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Bill Maher spars with Trump supporter

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In a preview for a town hall with Bill Maher and Van Jones on "The Messy Truth," Maher spars with a Trump supporter. The full town hall airs on February 9.
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James Calloway (9 days ago)
2 more years till 4 more years.
Southwest Dairy Farmers (1 month ago)
Bill has a temper tantrum, while Van sits there giggling like a school girl.
n dubz full throttle (1 month ago)
Cheryl Moss (1 month ago)
Bill Maher is a real low I.Q. Love the way he acts as if he is an authority while he really is as dumb as they come . His new favourite word is narcissist and he speaks as if he is an authority on personality disorders. Sad really that he makes such a fool of himself. But then on the other hand his audience are as dumb as he is so that's okay I guess.
Terry Grant (2 months ago)
Bill and Van, tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber. Trump reversed EPA WOTUS definition from 2015 he did not give autonomy to pollute. Dodd Frank was not repealed. Democrats who caused the 2008 crisis using CRA to force banks to give out sub prime loans to unqualified borrowers in a bubble housing market went over board to control financial institutes. They established their CFPB and bilked tax payers for $5B to fund Hillary and Obama campaigns, ACA and other liberal entities. Republicans peeled back overly restrictive practices to processes the Democrats forced them to do prior to crisis.
andy pawuk (2 months ago)
Dems= disease
Athen_XD (1 month ago)
DBZ Fan fuck you weeb
DBZ Fan (2 months ago)
fuck you
Wurple Pie (4 months ago)
Just people in this comment section are one sided and don't look at the trump supporters that just want to talk and have a debate.
VIP TEAM (4 months ago)
devilsrage 04270827 (5 months ago)
Taxes cut by 15% by trump enough said
Danny Martinez (5 months ago)
Bill Maher wants me to lose my raise then my job then my house then ultimately maybe even my kids (due to the stress of a recession) so Trump can "happily" be removed from office. I used to like Bill now he's a one note one trick cheerleader for the support of hyperbole against Trump. He's sitting with that Van dude or crying out loud, an actual racist who believes all Black people are superior to all other people. Van is laughing not because of what Bill is selectively saying; he is laughing because inside Van is saying "oh look at the cute little white man. he is sounding like we want him to." This is not objectivity folks. This is one sided opinion being called news. What's worse is that these two dudes are rich. Go figure. (Entertainers)
Sal Camposano (5 months ago)
Bill you are a asshole
ChristopherRisesLastTime (4 months ago)
fuck you bitch sal
Austin Hall (5 months ago)
Bill is tired of stupidity.
Nimrak (5 months ago)
well its true, given that the man was in office in just under than 3 weeks when this clip was shown, i have to agree three weeks is not a lot for someone to judge at his work. i mean he did presented his plans when he was running. Bill however is of course entitled to his opinion on what insanity is and people may or may not agree with him on that, i surely don't. besides the title says SPARS there is little to no sparring here, only one sided feedback and no one mentions it here for more that a year now, lol.
Mos Amaze (5 months ago)
Bill Maher is Jewish
ChristopherRisesLastTime (4 months ago)
fuck you
david campbell (5 months ago)
Make America Grate Again.
Moxiegirl (6 months ago)
Trump is a real idiot, he doesn’t know which airplane to take to visit his many golf courses and hotels. What a dummy!
Moxiegirl (6 months ago)
Bill Maher along with the rest of the Democrats are all about words, honestly who wants to pay higher taxes? I don’t, why is it OK for them to decide that we need to pay more money? What did democrats do for black people while Obama was in? Tell me one thing they did. Trump has helped them . Facts versus emotions
Leslie Goins (6 months ago)
Go Bill!!!
Dennis G (6 months ago)
Just because information is anecdotal doesn't mean it isn't true. Mahr seems to ignore that part of the equation, which explains why Trump won!
lacasadipavlov (5 months ago)
Trump won for the electoral college system, period
Rob Clasen (6 months ago)
20 months in and the country is doing great.
