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How Parmesan Cheese Is Made

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The manufacturing process of Parmesan cheese wheels in an Italian factory. If you're wondering...The remaining whey in the vat is traditionally used to feed the pigs from which "Prosciutto di Parma" (cured Parma ham) is produced.
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Craig Tucker (1 day ago)
"Cheese - it's milk gone off big-time stylee." - Stephen Fry
gniewomir lol (9 days ago)
they say its Parmigiano Reggiano but the imprint on the fucking wheel says grana padano
Wendy njizod (9 days ago)
And my romantic image is gone.
Kuniawan Rahatnanto (10 days ago)
gran max
Kuniawan Rahatnanto (10 days ago)
Redblade (12 days ago)
So they stick their dirty hands in the milk liquid and I wonder if they all stick their unwashed dicks in there as well, as part of the bacteria process!
Kuniawan Rahatnanto (13 days ago)
Diana Quik (13 days ago)
This factory was so unsanitary
Kuniawan Rahatnanto (19 days ago)
Kuniawan Rahatnanto (19 days ago)
Kuniawan Rahatnanto (19 days ago)
Shaun Fox (1 month ago)
I was waiting for the narrator to say "and the traces of cum and shit under the workers fingernails adds flavour"
Nico B (1 month ago)
It literally says at the Cheesewheel "Grana Padano", which isn't Parmesan Cheese...
Anonymous Monkey (1 month ago)
those workers better be constantly cleaning their hands...and not have loose nails please.
Kurt Cometa (1 month ago)
Damn look at that parmesan cheese horde and yet many people have nothing to eat
Dan Kp (1 month ago)
no gloves? disgrace.
Diego Garcia (1 month ago)
How tf did they make this in ancient times?
Dragonfish 37 (1 month ago)
3:16 They get to float down a lazy river. Oh my god I'm jealous of cheese :|
Jonathan Pascual (1 month ago)
a lot of people here bitching about their bare hands going into the cheese. I bet they’re the same people who eat McDonalds or drink wine, but NOOOOO lets whine only about the damn cheese
akash kshirsagar (1 month ago)
Man why they are putting their hands in it
Harajukafist (1 month ago)
Shitmericans could never ever reach our depth of culture here in Europe.
Shane Thomson (1 month ago)
Respect for the cows 🐄 cheese 🧀
Downfacingdog (1 month ago)
1:21 He said "head cheese"!
IVII2403 (2 months ago)
what's wrong ? they start talking about PARMIGGIANO REGGIANO with is a handmade "cheese" it's a whole different thing .... then like nothing happens showed GRana padano WTF?There are HUGE DIFFERENCES between these 2 !!
DAVID AVILA (2 months ago)
Que cochinos por que meten las manos sin guantes .
Red Blue40 (2 months ago)
Cow vomit+milk = cheese....who knew?!
Man Utd Is d best (2 months ago)
3:35 it reminds me of six flags when you get on the rides
c west (2 months ago)
the robot looked like it had spider webs all over it.
Alex Lugo (2 months ago)
I refuse to believe that the cheap crap sold in American stores is ever actually touched by human hands.
Jeremiah Kirby (2 months ago)
Hardened rolls of cow excretions.
Jeremiah Kirby (2 months ago)
I always wondered why Parmesan cheese tasted like Italian hands.
Robin Lindqvist (2 months ago)
I wonder if the man pushing the cheeses in the salt brine used to be a gondola driver, looks like he knows his whey of using that stick
Shahrul Ridzuan (2 months ago)
just wondering the rat should be happy there
El Magnifico (2 months ago)
For me it smells and taste like puke 🤮
Jeon James (2 months ago)
koodude2313 (2 months ago)
yes, lets make the guy with the hairest arms mix the cheese with his hands....
havok9001 (2 months ago)
this is why the cheese stands alone in a good way
Ayenate' Lawson (2 months ago)
The gross thing is that most pizza places serve synthetic cheese which is made from wood
Raul S. (2 months ago)
The way he says "Parmigiano reggiano" is so cringy lmao.
Jadon Nielsen (2 months ago)
3:41 this empire of cheese blew my mind
garlaicīgs cilvēks king (2 months ago)
30 degrees what Celsius, Fahrenheit, or kelvin
Shady Gaming (2 months ago)
as a germaphobe, this is disgusting
Skunky Monk (2 months ago)
Damn you! I loved Parmesan! Why did you have to tell me its made with baby cow stomachs though :( I'm no veggie but I like my animals to live a long happy life, pet or supper. Ruined :(
Chad Suggs (2 months ago)
Damn Italian cheese bandits!
Rob8729 (2 months ago)
Lavate los manos!!
jay barrett-lloyd (2 months ago)
Where's there gloves 🤢🤢
rickroll11112 (2 months ago)
"Parmizan cheese" Ngga, I thought it was pronounced "Parmajon cheese"
Billy The kid (2 months ago)
Its made from dried out sperm from mens dicks
CAN Control (2 months ago)
Was wondering why parm kind of tastes a little handy.
RhythmGrizz (2 months ago)
I like their hats
A Serious Salamander (2 months ago)
how my dick is made, biaaaccch
Nice Breasts (2 months ago)
They use their bare hands? Gross...
NastyJoker (2 months ago)
Is the aroma in there pleasant or sour? Just wondering.
Lam Brusco (2 months ago)
it is no parmesan in the video is grana padano...
Luxai (2 months ago)
2:30 SCHLOOOORP lawl...
James Eddleman (2 months ago)
That guy at 4:48, yep it smells like ass, it's ready.
fabribeijing (3 months ago)
this is not Parmigiano Reggiano, is Grana Padano.
