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UPS Freight International ProStars with Triples

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A pair of UPS Freight International ProStars pulling sets of triples heading out for the day.
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Text Comments (10)
Rachael Elzy (2 months ago)
Yydhgv I’m 0
vincent vadachino (2 years ago)
can u just ask ur company if u can drive doubles? will they let u?
William Pitts (3 years ago)
triples only allowed on I80 and I 90 in the US.
Jorge Arroyo (6 months ago)
I 15 us95 80 and more
christian garduno (1 year ago)
i've also seen triples on I-70-76 in pennsylvania
kelly watkins (1 year ago)
I pulled triples in CO, Utah Nevada Ks Indiana Ohio and probably a couple more I'm forgetting.
Devon Brown (3 years ago)
What? Triples!?!?!
daniel55645 (4 years ago)
I remember the first time I saw triples and rocky mountain doubles, it was crazy. They look so weird when you're not used to them.
granitedude333 (5 years ago)
Yeah they're only allowed in certain states, on certain roads.
Richard A Irwin Jr (5 years ago)
Damn, thats a rare find.