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This Cowboy Makes Your Comments Into Country Songs LIVE!

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Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (507)
Bryan su (3 months ago)
still more country than FGL or Luke Bryan
G S (3 months ago)
I want Brendon Urie to do this sooo bad now!!
Gustav Pakhapil (4 months ago)
Zoni Alshammari (5 months ago)
Tim Rots (6 months ago)
is there a autotuned version of this?
zas88 (6 months ago)
More of this!!!
the_free_mike's let's play! (6 months ago)
that was fucking insane!!! love it !!!
WAR SUMMONER (6 months ago)
Anthony Gonsalves (7 months ago)
These men are fucking talented. I didn't think it was actually improv till I saw Zach screw up the lyric rhyme scheme slightly at the end. I salute you two.
chantelle maxi (7 months ago)
Yo hello
Skyler Sturgill (7 months ago)
Arif (7 months ago)
omg spit roast me
Morganiam (7 months ago)
Lmao, this was cute. Their improv was pretty good!
IrishFish11 (7 months ago)
I would buy 'Hamsters are the new black'
-\/G-JWJ212 (7 months ago)
I T ' S H I G H N O O N .
leon katsouginopoulos (7 months ago)
2j has done that first and better:-)
kyolud (7 months ago)
This is pretty, damn amazing xD
Noham Roger (7 months ago)
Greek shallow excitement famous witness huh phenomenon outside.
Kat The Empoleon (7 months ago)
this was amazing
My Life as Zara (7 months ago)
Buritoooooo love is on my mind! Make this into a song
Noah Ark (7 months ago)
Nathan Clingan (7 months ago)
this is talent tbh
robtwistedkyrikz shinealosoulz (7 months ago)
Omg who des beautiful monsters?!
Rayuth KmeanLuy (7 months ago)
Sam Lindqvist (7 months ago)
Assess walk complete least concern title defeat.
South Snowy (7 months ago)
These people should make actual songs, they're so good at country music
ernestIzdebski (7 months ago)
7.8/10 Too much improv
VampyrRose (7 months ago)
whu whu whu why how'd I miss this beauty?!
Kazoolord 22 (7 months ago)
This is sooo funny
Kealo (7 months ago)
Wow... thats impressive!
Brendan O'Brien (7 months ago)
Parallel Parking 101 Step 1: Get in your car Step 2: Turn your car on Step 3: Put on your seatbelt Step 4: Parallel Park Couldn't get easier than that.
Genghis_Jon (7 months ago)
lol think the lead singer is stoned
LiningCash 396 (7 months ago)
Will you do?
Carlo de Guzman (7 months ago)
i know its been awhile but Achy Breaky Heart was my last..
Audrey Duffer (7 months ago)
Audrey Duffer (7 months ago)
Joshua the Coder (7 months ago)
This is amazing, you guys are crazy talented!
Dj Spacehawk (7 months ago)
The pizza is bae one is the best. Like if you agree or don't and reply yes.
Nicholas Stanger (7 months ago)
this is relatable
Dan Crawford (7 months ago)
These are the dark days of college humor
Wyatt Cohen (7 months ago)
How many people looked up country music after this?
Whovian Kid (7 months ago)
This is probably one of the funniest things I've even seen
Lizzie Cook (7 months ago)
they haven't uploaded since last year and it's a damn live thing
Anonymous User (7 months ago)
Lizzie Cook this was last year.
Ramsés Amadeus (7 months ago)
Lizzie Cook the whole cast has been busy having sex with this guys
Joshua Rage (7 months ago)
I am so high right know and I find this awesome ..
Wowmow (7 months ago)
I want these on iTunes
Godskrai (7 months ago)
fix your fucking volume on your video's
vixen fox (7 months ago)
this reminds me of rhett and link . Except I think l rhett and link are better
proper explorations (7 months ago)
is the link and Rhett off good mythical morning ???
Heatranoveryou (7 months ago)
If this is any good, i can't hear so sucks for you. Its absolute shit as far as im concerned.
Ethan Tice (7 months ago)
Heatranoveryou I didn't understand this comment, could you rephrase it
Fiorenza Tjahyono (7 months ago)
Creppy Cotter (7 months ago)
Siberianhuskybud The Grey Wolf (7 months ago)
i think i know what the scarves are for... back in the day, cowboys would wet them and wrap them around their faces when they herded large groups of cows for a long distance... this would keep the dust kicked up by the cows' hooves from getting in their mouths... right?
Siberianhuskybud The Grey Wolf (7 months ago)
who would love to see a country version of "she's got a P-E-N-I-S"?
- Top Neko - (7 months ago)
Smash that like button today were gonna try and get 420 likes Current Likes: 1
Unicorn Review's! (7 months ago)
Hey ho
Pratik Mahajan (7 months ago)
do some episodes on India
MC ST0RMPEGASIS (7 months ago)
BuzzFeed feminists vs this _manspreader_
Anya Stutzman (7 months ago)
itsMeYourBoi (7 months ago)
Here is one for you Killer clowns are inside my head
Melody Storm (7 months ago)
just so you city people know, wild rags are like trench coats, they're meant to prevent you eating sand. Ever ate dirt? Did you like it? Yeah..
