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The Consultants - Episode 1: Die Hard

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Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (6)
jianh1989 (1 year ago)
That asian is so on point as a snobbish interviewer I wanna slap the lip off his face.
Dan Lo Fat (3 years ago)
I pre-tape a full water pistol under the conference table just for meetings like this. Every once in a while, after about 5 minutes of kill-me-now, I reach for the trigger subtly. Squeeze it, bring my hand back up, wait a few, my other hand, repeat, rinse. This works best when a pitcher of water and half filled water glasses are waiting on the table prior to the meeting starting, Arrange for this - dont be the water boy here. After about a minute to 10 minutes goes by, one by one, two or thre people across from me notice the crotch is damp. Good times.
FLC (4 years ago)
So funny!
Arming Huang (4 years ago)
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ronald4life1 (7 years ago)
Stumbled on this, gave it a shot. Gotta say better than most videos I've seen. Well done guys. Subscribing
Liusila (7 years ago)
I liked it :D