Dennis G (6 months ago)
Even more important than doing great now.... Is that we are finally on an upwards spiral, versus a slow downwards spiral. Remember Buffets partner making a statement. 'American's should get used to getting by with less'. Local tax base was eroding in many areas. Now local tax revenues are going UP. The fact that mfg has been the fastest growing segment of the economy also means this growth is REAL. Despite 3 rate hikes by the Fed, the economy keeps picking up more steam! Latest 3Q numbers revised UP!
Jim Hall (6 months ago)
Bill is great!
Peter Mayer (6 months ago)
We have so many dumb s***'s in this country and its growing everyday
Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett (6 months ago)
CNN is fake news
William Burgess (6 months ago)
Bill Maher wants our economy to fail. & thinks a teacher having a 12 yr old students baby is love. & they should be left alone. Sick individual, he is. Fits right in with the freckles rag called CNN.
AL KS (6 months ago)
Give him a break he says, give him a break because incompetence, stupidity should be allowed and not talked about or be against it, what a fucking tool that guy or most trump supporters actually are.
Mom Lipstick (6 months ago)
Bill Maher is critical and funny
Shady Fungus (6 months ago)
Ah man, was hoping someone would catch hands
L GARCIA (6 months ago)
Bill Maher is a waste of air. Fuck him and fuck CNN.
dippydippy75 (6 months ago)
the older Bill Maher gets the uglier he becomes! God what a waxy ugly face no matter how much makeup you put on it
George Marano (6 months ago)
CNN is the BIG joke!
Chris D'Avanzo (6 months ago)
Make America Great Britain again
jessejauregui (6 months ago)
Supporters is unpatriotic morons
Ed Conyers (6 months ago)
bill Mawr is a communist pos. his show is anti American bs!
Steven Storm (6 months ago)
Bill sucks and so does CNN
JeepDan777 (7 months ago)
Bill Maher is not just a comedian, he is also a joke
yes4me (7 months ago)
Obama was given ONE day. ONE... no joke. Search online. Fox News was blaming him for everything after his first day.
The Real ToxicBeast (7 months ago)
Trump supporters are not the brightest bulbs.
timgraysontv (7 months ago)
Libtards are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome lmao
guitar man (7 months ago)
Republicans don't care. Not even for each other .
guitar man (7 months ago)
If this was sparring then Bill just knocked him out
Cinnamon Babka (7 months ago)
Trumpism is a disease that prevents facts and logic from having a normal, predictive, correlative, positive effect.
Uriel Valdez (7 months ago)
Bill is a savage, I love him!
Southwest Dairy Farmers (1 month ago)
Not really.
M L (7 months ago)
Here we are 1 1/2 years into this insanity and it's actually worse.  Isn't there someone with the character and willpower to stop this? The answer is no.
P M (7 months ago)
Bill didn't destroy him. TDS.
cindi 0 (7 months ago)
OMG! Maybe that's what's needed. Someone willing to talk to these people bringing them facts, numbers and right now statistics on what is really happening under Trump since he got in office. The Pundits for some reason, seem to try and not sound bias--that they're not on any particular side, so they don't challenge. For example, say during a town hall meeting, the Pundit might ask, "why did you vote for Trump"? Answer: "because of the tax cuts". Pundit then simply moves on to next question without showing them any proof of where and how big those massive tax cuts for the rich was in comparison to what the average working, struggling American got, which on a chart side by side would look like zilch! Then to show, thus far, what they have done, for the country with their huge tax break. Which would show.... Zilch! 😠😁
lugcastillo (7 months ago)
I wonder how that guy feels now?
tzzlite (7 months ago)
Maher is a liberal MORON!!
Steven Horton (7 months ago)
tzzlite And you would be a conservative moron
Jack M (7 months ago)
Bill Maher is such a conceited prick
Ari Papermaster (7 months ago)
Jack M No he’s not
Taylor Stanford (7 months ago)
A few months later Bill Maher would go on to call an audience member a "nigger" on his show. Tsk Tsk
Harold D Burke (7 months ago)
I saw Bill Maher talking to blacks before the election saying Trump was going to take away all their civil rights like before M.L.K. Do about everything to them except lock them in chains...no lies here. Now here he defending the ridiculous childish actions of all the punks and their big mouth knocking mr. Trump before you can even sit down. Socialist punks I might add. Socialism stinks. Talk to the people from Scandinavia and they will tell you the truth that it has some good benefits but well let them tell you...... like what's the point of going to college when you can make just about as much money being a ditch digger. They also don't like how drug addiction is subsidized by the government.
