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How Parmesan Cheese Is Made

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The manufacturing process of Parmesan cheese wheels in an Italian factory. If you're wondering...The remaining whey in the vat is traditionally used to feed the pigs from which "Prosciutto di Parma" (cured Parma ham) is produced.
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Text Comments (1303)
She Who Knows All (13 days ago)
😧 (1:16) *Hey! Get your bare hands out of the cheese!* 🤢
John maple leaf (16 days ago)
Crumbled parmigiano with drizzled honey and walnut peices.....try it. Amazing
Koop (26 days ago)
Proof that a zombie apocalypse wouldn't be that bad. Imagine being the last person alive in Italy. Your friends and family are all dead. You've stabbed dozens, maybe hundreds of undead monsters in the brain with an old screwdriver. You and your ragtag group of survivors are wandering from town to town, village to village, trying to find someplace safe, secure, and with supplies. You open up a random warehouse, perhaps expecting some old cars you might be able to siphon fuel from, and instead you see a room with hundreds of huge blocks of cheese. "We're home, guys. We're home."
john vento (28 days ago)
This is why gloves are not used you idjuts: go to 6 :20 of video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=et7cMypDwqU&t=5s
Eleanor Knight (1 month ago)
Its amazing how. Stupid some of these comments are must be the people who make them. Eak
john vento (28 days ago)
Complete dumbbells who know nothing and blow out stupidity and lies.
Nigz Art Tube (2 months ago)
Parmesan isn't available here 😐 I've never tasted it
CB3474 (2 months ago)
Not gonna lie, I’m actually watching a 105 minute ad of The LEGO Movie.
James Cabarr (2 months ago)
Curd is the turd and smells like ass because we got enzymes!
Bullion Money (2 months ago)
Im going to be sick. Boots above salt bath, hands in the kurd nose near cheese tester in multiple cheeses.
Theseus - Hangnail HandBoards (2 months ago)
4:04 Imagine how much money this isle alone is worth.
Nelson Bennett (3 months ago)
Parmesan cheese smells like vomit.
BlackCell22 (3 months ago)
Wearing hair nets, yet sticking their bare hands into our food. Eyyyy!
Sweet and Wild (3 months ago)
I'm sure there's a way to do it without sticking their hands in it.
CabrioDriving (3 months ago)
4:04 The gold of Italy. 10 million USD in cheese :)
Sophia Padorfski (3 months ago)
*worker scratches ass* ...1:17
Jeremy Downes (3 months ago)
What if the workers scratched their ass or tossed off before checking the consistency ?
{LoneWolfTM} Gaming (3 months ago)
Ok so they sometimes dive in the milk to take oit the cheese wow lets aplause this scheese makers!!!!
BacentRekkes (3 months ago)
This whey is far easier 2:20
Dave Brock (3 months ago)
You forgot to record the part where they soak their feet in curdled milk. That’s where you get that signature stank. 👍🏼
Uthar2010 (3 months ago)
Hope that forklift driver doesn't sneeze...
TheOtherWhiteBread0 (3 months ago)
Well scissor me timbers.
3ric Car (3 months ago)
That ending made me lol. 1 in 10 items stolen in stores is Parmesan.
Yair Nadah (3 months ago)
Italians really knows what food is about
Yair Nadah (3 months ago)
aripo14 (3 months ago)
TIL Parmesan cheese is a trademarked thing
Dan Bremer (3 months ago)
After he cut the cheese he smelled it.
Dalton Cox (3 months ago)
This video is my go to video to watch when I'm high
CountryIsJustFarmEmo (3 months ago)
*P A R M A G A N O*
Jack Anderson (3 months ago)
I like fumunda cheese
Joy (4 months ago)
How do humans come up with this stuff
MrBackwardsforwards (4 months ago)
1:11 the head-cheese maker? i think i clicked on the wrong video
Riho Hommik (4 months ago)
Nobody's mentioning the knife that cost's over 4 thousand pounds? JUST TO CUT THE CHEESE IN HALF????"!
DTrips (4 months ago)
Get your dirty hands out of my cheese you nasty
Charlieswag9000 (4 months ago)
what do they do with the whey?
Mitch Barredo (4 months ago)
The stamp says its Grana Padano, not Parmigiano. Way to go.
TacobunComp (4 months ago)
imagine the smelle
Yoshi Todo (4 months ago)
No gloves?
MissCoco Brown (4 months ago)
I hope that guy didn't stick that thing back into the cheese again after sniffing it.
Good Old Days (4 months ago)
Parmesan means Shiva in India
Ian Oakman (4 months ago)
M mm. mom m m mom. M M. M : quality 11111qm9
awhimtrash (4 months ago)
i'm lactose intolerant what the fuck am I doing
A sAvAge bOi (4 months ago)
Any mice watching?
iNubble (5 months ago)
update: i no longer have cancer, but instead have four broken bones
Sam Eddy (5 months ago)
So, anyone else think this sounds like Nick Colletti?