Just A Lonely Mudkip (3 months ago)
The head cheese maker
*Hannah M* (3 months ago)
I want cheese.
Billy J. Sobolik (3 months ago)
Straight up eating some carved stomaches right now.
Ramy (3 months ago)
Cheese weeze, no whey!
Sora Okamichi (3 months ago)
This video was very cheesy
Olia (3 months ago)
fantastic, everything is done with bare hands, disgusting...and all their machines, equipment don't look clean, good luck those who will eat such products
Tirolumido (2 months ago)
Oh yes sure, and even the milk is coming out cows tits. Disgusting!
Dark Riolu (3 months ago)
Those cows better get a good pay check
SlipperyMooseCakes (3 months ago)
That cheese flipping machine is filthy.
Chuck Bright (3 months ago)
All right who cut the chees ?
Denise McCullough (4 months ago)
It's sad how that cheese is mixed with sawdust here in the USA home of IT'S NOT FOOOOOD!!
panhead1219 (4 months ago)
Just one wheel OF THAT, will make ONE great, thin crust pizza
Lesvinx (4 months ago)
Mussolini Tortellini
K pop Sakura (4 months ago)
It takes 2 years to make parmesan cheese but the us needs it now. That's why they make their own using wood pulp which is an imposter. Would you wait 2 years or eat wood for days?
Trey (4 months ago)
The Gaming Fantic (4 months ago)
Did that cow wink at the camera?
Rachel Benn (4 months ago)
So, seen as everyone seems to be interested in how cheese is made, here are some interesting background facts about cheese-making: To produce the milk that is this cheese, a female cow has to become pregnant. The calf that she gives birth to would naturally feed off of his or her mother for around 2 years and then naturally wean, if this calf was allowed to drink their mother's milk which was made for them. I'm sorry to have to say that calves almost never get to suckle from their mother, as they are, tragically, almost immediately ripped away from their mother so that humans can drink cow's milk and so that companies can use it to make other dairy products. If the calf is male, he will be killed for veal or pet food a short time after birth, as male calves don't produce milk. If the calf is female, she will be raised to be a milk machine, enduring the pain and suffering of being separated from every one of her calves and hours of intensive, painful milking. She will be forcibly impregnated and every baby calf will be taken away from her. Cows can naturally live to 20-25 years. This pain and exploitation shortens her life to 4-5 years, at which point she will be killed for beef. She will either just drop from all the pain and exhaustion or be taken to the slaughterhouse anyway, as peak milk production goes down after around 4-5 years of this horrific treatment. If these facts are not good enough for your head, are dairy products good enough for your body?
Alucaard (4 months ago)
da fuck no gloves !!
Claryce Corcoran (4 months ago)
Shrek trailor brought me to this
cenin monreal (4 months ago)
they dont use gloves as they touch the liquid in the vat?
Rach Sky (4 months ago)
That's not parmigiano...
Dixie Writer (4 months ago)
Like I really want to eat this after I just watched about a dozen hands dip into it. Yuck.
dvnstwrt00 (4 months ago)
Cringed a bit as they stuck their hands in the liquid.
Gazelle Samyueru (5 months ago)
This whey is far easier.
PETER DEE (5 months ago)
It's also Lactose free.
Jon Ultime (5 months ago)
Help, I'm stuck in a How Its Made Loop for the past 3 hours.
KingFluffs (5 months ago)
They're tickling the cheese without gloves.
Beth Crockett (5 months ago)
The cheese shown is not even Parmesan ! Grana Padano..similar but a different cheese.
fuckUmaddafakka (5 months ago)
This is fuckin Grana Padano you idiots.
Bria Tiane (5 months ago)
Sooo no gloves.
G (5 months ago)
The most shoplifted item in Italy is Parmesan cheese..
Bryan Carmichael (5 months ago)
This isn't Parmesan it's Grana Padano. You can see it on the sides of the cheese. Parmesan and Gran Padano are not the same thing. They are similar, but they definitely are not the same.
Pyrofruit (5 months ago)
"Official Hammer"
Just_Porter (5 months ago)
This was interesting, but I thought it was going to show how the "fake" Parmesan cheese you get in the plastic bottles that sometimes use wood pulp in them.
angie rose (5 months ago)
Tracey Lafontaine (5 months ago)
I hope those hands are disinfected 😲eeuuuww! I am grossed out! You hairy armed men 😱 touching the curds... I am thinking about giving up this cheese. Canadian cheese lover🍁 😃
Daniyal Ali (5 months ago)
My mom said when two cows touch one cow will turn into cheese and it has a chance to turn into a butter cow aswell
Jimothy Snooker (5 months ago)
so I guess in Italy your disgusting germ infested oily hands are considered gloves, because none of these sweaty pigs used them. good to know when I'm purchasing an ounce of cheese for sixty US dollars.
Charmaigne Calinao (5 months ago)
I noticed that all the workers shaved off all of their arm hair... that's good. :)
Ahmed R (5 months ago)
It smells like a feet but tastes like a vagina
Pinkpuppygamer (5 months ago)
Bob: Guess what! Jerremy: No! Bob: Please! Jerremy: Fine. You got fired. Bob: Yep! I sneezed in a can of corn! Jerremy: What is it with you and sneezing? Bob: I dunno. Anyway, guess what job I got! Jerremy: A Parmesan cheese moulder? Bob: Yep! How did you know? Jerremy: *slowly backs away*
Romeo Arde (5 months ago)
What happens to the whey
Dancing Troll!! (6 months ago)
hey, I'm the 1000th comment
Alex Cortez (6 months ago)
I guess you can say.... thats a "cheesy" business