Forwen Eymnorty (7 months ago)
I don't see or hear about too many Scandinavians wanting to immigrate to other countries....things can't be that bad.
uwique (7 months ago)
maher is an idiot.
Debbie Simmons (7 months ago)
Arrogant buffoon.
Ricky Garcia (7 months ago)
Jessie Barrington (7 months ago)
Yes Obama got slack because he is black
Ari Papermaster (7 months ago)
Jessie Barrington He did not get slack.
T Cotten (7 months ago)
Bill Maher hasn't made sense in years. Just a talking head. Pretending to be better than someone
Matt kuntz (7 months ago)
Another fucking moron Bill Maher
Ronnie Verhagi (7 months ago)
Maher is 100% right.
Matthew Lempicke (7 months ago)
Fuck you Bill maher and Clinton news network
Ralph Kramden (7 months ago)
"Dumping sludge into rivers" A bit of an exaggeration on Mahers part but I wouldn't expect anything less from him. The practice to remove excess material from mining was the same under 8 years under Obama and it never bothered him until his last day in office when he passed this via executive order Sounds like a campaign promise to the environment groups that owned Obama Obama's war on coal is why Trump won and will be re-elected
No Name (7 months ago)
Bill Maher is so right about that scumbag Trump.
Sue Smith-Jones (7 months ago)
Bill Maher talking about sanity? That's rich.
Walt Schmidt (7 months ago)
Moron Maher...fitting.
alexcaymans (7 months ago)
...ouch owned
Sarah Griffin (7 months ago)
Bill doesn't know what he is talking about. He doesn't know what Trump reads.
ldchappell1 (7 months ago)
Trump pulls his lies straight out of his rotund pumpkin ass.
Right As Rain (7 months ago)
Bill Maher is an atheist, and a jack wad. Anyone who pays this turd with bad breath some recognition deserves to be fumigated.
EMoneybags LB (7 months ago)
How smart does maher sound now ???
1 i (7 months ago)
.."give him a break"..this TrumpTard says.. F trump n F you Putins puppets TRAITORS!
Bryan Halstead (7 months ago)
1 i wahhhhhhhhhhhh
1 i (7 months ago)
Bryan Halstead ..like I said MAGAT SH!T 4 BRAINS.. "ENJOY" Manafort's trial..lmao.
Bryan Halstead (7 months ago)
1 i hahahaha sure you are snowflake....keep those tears flowing
1 i (7 months ago)
Bryan Halstead ..ha! I'm enjoying this! This could not be happening to a bigger scumbag..and his MAGAT sh!t for brains supporters..and to think it's only going to get better!!! LMAO! This is beautiful.. Such a jagged pill you snowflakes have to be swallowing..but you a$$holes on the riech are so used to swallowing seeing that you love swallowing Putin's tool scum.. "ENJOY".. :-) !
Bryan Halstead (7 months ago)
1 i Cry more
Robert Comella (7 months ago)
Trump is king!!
pete walsh (7 months ago)
Wonder if the Trump supporter feels the same now we know Trump is a traitor?
pete walsh (7 months ago)
Bryan fair play to you. I hope you're rich because Trump only gives a shit about money. By the way I'm not crying, I'm laughing. Seems not all of those that voted for Trump feel the same https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iPBY5038PI
Bryan Halstead (7 months ago)
pete walsh Voting for him again, and everyone else i know feels the same way. The more you cry the more we will vote for him
Fender Guitars (7 months ago)
STUPID USELESS LIBERAL IDIOTS ! DEMOCRATS are going to LOSE the election and get blown out in a landslide ,... high taxes suck ,..and Obamacare sucked,..voters want no part of their crap now ,..
Fender Guitars (7 months ago)
POLLS SHOW REPUBLICANS WINNING THE MIDTERMS AND THIS IS BAD NEWS FOR DEMS BECAUSE THESE ARE FAKE MSM POLLS THAT SAID HILLARY WOULD WIN - LOL,... DEMOCRATS are going to LOSE the election and get blown out in a landslide ,... high taxes suck ,..and Obamacare sucked,..voters want no part of their crap now ,..