Cody Meyers (5 months ago)
Official hammer
Tim McCormick (5 months ago)
Anna Alonso (5 months ago)
1:17 WHAT 😑
IUNAL Giumali (5 months ago)
Grana padano is not parmesan
Cycling Cycles (5 months ago)
Parmejano Regiano I do not a speako el Spanisho
spaaggetii Man (5 months ago)
I like how someone can sneeze using their hand to cover it, go to the toilet and not wash their hands correctly and wipe their foreheads of the sweat... Then not using gloves can dip their hands into the Parmesan cheese mixture. I'll definitely not buy this brand after watching this video. Milk, Resis from carves bladders and over 5 hands dipping in without gloves. I guess it add's to the hard cheesy flavour... Sorry hope none of you are eating dinner or having friends over for a cheese platter.
toxicpanda36 (5 months ago)
EU, specifically Italy, has some of the strictest food health codes anywhere, and the fact that there are only a few locations where you can actually make this cheese means that the regulations are probably even more strict I wouldn't be surprised if a person caught going to the bathroom without washing their hands would get warned and threatened with being fired. They have to use their hands to make sure the cheese/milk is ready, and you can't wear gloves when you have to go elbow-deep in milk The fact that they never try to sterilize the cheese means that it's probably ok
Ted dibiasi-JLC-Sinn (5 months ago)
this is grana padano cheese...............not parmesan!
PolarBearsRCool AKA Polar___ (5 months ago)
xk y (5 months ago)
So, what do they do with the liquid?
Helgen X (5 months ago)
panther105 (5 months ago)
Techy (5 months ago)
I am going to be honest, i like the cheese more as a Snack with Crackers and Fruit than as a Pasta Topping.
Vito Scaletta (6 months ago)
Eating Parmesano cheese as I watch this
SYD MYERS (6 months ago)
So there’s a bunch of Luigi’s that make my parmesan?
Christian (6 months ago)
The cheesemaster. :))
Gruntspartan500 0 (6 months ago)
so much cheese...
Bidhan A (6 months ago)
4:49 Mmm das good shit
nsj2kx (7 months ago)
Get your disgusting bare hands out of my fucking cheese!
Bass THA Sasquatch (7 months ago)
They don't wear gloves!!! 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Upside Down Detective (6 months ago)
They probably disinfect their hands before doing that...
Alistair Cooke (7 months ago)
A robot turns the cheese? WTF?!
A N G E L (7 months ago)
humans are fucked up
. (7 months ago)
I curdled comment on how perfect this video was but I couldn't the wheys
Just a guy wasting some time (7 months ago)
Show me *DA WEY*
nublet90 (7 months ago)
LoL. This is not Parmiggiano, but Grana padano.
Richard Nixon (7 months ago)
4:50 He got high on Parmigiano-Reggiano
Miro Mori (8 months ago)
This is the production of Grana Padano and NOT Parmigiano Reggiano
HeavyTuber (8 months ago)
I ❤ parmesan cheese
Silver Studios - Nyssa Ng - (8 months ago)
To be honest, it smells pretty weird for me...
Thunder Garcia (8 months ago)
no gloves, shit no thanks
Marina Capri (8 months ago)
He stuck his bare hairy hand into the vats. What company was that? I just want to make sure I never buy any cheese from them.
rko32491 (8 months ago)
I know I'm not the only one cringing when they stuck their hands in the milk
Ramzan Kadyrov Fan Club (9 months ago)
I made a little cheese of my own
Kobayashi Maru (9 months ago)
......... Raider's of the Lost Arc sprang to mind there for a moment......... I adore cheese, thank you for uploading 😊
niroshan jude (9 months ago)
Hey idiots.... where the gloves?
Sandro Dream (9 months ago)
Parmesan is NOT an italian cheese not exist in italy ! is a copy of the original italian Cheese Parmiggiano Reggiano but taste completely different . Please stop to falsify italian food with fake italian sounding products
Daniel Holowaty (9 months ago)
Can they like... use gloves?
J Polar (9 months ago)
I wonder how they make Fromunda cheese.
Lance Roark (9 months ago)
Lol, rennet. Rennet contains bacteria from human feces. Hmmmmmm cheese....
Skylur (9 months ago)
When I grow up I want to sniff cheese.
Umh Chud (9 months ago)
i wonder how much arm hair, nose hair, and eyelashes fall into the cheese.
Speed Pirate (9 months ago)
no gloves? "Hey waitress, I found a hair in my cheese"
MarcusT (10 months ago)
This is totally false, they are making Grana Padano, NOT Parmeggiano Reggiano.
Dora Tiscareno (10 months ago)
Aramiss Schultz (10 months ago)
nice whatching my fav cheese being made is nice to whatch,and how did i get here?
We Are The New Male Army (10 months ago)
grana padono is not Parmesan. its a less expensive similar cheese
Tejas Shinde (10 months ago)
So u kill the child of cow for that. 😈
UNSC INFINITY (10 months ago)
Oh lovely - putting bare hands in the vats.. Sooo hygienic!
Anthony Wendt (10 months ago)
mustache hair's w. mah parmesan cheese porvafooor...
redbullrich (10 months ago)
What’s the point of the hair nets ... all these dirty hands going into the cheese
Gary Krank (10 months ago)
BLACK STONE (11 months ago)
It must suck working at a cheeze factory, comming home smelling like dirty feet.
Chris Ferguson (11 months ago)
Do they dip them in wax?
paul austin (11 months ago)
This looks so damned unhygienic! Bare hands in and all over food? No thanks!
Branzinotito (9 months ago)
The cheese is literally packed with bacteria called cheese mites. That's what makes it taste good. You are a pussy.
dannypeck666 (11 months ago)
them kurds are always getting in the whey....
mobilemarshall (11 months ago)
gross, and they actually use stuff from calves stomachs?
Branzinotito (9 months ago)
What, are you a vegan? Get the fuck out of here
superdawge (11 months ago)
wow that's a lot of work for something I inhale in seconds