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Cave Sweet Cave

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A tour of an extreme house built into the side of the Mule Mountains outside Bisbee. Season 7 EP 20 (520) 432-5439
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Text Comments (62)
Jim Beekman (1 month ago)
The Flintstones NEVER lived in a cave.
Tiffany Cowan (3 months ago)
The flintstones didn't live in a cave, their house was built out of boulders.
marc demell (1 month ago)
Well yeah, the point is ancient and or stone smarty pants.
BrAnD (5 months ago)
1.5 million to be exact...
karl alton (7 months ago)
Lottery win and that would be mine 😍😍👍👍
Jon Warner (1 year ago)
If you ever want to expand you get a rock saw and slice out another room. Very energy efficient too, especially in those hot summers. Wish I could afford it.
Nic Parker (1 year ago)
where can I get the album ?
Lachlan Henderson (1 year ago)
Sidney Mathious (2 years ago)
That is a nice looking home, but they need to put up some railing to make it safer to go in and out of it. When you get older it will be easier to get around inside by having the railing handy.
Rei Lea (2 years ago)
There is no city near them therefore there is no sewer system, it would have to have a septic tank. Septic tanks collaspe between 20 to 40 years. A new one in this day and age would be about $10, 000. If the old septic tank is sealed off and a new one built and buried then after about ten years the ground above the old one will dip inward...not good. The old septic tank would have to be removed and then replaced. Whoever buys the cave will have to save money for an inevitable new septic tank. Since there is indoor plumbing and no evident outhouse, there has to be a septic tank. Nice cave, nice built in floors and plumbing, don't have to live with the air pollution from cars in the city, very peaceful, but, because it is not on a city sewer system, I would not buy it.
Nick Heese (2 months ago)
It is on a hill near Bisbee. They only need to run a pipe down the hill and connect with the cities. They make septic tanks out of concrete now days. With a lid for pumping.
Rob Sanders (6 months ago)
Whoever buys this place probably doesn't have to "save" for a new septic...it's not like the new buyer would be a cashier at a convenience store!..
Mr. Mess of Georgia (2 years ago)
I grew up in an area with no city sewer system and I've never heard of a septic tank (that is active and taken care of) collapsing. I knew someone who had a house with a septic tank that was around 100 years old, although it needed to have water flowing a few times a day in the house to prevent the gas building up and destroying it. Old septic tanks that are not regularly used and emptied will collapse, though. I grew up in Georgia, however, and the dry, hot air in Arizona might cause them to have a shorter lifespan
manty button (3 years ago)
if it's so fantastic why is she selling it?
Nick Heese (2 months ago)
Probably radon gas,
kriss b (1 year ago)
because someone did the easy part digging it out and they just made it pretty inside ........greed $$$$
John Martin Sr. (3 years ago)
wow that's price less
Loki Lyesmyth (3 years ago)
Doug Stanhope wants to buy this.
BS Toh (3 years ago)
Nate Westman (3 years ago)
Seems like a good blueprint start out for some prehistoric house
Michael Petersen (3 years ago)
why would they want to sell it...????
linds cam (3 years ago)
scrapplepig (3 years ago)
yabba dabba doo
Junk (3 years ago)
The Flintstones don't live in a cave, they live in a slab house.
Blougheed (1 year ago)
first thing that came to mind
Ott Sumerian (4 years ago)
That's is very beatififul.. But i do to building cavehome.
vrccb (4 years ago)
Just stunning.
RonnieSixx (5 years ago)
Would be nice if I were a rich man....
Lachlan Henderson (1 year ago)
there's no such thing
Wilsonspen (6 years ago)
no cell phone or internet signals ....
yt cy (6 years ago)
what happens if there is an earthquake?
Zoltoks (6 years ago)
same thing in a normal house...it breaks hahaha
Tris Sadowski (6 years ago)
진중용 (6 years ago)
좋은 자료 감사합니다. ( 72571  )
진중용 (6 years ago)
좋은 자료 감사합니다. ( 72571 )
Mr Orc Shaman (6 years ago)
Its lovely. My only issue with living in a cave, is the only natural light you get would come only from the front, unless you make holes in the stone above. 
Scorpionking (5 years ago)
and proper ventilation as well  
Rebekah Doyle (6 years ago)
Why would they ever move !!!!
Mouse Gipson (6 years ago)
that's the most amazing house ever..totally love it..how much is that house are?
Frida Engblom (6 years ago)
Leonid3s (6 years ago)
I like the idea of a cave. Serious advantages from a practical stand point, but... I would be more impressed at them living in the cave and how "wonderful" it is... if they werent trying to sell it and move.
cockfight420 (6 years ago)
point merited. however original point had attention taken away from it. they were a MODERN stone age family and they did like in a stone house not cave. staying true to the subject it is important.
AliG6252010 (7 years ago)
That......is an......awesome home, I wish I lived there. It would be hilarious if you we're talking to someone and they looked at you and said: "What'a live in a cave?" You can actually tell them: "Yes, yes I do."
NCaradoc2008 (7 years ago)
This is just an advert.
stralien51 (7 years ago)
True but Fred referred to the stone house as his cave as did all the characters on that old cartoon. I saw this house earlier and noticed an oddity in it. OST episode "The Devil in the Dark" used caves extensively and in the Extreme Houses episode I saw there appeared to be a Horta egg in an enclave in part of this "cave" house. Hmmmm??? 23,000,000 B.C. meets the 23rd century A.D.?? LOL!!
Dennis Richards (7 years ago)
I think the place would look better as untouched wilderness but I suppose whats done is done.
Russell Anderson (7 years ago)
For the small, small, miniscule price of only $1.6 Million dollars and this little cave could be yours.
Gerard van Schip (7 years ago)
The Flintstones, a 52 year old animated series and movie where they live in a stone house yet the narrator of this clip still gets it wrong.
William Blaq (7 years ago)
Oh yeah, no, I always wanted to have my own pool filled with animal spunk to enjoy on the weekends.
shootingcomet082 (27 days ago)
They also built in a hot tub that just looks like a natural pool.
Oceana57 (7 years ago)
My question exactly, if it is such a neat place then why are you selling it? My answer would be that living near Bisbee is no great thing. Oh, and they do have that wacky governor.
Nick Heese (2 months ago)
Versus California's last 5 wacky governors.
jim butowski (7 years ago)
you need a shit load of money for a place like this.
Lachlan Henderson (1 year ago)
you liar
Kay Grant (7 years ago)
where is this located(state) and how much is it. How many will it sleep?
kriss b (1 year ago)
Arizona mountain,
brightphoebus (7 years ago)
Neato! Gorgeous!
Travis Owens (7 years ago)
I want this house I would so buy it!
joey nehetice (8 years ago)
flintstones did not live in a cave lol
Quaalude Charlie (8 years ago)
I been in this one with my parents :) QC
Howdy Justice (3 months ago)
Tell your boyfriend.
Lachlan Henderson (1 year ago)
omg so kool :)