Wibbly Wobbly (7 months ago)
Melody Storm Did you just assume that I had a mouth? How insensitive, I've never tasted anything, including dirt.
eeman0201 - (7 months ago)
His lisp is too distracting.
Squirrelly Moose (7 months ago)
Let's just steal our ideas from jacksfilms
NovaInc. (7 months ago)
10 times better than all country songs released after 1990
Camilo Correa (7 months ago)
Ugh they haven't uploaded since last year. Unsubbing
Ethan Tice (7 months ago)
Camilo Correa who hasn't
Wibbly Wobbly (7 months ago)
Ethan Luke (7 months ago)
Playing cards and a man
orbitable (7 months ago)
this has to be staged. their improv skills are beyond incredible
nisa202 (7 months ago)
How is this guy making cinnamon buns sexy?
Kieran Gettel-Gilmartin (7 months ago)
Do a sketch about when somebody unfollows you and it's like a break up
Joe Assmus (7 months ago)
PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT make this a regular YouTube feature. How about enrolling in school and getting real jobs. Easiily the Dimmest Of all Youtube bulbs. Trolls into Country Music? How about Trolls into PUNK rock. At least, make it realistic. How befitting, dumb follows stupid. Obviously a couple of uneducated deplorables!
Oliver Clegg (7 months ago)
I feel that is very harsh on College humour. It must have required a lot of enginuity to improvise such varying songs
Julien Becker (7 months ago)
Shout out to Reno, Nevada!
Julien Becker (2 months ago)
+That Communist Sympathizer Thought that was New Vegas
That Communist Sympathizer (2 months ago)
Look up Fallout (video game)
Julien Becker (7 months ago)
That Communist Sympathizer (7 months ago)
shout out to New Reno, Nevada!
Vernon Hargreaves III #Gator #Hyena (7 months ago)
Happy new year, I just wanted to let you know that you're loved
Aidan Dowell (7 months ago)
Can you make an updated updated pokérap?
Bunenne (7 months ago)
Please do um actually live
iToffee Graal (7 months ago)
Hamsters are the new black. Meme material.
lanigirognithemos (7 months ago)
Awesome video! Too bad the guy's voice is so bad lol!
camuizuuki (7 months ago)
OMG this is hilarious!! The president is just a little boy is PERFECT!!
Random Dude (7 months ago)
This is terrible! this guy can't sing to save his life...
Milky Gay (7 months ago)
That's some convincing fake guitaring
Milky Gay (7 months ago)
Oh wait no the strings are moving
The Godly Gold Lynel (7 months ago)
The guy on the right looks familiar... *Cough* Brave Wilderness *cough*
Szobiz (7 months ago)
the guy is Sam what??
Fudging Loser (7 months ago)
Honestly that cowboy could turn me into a song
Daniel Trejos (7 months ago)
ayer fui al campo verde y salí a llorar
Sadi Midnight (7 months ago)
They're suspiciously goodat this. Either they are insanely synchronized and awesome at this or the comments are pre-chosen...
poop poop (7 months ago)
fred williams (7 months ago)
Whitney I will forever love you
Gus (7 months ago)
I just lost my ears listening to this
Beast Mode (7 months ago)
Gus we can tell by the look of your profile #patrick star
Caleb Woody (7 months ago)
They should do improved stuff like this more often
anime nobody (7 months ago)
looks like a special someone found out the YouTube algorithm
anime nobody (7 months ago)
someone's run out of ideas
Grace Silverstein (7 months ago)
When will this be available for purchase on iTunes
Lucas McCurdy (7 months ago)
MORE RENO NEVADA AND YEE HAW!! This was great they are so talented they could do a type of series on it
rola minaro (7 months ago)
GREAT JOB! so much awesome talent, F copyright trolls and middlemen! you.are.d.e.a.d
Adolf Hitler (7 months ago)
We need more greatness from our glorious supreme leader Kim Jong Un!
Wibbly Wobbly (7 months ago)
Cute Potato You remind me of my grandmother.
Da- Pigeon (7 months ago)
I'd want them to sing i want to suck your DICK but, its to smaaaaaaal
Da- Pigeon (7 months ago)
Szobiz sorry, its just funny to hear, not something any body should be serious about
Szobiz (7 months ago)
don't repress your feelings due some arbitrary length
Ken Spitze (7 months ago)
the audio is shit on this video, is that cos it was shot on a phone? I can't hear the guy half the time when he talks.
Cosmic Anne (7 months ago)
the parallel park song made me laugh
ksh1zzle15 (7 months ago)
directions unclear; crashed into a tree. Almost died, but good thing I had my seatbelt on!
503 Unavailable (7 months ago)
He looks like the guy from fatal decision