year ago)
We need more Casey's in this world. God bless. <3
Ron Kiser (1 year ago)
A truly humble man would not need this publicity for a good deed. God prefers an anonymous “Good Samaritan “. All you truly needed was that warm and fuzzy feeling you get from doing the right thing. God says when you do a good deed publicly, you have your reward now. That means no extra credit on “ Judgement Day” when the book of life is opened to your page and your name. Jesus will stand beside you and God will read your deeds both good and bad ,as he will for all of us and decide your final destination. Continue your good life, read your bible , make sure you are right with God and follow Him all the days of your life
Trish AW (1 year ago)
Casey is 💖 His view on life is 💖 We all have choices to make every day. You can help someone smile, or not. And it really is the best way to make yourself feel better.
B.C Blazed 420 (1 year ago)
We need more selfish people in the world, help others and get the feel goods!
BeaglesGuy (1 year ago)
I understand Kasey completely. when I was younger and much more well off than now, I did the same thing, but slightly differently. When I was having a really bad day, I found someone I could help financially and anonymously. It would instantly cheer me up, and hopefully made someone else's life better. All I ever did was leave a calling card with a nice background that said, "Pay It Forward" and "Practice Random Kindness And Senseless Acts Of Beauty". (Yes, cliche.) No name, no reason, and I never knew if it made a difference to anyone but me. WTG, Kasey.
Conrad Agnos (1 year ago)
Wissle (1 year ago)
I cried.
Trời ơi!! (1 year ago)
Such a wonderful guy
Freedom Lover (1 year ago)
Don’t accept that what’s happening, is just a case of others’ suffering Or you’ll find that you’re joining in the turning away. https://youtu.be/hMxkxBGJbFg
Freedom Lover (1 year ago)
I aint cryin, shut up.
James Waeiss (1 year ago)
This is a great story but let me let everyone in on a secret when you have to tell people or have ppl see you be selfless and give charity to others then you are not really doing either. True charity is doing something generous with no other reason than to brighten someone else’s day having to tell everyone on YouTube that you donated 20 bucks to a homeless lady is trying to get others to react to it or to congratulate you on it. Instead keep it in your head and reflect on it rather than get on a soapbox
BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose (1 year ago)
Casey should use some of that huge tip and have that ridiculous man bun cut off.
afriend too (1 year ago)
Trump would have called her weak and horse face...
Chris Ward (1 year ago)
Being generous of spirit like that guy was to the old lady. He was honest by saying it was a selfish act. I like helping people and I will admit that a big part of my motivation for doing this is that it makes me feel good about myself. Those of us who watch YouTube are subjected to these young 'successful' business entrepreneurs trying to make us buy their amazing business ideas so that we can make millions.........so we can buy a Harley and put it in our office, or the Lamborghini in the garage. Do they think that is success ??? I would think a lot more of them if they said they had supported a homeless family or helped some veteran who had reached rock bottom because the horrors of what he saw and experienced in war messed his head up. I would then have respect for them.
Mary Richardson (1 year ago)
Jill Peters (1 year ago)
Where is a restaurant that has a 37 cent item? Also, servers can make a good living at a good restaurant like Appleby's. I call bullshoot.
Ozzie Wozzie Original (1 year ago)
its not a fix, is it?
William Howerton (1 year ago)
Your a good man Kacy, she needed that.
Wendall Wedgewood (1 year ago)
What a great guy! May he be Richly Blessed.
Gina Meeks (1 year ago)
Hey BIG ED here still on my wife's tablet I'm a big shoulder heavily tattooed bald headed man People often tell me I'm intimidating looking I love to do random acts of kindness Not to make me look good but to Glorify my LORD JESUS CHRIST I've bought someone behind me in line their groceries Pay for someone in the drive thru their meal Helped older people put their groceries in the car and take Their buggies back. WHY. Because God loves kindness I've been blessed alot. I'm not rich. I'm not poor. I'm human You never know what your act of kindness means To others. Hugs not drugs. Love not hate. When I'm pleasing my Lord. I can smile. Now go see ur grandma and hug her. Remember. Just be kind to others please
kingofmetal1961 (1 year ago)
Lord Walker (1 year ago)
Angel Of Kindness
The Nerd (1 year ago)
People like casey should be around more often
Anoni Mouse (1 year ago)
Facto verse seldom true
Marrox Struck (1 year ago)
He has empathy
TakersMissy (1 year ago)
Just beautiful! I've had strangers give me money (without my begging or asking!!) when I was homeless; it's like God was watching over me and I absolutely try to pay it forward when I can. God bless this guy for his kindness; you just never know. :-)
Jaime Gonzalez (1 year ago)
We often go out to Chinatown in Chicagoto out to our favorite restaurant. This time around it was my younger brother and myself. We ordered and eat. Then my brother ordered food to go for my other brother and food for what I thought for my sister, so I thought nothing about it. When we're walking to the car a homeless man Stopped us and said if we could help. Without missing a beat my brother handed the man the food I thought was for my sister and told the man, "please enjoy it while it's hot". He made me so proud. Because usually it's me doing it.
SleeperNo1 (1 year ago)
I suffer from major depressive disorder. The only time I am happy is when I do things like pay for other people’s meals or leave God sized tips. I do without so I can do this. It brings me joy.
Santiago Trujillo (1 year ago)
Awwwww made me tear up
lorna lian (1 year ago)
When l was six
lorna lian (1 year ago)
It really made me feel good and bad because my dad died and l started to cry in happy tears
Zohair (1 year ago)
Waiter? Groceries? Don’t fit together
Renee Palmer (1 year ago)
Casey............ what a guy !! and T H E N..........
tilley Schmolph (1 year ago)
Should have offered to get her a neck tattoo with her husbands name, just like he has... awesome
Hiball (1 year ago)
You forgot women in the beginning slide
Quinn Lewis jr (1 year ago)
Somebody be generous to me and shoot my kids mom dead between the eyes right above her huge ugly ass nose
Travelogue channel (1 year ago)
Gud man 😇
Jeffrey Small (1 year ago)
.37 cents at Applebees never seen that's cheap think it's made up
Rob Relf (1 year ago)
Totally my first thought. There is not a chance that anything at a restaurant that is charged for is 37 cents. Makes the entire story suspect.
perovskaya (1 year ago)
Be Kind and the rest will follow
Lana Lorenzen (1 year ago)
J*sus! A come-on for subscriptions. Forking corporations have destroyed all of media and they won't be happy until every piece of media is corrupted.
BigRed CacheMachine (1 year ago)
where is this 0.37 item at applebees?
Terry JP (1 year ago)
neck tats will keep you working at a grocery store
Anita Noecker (1 year ago)
Stories like this reaffirms my hope for this country.
Jason Damrau (1 year ago)
I thought floored was gonna mean angry
mewde (1 year ago)
jan rey (1 year ago)
37 cents? Doesn't seem real.