Lyn Travis (7 months ago)
I love the old saying "People that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones".
Steve Mascella (7 months ago)
Get use to Trump for the next 5 & 1/2 years. Hopefully Pence or whoever the VP is in 2020 gets to carry the torch for another four years after that. Once Ginsberg and Breyer are gone the Constitution will be safe for the next thirty or forty years.
David A. (7 months ago)
He tries so hard to make a case. Reality shows he debates with people who cant efficiently rebuttal him ... Another symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Jeff Glines (8 months ago)
duck snowflakes, incoming Trump bomb, its ok it ll only last another 6 1/2 years...maybe darth vader ginsberg will finally fucking die and brier will retire...2 more conservative SC picks... a 7-2 court maybe we can fix the last 100 yrs of progressive fuck ups...finally a big beautiful border wall, ILLEGAL ALIENS deported by the millions, repeal Nobama care, over turn Roe v Wade....maybe more tax cuts, abolish social unsecurity...throw in major welfare reform think if the country Don the man will leave for Pences 8 years....liberals going full blown Jonestown by the 100s of thousands what a country this will be :-)
Valery Anderson (8 months ago)
leah Renee (8 months ago)
Slack was given! 7/16/18 when Trump sold out America!
Judy Snyder (8 months ago)
The anti-Trump people are loud and "in your face" with their hateful agenda.The supporters of President Trump are the majority. The President Trump supporters are the "strong silent types" who act with dignity and class.
123rockfan (8 months ago)
I bet their was an entire team of people hovering their hand over the bleep button
Political Idiot 2 (8 months ago)
Unglued and unhinged liberals
Michael J (8 months ago)
My Skin Is Black (8 months ago)
Such whiny fucking people. Just vote again in 2020. Wow.
Lifesabitch214 (8 months ago)
You've given him so much slack, your Christianity and decency is in tatters. But you don't care, do u?
Don Page (9 months ago)
Maher is WRONG on illegal voting and he knows it . Leftist Dem Libtards have blocked EVERY attempt at correcting the illegal problem.
Eric Kruckenberg (9 months ago)
His approval rating is 38....fucking 38!!! Didnt he supposedly win the popular vote???? Jesus these people are in denial. Its like that old movie where the city slowly sinks into the ocean. Some people are scrambling to get out...and then theres the people saying "No...no...its not sinking..." as the fucking water rises above there necks....
Level Up (9 months ago)
Used to be a big fan of bill Maher, not any more
Rachiim Simmons (9 months ago)
Bill Maher truly gives no f*cks...Democrats secret weapon lol (I can say this because I fcks wit Bill Maher and I'm a democrat)
Pops point of View (9 months ago)
Why is it Ok for that racist neoNazi Orange ass can say whatever he wants about whoever all the time get away with it but others are pretty much killed fuck that asshole!l Yea I said it he is a piece of maggot shit
Anthony Williams (9 months ago)
What is bill Maher talking about
roldiii (9 months ago)
bill maher is disgusting.. and at least 60 percent of american public agree
Andrew Jackson (9 months ago)
keep projecting limp wrist...meanwhile Trump will keep making a America great again and keep triggering lib's daily meltdowns. Six and a half more year of Trump lib...seek therapy now. ROFL
Docglock 19 (10 months ago)
We will find out who is right on this forum in 2020.
JohnTube2K (10 months ago)
Bill Maher is a comedian not a political expert so anything he says shouldn’t be taken seriously.
charles pennie (10 months ago)
Maher looks like his parents screwed in a barnyard.
Andrew Jackson (10 months ago)
lol...Trump drove the left insane...which means he was exactly the right man for the job
Black atheist millionaire (10 months ago)
Where's the whole interview?
Gregory Smith (10 months ago)
He won bill get over it. Your feelings don't dictate our country he won now shut the f up
charles pennie (11 months ago)
Maher looks like his parents screwed in a barnyard.
Yunior Soriano (11 months ago)
trump sects members....you like it or not...facts are facts